Where Was This Romney In 2012?



I watched the Romney Speech Thursday Morning (March 3, 2016), and came away with several observations:

1 – Because of Romney’s speech, and his obvious CONSPIRACY with the Insiders of the Republican Party, this is the first time I really FEAR that the Republicans will not win the Presidency in November.

Not because Trump and the remaining three candidates can’t beat whomever the Democrats put up as their Candidate, but rather, because it is becoming CLEAR, that the Republican Insiders would rather LOSE the election in 2016, than LOSE their grip on POWER because of Trump.

2 – There was nothing Romney said that I could disagree with, since I had repeatedly said the same things right from the beginning about Trump’s Run For the Nomination.

3 – Romney spoke elegantly stating his case with Truth and Facts.

4 – So where was Romney during the past months as Trump was making his way to the top of the HEAP, when a speech like that would have made sense and could have made a difference?

5 – And why . . . when Romney had the opportunity to SAVE AMERICA AND THE WORLD FROM OBAMA, during the 2012 Election, didn’t he show this level of passion and determination?

And to borrow a line from Trump . . . WHY DID ROMNEY CHOKE IN 2012?


Romney . . . like all the Republican INSIDERS – HE REFUSES to take any blame for what has become of the United States of America, and how DISENFRANCHISED the American People have become from the Government, because of ABSOLUTE political and bureaucratic corruption.

The level of Government ABUSE and INCOMPETENCE can best be described as MALFEASANCE, to which NO Republican in or out of Office will accept any measure of culpability. SO WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THE INSIDERS?


While Romney is listing all the reasons why NOT TO SUPPORT TRUMP, he has not offered an apology for himself. Nor has he offered an apology for any of the other Republican Insiders for LYING and CHEATING the people, just to get elected and reelected.

And he has not offered any reason whatsoever to support the Party Insiders.


If the Republicans DON’T deserve a SMACK-DOWN for their part in the HORRIFIC Demise of America . . . WHO DOES? And why in the world should these very Bad Actors be given the trust and respect of the people?

TRUMP’S NOT THE ANSWER . . . But he’s far better than the Status Quo.


It’s interesting how all the Republicans who are Anti-Trump . . . say that he will destroy the Republican Party if he gets the Nomination. Then they say he can’t get the Nomination. Then they say that he can’t beat Hillary Clinton. And then they say that he would be the worst President, and that he would destroy America if he becomes President . . .



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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role.” Barbara Spectre, director of Paideia, The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden.

    Why is she doing this, what good could come of it?

  2. MOVE OVER LIMBAUGH…GALGINOV IS HERE! HEAR HEAR! Howard, you better stick around this Spring in the event there IS a revolution…perhaps you’ll get stuck here OR at least not have to go back north! The coming months are going to be interesting if nothing else! Couldn’t agree more re Romney…why DID he violate the great trust he had and who will get on TV to counter THIS diatribe after he fell on his ass so badly in the 2012 Election? It’s going to get interesting if not satisfactory! B29

  3. AMEN to #5!!! Where was all of this passion, during his run for the Presidency???!!! Was he afraid of his Mormon beliefs or was the RNC afraid of his Mormon religion? Heavens, I remember when JFK was elected – They all said the Pope would be in charge!!! Well, guess what – The Pope was never in charge. JFK went to church along with his family and that was that. Why is the RNC going after Trump now? I agree, they are a day late and a dollar short, now.

  4. there is a lot of big pigs fighting to keep their place at the trough !

  5. Trump needs to rid himself of the other 2 stooges. Last night was a disgrace fed by non issue questions. The MSM/Establishment do not want their cozy workings in the shade exposed to the voting public.

  6. I feel the news media is 90% at fault for making a side show of these debates .It has become a dog and pony show . Might be wise for all the canidates to refuse to attend the debates .Perhaps the media would come to their senses .Have we truley learned anything from them? Mostly that they are using them to get ratings . It is like they could care less about the state of the nation. Mitt Romney is a failure should sit down and shut up he had his chance and threw it away . Marco is rude

  7. Interesting to see comments calling Cruz and Rubio the two stooges and inferring they are “establishment.” Rubio, you can make that claim about but Cruz?! Which of the three has fought in the courts to promote constitutional government, worked in the Senate AGAINST McConnell and the establishment? Cruz. And the entrenched politicians despise him. Trump has gotten rich as a crony capitalist and done nothing and will do nothing concrete to change the system he has profited so handsomely from.

  8. You are correct as usual. The American republican is sick and tired of the rino blue blood rnc who look down their noses at the working man republican. Romney only cares when his pocket book is inflated or he is controlling something.

  9. TRUMP is the ONLY ANSWER we have–as proven by: 1) how much the ESTABLISHMENT FEARS him; 2) its NEED for its present CONSPIRACY; 3) and its most recent ATTACKS by CHOKER ROMNEY. Trump’s SUCCESS and PERSISTENCY prove he’s NOT a LOSER and . He’s come TOO FAR in the process to give up, but most importantly, he’s WINNING! There’s a reason why he’s being so VICIOUSLY attacked, and that’s due to the FEAR of the TRUTH being REVEALED! What are RUBIO’S and CRUZ’s accomplishments? No one is perfect! AMEN!

  10. Brother Romney, showing his true colors has put himself into the same dirty nest box as the notoriously deceitful person Harry Reid. Both of which need their asses kicked & sent home in shame. As for Little Marco & his loud mouth, he is the republican establishments new puppy in obedience training. Send him home too, then lets sue Fla. for foisting him on us.

  11. “The anti-Trump Republican Establishment declared that Trump will destroy the Republican party.” Actually it’s the fault of the Republican Establishment who decided that they hated Cruz so much and tried to shove Rubio down the throats of the voters that caused the voter to choose Trump. Their plan to have Rubio backfired on them! So, they shot themselves in the foot and now they think they can send Romney in as some sort of correction? The people are angry and they will be out in numbers in Nov

  12. The rise of Trump is due to the republican party being nothing more than a potted plant. People are fed up with the status quo and are ready for a revolt. Wussy Mitt couldn’t even put down an out of order moderator, Candy Crowley, when he was right.

  13. It is not only the establishment that opposes Trump. Conservatives overwhelmingly do also. If we loose the constitution we lose the rule of law. That results in the person in power becoming the law. It is the constitution and the rule of law that have made America the greatest nation in History. Lose the constitution, which is hanging by a thread, and all is lost. Trump never even mentions the constitution. All he talks about is making deals and bringing people together. = ESTABLISHMENT.

  14. Only four years ago Romney was extolling the virtues of Trump. Now he’s trashing him on behalf of the GOP estab. He sure has changed my mind about himself. It has become obvious Romney is just another phony hypocrite member of the phony hypocrite GOP Party that has failed us in the post Reagan years….starting with Bush I & his New World Order. Is it any wonder that the Marxists have made such headway in the USA? Thanks to the GOP it has been fatten the wallets & screw the people. VIVA CRUZ.

  15. I think we should all heed the words below written by Thomas Kelly. Without the constitution America as we know it is doomed. Which candidate can we trust to protect, and defend our constitution? It would be unwise to let anger cloud better judgement. Never has there been more at stake for our Constitutional Republic.

  16. The Establishment – both sides are scared to death of Trump. How dare anyone run our government like a business!!! He will close many cabinet offices that are corrupt, i.e. NEA, HUD, etc. He will clean every department of all the sisters, brothers, cousins, friends and vote brokers who know nothing about what they are doing, but be on the taxpayers payroll. Did you listen to Trey Gowdy questioning the lady with Homeland Security? She could not answer one singe question. Someone’s sister

  17. Remember way back in 2008 when Romney and McCain had their little weekend meeting, and then it was announced that Romney would not be the Republican candidate, and he endorsed McCain 2/14/08?

  18. I agree … Trump is a blowhard …. However, he does know how to get things done. It’s sad that Cruz hasn’t done better. However, as things stand, I think Trump may be the one to pull the US up by its bootstraps. SOMEONE has to do it, and it won’t be the Democrats! It seems to me, out of the available candidates, Trump appears to be about the ONLY one who just might be able to pull it off!

  19. Howard you are once again on the mark. Now that Carson has, for all practical purposes, dropped out of the race, Donald Trump with all his baggage appears to be the man who can beat Hillary. Maybe his ego will make him work towards fulfilling his insulting bluster. Yes, he has tapped into strongly with his personality the anger against all the failures of this country and fear for the future. We shall see. THANK YOU.

  20. Great article once again Howard! I like many others wonder where Romney was when Crowley was out of order with her comment, he did NOTHING!! He looked like a puppy that had been spanked for piddling on the floor. He could has won and the USA wouldn’t be in this mess. My thoughts….Mitt is a coward when going after Democrats, but not when going after his own Republican party. The people will vote for Trump, they want change!! I liked Cruz.

  21. I think that Mr. Romney has done a tremendous disservice to this country. He wimped out on Obama who has done unbelievable damage. Romney has insulted the voters and citizens of America. What happened to let them decide? Trump is challenging the status quo and good ole boy’s club so Romney, or whoever put him up to it, doesn’t like it. The Establishment has been challenged and they’re scared! Good work, Howard. The people want their country back.

  22. The press is at it again. Trying to pick our candidate. I remember we had Bush, Ross Perot gave us Clinton then they gave us Dole what did we get, Clinton. Next they gave us McCain what did we get Obama. Next they gave us Rommey, what did we get Obama. Now it’s Trump the press loves Trump because he gives them ratings, turn off your bloody TV’s. Do I see another Clinton? I’ve given up on my stupid party. Like Reagan they left me a long time ago. Choose Cruz!

  23. The establishment is afraid of Trump, because he will not leave a stone unturned. All of the doners and takers will be exposed! It could be made into a #1 box seller movie! Can’t wait to see it happen. And the Mormons ganging up on Trump. Reid, Romney, and the turncoat Glenn Beck. I used to follow Becks website, but during the last 2 months he seems to have sold his soul to the devil. Yesterday he said he would stab Trump if he had a chance. In my church one can get turfed for this behavi

  24. Romney is now both a confirmed hypocrite and a failed GOP presidential nominee. The “phony” label is also applicable, as he most graciously accepted Trumps endorsement in 2012, and now trashes him. Trump is a threat to the GOP Elitists and Romney, who is one of them, went on a dubious mission to protect them from the ensuing loss of status, and the real danger of criminal charges that await many within those insidious hordes, should Trump claim the white house this fall.

  25. Nary a peep from Mr. Romney in four years, even when the country had hoped for something passionate about the USA when he had a lot of opportunity to do so. Now, he rears his ugly mouth to trash someone who appears to care about what happens in the USA, and why? Is he part of this “establishment” that has not listened or done anything when they have had control of both houses of Congress? The more he trashes Trump now, the more attractive Trump becomes.

  26. Howard, I have what I feel is a fair question for you. Why are you doing in your own way. The exact same thing to Donald Trump that Mitt Romney is doing. You are publicly assaulting Donald Trump over and over. And you know that if the Republicans (Actually) meaning the Conservatives have any chance of winning the Presidency. It will be with Donald trump. So why are you cutting off your nose to “Spite” your face. If you only have one Face it would seem it should be more important to you as well.

  27. Has anyone thought that Romney lost as a direct order from the GOP Establishment RNC? He was great in the first debate and O sucked. Then the Moderators took charge and creamed Romney and O looked like a star….a dark star, as in evil. Now he is making a FOOL of himself, WHY? on orders!!! We NOW know the GOP controls and manipulates elections. I never vote in straw polls as it gives them too much information to play their games.

  28. The INSIDERS of the GOP do NOT want any CHANGE….they want their little KINGDOMS to continue so they can Feather Their Own Beds and the American People can go to hell. Not only that….IF…Hillary wins….it really is the Same Poop Different Day. The only change that WILL take place is the total DOWN GRADE of life as we ALL know it in America AND we the PEOPLE have no one to blame but ourselves. WE are skidding down the slippery slope of becoming a Third World country…actually…WE ARE.

  29. If the GOP throws this election to Hillary just to avoid losing power to Trump, I think Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty will be closer to being refreshed than it has ever been.

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