The Republican Party’s Circular Firing Squad


Some people who read this BLOG have accused me of having double standards, since I have recently defended Donald Trump, which is not even remotely TRUE or ACCURATE, while at the same time, I’ve dropped support for other Candidates, specifically Ted Cruz.

I haven’t changed my opinion of Trump, not even by one iota. I still think he is a BULLY, a NARCISSIST, and a BLOW-HARD. And I still want to know how he will do all the things he is promising to do.

And like so many others . . . I too wonder how sincere he is about his Conservative Credentials.


The reason I am speaking NOW, on behalf of Trump’s Candidacy, is because I really dislike, or perhaps the more appropriate word would be . . . DETEST the INSIDERS far more than I dislike Trump.

Donald Trump is not the reason why America is cascading to the bottom of the Fiscal, Social and FREEDOM Ladder. It is the accumulation of a multitude of Politicians and Bureaucrats, which are 100% GUILTY for the decline of the once-upon-a-time Greatest Nation that ever was.

The Government at all levels, from elected Politicians . . . to appointed Bureaucrats, and the Media, which has become as much a part of the INSIDERS as any group, has formed a CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD, looking to cast blame onto everyone but themselves – ONLY BECAUSE OF DONALD TRUMP.

I sincerely doubt that Trump DELIBERATELY created the conditions for this NASCENT Revolution, since I believe Trump’s PRIMARY intention, was nothing more and nothing less, than to WIN, which appears to be Resistance Is Useless . . . to quote the BORG (for you Star Trek Fans).


SO . . . now that REAL and painful CHANGE is on the way, because the LID’S OFF, and the people have chosen to channel their ANGER & ANGST through Donald Trump, the INSIDERS still don’t get it – THAT THIS ISN’T ABOUT TRUMPIT’S ABOUT THE PEOPLE, and how utterly HOSTILE the people are to the Politicians and Bureaucrats.


Even tonight, to the best of my knowledge, out of the THOUSANDS of seats (5000) in the Detroit Fox Theater, for the FOX News Debate tonight (Thursday, March 3, 2016), all but FIFTY . . . JUST-50 Seats have been made available to the public, with the rest being reserved for Party Insiders.


As I’ve written multiple times . . . Trump is not my favorite – but in a choice between Trump and the Bastards who have done so much damage to all the people they abuse, which is all of us, whether in the USA or Canada, I WILL STAND WITH TRUMP.


I Believe Hillary Clinton Will Be INDICTED:

Clinton will be indicted . . . not because the Obama Administration wants to do the right thing, and have the Justice Department Send-Her-Up-The-River. But because, if Clinton is NOT indicted, and loses the election, which she will, and is subsequently indicted after Obama leaves the White House, there will be no one to give her a Pardon.

And even Obama, who claimed to be able to control the Rising Tides of the Ocean, can’t offer a Pardon to someone who has not been charged.

And even if she is indicted . . . because of the November Election, charges against her would be suspended until after the vote, since an indictment is only the beginning of a very long process.

Besides . . . Who knows – She might even pull off a Miracle by HOOK OR CROOK, and win the election, which at that point would make an indictment MOOT.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Recently available accommodations at swank island retirement facility with 24 hour government paid armed guard. Available to both Omama and Clintonian royalty. Estate code name – Gitmo.
    Hugh McLean – Berkley, MI.

  2. Regarding Hillary’s indictment …. Rubio said it best when he suggested that she’s fighting hard to win the office of President so that she can pardon herself!

  3. Plea bargaining is a common practice in our courts. In order to save the angst that would be generated it would be good for the country to follow Richard Nixon’s lead. In return for dropping out of the race she should be granted a pardon. If not the resulting cacophony from both sides will further tear this country apart.

  4. Howard…another brilliant, concise, hard hitting overview of the current ‘Trump Syndrome’ and the ‘Hillary Hidy-Ho’ of politics. Keeps one busy trying to watch the ‘Trudeau Buffoons’ and all of it simultaneously!!!! Is it any wonder that the majority of ‘we the people’ are ‘Fed Up’ with politicians at all levels of government everywhere? Keep up the great work…’the truth will hopefully set us free’….someday asap!!!!!

  5. Like you, I am not a Trump supporter, but I am sick tired of the establishment trying to tell the people who they should and should or should not vote for. I thought a debate would be on the issues not pitting one contestant against the other. Just once, I would like to hear ONLY questions about the issues facing us today. But I will bet Fox will try to get a free-for-all going against Trump. The more they do this, the more I think I will vote for Trump.

  6. If Hillary wins the election, it will be an indictment of our political system. Shame on our Bozo’s in Washington for letting it go on for so long. I suppose, “we the people”, are to blame as well. Get out the vote this fall… your country needs you. If you don’t, shame on you for what you get.

  7. As Americans we have no more sacred duty than to choose our leaders. This is a right not found in many other countries. We should think who best represents our best interest….long term. I doubt there is anyone more angry with the establishment of the GOP as well as democrat party, but anger has put many despots in power, and will again. Choose wisely, our nation is at stake. We don’t need a despot….from either party.

  8. I agree, but as far as I know Trump has outlined much of what he would do. Revamp education. Cut federal grants to sanctuary cities. Quit sending billions to other countries. Reform legal immigration and stop illegal immigration. Take care of veterans. Get experts in their fields. Has anyone seen the background of the present Czars? Check them out and seldom is one of them qualified for the job he was assigned to.
    Right now the majority in D.C. are unqualified, from the top down.

  9. The popularity of Donald Trump is due entirely to the total disdain the GOP has shown for its constituents for decades. I am not a fan of Mr. Trump, as I am a staunch tea party advocate, but Trump is winning fair and square and with his own money paying for his campaign. That the GOP hierarchy now enters the fray to derail his campaign surely signals the death knell of the GOP and the election of a socialist to continue the downward spiral of our once-great country.

  10. What does the Republican Party do for US?? Nothing! Why have so many of us left the “party”? It is time for the Independents to form our own PARTY! I cannot believe people still donate to these people who take care of themselves and are no better than BHO. Romney and the “Party” are doing all of this to manipulate the Florida and Ohio elections which if Trump wins…he will be the nominee. IT IS TIME TO TAKE DOWN THE REPUBLICAN CARTEL.

  11. @ Ralph Glorioso: Well said, Ralph. With Mitt Romney’s recent anti-Trump remarks that come at such a great time in the primary process, the liberal Press is not the only entity to make hay out of it, and I hate to even consider this thought: Hillary will emerge unscathed from the GOP-inspired political rugby pile and walk away in her orange pants suit with that famous witch-like grin on her face. If I were a Rock DJ, I could truthfully say, “…and the hits keep coming!”

  12. The timing of any indictment against Clinton is going to be the key to that process. How much interference Obama puts into the mix is crucial. For the sake of the USA, I hope the indictment comes before the DNC sits. That way the people will get a good look at Obama and the way he handles the situation. To purposely delay any indictment to me is a slap in the face of the American public and should not be tolerated.
    Cheers Jim Anderson Victoria BC

  13. Romney the now disgusting (Judas) – a Demacommie by nature, has now put himself in with Harry Reid’s worshipers. A disgusting testimony to the real man – and one more of the reasons ‘we the people’ weren’t in the first place ‘hot for him’ has nothing to do with Mormonism, he in our eyes was just another set of smiling teeth, empty suit like Jimmy Carter! Thanks Howard for the forum to speak. Keep on thinking & clearing our way from out of the ‘fog’ & B.S. we see & hear as we try to be informed

  14. Thanks to Hugh McLean, for giving me a great laugh today!!! I didn’t vote for Trump on Tuesday, but, I did vote for a non-established candidate, Cruz. I knew that Cruz wouldn’t win, but, I don’t think at this time, it should be a Trump shoo-in! I did notice that Trump, the night of Super Tuesday & gave a good speech. He was soft spoken, for Trump, more concise & was making more sense. This must be the side that Trump supporters see, too. He looked Presidential, for the first time, that I saw.

  15. Thank you Mr Romney. I wasn’t sure which one of the top three to vote for. Your mouth helped me realize this establishment will say and do what ever it takes to get and control their way. What a great speech you made!! You helped me make up my mind! It’s trump!!!! I’m so tired of you insiders.

    Sam McBurney, Mesa, Az. Good ole USA

  16. It seems to me the republican party has for many failed to unite on any thing, and it continues with Donald Trump. A republican who is running and winning and his party doesnt want him. I think it is BIG money interests that dont want him, he knows where all the skeletons are. I voted for him and will continue to do so. At least he is a true American citizen which Obama is not.

    Paul Gullick
    Bonaire, GA USA

  17. While publically so demeaning, for him, to watch Mitt, (whom I voted for) slather out all the B/S and OBVIOUSLY not from his own soul searching, but according to the script set by Reince Pribus and his cadre of “holier then thou” followers. Well truly the “straw that will break the back” of a national party formerly known as “the Grand Old Party”.
    We have progressed from a food fight in the cafeteria, to “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” on the intelligence scale.
    GREAT synopsis Howard!

  18. Can a presidential pardon be revoked by the Next President ?

  19. I’m not really fond of Trump BUT he’s better than the alternative.
    I’m going to make a prediction :: Trump will be assassinated or die under mysterious circumstances prior to November election. Hillary will the next POTUS.:: Simply because the insiders know how to count the votes.
    Having said that, I’ll also say- Absolutely None of my Predictions have ever come true.!! Good luck Donald.

  20. “Primary Trump Directive . . . to quote the BORG ”
    I am sorry,you are completely mistaken. In the Star Trek universe, the Prime Directive is the guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets, Not the Borg,(Resistance is futile). The Prime Directive, prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations. Temporal Prime Directive,(time passage), prohibits those from interfering in historical events.
    Live long and prosper.

  21. Glad that I’m an Independent and a Trump supporter–was once a Democrat! Many of us have changed our political views throughout the years. Why Trump is being ATTACKED for having done so, is beyond me! For some people, Trump is “the better of two evils”! Hence, that’s ONE reason why he’s been so successful thus far. ROMNEY will have HURT himself via his “little speech” against Trump today, especially when Trump had supported him in 2012…great example for the word, LOSER! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  22. Me thinks that Mitt Romney is a Harry Reid clone. Screw up the works if you can!!

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