The One HUGE Winner On Super Tuesday


Everyone involved with the US Election is claiming victory of one sort or another from the Super Tuesday Primaries and Caucus.

Trump is touting victory, because he won BIG . . . Cruz, because he also won BIG in his own State, along with Oklahoma and Alaska.

Rubio cries Victory with his Pasted-On Smile, because he always cries victory just for finishing in the top three, without ever winning any, with the exception of Minnesota, which he eked out late in the night.

Kasich feels that he won, because he came close to Trump in Vermont, and is still peddling his Firewall in Ohio.

And for Ben Carson . . . HE FINALLY GOT THE MESSAGE.


Clinton is SCREAMING A BIG WIN, because she beat a 74-Year Old Socialist, who very unexpectedly gave her a short lived and terrifying run for her money, even though the DNC STACKED THE DECK IN HER FAVOR.

And of course, there’s BERNIE himself, who declared victory, because he took a few States, raised some serious money, and will stay in the race to keep peddling his AIRY-FAIRY Socialist Dream.


The WINNER was the Conservative movement, not just in the USA, but also in Canada, Israel, and all other Nations who are absolutely FED-UP with the Political and Bureaucratic BASTARDS, who have been screwing the people in every way they could for generations.

The WINNERS are PEOPLE who might never have become interested in their own political future, many of whom were NOT Conservatives, or even Republicans . . . some of whom are Independents and Center LEFT, plus many who can’t even define themselves, who have become ENGAGED in the Political Process, whose vision of American Politics is TO STICK IT TO THE INSIDERS.

Anne and I have friends in Austin, near where we are staying for the winter, who wanted desperately to vote on Tuesday for Cruz, who couldn’t, because the wait time for them to vote was forever, and they had commitments that wouldn’t allow them to hang around to cast their ballot, which shows the level of excitement generated in this Republican Campaign.


The FACT that the Republican Turnout across America, LITERALLY DWARFS the Turnout for Democrats – says two things:

1 – The Republicans are ITCHING FOR A FIGHT, and can’t wait to tear into Clinton and send her into the Garbage Can of History, where she belongs and deserves to be.

2 – This incredible RESURGENCE of Conservative rebirth IS ALL ABOUT TRUMP, which has ZERO to do with the Republican Party, and it’s only because of Trump, that the newly ENERGIZED Republican Voters are screaming about kicking the Republican Insiders out with the Trash, right alongside Hillary Clinton.


All Republican Insiders . . . from Senators, House Members, John Roberts (Supreme Court), Party Organizers, Lobbyists and Backroom Money-Men are the BIG LOSERS, who will not be forgiven for what they’ve either done, or allowed to have done to the American People.


As I’ve written repeatedly . . . I can’t see how any of the Candidates can at this point in time and space, LEGITIMATELY stop Trump from winning the Nomination.

And if the Insiders try any harder than they already are, to STEAL the Nomination from Trump, I will use this Website like a SLEDGEHAMMER against the RNC and their CHOSEN Candidate . . . no matter who it will be.

But, if Trump should somehow lose FAIR & SQUARE . . . I will be 100% supportive of that Candidate – HOWEVER, IF TRUMP DOES NOT LOSE FAIR AND SQUARE, and chooses to run as an INDEPENDENT, he will have this BLOG behind him.


I write this – because if Trump gets SCREWED by the INSIDERS . . . it will ONLY mean that the INSIDERS once again SCREWED the people, and that would not only be unconscionable, IT WOULD BE A CALL TO REVOLUTION.

AND IN SPITE OF ALL THE REPUBLICAN NAYSAYERS . . . including the Media and the Democrats . . . if Trump Wins the Nomination – he will EVISCERATE HILLARY CLINTON, which is indeed the bottom line the people are begging for.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We The People have to start taking out any ” No Go ” areas in any of our cities in America. The don’t belong.


  2. The turnout last night was about 8-5 in favor of Republicans. It will be at least as lobsided in November. Now with Carson gone – THANK GOD – that leaves only Ted Cruz Trump to defeat and Chichi the Cuban Chihuahua for Trump to swat away like a nagging mosquito and send him back to Coral gables – unemployed. Trump will demolish the congenital liar, the Wicked Bit*h of Chappaqua, in November. I can’t wait to see President Trump address the United Nations General Assembly next fall. GO TRUMP 2016

  3. Amen Howard, Amen. We are fighting this revolution with ballots, next time it’ll be bullets. Don’t think it can’t happen. The average American is enraged over the corruption in DC and the party elites trying to take our votes from us.

  4. Dr. Carson for Surgeon General in the Trump Administration. We can trust him. He is smart and honest.

  5. I liked the change in mannerism I saw in Trump last night. I almost had the feeling it might have even been noticed by Megyn Kelly. Time will tell!! Thanks for staying involved Howard

  6. Howard please do some more vetting when it comes to Trump. I just don’t see him beating Hillary when you research further on his negatives. In my humble opinion, Hillary would much rather go against a guy who has consistently donated to her campaign and so many others in her party. She knows that she could easily expose him immediately, something she can not say about Cruz. I understand your point about what the GOPe is trying to do to his campaign, but there is a lot more below the surface.

  7. From the “bleachers” I’m cheering even louder for “The Donald”!

  8. LOL Howard!!!!! Your response to Perry Birman. That was cute!

  9. Howard, Sir! I love you but you’re dreaming in technicolor. The Donald MAY win the nomination but he’ll never overcome Hillary! WHY??? Because the people vote by “POPULARITY”, just like they elected your class president in your high school
    She’s attractive and speaks well, BUT NOT qualified; going up against a 74 year old man who MAY be qualified is “no contest’. I feel sorry for America, but remember what the late Alfred E Sith said..”the people get the kind of government they deserve”

  10. I am not a real Trump fan. However, I do think that he is the one who can ‘get the job done’. SOMETHING’s gotta give in politics! It’s so corrupt and belongs to the ‘good ol’ boys’ club’. And that really needs to be stopped!

  11. Hopefully the low Democrat turnout was there are some in their party who have a problem voting with a choice between a Felon and a Socialist to pick from. We might call them Americans.

  12. We need to be on our toes. Corruption breeds power, and power is not relinquished easily.

  13. The WORST Republican (make your own choice) candidate is better than the “BEST” Democratic candidate, whether it is Hillary Rotten “The Witch” Clinton, Crazy Bernie Sanders, Shotgun Joe Biden or even “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren. If a Democrat is elected, the country will plunge into the abyss of Socialism that will eventually destroy it, and I doubt there will be no “crawling out.” Ever!

  14. The last federal election in Canada did not make me feel like a winner.

  15. The virtue of Mr. Trump is that he is not for sale and he’s definitely not “politically correct”. He is pragmatic, however not a constitutional conservative.

  16. This is looking more and more like a three party run; The Democrats, the Republicans and the Trump parties. I don’t see the Republican big shots backing down for Trump and if that happens then President Clinton would have know trouble on her way to the White House

  17. Thank you Howard. This is the kind of standup attitude. That all Americans had bettered take . If they hope to preserve the land of the FREE. Donald Trump has already did more for America as a unifier and a leader. Than the last 16 Presidential Terms put together. George Senior, Bill Clinton, George Junior, And Barrack Hussein Obama. All were diversionist. Hiding from the problem and dividing the Citizenry into smaller controllable sects. While they destroyed our Nation from within. Trump 2016.

  18. If Donald and Hillary actually end up as opposing candidates in November and agree to debate, watch the fur fly. They will try to eviscerate each other and every iota of wrong-doing, scandalous behavior will be brought to light no matter how truthful or inaccurate. And we’d better be prepared for voter fraud, which the Dems were accused of last time around.
    My T.V. is already steaming hot and may explode.

  19. You are pushing a so called Republican(Trump, He is no different than Hillary), there is only one constitutionalist running That would be Cruz. If he does not win, it doesn’t matter who runs against Hillary

  20. Right on, Howard. Nothing would make me happier than to see the GOP elites along with the entire Democrat Party thrown out in the trash together before I meet my Maker. The Democrats need to be renamed…the Marxist Democrat Party… in order to be accurate, and hopefully the American political system will have a new beginning in January 2017 under honest Conservative leadership which was intended by our Founding Fathers. Decades of lies by both parties need to find their way into the sewers.

  21. All I can say is if Trump wins and he will, we need to stand with him. If you want Hillary she will have to give up all those pants suits for a striped or orange jump suit. I can’t believe that anyone with brains would vote for Hillary over Trump. With her the Vets would be left like they are now and more of our land would be sold off. Remember all she and Bill want is money, money, money. Why would she want to go back when the last time they were there they left broke!!!LOLOL

  22. The time is now or never for ALL of the Republican party to get off their thumbs and unite around Ted Cruz for the nomination, otherwise the party will fracture. GOP always wait until the last minute to do nearly everything. Mr. Trump has brought many timely passionate subjects to light because of his brashness, but his brashness would be unable to beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. The math is truth!

  23. I am not a Trump fan, but if I percieve the GOP steals the nomination from the people, I will vote for third party. If GOP folks claim that I am voting for Hillary, then they pressed me to do it, not the other way around. AND I would never support GOP again. My first president I voted for was Reagan. I voted for Cruz in TX and supported him financially. I will not support a stolen election, nor a candidate that steps in ahead of the people’s will.

  24. When a candidate runs for the President of the USA it will take millions of dollars to do so. None of the Republican candidates had millions of dollars except Trump and he needed money from no-one which means he owes no favors to anyone. Those who depended on the money from other people got their money by promised favors if they were elected. So for those who are still in the running for President except Trump will owe favors if they should win. No one knows what these favors will be, maybe bad.

  25. During an interview on FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Home Depot (HD) Co-Founder Ken Langone said there is a “revolution” going on in politics today. “Who the hell would’ve thought that Donald Trump in May of this past year would be where he is today? You would’ve been told you were nuts. You know why? They miscalculated the anger and the concern of the American people. They’re fed up. They’re fed up with the system, they’re fed up with the pundits, etc.” Sounds familiar.

  26. Great article, as usual. There is no stopping Trump now. Regardless of what the insiders do or say. They had better get behind him, or watch out for the train wreck coming down the track. I honestly believe that of the wicked witch, with the help of typical democrat politics, could steal the election. If that happens this fall, there will be a very large backlash by the people. We the people, the true majority of this country, will prevail. Regardless of the RINOs. We are at a turning point.

  27. By watching Trump’s remarks from day 1, I said to myself, “HG is Canada’s gutsy answer to Trump, minus Trump’s money as well as his lack of exaggerations without clear substance”. As time goes on, my belief becomes stronger, because I believe you would be far more satisfying to the base, diplomatically, and would NEVER disparage John McCain’s war heroism.

  28. For those who think Dr. Carson should be the next Surgeon General, they are truly demeaning what he is capable of doing. The Surgeon General is not a powerful position. Let me put it to you this way – Do you even know who the Surgeon General is, right now? If, you do – What has she or any past Surgeon General have done? Dr. Carson needs to be head of the HHS or the VA, where his knowledge and experience could be put to good use and maybe, improve those Departments.

  29. Howard, you’ve got it right. I watch CBS, NBC and ABC news each morning and in the evening, switching back and forth. I also watch PBS news in the evening. I laugh at their ignorance and stupidity. They are so brain washed into the LEFTist culture, they miss the truth. They just don’t get it. I am counting on Trump to come out and tell us the details and I am pretty sure he will have the cabinet to help him run this country. I smell revolution.
    Bill Suddith
    Canyon Lake, TEXAS

  30. I can honestly tell you the people who’ve been fairest (they don’t agree with him at all) have been the Morning Joe crew of Joe Scarborough’s show. They let Trump speak and are fair UNLIKE the conservatives Meygan Kelly (still hot) and that sabotaging Neo con windbag Hugh Hewitt (man is he a jerk).

  31. Last night I spoke with my brother-in-law who lives in Dallas. He is originally a liberal party supporter from the Montreal region. He explained why he voted for Trump on Tuesday. Based on what he said I think that I would too if I lived in the US. Correct or incorrect Ronald Reagan was as politically correct as Trump, in his campaign decades ago. The Republican establishment better get used to Trump quickly or else they will be handing Clinton the keys to the White House.

  32. Whatever happened to the AGREEMENT the Republicans signed to SUPPORT their NOMINEE. I guess it doesn’t apply to TRUMP? Both parties are FRACTURED [great word Robert C.] and that’s WHY Trump is favored. Analogy for the ESTABLISHMENT–“It’s like a BOIL which HAS to be LANCED!” ROMNEY will RUIN his reputation via his SPEECH against TRUMP today! Can’t wait to hear TRUMP’s rebuttals, especially during tonight’s DEBATE. This debate will certainly depict EVERYONE’s TRUE COLORS & CHARACTERISTICS. AMEN!

  33. Watched Melania Trump on Gretta last night. This lovely lady is a force. Love to see her looking down at The Screamer, Hillary. Fox dumped Rubio, good news. Lets see what “Wiggles Kelly” does tonight now that Trump is going to he part
    of the action. What a collection of clowns we witness.

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