I HATE Defending Trump . . . BUT


Everyone who reads this BLOG, knows that I was not a fan of Donald Trump, and is still not a Cheerleader for THE DONALD. But they also know, that during that past few weeks, after I was disappointed with Cruz, because of the way he handled his Campaign’s Dirty and Unethical Campaign, I dropped my support for Cruz.

READERS OF THIS BLOG . . . also know that at one time, I was very supportive of Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin, before he dropped out. I was also high on Carly Fiorina, until I found out that she paid herself long before she paid her staff; so goodbye Fiorina. And I also liked Rick Perry of Texas, before he too bowed out.

So here I am with three Candidates left . . . Cruz, who I was really high on, but not so much any more. Rubio, who is too slick by far, and has the unabashed support of the Republican Party Insiders, who the electorate HATE THE MOST, with good reason.

There’s also Kasich, who whines like a puppy and looks down on everyone, and Dr Ben Carson, who is a very nice guy with great credentials, who in my opinion doesn’t have the character needed to be the Commander-In-Chief, but would make a great Cabinet Secretary, perhaps in the VA.


I have not changed my opinion of Donald Trump, but . . . by the way he is being ATTACKED BY THE INSIDERS & MEDIA, it has sent a clear message to me – SCREW THE INSIDERS & THE MEDIA . . . AND GO TRUMP GO!


I watched Megyn Kelly on FOX News last night, where she did all that she could to pin the label of being a Nazi KKK Supporter on Donald Trump. She went so far as to GOAD Huckabee into her innuendo, that Trump is somehow a secret supporter of David Duke and the KKK.

And to Huckabee’s credit, not only did he not take the bait, he actually plead in Trump’s defense, no matter how hard Kelly pushed the aspersion that Trump was something despicable, when in all reality, her claim was nothing short of YELLOW JOURNALISM.


Trump’s beautiful Daughter Ivanka, married a Devout (Orthodox) Jewish man. And in turn, Converted to Judaism by following the Orthodox part of the Jewish religion, which is not easy, and takes 100% commitment.

And as a result of her marriage and commitment to Judaism, Ivanka chose to be observant, and follows the Sabbath and keeps Kosher in her home, as Jewish Orthodoxy Commands.

She also has two young children and another on the way. And when the time is appropriate, 13-Years old for her son, and 12-Years old for her daughter, they will be Bar Mitzvahed (son) and Bat Mitzvahed (daughter) fittingly.


And if you listen to Donald Trump speak glowingly about his Jewish Daughter Ivanka, his Jewish Son In-Law, and his two Jewish Grandchildren . . . you would either have to be brain dead, or badly slanted like Megyn Kelly, to even hint that this man is a SUPPORTER OF NAZIS AND THE LIKES OF THE KKK.

THE WORST OF IT IS . . . That Megyn Kelly will be sitting as an “impartial” moderator on Thursday Night’s Fox News Debate (March 3, 2016). So what does that say about FOX News’ Claim, that they’re somehow Fair and Balanced?


1 – Cruz accused Trump of being with the Mafia.

If Cruz is referring to Trump’s business affiliations, especially in the Greater City of New York, and the Bigger Cities in New Jersey, that if you want to build anything of consequence, whether your name is Donald Trump or Donald Duck, in one way or another, the Mafia will be involved. Or don’t bother building. Cruz is spitting into the wind.

2 – Romney is demanding that Trump has to make his Tax Returns Public, because his returns “MIGHT” show that he isn’t as rich as he says he is. And that it might show that he isn’t as generous to the Veterans as he says he is.

Imagine this . . . coming from a man who BLEW the 2012 Election, because he folded like a cheap suit during the live debates?

3 – John McCain disparages Trump, because of the way Trump speaks, campaigns and fights. And said yesterday on Bill O’Reilly’s Show, that he would rather LOSE an election than get down to that level.

CONGRATULATIONS MCCAIN . . . ‘cause you were 100% successful, because you wouldn’t fight like a JUNKYARD DOG OVER THE LAST BONE FOR AMERICA, and lost the 2008 election to Obama, who has cursed the United States, Israel and most of the Free World like no leader in America has ever come close to doing. You proved your point.

So I guess Obama’s success is on you, because you wouldn’t fight in the dirt.


The more these Creeps pile onto Trump . . . the MORE AGGRESSIVELY I will support him for all that it’s worth.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Je suis aussi un ami de Juif. On point, my friend! On point!

  2. Howard, you are perfectly representative of a lot of us out here who vote, and who will vote for Donald Trump. My daughter-in-law was converted to Judaism in NY City by the Rabbi who converted Ivanka. It’s NO SMALL UNDERTAKING. Like my daughter-in-law, I’m sure Ivanka inherited that stick-with-it-ness and determination from her father, as daughters who love their fathers want to please their fathers, as my own daughters inherited many characteristics from me. Tonight the primaries will be over.

  3. There is no question that everyone and his brother (sister ?? LOL) are trying to smear Trump anyway they can. But his popularity continues to soar as best I can see. I think that Huckabee and Carson preach almost the same line as The Donald, albeit with a bit less bluster.
    I also think that his being endorsed by Governors Christie and LePage and former Governor Brewer only tend to reinforce the message that Donald is sending to America and the world.
    I pray that his success continues.

  4. I lived in Florida and have purchased the delicious BBQ sauce you are advertising. I bought it for gifts, as it was so good. Just in case you didn’t know the maker of this sauce got 2nd place world wide in a contest one year. No I do not work for the company, but love the sauce.
    Also the more I read you the more I admire you. You are truly a patriot as you put America before everything your personal feelings. I believe you have the majority’s exact feelings on this election. Thanks again.

  5. How many compromises we all have made throughout our lives, essentially for the good of our friends, family, or COUNTRY! At 83,Hopefully, this one more won’t hurt and might truly be for the good AGAIN of our country! The Leftie Libs will have one greater thing to affect them if they disregard that very small VOICE WITHIN their consciences…they will forever know that they OVERTLY AGAIN did their very best to destroy this once great country! B-29

  6. Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s quotation, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” is often cited to describe the principle of freedom of speech. Perhaps those who figuratively jump up and down about one candidate or another, might consider if the Constitution limits the right to free speech.

  7. You seem to think that some one can change there spots,IE Trump, all though Fox New attacks Trump all the other main stream media gives him a pass. That ought to tell you something. All the rinos In the republican party hate Cruze that should tell you something. Trump will destroy the Constitution, if he does some of the thing he as spouted. You can support any one you want but as a 76 year old Southern Constitutionlist I stand with Cruz!

  8. Why were so many quiet when Obama was supported by Jeremiah Wright? Duke might support Trump but Trump does not acknowledge Duke. Obama did not disown the biggoted anti semite and race baiter Wright but Romney of all people told the GOP to lay off on that one.

  9. Trump’s greatest asset is his attitude. Chris Wallace wants Trump to act “Presidential”. What is that? Is it a following of an archaic stereotype like “Mr. Lincoln” in Disney Land? Trump is not like Reagan except for one thing, both were optimistic about America, and expressed it. I don’t want Trump sharing details of his plans, because Little Rubio and others would twist and distort everything.

  10. I just cannot go along with you, Howard. I may have to vote for Trump in the end, but not until the very end. I can’t stand his bloviating vitriol toward anyone who criticizes him, his shifting positions to suit the audience, his supreme egotism. He is not trustworthy. He claims Christianity as it suits him, without much evidence of sincerity from past behavior. I still am not convinced that he isn’t part of a plan to destroy the Republican party. One of my few disagreements with you.

  11. Exactly. Some rinos say that they will vote for Clinton rather than Trump. If that is the case, so be it for the future of the Republican Party. It is not worth saving, as these people are just an undeclared wing of the Democratic party. These people would vote for an un-convicted felon who would continue destruction of our country, out of spite. How many more reasons do we need to support Trump?

  12. Make America great again – hope and change. What is the difference? Trump is the Republican version of BO. He is on the record in the past supporting partial birth abortion just like BO. Supporting infanticide is a game breaker for me. What is the limit for this man? How far will he go? One thing we should have learned from Clinton and Obama- character counts. For me it is the sine qua non – without which nothing.

  13. I have sent you a lengthy letter; via your email not a link that I hope you will read. If you agree with it maybe you will share part of it on your blog.

    Graham Ferguson. Oliver and Arizona

  14. You are completely accurate in your post. fox news is no longer fair and balanced they are now worse than the msm because they lied to us. They are rinos and self proclaimed conservatives. Proof is in the pudding and they fail the smell test with the exception of Hannity.

  15. Like him or not, Trump is Trump and he’s not about to change! HUCKABEE would make a great VP for him! To be “FAIR and BALANCED”, FOX should have REPLACED Megyn for the debate, as her DISLIKE for TRUMP is sooo apparent–as proven by her enticements w/her guests. No one knows for sure what TRUMP can accomplish, but his past successes should speak for themselves! He certainly can’t do any WORSE than OBAMA or HILLARY! His FAMILY STRUCTURE is also very POSITIVE, which is a VERY GOOD SIGN! AMEN!

  16. Trump appears to be the only one who can stand up to Clinton’s nasty campaign style and call out her lies and corruption.

  17. Howard your exactly right in that the more the media and the GOPe pile on and whether or not he is a true Conservative etc. etc. He will be the next President of the U.S (unless there is violence). We cannot afford anymore to have Hillary win and she will be the one on the ropes when Donald starts on her. The more they say (the Media and the GOPe) that Donald can’t win against her (as if they are so concerned) he will be the next President. Go Trump….

  18. A Healer

    Howard with your understandings of Carson I disagree,
    He is a Junkyard dog trainer of the very highest degree,
    Your understandings of Trump by what I hear you say,
    As snarling Junkyard dog brings more division our way.

    Where in Dr. Carson’s history have you seen him give in?
    With deserved honors and accolades in his life he did win?
    He exhibits the strength and the resolve to get things done,
    To strengthen this Democracy that by forefathers begun.

    We need a healer not a j

  19. Howard,
    I am also disappointed in how Cruz handled the campaign issues and it gave Trump a negative point to hammer upon (which he has done mightily, it’s his thing). There really was nothing else for him to exploit other than the citizenship issue. It is interesting that you hold Cruz to such a high standard yet look at Trump and his tactics. I am worried Trump is a bit of a Trojan horse who is going to hand Hilary the election as he has already “made a deal”. That’s what he does, best for him

  20. I don’t opine that Megyn Smegyn can do much if any harm to Donald Trump on Thursday after his big win of delegates tonight. She will be almost toothless. Also, I hate her haircut. Makes her look tough and hard.

  21. Dear Howard: As with 98% of your blogs, I agree 100% with today’s blog! Thank you. What angers me most is the manner in which Megyn Kelly has gone on what is clearly an UNPROFESSIONAL and personal vendetta against Trump. He is the only candidate who does not go on her show for good reason. Fox News has let a dangerous “anchor” person into the limelight in Megyn Kelly. She is continually showing her personal biases and it will be her downfall in the end. S.E. Schwarz Lake County, Calif.

  22. Howard I’m confused, you stopped supporting Cruz due to him not firing the staffer who engaged in dirty tricks but you give Trump a pass for all the unethical things he and his staff do to smear Cruz and Rubio. Such as the lie that Tom Coburn said Cruz was “one of the most dishonest people in DC.” An absolute lie and the Donald retweeted it. Actually the Dems are holding fire until trump gets the nomination then they will bury him – mark my words.

  23. Clinton should have a fair trial before going to prison. A trial will never happen if she wins the election. Trump is the only one smart enough to justifiably rip her to shreds I front of her fawning flock. It is sickening to watch the msm trying to beat up Trump on every newscast. We can only hope the msm get theirs some day.

  24. Americans love an underdog and HATE the idea of being manipulated by liars like the media and Megyn Kelley who is dead to me. She’s a political Nancy Grace who does what her leash holders tell her to do. I had a lot more respect for her until she decided to toss her reputation as a truth seeker for a promotion. Trump is the choice of the people and I believe the DC/RNC elite’s attempts to stop him are going to lead to a second Revolution if they are successful.

  25. The last couple debates I have only watched the media show after they were done. I do not care to even watch them anymore but I will watch the Fox debate. I think Megan is going to blow a gasket during it. I used to say she just can’t let go of it. But after watching her last night trying to throw a rope over any limb that would support to hang Trump over the KKK. I decided she is the tail getting wagged more everyday by the Donald!!

  26. What This country needs more than anything is a pure businessman running the country.
    Our debt is our greatest enemy. We all saw what a community organizer accomplished.
    People tend to do what they know best. Trump is the right man at the right time.
    I don’t think this country has ever had a pure businessman in the Oval Office.
    Put all his BS aside.I truly believe he loves this country and will make all the
    right decisions.

  27. 1) On your blog only, dear Howard, Megyn Kelly receives the beginning of her long deserved upcomance: she has become an insufferably arrogant closeted democrat-would-be, and her departure would be beneficial to Fox viewers.
    2) As for sometimes uncouth, boastful and distasteful White Knight Trump, there is no one else on hand to completely overhaul and repair the current basket case that America has become.

    To paraphrase Clint: “Make Our Day In November, Donald”

  28. I think this fall we will have our answer to how close we are to the edge of going over the cliff. Work as hard as you can for any conservative candidate, regardless of who it is, and pray that we win…

  29. The Donald is a big boy and can certainly handle himself in a Trench Fight, he’s been to this Rodeo many times. I am sure when the smoke clears he will be the last one standing. I would love to hear how Princess got the job and how she keeps it,
    I have my own idea and it is certainly not because of her talent as a newscaster.

  30. Will Trump honor and uphold our Constitution? This is the most important issue and has never been mentioned. This is what made America the greatest nation on earth, and all I hear is name-calling and mud-slinging. Will Trump rely on the three Branches of Gov., or will he try to rule “his” way as he has in business? These candidates act like snarling junk-yard dogs and are disgusting. What happened to civility??? Stick to the issues.

  31. My wife and I just returned from voting. There were approximately 35 voters in front of us and another 35 behind with more arriving as we departed. Perhaps the troops are finally stirred up enough to actually get out and vote. Makes me smile. Go Donald and God Bless America.
    Excellent blog.

  32. Howard,

    Just wondering if you’re going to comment on John Oliver’s 22 minute diatribe against Trump?

  33. Howard , your right on. Rubio is the chosen one, Cruz is disliked, and Trump won’t be their puppet. Trump is the only one that can fix the economy and more importantly, solve the Israeli and Palestinian problem. He may not be the most conservative person out there, but to get elected in November, he is the one with the most common sense. My choice from the beginning.

  34. I THOROUGHLY support your position supporting Trump in the midst of the frankly unbelievable behavior of the RNC and that questionably sane chair with the German first name (and unpronounceable second and third name). The positively Byzantine arrogance of the RNC reminds me of the juvenile lick-spittal behavior of the Canadian Liberals simply trying (unsuccessfully) to appear in control and acting as adults. God help us all, including Trump, who is clearly a leader when the world needs him.

  35. Howard, I too have been a Cruz supporter. I would still prefer Cruz for President, but I like many of the positions Trump holds. If you believe what he has professed throughout the campaign, he does have conservative values now. Whether he will hold to them remains to be seen. What I despise, however, are those that would rather choose not to vote, or worse yet, endorse Hillary Clinton instead of supporting Trump. Are these people thinking about the next 4 years of devastation that awaits?

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