We Would Take The Oath


As I understand it . . . there is a slew of Hollywooders and Media Types who are declaring they will move to Canada if Trump becomes the President.

Where Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I are staying at this great RV Resort in Austin Texas, there is an American Couple from the New York City Area, who greeted us when we arrived, asking what it would take for them to become Canadians, because they feared a Trump Presidency.


I looked at this LEFTIST New Yorker, and said without a nanosecond of hesitation, that Anne and I would be only too willing to switch Passports with them, HERE AND NOW, to which there was no response.

BUT I’M SERIOUS . . . Any American wanting to give up his or her citizenship, with an EVEN-UP trade for Canadian Citizenship – I would be only too happy to be the facilitator to make it happen.

And I can assure you of one thing . . . even though America has a population of about 320-MILLION People, while Canada has a population of about 35-MILLION People – THERE AREN’T ENOUGH AMERICANS TO EQUAL the number of Canadians who would probably be willing to make the exchange.


I know of no shortage of Canadians, Anne and Myself included, AND I REALLY MEAN NO SHORTAGE – who are seriously considering making an application to the US Immigration Department for a Permanent Visa – aka GREEN CARD, even at my age of 66-Years Old.

It’s not that we don’t like being Canadians, as much as we don’t LOVE being Canadians. Because, in the final analysis, it’s virtually impossible to point to one Canadian Attribute that inspires Patriotism.

YOU KNOW . . . WHEN YOU ASK A HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTER – to name just one Hilary Clinton Accomplishment in her entire Political Life, going all the way back to her term as First Lady of Arkansas, no one can name one.


THERE WAS A TIME . . . right up to the end of World War II, when Canada was touted as one of the ALL-TIME great Nations of the World, where Immigrants of REAL VALUE were clamoring to get-in and build a future. And now, we get the Dregs from the Arab/Moslem World, who want a FREE RIDE.

THERE WAS A TIME . . . when Canadian Entrepreneurs could Dream Big or Small, and have a real shot at making the Dream happen, because entrepreneurs weren’t suffocated with STIFLING Taxes and Criminal Regulations.

THERE WAS A TIME . . . when Canadians weren’t PUNISHED in a major Canadian Province (Quebec) for being English, where the Unrestricted Use Of The English Language Is AGAINST THE LAW.

And English Speaking Canadians throughout the rest of the Country, which number about 97% outside French Quebec, can’t get jobs in their own National Civil Service, which we English Speakers pay for, because very few English speakers outside of Quebec are Bilingual, or sufficiently Bilingual.


Since Liberalism SEIZED our Canadian Government, Media, Courts and Schools . . . right after WWII, the ONLY Canadian Accomplishment I and anyone could point to with a semblance of PRIDE was Canadian Healthcare, which included 9-Provinces, with a Separate sort of inclusion from Quebec.

AND NOW . . . several generations after the foundation of FREE CANADIAN HEALTHCARE, it’s starting to come apart.

1 – To see my Family Doctor, I would be lucky to get an appointment within a month.

2 – To get an MRI or CAT-Scan, a Canadian could wait months to a year for the procedure.

3 – To receive Non-Emergency Surgery, like a joint replacement, a Canadian could wait for YEARS for the procedure.


I go across the border to the USA, and pay CASH for immediate comprehensive service, and say thank God for America.

The only good part of the Canadian System, is that when you REALLY need Care, such as when I had the Mini-Stroke a couple of years ago, or when I needed Cancer Treatment about 22-years ago, I got great treatment at ZERO Personal Cost.

BUT THEN AGAIN . . . if you have to wait a month or more to see a Doctor, if you don’t want to sit in an Emergency Hospital Ward for HOURS on end, what good is FREE if the service is unavailable?

I’ll need a small surgery when Anne and I get home in the second week of April, which we’ve booked, and will have the procedure done by one of the best doctors in his field anywhere in Canada or the USA. But I’m paying for it, because, if I had to do this through the Public System, I could wait for years.

And the only reason I can do this privately in Canada, is because the government considers this procedure ELECTIVE, which I assure you . . . it is not.


If the security of FREE Healthcare is no longer what it used to be, what else is there to entice people like Anne and Myself to stay in Canada? It certainly isn’t the miserable weather, racist language laws, high taxes, suffocating regulations etc.

1 – Freedom of Expression in Canada is based upon what any Judge deems to be SUFFICIENT Freedom of Expression. In other words . . . there is no real equivalent to the American First Amendment in Canada.

2 – The Right to Bear Arms in Canada DOES NOT EXIST, meaning that there is no such thing as a Second Amendment in Canada.


The only future I can see for the country of my Birth, where my Canadian Born Mother served in the Armed Forces during WWII, and my Canadian Born Father served from Day One overseas, fighting in the name and colors of his country . . . Beyond the call Of Duty – IS NOT GOOD.


CANADA . . . which was once a country with UNBELIEVABLE Promise, where our Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier (1896-1911), STATED WITH FULL CONFIDENCE, that the TWENTIETH CENTURY will belong to Canada, would weep in indescribable sadness, in his grave to see what the LEFT has done to his dream.

AMERICANS ARE TERRIFIED . . . to know what will happen when TAKERS outnumber MAKERS.

So, if they want to see what happens . . . just look at Canada, where entrepreneurs are looking for the exit doors. Where more than half the people are looking at the government for as much FREE CRAP as they can get. Where Courts at all levels are deciding our Constitutional Rights as they deem fit . . . and BDS in Canadian Universities – the grossly Anti-Semitic Anti-Israel movement is leading the world of Jew Hatred.

SO . . . At the end of March, Anne and I will be heading home back to Ontario, where we will have a great deal to think about, because in Canada, in spite of government BS, things are not good, and show no signs of getting better.

BUT IN THE USA . . . if the Republicans win the Presidency, and hang onto the Senate and the House at the same time . . . Anne and I will want to be in the USA.

And if for whatever unfathomable reason, should Clinton should take the White House, and States like Texas should decide to leave the Republic as a result, we would be proud to Fly the Lone Star Flag as our own.

And for anyone who thinks that I‘m speaking only for myself . . . he, she, or they should think again, because an enormous number of Canadians have come to the same conclusion, that Canada for the time being has been lost to the LEFT, with virtually nothing on the horizon we could look towards for hope.


In all seriousness . . . I think Canada and the USA should make it 100% possible for each others’ CITIZENS, only those of whom, who can pass a comprehensive SECURITY check, to cross each others’ borders to live and work full-time without the right to Unearned Social Benefits.

And the only problem with this . . . would be that the Borders heading South, would be overwhelmed with Canadian MAKERS heading for opportunities. And like just about everyone wanting to grab a piece of the American Dream, I would happily wait my turn to breathe the FRESH AMERICAN AIR OF FREEDOM.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Parade in the streets with signs, light candles, lay some flowers down, say some nice words….and then move on and do it all again after the next attack. Not a single concrete measure will be taken against these people…not one.
    After all, we don’t want to offend anyone. Isn’t freedom of religion wonderful? Isn’t free speech wonderful? It is if you are a Muslim. Their right to kill so-called “enemies of Islam” supersedes anything and everything.

  2. I’m one of those who would trade my Passport and move to America….in a Nanosecond we’re it possible to do so…when and if it happens; please be sure to advise us…!

  3. I would trade the 4 libtards on The View, Michael Moore, Sean Penn, all members of #blacklivesmatterforelectionsonly, all members of #occupywallstreet, and the entire San Francisco City Council to Canada for April the cat!

  4. Fifty five years ago I traded my Danish passport with my American one. It took me five years to finalize it and I celebrated the day it was done. I will never give it up again and will fight for keeping this country as free as possible. This election scares me. I see too many takers voting this time and they are not voting for Trump. To me he is the only one with the fight in him, to give Hillary a run for her stolen money! I hope you will support Trump now and forget the other losers.

  5. After the votes tomorrow are counted from the 12 states, it is quite possible we will have a Presidential race between a Felon and a Phony. Don’t be too quick to exchange Passports until the dust settles.

  6. It is nice to hear something POSITIVE about the United States of America from someone who knows BOTH sides of the COIN from personal knowledge and experience. THANK YOU. I remember well during the Vietnam War when the DRAFT was in effect that many defected to Canada. And the way the Vietnam Vets were shunned on their return I could NOT fault them. We do have to make a CHANGE. We have to take our country back. I can NOT predict the November 2016 final vote. God help us, PLEASE. MY POV

  7. I would also go. In 1968 at 24 I wanted to move to the US already, but would have taken 5 years for it to happen. I was born in Poland of German parents in 1944 during German occupation of Poland. Lived in Germany until 1954 before coming to Canada and was NEVER a Polish citizen, but in 1968 Poland was still a communist country and I went under the Polish quote, even though I was a Canadian citizen and had served 3 years in the RCN. I’m a Proud Canadian but am Dismayed at Canada’s direction.

  8. Howard-again-‘out of the park’. I just finished saying the same things about ‘switching passports’ etc. to a friend and my wife the other day. Couldn’t agree with you more!!! Wish you would start something online down in Texas inviting Canadians who ‘want to make the switch’. I’m 72 and grew up on farms so I’m sure I could find work helping folks on the land and forking manure or whatever to help the team. I’m sick of trying to ‘fork the manure-debt’ up in Canada. Forks worn out!

  9. 23 Yrs ago my fam saw the socialism in Canada and the writing on the wall. Most of us moved to the USA, legally, with difficulty and at great expense. Took 11 yrs for our sons to obtain green cards and years to pay off the debt but it was worth it. Guess my feelings for amnesty! Trump = another disaster; imagine his Supreme Court nominations! Rubio = RINO. Ted Cruz will fight to keep the Constitution intact. We’ll take you, Anne, all MAKERS, and Canada can have ALL Hollywood progressives.

  10. After having lived in the US for 21 years and being back in Canada for the last 2 1/2 years, I am shocked at the state of my country and Howard is absolutely right. Thankfully, my son is an American citizen and my husband became one just before we moved back. Brenda Yu Kelowna, British Columbia

  11. That’s an enormous statement, Howard!!! I wish millions of “useful idiots” here in the US would read your words of wisdom and get a clue what we have to lose if the Marxists have their way. When all of this could have been predicted fifty years ago, isn’t it sad we now find ourselves sitting on the precipice of losing our freedoms, thanks to so many fools and so much greed on the part of sell-outs in government and big business alike? Words fail to express my true feelings of disgust.

  12. I am sorry to hear your condemnation of Canada, my home for 80 years; but sadder yet to agree with you. I have been feeling very low in spirit the last 6 months, I came to understand why a few months ago; I am mourning the loss of my country. When Trudeau is done in 5 years there won’t be anything to salvage, if you want to see Canada 10 years from now just look at Greece we have chosen the same road. If Trump is not elected or if he is not an honest man ( and no one knows for sure) all is lost.

  13. “It’s not that we don’t like being Canadians, as much as we don’t LOVE being Canadians. Because, in the final analysis, it’s virtually impossible to point to one Canadian Attribute that inspires Patriotism.” Sometimes the truth can be very painful…God bless the Constitutional Republic of America…God help the Representative Parliamentary Democracy of Canada.

  14. Back in the mid 70’s, I started my career in surgery. I was amazed how many Canadian surgeons I worked with. Only to find out that they left Canada due to the Free Canada Healthcare system! Even back then, the surgeons knew that it was a bad, bad deal for all in Canada. I worry that Trump will be nominated & he wants Healthcare for ALL persons who live in the USA. Basically, no difference that Canada’s Healthcare. Today will be a decisive day, for the GOP. I pray it will be a good one.

  15. This is one of your better ones Howard. My brother and I have both said we would gladly find a new passport, not necessarily US, now that the pinkos are back in power here in Canada. Their party is responsible for the multicultural fiasco where two official languages aren’t enough, with more to come. All I need is the money to get it done. The other problem, I am 73 now but I can still get’er done.

  16. I believe even your liberal neighbors would be shocked by our current federal government and the condition of the Ontario government

  17. I’d rather the States move here. The Stars and Stripes would be a pleasure to see flying over a new state of Alberta. Most Albertans have had it with the yearly exit of $40 Billion and a return of 20 from the perennial Liberal ingrates of Ontario and every province east of it. “Torture” is the only description we can apply to what the Trudeau government is doing.

  18. Canada has begun a descent into despotism, the despot including
    the “public service” monopolistic labour unions.

  19. As a resident of Alberta, I have to agree with you 100% and we are just starting to follow Ontario’s path. With Notley and Trudeau in charge our only hope is Brad Wall. However, on March 8, lead by George Clark, right wing Albertans will be protesting at the legislature and presenting petitions requesting plebiscites on Bill 6 and the Carbon Tax.wish us well

  20. Howard, great column as usual. I to would trade in a second for an American Passport. I would also like to encourage you to start something online that Canadians can consider when thinking about moving to the US. Maybe there is something there for us as this country now is all about taking and not making and will be for ever more.

  21. Sad to say I agree BUT it is not easy to relocate to the US I honestly believe the US Gov. does not want Canadians , other than for extended holidays ( cash to the economy ) I further believe there are agreements between both Gov’s to ensure the free flow from Canada to the US that once existed , has been curtailed . Maybe Texas or some such is the answer but not in my lifetime .

  22. On a recent European trip I took a bus tour and heard endless America bashing. I asked a guy to answer 2 questions. 1 Where would there be freedom in the world today without America? No answer. I told him nowhere. He agreed. 2 So you don’t speak Japanese. You are from New Zealand. After decades of military build up when China makes its move in the pacific who will you call? France, The UN? No answer. How is your Chinese? You don’t like us. We hear you. Don’t call us. We’ll call you.

  23. As healthcare implodes in Alberta…[CT scans : emergency-one month wait, elective- nine month wait], the province threatens to do away with ‘fee for service’ and place physicians on salary. . Baby boomer M.D.s will retire early and leave the system …..”wait times’ the new industry, will begin to deal in months for near everything except acute trauma, or cardiac episodes. If copied, the USA will be bankrupted in short order…..

  24. If you need a sponsor Howard, John and I would only be too happy to sponsor you and Ann. Take the leap, go for citizenship and become American like my stepmother. If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right–however, you’d have more benefits and opportunities as an illegal alien LOL so if Trump isn’t POTUS, then come on down because we won’t have borders any more.

  25. As long as Quebec is part of Canada, nothing will change. What Alberta needs to do (and maybe Sk and Bc) is leave the Union of Canada, and become part of the US. But only if Trump wins!

  26. We all know that governments come and go.Whether we like it or not it is good for any country to have a change in government every so many years. The voters can be very fickle but they have the final say in electing what party of their choice. Many people remain very loyal in their support for a lifetime and many people change as the wind blows. It has always been this way. The debt problem world wise is our biggest problem !

  27. TRUMP’s becoming President ISN’T the worst thing which could happen to America, because the WORST has already BEEN DONE via Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s presidency! Yes, Americans ARE terrified and angry, hence the reason why so many are supporting TRUMP. TAKERS almost outnumber the MAKERS as it is. Start getting your papers ready, Howard. By the time you and Anne get your GREEN CARDS, “America will be great again”–as this won’t be accomplished overnight! Also, HILLARY “ain’t seen nothing yet! AMEN!

  28. Mr. Trump is our only hope. If Hillary gets into office, we are down the tube. I was with the Original Frontier Airlines and was in and out of Canada. At that time it was a great place. My how things have changed in both of our countries. We in the United States are supposed to be a Republic but we are not per se. The Democrats have literallly robbed this country blind giving to the un-deserving that do not work or pay in to the system. Lord help us!

  29. USA is a much better place to live than Canada but some scare tactics are being spread around. Here is one, whoever comes out with the most delegates behind Trump will be the Presidential nominee and whoever is third be the uniting Vice President. A brokered convention is in the works with the delegates to convince them to toss whatever delegates Trump has to 2nd or 3rd. So many Republicans in our Government want to keep on doing what they have been doing even with Hillary as President.

  30. If Hillary wins and Texas secedes, they better build Trump’s wall around the whole state!

  31. Wow! Howard you hit the nail on the head. Have all the leftist move to Canada where they can commiserate in their misery of socialism. We can have the Conservatives move to the U.S. where we can have freedom loving people who want limited government.

  32. Things started to go to hell under daddy Trudeau and will be even worse under his baby boy. That along with the likes of Premier Wynne in Ontario, has caused me to lose hope for better days. The only thing I like is the fact that the lefties (and they aren’t all takers) will be paying the bills sooner than they think. When I’m ten toes up I’ll still be smiling! New York state must be gleefully anticipating more businesses moving there from Ontario.

  33. I called sev. Amer. bord. stations back in 2002 after I had received my degree. I had requested how to move to the States as I couldn’t find work in Canada. Event. I was transferred to a guy in Buffalo NY who advised me that I needed my mast. deg. in that master’s grads fell under NAFTA and could work teaching college courses. Otherwise I would have to find a sponsor in which to work. I could tell the man was frustrated and he told me he received dozens of calls from Can. every day like this

  34. I wish I could hand pick all the Americans (?) that I would like to trade for Canadians like you. The Republican Establishment does not get it. They have been in the tank so long with the Democrats that they think they are buddies. NO. If Hillary gets in – and she will if Trump does not get the nomination, the Democrats will soon overpower the Republicans. and the party will be no longer. They are cutting their own throat. But then, they are that stupid.

  35. I am not a Hollywood type but have already contacted realtor in Costa Rica, and am checking flights for September right now. I won’t wait for the election because if Hillary Clinton’s twin rotten pea from the same pod, Trump,
    gets the nomination my husband and I will both be leaving. It is sad that two veterans have to leave the country they have served because of the ignorance of voters who have lost their ever loving minds

  36. Canada, Ontario, New Brunswick, n Alberta in decline so it is very depressing. My great job back in 1980 would have ended with a handsome retirement pension. I was forced out, by the French, just because I am English and now have to get by on two standard government pensions amounting to less than C$20k/year. If I had personal wealth I wouldn’t hesitate to move to America, particularly if Trump becomes President but not if Clinton does.
    25k Muslim migrants here, 50k suggested we are in trouble.

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