It’s Coming Close To Hitting The Fan


I don’t know if Trump is going to win the Nomination, but at this juncture in time, I can’t imagine anyone who can beat him, even with the multiple attacks on his business acumen, bankruptcies and legal “PAYOFFS” he made to politicians in all Parties.

AND TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE . . . and I can be wrong – but I don’t believe there are any Laws or Campaign Rules that force Trump or anyone else to release their Income Tax Returns in order to run for Office.

And if I were running for anything . . . they could Whistle Dixie until they were Blue in the Face waiting for my returns – It would simply be NONE OF ANYONE’S BUSINESS, and nothing more than cannon fodder for whomever wants to play political games and GOTCHA!


I really do not like Hillary Clinton or her Husband. And even though I don’t know much about Chelsea Clinton, what I do know about her however, is incontestable, since she feeds off the Clinton Foundation and her last Name. And I’m sure if I knew a bit more about her, I wouldn’t like her either.


I watched and listened to her speech, trying hard to absorb and remember all that she said, as she said it, and how I came away with the clear understanding that this woman lies with impunity, and contradicts herself from sentence to sentence, to the cheers of her Fawning Idiot Crowd.

In one sentence she referred to the necessity of winning the Presidency in order to carry-on the incredible work Obama has done. And in the next sentence she speaks about a severely divided America that has to be made WHOLE again. But wasn’t that part of Obama’s incredible work?

In another sentence, along the same theme, Clinton keeps to the great work Obama has done, and then speaks about RACIAL INTOLERANCE AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE, as if America has returned to the Jim Crow Days, where there were White Folk and Black Folk drinking fountains, and Blacks needed to get to the Back of the Bus.

Still on the same theme, Hillary Clinton spoke about the War on Women, disregarding the FACT that women occupy enormous positions of power from the Private Sector, all the way up the Government, including the White House Executive and the Ministerial Staff itself.

I think the Clinton Line that impressed me the most, was when she tried to diminish Trump when she declared that one politician says that “We have to make America great again”, to which she responded . . . “America never stopped being great”.

She should tell that to the MILLIONS of people . . . who can’t find a job, or because of Obama/Clinton’s welfare state philosophy don’t want to have a job, or have just given-up looking, which combined represents as much as 25% of the population.

She should tell that to the MILLIONS of people . . . who live on Food Stamps, close to 50-Million.

She should tell that to the MILLIONS of people . . . who live on or LESS than $50-Thousand Dollars a year, where the number is about 75-Percent of the population. Imagine trying to raise a family on just $50,000 per year, given the level of Taxes and the Cost of Living?

She should tell that to the MILLIONS of people . . . literally the whole country, which is terrified of ISIS and all the other threats, mostly Islamic, not to ignore China and Russia, which are facing America, at a time when the American Military is dissolving before the Country’s Eyes.

She should tell that to the MILLIONS of people . . . who have either lost their jobs, or are freaked-out that their jobs are also going to be shipped outside of the USA, just like Nabisco, Ford, Carrier Air Conditioners and so many more, which we don’t know or have heard about, because they might not be big enough to catch notice.

And what about the incredible number of jobs that were never in America, and will never be created in America, because they’ve been created by American Businesses Off-SHORE, because it’s simply too expensive to build a business in America, coupled to the LEFT’S SUFFOCATING Government Rules and Regulations?

Hillary Clinton doesn’t talk about the fact that in South Carolina 84-PERCENT of the Black vote went to her – WHY? Why would 84% of the Black Vote go to a Candidate whose Party is decimating the Black Community, which is DYING a not so slow death, with almost every born child . . . being born to a mother who is more or less a child herself, with no Male Support?

Why would Black People vote 84-Percent for a woman, whose Party is in Power, when Black People have the LOWEST High School Graduation Rate, the HIGHEST Incarceration Rate, and by far the HIGHEST Unemployment Rate in the Nation?

Maybe . . . just maybe – it’s because these Black Americans are EXACTLY what Democrats like Clinton need and want the MOST . . . DUMB-HEADED ignorant people, who thrive and survive on being VICTIMS, who can blame the White World for all their woes, promoted by the Clintons, who will be their Savior with FREE CRAP, and a multitude of excuses for their wretched lives.


At every Republican Campaign Stop, whether it be for Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson or Kasich, the crowds are extremely large and incredibly enthusiastic.

At Bernie Sanders events . . . the crowds are overwhelming, as if the 74-Year Old Socialist was a Rock Star, whose message is consistently to crush the Wall Streeters, Bankers, and Indolent Wealthy who routinely cheat the system through their Member’s of Congress and Lobbyists, who represent the BEST or WORST in Hillary Clinton, depending on how you look at it.

While for Clinton, the crowds have been sparse and less than fervent for her self-conflicting messages . . . all of which can’t be hidden with BS.

Just like the VAST public perception that she is a LIAR, UNTRUSTWORTHY, A CHEAT and a member of GOOD –STANDING as a ONE PERCENTER can also not be buried in BS.

And if Trump Should Win . . . especially with Chris Christie In Tow – I think Hillary Clinton should seek safety in a Witness Protection Program, or plead no-contest to the coming Federal Indictment . . . It might be the kindest thing she could do for herself.

SPECIAL NOTE: In the last Editorial, Kenneth Lee made a horrible accusation in the form of a question, asking whom Megyn Kelly of FOX News was sleeping with in the DNC, RNC or Islam . . . to come to her opinions.


I am not a fan of Megyn Kelly . . . but that does not give anyone the right to use the Good Name of this Blog to peddle stupid, disparaging and unsubstantiated Crap. I left the COMMENT on the Editorial Page with my reply for people to read for themselves.

I am extremely proud of this BLOG, and will have no one cheapen it.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Agreed with everything I have read in your latest blog… However the real Hitting of the Fan will occur when the Rep.’s refuse to nominate Trump regardless of how he holds the general voters’ support

  2. The fact that Hillary Clinton is not in jail explains why the frustration of a great majority of the voters is manifesting itself in support for Trump

  3. I’m with you on this one, too!!! I think, Christie’s endorsement is a possible position as VP, should Trump win. Please, I haven’t heard that it’s just a feeling that I have. I would prefer Cruz, but, I doubt that he could work well with Congress. He is brilliant and maybe should be the US Attorney General. He knows the US Constitution & has been before the SCOTUS numerous times. I think Cruz could very well clean up the Justice Dept. & set them back on course. Bad, bad call on Kenneth Lee.

  4. I like the extent to which you are fired up in this edition Howard. I can not wait for the 1st Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton Debate. I am predicting a 45 state land slide for President Trump-to-be.

  5. Great article, Howard. It’s time we stood up to the America haters on the left. Liberals like to hold out themselves as the paragons of love, compassion, altruism and concern and yet they are filled with hate, rancor, and hostility, especially to those who love freedom and truth and traditional values! For liberals, if something is good they hate it and if it’s bad they love it. They give lip service to good values while planning their destruction. Fake right, run left. They must be defeated.

  6. Howard, I’m from Toronto, now live in Ft. Lauderdale. I wouldn’t dream of going back. I hate speaking with the kids I went to school with as they are all so liberal. It makes me sick to see what Canada has become. I don’t even open my mouth around my mother. I didn’t vote for Obama in ’08 or ’12 and have no intention of voting Hillary now. I specifically changed my voter’s registration to Rep. from NPA just in order to vote in the Primary here in March. Dear God, I pray for all of us!

  7. EXCELLENT EDITORIAL–No doubt that, Trump as a BUSINESS MAN, made “PAYOFFS” to politicians in ALL Parties and played the political games via his NEGOTIATIONS. That’s WHY he knows them ALL so well! Yes, HILLARY ‘lies with impunity and survives on those who are VICTIMS’. She lied to the FAMILIES of the four BENGHAZI VICTIMS and now accuses THEM of lying by DENYING that she ever stated that she had blamed it on a VIDEO. Can’t wait to see HER debate TRUMP! THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT THEN! AMEN!

  8. Thanks for watching hrc speech for us, i just don’t have the stomach.

  9. Why in heavens name are people cheering on a low life like HILLARY CLINTON ? These people must not read or follow what is going on in her daily life of lying, deceitful practices,stupid remarks,etc,etc etc. She does not like America as Obama does not like America and is determined to destroy every American dream. She is determined to give away everything America stands for to full fill her desire to become QUEEN of the UNITED STATES. God help us if for some reason she succeeds in her quest!

  10. It will be landslide victories in most of the Primaries from now to the election in November for Trump. As I see it now several Senators and Governors are starting to suck up to Trump as they figure they might as well get on the band wagon. The race between Trump and Hillary could be close, it all depends on how much she cheats with voter fraud. Hillary knows that if she don’t win she could go to prison, unless Obama pardons her of all of her crimes even before she is even indicted.

  11. Hillary is a congenital liar. Any psychiatrist will tell you a congenital liar has no conscience.

  12. I enjoy reading your serious blog about the serious issues facing U S (& the world) today. But today I got to laugh at your comment that Hill!ary should seek protection from the coming prosecution for her crimes. If she were really smart she would just flee to a country without extradition NOW. Take her husband with her! Widely viewed as a lying, traitorous, greedy, uncaring woman it is hard to believe she gets any votes at all!

  13. Howard right on with your comments. The thing I worry about (among others) is Rubio being the GOPe’s pick and if he doesn’t win his home state they (the GOPe) will bring out Mitt and they then will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from winning. I hope he has a landslide of states in the coming months to prevent that and also I fear for his life.

  14. If she DOES go to jail, I hope they have a double bed cell since there could BE no more “cruel and unusual punishment” than for “Hil and Bill to have to listen to and put up with each others lies, infidelity, etc!! They truly deserve each other …but presumably not the life sentences they promised each other before they lost their Law Licenses!! Liars Liars Pants on Fire! B29

  15. I am so disgusted with political campaigning. It seems like a 3 ring circus. It seems Trump and the media and started a mudslinging cat fight or cage match among the Republican candidates. We need to discuss the real issues facing this country and what the solutions are to the problems we face. It is sickening. I suggest that we have a series of townhall meetings where 3 of the candidates sit down at a table at time with a narrator and the audience asking questions. We need some civility

  16. If the GOP establishment has the cohones NOT to nominate Trump despite his numbers, THAT would justify an all-out insurrection, and I would volunteer to lead it!

  17. It’s pretty enraging for the average American to read that they are prepping Romney to be the nominee at a brokered convention when Trump is sweeping the primaries. Who the blank do these people think they are?? WE THE PEOPLE will decide who our POTUS will be. NOT THEM. If they try, then God help us all because I believe it will turn into armed revolution and I doubt the military will fire on American Citizens.

  18. I realize too many Republicans are as clueless, gutless, and complicit to the current mess of this country and the world, but would there really be a Republican party left if the delegates don’t nominate Trump when the voters have spoken????? Howard, do we we have any recourse, what would that look like? Thank you for all your insight and fortitude.

  19. I wish the presidential campaign season was limited to six-nine months only. This dog & pony circus that has expanded to an almost 2 year run is ruinous, disgusting and too much like reality television. I agree with you Howard, if Trump is the nominee per the public it will be difficult for the politicians for life establishment to stop.

  20. Most in the U.S. already know this, but no-one has said it yet on your blog. WE ARE NOW OUTNUMBERED by those in the U.S. dependency – South Carolina is a perfect example of this fact & to make it much worse, these people vote in lock-step for liberals like the Clintons & of course Obama twice. until we make a rule that no one in the hands out crowd are allowed the vote it will just get worse as the yrs go by- they’re killing us others, so for Gods sake – wakeup Americans!!!!

  21. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place, that cliche is so enormously understated it should lose is historical position in our vocabularies! Here we are, it’s either the grasshoppers or the Giants of Biblical history. Getting the proverbial
    Shaft is only part of the degradation; we also have to live with the dregs of the cup. Enough cliches for ya’ ?

    It seems our only hope is for the blizzard of the century to pass through,to keep us home. I my stay home anyway!

  22. I did not cheapen anything. I asked a question/made a statement because it is very apparent she is on someone’s payroll and is dedicated to the destruction of America via the rnc and the demorat party. She has the same level of integrity as killary Clinton. None.

  23. I loved your latest commentary – as usual. Please give some blog time to Justin Trudeau as Canadians really need him gone in a hurry! Between the idiotic things he says, the thousands of refugees he is dumping on Canadians and making the armed forces give up their homes to them, and the forced bilingualism which costs $85 million dollars a year in little New Brunswick alone – he is destroying Canada! Howard Galganov for Prime Minister!!

  24. I truly hope that all of the recent speculation about Chris Christie that’s going around never amounts to anything more than that. As far as I’m concerned he’s just another Yankee RINO.

  25. Just thought we ought to coin a phrase for the entitlements given to our bloated governments and public unions. They are a prime element for dragging our economies down. How about “The Middle Class Welfare Program”.

  26. As usual, Howard, you have once again nailed it. I appreciate your continued insight, and the intentional fortitude to say it.

  27. Agree Howard, they would never get my Tax Return and I really do not think that the general public cares about his return this is all Political. Hillary is, was, and will aways be a piece of Garbage that washed up on the beach. Lets hear her story about Vincent Foster. Many friends are floating the Trump/Bush ticket. Could be a winner.

  28. Great editorial. Yes, we can all do without the twit Kenneth Lee’s derogatory opinions. The “hope and change” from BHO didn’t work out so well since 2008!!! Call it what you want, we can only pray that the same theme from Trump will have better results this time. It’s going to get even more contentious and interesting between now and November!!!

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