The Political End Is Near

In the words of Trump: “Give me a break”.


After last night’s RUMBLE in Texas, between Trump and EVERYONE ELSE, including the FOUR MODERATORS, and the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY, plus Mitt Romney . . . The Clear Winner Was Donald Trump.


Trump walked onto the debate stage as the clear FRONTRUNNER, because from Day-One, he personified the mood of the people, which not one other candidate came close to doing, with the exception of Ted Cruz, until Cruz blew-it.


I remember . . . when I was having an exchange with a member of the compliant English Media in Montreal, just after the Quebec Referendum in 1995, which was designed to take Quebec out of Canada, and continue to outlaw the English Language throughout the Province of Quebec; during a Press Conference that included French and English Media, one of the sell-out English Journalists made a point of berating me as an ANGRY-MAN . . . the actual term he used was ANGRYPHONE, which was a derisive play on the words for Anglophone, which was sort of mirror for the French term used by French Quebecers to describe themselves as FRANCOPHONES.

My response to the Journalist was thus . . . “After losing the unconditional rights to use the English language in Quebec, and that the French Quebec Government has institutionalized open discrimination against English speaking Canadians throughout Quebec – etc . . . IF YOU’RE NOT ANGRY TOO – YOU’RE AN IDIOT”. And that ended the discussion and the press conference.

And from that moment on . . . what the English Sell-Out Journalist did with my response to this Sell-Out’s GOTCHA insult, was to VIRTUALLY mobilize a huge number of the Quebec ANGLO population, to begin calling themselves ANGRYPHONES with pride.


In all reality, Carson and Kasich were treated with extreme rudeness by the way they were effectively kept out of the debate, because everyone there, was there for one reason . . . TAKE OUT TRUMP!

And from time to time, it seemed to me that they needed more seats on the debating stage, just to accommodate the Moderators, who didn’t even try to hide their dislike for Trump, as they pommeled him, and argued with his responses to their loaded questions.

Forget all of the targeted and staged insults and accusations that were thrown at Trump, because in the final analysis they don’t amount to a hill of beans. But here are FOUR issues that were brought up in the debate, that for me . . . defined why Trump should be the Nominee.

1 – It was brought up over and over again how Donald Trump hired people who were reportedly ILLEGAL, which for me said just one thing – DONALD TRUMP HIRED PEOPLE . . . End of story.

2 – It was also brought up over and over again, how Trump Contributed to Democrats, forgetting that he also contributed to Republicans like Ted Cruz, which made another really important point: As a businessman, Donald Trump bought and paid for favors from all Politicians showing just how vulnerable, cheap and CORRUPT they all are.

3 – When Rubio tried to show just how unprepared Trump was with his Healthcare Plan, because Trump kept saying repeatedly that he would remove the “lines” between the State borders and open up Health Insurance throughout all 50-States, and let the Insurers REALLY COMPETE, Rubio said with contempt . . . THAT’S IT? THAT’S YOUR HEALTHCARE PLAN? To which Trump said yes. That’s it. That’s my healthcare plan . . . AND I WILL NEVER LET SOMEONE DIE ON THE STREET, because they couldn’t afford to take care of themselves.


To a businessman like Trump, you see the challenge, you hire the right people to deal with the challenge, and you let them do it in the simplest and most efficient way possible.


Let me tell you this . . . hospitals and medical providers up and down the ladder of Healthcare are RIPPING the people off to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars.

If healthcare was such a money loser, as the INDUSTRY wants the people to believe it is, why is the Industry building new hospitals everywhere? Why are there ads filling the TV Screens selling the services of hospitals? And why are the insurance companies hyping everyone for their business?

Rubio couldn’t begin to fathom how simple life really is in the real world, without the hand of government everywhere to muck it up, because for Rubio’s whole life, he has lived in the world of BIG GOVERNMENT. And the people have had enough of it.


4 – PERHAPS . . . this is the most important reason why I know Trump won the Texas Debate – The RNC rigged everything to get Trump out, from the way Rubio and Cruz TAG-TEAMED against him, to how the moderators asked their questions of Trump, and set-up openings for Cruz and Rubio to take their best shots.

One of the most telling exchanges of the night, came from that gorgeous Latina Women, Maria Celeste Arraras from Telemundo, who made the point in a question to Trump, that the vast majority of Latinos had no use for him. So how is he going to deal with that?

Trump’s response was simple . . . In the last vote (Caucus) in Nevada, Trump won nearly HALF of the Latino Votes, more than anyone else by a huge margin, almost double that of two Latinos in the race, Cruz and Rubio combined, to which she responded, that was a very small sampling, so it didn’t count.

So . . . I guess when the pollsters read a few ballot-boxes with a smattering of returns at the end of an election, and can from that modicum of information declare a winner . . . That counts. But it doesn’t count when 44% of Spanish Speakers vote for Trump in a market that is home to many Hispanics.

In the words of Trump . . . “Give me a break”.

I channel surfed after the debate to hear what various Pundits had to say, and wound up on FOX News, watching Megyn Kelly and her usual suspects analyze who won and who lost, to declare a HUGE victory for Rubio and a loss for Trump.

The only thing lacking . . . was Reince Priebus in the background, with the Cue Cards.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Fantastic editorial as usual, Howard. It confuses and saddens me that Abbas is welcome at demonstrations such as this, given he is a purveyor of all that is despicable about Islam. Europeans should have taken the chance to arrest+detain and lock him up, with intention to try him at the ICC. Instead, our hypocritical leaders scold with one hand, and praise with the other. I fear the worst is yet to come.
    B Small

  2. Howard, I agree with you, again! I saw some of the debate & felt it was a complete setup to bump Trump out of the contest. I was impressed with Cruz & then, I do felt he blew it. The audience was rude, uncouth & loud, which is not usually done at debates so that the debaters can be heard. This was the worse of the worse, IMO. As Trump pointed out several times, he has created jobs, lots of jobs, & no one on that stage has ever done that!!! Trump won, as far as I am concerned.

  3. Outstanding editorial Howard! Could not agree with you more–Anyone with half a brain could figure out what Rubio, Cruz and the RNC were trying to do!!! Keep up the good work.

  4. Harold. You nailed it. Then the fat PhD. guy with the electronic devices the people turn up when they agree with what is going started started pushing Rubio. It is so obvious I almost threw up my pop corn that I eat at circus. I might as well tune in MSNBC vs FOX. Well at least, “we the people” are having their say as to who the nominee will be. He is ahead in so many states for next Tuesday and the Next big day in March. Pray that somebody does not try to kill Trump. I quit the republican party

  5. Maybe it is time for Trump to threaten to leave the Republican party again. They don’t want him as a Republican winner but they also don’t want him running against them.

  6. We need to find someone with even 1/2 the gonads of Trump, to lead the Conservative wing in Canada. What Trudeau is doing on the immigration front is immoral. I’m beginning to think he and McCallum are actually evil! Trump will have to watch the Canadian border if these 2 fools continue.
    Meghn Kelly is a Democratic mole. Trump doesn’t care, and doesn’t need her support. The more any of the media attack, the higher his numbers go. He has them figured out and is winning! Go Trump!

  7. Is anyone paying attention to Mr. Sanders? If you listen to his AD he is purporting using MEDICARE for OTHERS who may need it. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Period. I worked for 51 years and resent the MISUSE of MEDICARE for darn near everything but for SENIORS. I am so ticked off. Regarding the Repub Debate….Trump has done in business, which NONE of the candidates have done….Create Jobs, gets audited by the IRS every year, pays taxes and is financing his own campaign. Now I will HUSH.

  8. The establishment is so anti-Trump for one simple reason. He is the only runner that cannot be bought or blackmailed. If elected, TS is going to hit the fan and a bunch of people are going to jail.

  9. You hit it out of the park on this one! I wrote a piece on my blog the day before and had some erudite “wannabe” reply with everything but the poison pen being wielded in Repubican Head Quarters.
    Look forward to more commentaries.
    Tom Corcoran, Florida

  10. I saw it just as you did, the questions were loaded and the two Latinos were at a loss as to what to do. I’ll take Trump thank you at least he can think on his feet.

  11. Howard, I’m not sure I agree with you. I may be wrong, but it seems that if Trump is elected, it would be for only one term. His legacy as outlined below and in last night’s debate involves too much baggage, and that baggage (i.e., bankruptcy history, tax questions, employing illegals, the fake “university,” supporting ethanol subsidies) would certainly be exploited by the Democrats. The Repub nominee must be able to BEAT HILLARY, and I am not yet convinced that Trump is the man.

  12. You are correct that the political end is near. Your statement that Trump will hire “the right people” to fix problems is exactly what the progressives have tried to do since Teddy Roosevelt. The result is massive bureaucracies that destroy our essential freedoms and liberty. So instead of a principled limited government candidate we get Mr. Crony capitalist with whom the insiders know they can cut deals. If their pal Hillary loses they’ve always got the Donald.

  13. Wow.. You did it again. The republican party just doesn’t get it that the Trump support is an attempt to peacefully overthrow of the federal government, as it exists, and to return us to the concepts of the Constitution and the intent of our founders. Trump is the only skilled one that has come along in years which can possibly be construed as non establishment. Basically, we are trusting him because we don’t trust anyone else who has a chance.

  14. Thanks for your perspective on two arena’s. French attempted takeover of Quebec and last night’s gang up on Trump. You are so clear and concise as to the real winner last night (TRUMP) and the real losers in Quebec (FRANCOPHONES). Yup Trump has shortcomings! But don’t we all? He resonates honesty and a drive to improve. Nothing on the plates of Cruz or Rubio can match it. Keep the free speech mantra Howard. Your the biggest winner!

  15. Howard, right again. One could see what was going on immediately. Trump’s remark that at least he had hired someone was ignored. I have tried to visualize Rubio or Cruz as president and I see again the mess that politicians have made of this country. They would be more of the same. You could see what Trump was doing donating to everyone. He was building businesses as anyone with half a brain could see. If the twins would shut up, he could easily have responded. He wasn’t given the chance

  16. Howard much as I hate to admit it, your arguments make more sense to me with each day that passes. Much as there is much about Trump and his trumpeting that irritates me, he is becoming the only candidate out there expressing the solutions to the problems. Dr. Ben Carson, in my estimation, would still be the best candidate for that office. BUT with all that is transpiring, I have little doubt he will carry the day. Thanks for your clearness of expression.


  17. Oh Howard This debate was so upsetting but I came up with what you did by the time it ended . So discouraging Rubio was a rude brat Cruz is still a know it all Carson is a brain but he is gonna keep it cause the stupid people won’t let him talk kasich who knows what he is . I get upset with Trump when he starts telling us how great he has done but when you think about it he has to cause the rest of them try to make him look like an stupid person and he is smarter than them .

  18. From the beginning, I have favored Trump. Yes, he’s a blowhard …. but he gets things done. I figure he’s the only one running that can really clean up the mess after the present fiasco is finally finished. I wish we had a ‘Trump’ in Canada – we need SOMEBODY with the wherewithal to accomplish what needs to be done! And it certainly is NOT our present PM!

  19. WORST debate yet-was completely SET UP to ATTACK TRUMP-and it worked! The moderators had NO CONTROL! If it weren’t for TRUMP, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION would NEVER have become a topic of discussion, AS IT IS! Also, many of TRUMP’s IDEAS have been USED by Rubio & Cruz, so Trump is SMART to keep his SOLUTIONS to himself. Re: Megyn K.–her DEMEANOR re: TRUMP “says it all”, as she would LOVE to see him LOSE. She is NOT “fair and balanced”! The Establishment FEARS Trump for MANY reasons! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  20. The only adult was Ben Carson, who did not attack Trump or anyone else. He addressed the problems and offered solutions. I think Trump and Carson would make a good team; they both love the nation as the founders created it; the others are all about “me.” Cruz is Canadian, Rubio an anchor baby — neither is eligible. The two non-politicians could work well together, I think. The rest are useless.

  21. Trump Won! Wish he were here in Canada. McCallum has said that even a convicted terrorist is a Canadian citizen and that all Canadians are equal! What a bunch of hog wash, the French come first in Canada and all the rest of us are dead last!

  22. When the dust settles it will become clear that Trump ran a brilliant campaign start to finish.
    All designed to accomplish only one thing. WIN
    No different than the strategy he used in the private sector to get things done. Say and do whatever it takes to WIN
    Michael Seery Royal Oak Mi

  23. Howard, I agree with your editorial. You could see it was a setup right from the start and it seems all the networks incl Fox do not want Trump upsetting the apple-cart that they have for so many years managed to keep under their control. (Media and both parties)
    Oh that we had someone in Canada that would upset the same apple-cart but I don’t see anyone…..Go Trump.

  24. In The Romney vs. Obama debate 4 years ago, I was desperately rooting for Romney but noted to my wife that someone in his campaign comm. OR family had to have the guts to tell him to practice his walk, he was walking like a girl or woman, short little choppy steps, maybe the natural physiological difference of men and women…today in the TV special by Trump, HE raised this reminding us of Romney’s “Penguin” walk being so distractive…Nuances make a difference…what will it be for Rubio? B29

  25. Amen Howard! I watched Fox after the debate. Man does Meagan Kelly hate Trumps guts! She is very immature!! She fights like most women. She cannot let it go!! You not what has no fiery like a woman’s scorn. That is why we need a man for president. I think hiring the best people for the job and replace them if they do not get it done is a good answer from a successful businessman.

  26. If Trump never gets to the White House, he has done one thing that is very important that is he has made people think. What most people have thought over the years and never said is what Trump has brought out. I’ve always thought that the House and Senate were a bunch just looking out for themselves and if Trump is elected this will change. Trump can’t be bought or bribed and if he says he will make America great again he will if it’s possible.

  27. Howard … We beg you to seriously consider becoming a “Trump” in Canada.
    You are needed in Ottawa and Harper would very likely help you;
    both of you working together can save us.

  28. Trump may be a clown, BUT HE SURE GOT the rest of us demanding abolition of the RNC & DNC who SEEM TO WANT THE SAME THING: TO DESTROY AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ed Yung, Lifelong Republican until I GAVE UP ON the RNC 30 years ago.
    Retired Engineer

  29. Agree. I hope he has LOTS of protection because the establishment will be coming after him with everything. They do not want to see their honey pot ended. Also, Obamas handlers are not to sit by and see all their efforts and planning lost. Their object is control.

  30. Mr. Trump won now doubt but will probably be added to the “death list.” They will get him no doubt.

  31. Ed Yung, La Porte, Texas, who are you to call this man a clown, Trump has built an empire and has a good chance on becoming POTUS, he has hired thousands of people. What have you ever built, how many people have you hired? With all due respect you speak before you think.

  32. Kelly is just another whiney, feminist witch. There is nothing fair and balanced about her at all. I wonder who she is sleeping with in the rnc or dnc or a pagan moon god worshiper. No matter who it is she still should be fired as she has no love for America. She reminds me of jane the traitor fonda.

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