Real Leaders Accept Responsibility

And even then - NO HEADS ROLLED.


NO ONE PROMOTED TED CRUZ MORE THAN ME . . . which makes my decision to drop my support for his Nomination extremely difficult, because I understand completely, that he has tremendous Courage of Independent Thought and Action.

And I fully accept and acknowledge that he showed loyalty to the people who elected him to the Senate, for how he stood-up to McConnell and others in his own Party . . . based on solid Principles.

And that there are very few people who have a greater understanding and respect for the US Constitution, and what I believe is his sincere love for Israel . . . which are additional reasons why removing my support for Cruz is painful.


Quite a few people emailed me, or wrote in the comment section that Cruz is the victim of an Alinsky-Like SMEAR, and has been unfairly targeted.

But People shouldn’t think for a second that I am not FULLY conversant with the Alinsky Philosophy, because I am . . . so I can tell you that this has nothing to do with an Alinsky-Type Strategy.

1 – You surround yourself with people just like you in terms of VALUES, HONESTY and INTEGRITY . . . which is something Cruz obviously didn’t do. And that has nothing to do with Alinsky-Type thinking.

2 – The people who actually CHEATED in this campaign on behalf of Cruz, did not convey the Cruz belief in his Godly Ethics. And that too has nothing to do with Alinsky-Type thinking.

3 – Neither Trump, Carson, Rubio or a nefarious LEFTIST sent out the Flyers that MISLED the voters in Iowa. This was all on the Cruz Campaign.

The same can be said about the ROBO-CALLS . . . stating that Carson has resigned from the Iowa campaign, even though defenders of Cruz want to lay 100% of the blame on CNN, which isn’t even the least bit true, since you would need to STRETCH the CNN newscast to the limits to make that connection.

4 – And even after this horrible dirty political deed was made public, there were more . . . Trump, Carson, Rubio – nor anyone else created the Photo-Shopped image of Rubio shaking hands with Obama, which too was all on the Cruz Campaign.

And even then . . . NO HEADS ROLLED.

5 – It wasn’t until the Cruz Communication’s DIRECTOR created a LIE questioning Rubio’s commitment to the Bible . . . that Cruz FINALLY did the right thing, and FIRED someone.


Ted Cruz didn’t take action, and the DIRTY TRICKS kept on coming. Had Cruz stood-up RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING, and demanded to know who was responsible for the deceitful mailing in Iowa, and made a PUBLIC STATEMENT BY FIRING that person with the understanding that CRUZ WOULD NOT COUNTENANCE such dishonest and unethical behavior, there is little doubt in my mind that Cruz would be leading in the polls.

My big problem with Cruz . . . is that he personally set himself and his campaign MILES ABOVE THE COMPETITION ON THE MORALITY SCALE.

And he wrapped himself in the Bible in terms of morality and ethics, and has made a POINT in just about every Cruz interview that I’ve seen, that he will NOT get into the mud with his competition, and then comes the DIRTY POLITICAL TRICKS from the Cruz Campaign.

But let me make this as clear as I can. If Cruz were to win . . . he would have as much support from this BLOG as I could muster.


From time to time . . . people POST their COMMENTS on the editorial page, which either lacks their First and or Last Name, City, State or Province. And when this happens, I allow it JUST ONCE.

For those few incomplete profiles, I personally contact each person, asking for him or her to send (via return email) the information I need to update their profile. And if he or she doesn’t . . . and then COMMENTS again, his or her comment will be removed, and he or she will be BLOCKED from the Directory.

A great many people really like to read the Comments, and want to know from where they come. So it’s very little for me to ask, and even less for people to provide, to make this simple information complete.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama’s place in history is being defined by his appeasing reaction to the increasing Moslem terrorism

  2. Once again full agreement with you and your civility of expressing your honest opinions.



  3. Discovering your site has been such a Divine gift from God as we all muddle through the ungodly mess that our beloved country has become! You very experticately articulate exactly the issues, the accurate statements of what individuals are doing & who they really are, & you pull no punches on describing & analyzing from a Godly perspective what is going in in our world. I have paid absolutely no attention to the media, & now I never will have to again. I like the lens through which you look!

  4. Why are the unholy three fighting Trump, specifically the big money boys, the belt line group and the Media? Might have something to do with continuing stealing money from the little guys of which I am one. Howard, how about a column about this as only you can do?

  5. I continue to support Mr. Trump. He is a partial list of biblical heroes who were flawed in someway that served God. David was an adulterer and a murderer.Isiah preached naked.Samson was a womanizer.Rahab was a prostitute.Job went bankrupt.Peter denied Christ.Jonah ran from God.Samaritan woman was divorced.Woman at the well had 7 husbands,etc.
    Judge Trump for what he can do to serve this country and get jobs, safety, etc. for its citizens.

  6. In your last editorial, I commented on Cruz not taking care of business when the false info about Carson in Iowa was done. At the end of my comment, I said, “Bummer.” I was bummed out about Cruz’s leadership & how he handled it all. It wasn’t until Tyler published the video about Rubio that Cruz finally did the right thing. I totally agree, Cruz’s leadership is greatly lacking & it is paramount that the President of the USA has good, solid leadership skills!!! Not sure that Trump has that either

  7. Sorry, I do not agree with your assessment of Cruz. But, you are entitled to your opinion
    Jackee Allen, New Jersey

  8. 2016 is just as dirty as past elections. Because I refuse to register as a “Democrat” or “Republican”, (I am registered as “unaffiliated”) I can not vote my choice in the primary’s. I am a fourth generation AMERICAN citizen, how can this happen? Do we need a “class action suit” to stop this BS??????? What’s happened to my RIGHT TO VOTE?

  9. Hope everyone saw the fox show last night . Had 4 of the canidates answering questions. Then the debate tonight on CNN.I was impressed with Dr Carson. Too bad he does not do better in the polls. Feel he is as smart as the rest and has some very good ideas of how to turn things around .Perhaps Mr Trump will place him in this government if he is elected

  10. I agree whole-heartedly with you. Much as it pains me to say it, I have to withdraw my support of Cruz too for the sleazy, dirty politics tactics of his campaign. I expected more from him, and he’s let me down. Saul Alinsky tactics or not, he should have fired someone when the Ben Carson thing happened. Then the other things may not have happened, period! And you’re right–he can’t present himself as a dedicated Christian and then run a campaign like this. That and he needs speech lessons!

  11. Trump is a bit of a “loose canon” but over the years the same description could have been applied to you on occasions. You say what you honestly believe at the time…….no pussy footing around…that’s why I respect your opinions, and the great responses to your editorials indicates that I am not alone.
    I’m for Trump…….not that my opinion counts for anything….but he speaks without prepared speeches… pussyfooting

  12. The fear I have is the Republican Party voters seem to look for the “perfect” candidate. There is no such thing. The attacks, right or wrong, are damaging. Each of the candidates has baggage but each is superior to the competition against a Socialist with no accomplishments or a felon responsible for breaking our security data and ignoring the diplomats in Benghazi, and so on. Basically we are arming the enemy who has the MSM digging for dirt.

  13. Glen beck played a terrible anti Cruz robo call from one of Trump’s super pacs this morning. While I have no use for Trump there is no coordination allowed between candidate and super pacs. Name calling and unproven accusations are poor substitutes for sound arguments. I haven’t heard Trump or Rubio attack any of Cruz’ stated and known positions. Only personal attacks. I believe we have to look at the entire record of candidates. When Trump’s record comes out we will all know the truth.

  14. Sadly, so many of us who WERE with you in support of Cruz, also felt violated by his campaign management as a revelation that he HAD to be aware of and in violation of our mutual principles. As I recall, Pogo was right so many years ago in advance of the Nixon /Kennedy election, Cruz self destructed in THIS effort but I still to wish that this might be a revelation to him affording him AND us the opportunity to have his better self somehow utilized in 2017! “We have met the enemy and..”!B-29 Bud

  15. I am hesitant to support Trump for the simple reason that he is what he says he is: a deal-maker. Leaders lead; they do not make deals. To make a deal requires compromise. To compromise is to forsake one’s principles. Remember this: When good compromises with bad, bad always wins. It is deal-making between both major parties that got us into this mess in the first place. The last thing we should be looking for in a leader is a deal-maker. Donald, you’re fired.
    Barry Jackson
    St. Lazare, Que

  16. Howard, Ted Cruz called Dr. Carson personally and apologized for his staff. As for the robo-calls and flyers, those are politics as usual in America, and in no way illegal, just annoying. And he fired his communications director upon learning of his deception. I take all of those things as leadership qualities that we’ve lacked the last 8 years: taking the blame, taking responsibility, apologizing for mistakes.

  17. AO BAD (( Any One But A Democrat))..this year…-The Worlds coming to an End!..–Years ago I voted from my Heart rather than my Head for Mr.Ross Perot. . Enlightened by Howard’s Blog–I will not do something as unthinking with my vote again and I am dismayed that fellow Readers of His blog will often state that will not support someone who may not be their Perfect Candidate…If We Don’t agree with Howard..We should all let him know that in the end we ALL agree with the five letters…AO BAD

  18. Deal making is one of a leaders best assets. At least Trump will be making deals that will be for America, and not some pharmaceutical, Monsanto, or any other company that he is beholden to.
    D.C. seems to corrupt people. In my opinion Trump is too much of a self made man to let anyone buy him. Deals yes, but he always comes out ahead. Let’s pray he stays loyal to America & the Constitution.

  19. About an hour ago I voted in the Georgia Presidential Primary. Although I am a Rubio supporter, I declared myself to be a Democrat and I voted for Bernie Sanders — just to have a vote against Clinton. Many in Georgia will vote for the name “Clinton” and I hoped to at least make her inevitable win be not so large. There won’t be a runoff in my precinct, and you don’t have to declare a party in the General Election. I just wanted to make a statement, albeit small, against HC.

  20. Thanks for the insights and knowledge you bring to these blogs. I truly value you opinions. There is nothing that angers me more than a person using the Bible and all it stands for for gain and the to de-value it with actions to the contrary.
    Gary Burd, Amarillo TX – USA

  21. No man is perfect. I have a feeling the Dems want Trump ‘ the deal maker’ more than they want Hillary. A saviour he is not.Like it’s said it will come out in the wash. Sooner than later., I hope.

  22. I read a great deal about Christianity in these comments and it makes me wonder about whether being Christian, Jew or Muslim has any more to do with ethics as it would with me being an atheist. I personally will match my personal ethics with any one out there. Ethics is personal, very personal.
    Cheers Jim Anderson Victoria BC

  23. Although Cruz was initially attractive to me because of his professed Christian beliefs, the more I watched and listened to him, the more “sleazy” he seemed. I didn’t know what it was, but now we all do. Though he may have other good qualities, none of us are interested in another liar/cheater in the White House. My support is for the unfiltered but seemingly honest Donald. My other choice is for the honorable Dr. Ben Carson, a man knowledgeable, honest and calm in his strength.

  24. I believe that a vote for Trump or Rubio in the end will essentially be a vote for Hillary Clinton. In political selection one has only a candidate’s past record of experience and expertise to choose from. If one bases there choice on primarily morality then the field is closed. The leftist’s will dissect and pick apart the Republican candidate like buzzards descending on a carcass. Politics, the art of influence!

  25. ‘May well be the most important election of our lives & my re-registration papers are being sent. Since moving back to Canada in ’99 and not voting since ’04, I’ve neglected my duty to the US half of my dual citizenship. ‘Reckon’ I’ll write in Dr. Ben Carson as my vote is to be cast on the Left Coast anyway. His fiduciary feelings for God & Country are impeccable.
    ~ J.R.

  26. Those who live in the glass houses of righteousness need to take a real hard look at the person in the mirror.
    Mat 7:4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
    Mat 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
    I will still vote for Cruz.

  27. I am a Texan and have met and talked with Ted Cruz. He has don a great job of representing the voters of Texas. He has stood up to the establishment. He is a great constitutional lawyer. I regret that he got into the “power” mode of winning at all costs. I think he would be my first choice for the Supreme Court. We conservatives could always count on his vote.

  28. All through this political melee to select the GOP candidate for President, I had hoped and prayed that people would be wise enough to select Dr. Ben Carson, but obviously, that will not happen. However, it is imperative that whoever is the nominee, Carson MUST be the choice for Vice President, because that will influence the minority vote away from Hillary or Bernie, and will be the only way a Republican will win the election. The first truly black Vice-President!!

  29. I doubt there has been a perfect person in the office of Prez of the US, ever, so we shouldn’t expect one now. I for one want someone with a good business background that has had to make some hard decisions and been successful. Someone that hasn’t been feeding off the public and will continue to do so as long as possible by being reelected as long as possible. That is how I see every office holder. So Trump all the way. No come up in the ranks guy for me.

  30. Howard
    I agree with you that real leaders accept responsibility, but I think that you could give much more meaning to the phrase if you had included Justin Trudeau. Seems that now he is a “Leader” every decision he makes is based on a mistake or a downfall of Steven Harper. Just goes to show how much of a “Leader” he isn’t. Justin is just an idiot.

  31. Being a Canadian, and seeing what has happened in Canada, I hope that Trump can win! If only I could vote!

  32. Being a staunch tea party supporter and a solid believer in Ted Cruz, it saddens me to see Cruz’ campaign sabotaged by internal staff bungles, but this is what has happened. That said, I don’t believe Ted could have bested the Trump steamroller. Donald Trump is no Ted Cruz, but it appears we’ll have him as our standard bearer and I will vote for him.

  33. I believe that everything we need to turn this Nation of America around toward restoration . Has been called out by Donald trump. The “Fact” of whether or not these things can or cannot be accomplished will not be determined by Donald Trump. But by what character is left in the American Citizens. A President can only Direct and Lead. If his Heart is as he has said And he Follows the directions he has promised. The rest lies in the Heart of America. Donald Trump 2016. Best wishes to you Howard.

  34. I agree with your comments. Mr. Cruz probably has the highest IQ of the bunch, but he is too slick and one that feels he can talk his way out of anything. I do not feel he would work well with our Allies, who, I understand, are for the most part in Mr. Trump’s camp. They want “muscle” from the USA for a change.

  35. As a Canadian, I obviously cannot vote in November. Nevertheless we all have skin in the game and as non-Americans, can see the forest through the trees. I liked Cruz and Carson from the get-go but have not been blind to their shortcomings and natures. Rubio? Meh. Trump might be hard to take for some but his message rings loud and clear. He is the one, clearly, to at least begin the process of turning America, perhaps Western civilization itself, around. No RINOS!

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