They Just Don’t Get It – Because They Don’t Want To Get It


If you listen to the Pundits and Republican Insiders about Rubio, you’d believe that it’s somehow Rubio’s Victory to lose, who has the best shot at winning the Republican Nomination.

IF YOU FOLLOW THE VOTES . . . The Pundits and Insiders are Full of Beans.

If you’ve read enough of this BLOG, you’d know that I was very much supportive of Ted Cruz, and unsupportive of Donald Trump, but with the controversy surrounding Cruz’s Ethics, I can no longer support him for the Nomination, since honesty and integrity are really important to me.

Had Cruz done the right thing, the FIRST TIME one of his Team pulled a Dirty Political Trick, whether Cruz knew about it or not in advance, and FIRED that person for BEHAVIOR UNBECOMING a Cruz Campaign, Cruz might very well be the one Trump would be chasing, instead of the other way around, and Rubio would be out of it.


BUT . . . WHEN YOU BUILD YOUR CAMPAIGN ON CHRISTIAN VALUES . . . and then cheat during the campaign, the only thing I can say is – GOOD BYE.


NOW THAT CRUZ IS ALL BUT GONE – the Insiders’ last great hope is Rubio, so we can see the STAMPEDE of party Insiders running to support Rubio to win the Nomination, which to me, says all that could be NEGATIVE about Rubio.

What the Insiders REFUSE to accept . . . is that the PEOPLE are not voting for Trump because of his PLATFORM, which he isn’t explaining, but because HE IS NOT AN INSIDER.

So . . . for Insiders to rally around Rubio – is nothing short of a KISS OF DEATH, and approbation to the people who have been saying for years, that Rubio can’t be trusted, and is as much an Insider as any of them.


As much as I have been opposed to Trump, because of his Campaign Style, Hubris and lack of information on his Platform . . . I AM IN FAVOR OF HIM BECAUSE HE’S NOT ONE OF THEM.

The more the Pundits and Insiders PILE-ON Trump, the more intense my defense of Trump will become. AND I’M NOT ALONE. People are simply fed-up with the Republicans, who have been nothing less than TRAITORS to the voters who placed their trust in them . . . a trust the Republicans routinely, and flippantly violated OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

AND AS THE PEOPLE CAN SEE WITH HILLARY CLINTON . . . Trustworthiness is a critical component on winning the support of the VOTERS – is no different with Conservatives.

As a matter of fact . . . TRUSTWORTHINESS is essential amongst Conservative, Republican, Independent and Centrist Democrats – all of whom have had enough of the LIES, DISTORTIONS and ABUSES perpetrated upon all the people, by literally all the Politicians and Bureaucrats, save a few.

IN ESSENCE . . . IF TRUMP WINS, which I am almost certain he will, it won’t be just because of Trump, but more so, because of a visceral disdain the people have for the Politicians and Bureaucrats on all sides of the Political Spectrum.

And if I were a Member of the House . . . or a Senator coming up for election this November, I would be paying serious attention to what the people are saying in their support for Trump.

AND EVEN AFTER TRUMP’S MOST RECENT VICTORY IN NEVADA . . . The Mainstream Media, Pundits and Insiders STILL DON’T GET IT, which shouts volumes.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As I was reading your fine editorial, I thought, “I hope he doesn’t state the No-Go zones should be cleaned out”, so that I may suggest it in a comment. But there it was! I often wonder how, in almost ALL of your editorials, as if you were physic, you accurately resonate with my most inner thoughts. Kudos for profound leadership, as usual!

  2. I usually agree with you. Cruz is the victim of a smear campaign. It is Rubio and Trump who are lying. Please reconsider.

  3. Howard, Trump’s platform is the dismantling of NAFTA, or at least a rewrite. I wasn’t a big fan of Trump in the beginning either and was stumping for Cruz. But I too very much believe that Cruz is accountable for his staff and there actions regardless of whether or not he was aware. NAFTA is a bad deal.

  4. The truth is that neither Cruz nor Rubio should be running. Cruz is a Canadian, not a “natural born citizen.” He was born in Canada to Canadian parents. Rubio is an “anchor baby,” again not natural born. A “natural born citizen” is one born to American parents. Rubio was born here, but his parents were Cuban; he was four when they were naturalized. Like Obama, neither of these men qualifies. Of those left running, Ben Carson and Donald Trump are the only eligible candidates.

  5. Been sayin it since Rubio chose to speak with forked tongue English/Spanish on the border issue. He reminds me of the grade school class goody two shoes who never got in trouble but was just as much the instigator as anyone else. As for the house and senate members up for re-election I think they are just too dumb to realize their plight.

  6. I agree with Thomas Kelly. Cruz is the “Victim” of Trump and Rubio. They are lying, not Cruz! Without Cruz, we are Doomed (in my opinion).

  7. Thomas Kelly of Greenport, New York, is exactly right. Cruz IS the victim of a smear campaign, started by Trump, and picked up by the bubble boy, Rubio. I have to part with you on abandoning Cruz. He speaks slowly, with measured words backed by a superior intellect. Trump bullies and Rubio talks so fast that he can say the same thing 3 times before you hear the first time. Kiss of death for Rubio to be backed by DC. Trump will get my vote the 2nd time around, if he wins the nomination.

  8. You are mistaken about Ted Cruz. Saul Alinsky 101. When you can’t get someone on their record attack character. And that is what the media & GOP are trying to do. The flyers…it’s called marketing and no one had issue when Obama did it. And no one has had an issue with Rubio doing it. The comments about Carson…Both Rubio & Cruz acted on the information that CNN reported. Only 1 unsubstantiated video can be faulted and the responsible party fired. Don’t buy into the Character assassination.

  9. Howard, I began a Carson fan but switched to Trump when I felt Ben was too gentle. Had no problem with Cruz, although thought he might be a tad nefarious, which seems to be coming true. Trumps ‘Huge’ pride and ego will REQUIRE him to do the right things for the US…us, as opposed to him…as opposed to the current fraud occupying 1600. You know the enemy, particularly Shrillary (if not in handcuffs), will play filthy, and Trump won’t stand for it as McCain and Romney did. Keep the faith. Thanks

  10. I also agree with Thomas Kelly, this is a smear campaign against Cruz. I do not believe Cruz knew about Rick Tyler’s actions and I admire him for his swift action in removing him. I saw the CNN video announcing Carson’s going home after Iowa and anyone would reach the same conclusion he was pulling out. Cruz gave Tyler the benefit of the doubt. There was no hesitation on the second action even though it provided more fodder for his enemies.

  11. I am very disappointed in Cruz. His handling of the issue in Iowa was NOT good! You are spot on, saying Cruz should have fired the person who gave wrong information about Carson. A good staff member never tells a candidate news of any sort, without checking things out & confirming!!! Then his communication director Rick Tyler does the unbelievable – Puts out a video ad questioning Rubio’s Christian faith – Tsk, tsk, tsk – NOT good at all – Rick Tyler was fired for that video. Bummer 🙁

  12. I trust Donald Trump. I go back some 20 years ago when he was on the Oprah show and she asked him if he would run for president. He said he would run at at time when the country needed him. That time is now and he kept his word. He loves this country, the people in this country and I like that! TRUMP 2016

  13. I listened to a CNN interview of one of the Washington Post’s editorial staff this morning. It was interesting. They were talking about why it seemed that Trump continued to win. Unfathomable. They were also talking about why the Media is disliked by the Right. Unfathomable. Basically, he was saying, “Here all of us are in the staff room and all of us are making the same call that what Trump says is “despicable.” How can we all be wrong?” He never heard of “Birds of a feather…?

  14. I wish Cruz was still in the running; I think he’s a better conservative option. However, I think different parts of Trump appeal to different segments of the population in greater numbers. What Trump ultimately becomes in office will probably be a mixed bag. Any version of Trump is far preferable than Clinton or Sanders and certainly preferable than the bad actor we currently have in office.

  15. Agree w/Mr. McNamee! Also, Howard, you are correct in that the people have a VISCERAL DISDAIN for the Politicians and Bureaucrats on ALL SIDES of the Political Spectrum. This has been proven by the various types of support which Trump has incurred—Religious, Hispanic, Blacks, even some Democrats. Trump has gained the people’s TRUST which will LEAD him to a WIN! Rubio & Cruz—be on your guard because TRUMP is, and will be, READY for you! As Mr. Gilbert wrote, “WELCOME ABOARD”, Howard! AMEN!

  16. Does anyone remember what Rubio was accused of speaking in Spanish on the border issue that was the opposite of what he says on the campaign trail? If so was it ever fact checked? D. Adli,Las Vegas,Nv

  17. Howard knowing your thoughts on Doctor Carson, I know you will disagree with my vote for him this morning here in Austin, Texas. I voted my conscience and what I thought this nation needs for survival, a committed, honorable and trustworthy intelligent person whose life reflects his abilities and standards. I understand completely your evaluation of Trump that for the most part I agree with. BUT he is running and winning on the very same psychology that Barack Hussein Obama ran on.

  18. The smears against Cruz sure look like Saul Alinsky tactics, I’d wait and see before abandoning him. As for Trump, as I’ve stated before he’s an unethical businessman, bankrupt numerous times, abused eminent domain etc etc. He IS a long time part of the crony capitalist machine. He talks like an outsider but isn’t. If he’s the nominee conservatives will stay home on Election Day because we’re done voting for RINO’s like Trump, Romney, McCain etc.

  19. Trump has brought out the worst in most and regardless of what happens that is probably a good thing. I don’t like the way he says things but I find it hard to argue with content.

  20. Lets throw Grandma Hillary out of the Kitchen…Because Trump is “Cookin” now….If he Bakes a Condoleeza Rice VP souffle… Then…just maybe then..We may… “”””ALL JUST GET IT””””…and the RNC will jump on the bandwagon–and the Republican Big Money Super packs can continue to spend their pocket change of Tax deductible millions for the appropriate trashing ON and Of… .A…Habitually Lying and Deceiving Hillary and Burn Baby Bernie instead of our Good Candidates from now till November.

  21. so what would happen in a Trump vs Bernie Sanders contest? the loudmouth vs the Jew, I know Bernie has the wrong color but wouldn’t that frost the socks of the Arabs to have an American Jewish President, never mind if he is a practicing Jew or not, but I would choose Bernie way over Hilary. The problem with Trump is that he is without substance, he reminds me of the times in Germany before Hitler came to power, he was also seen as the saviour to clean up the political mess and look what happened

  22. I’ve said before that Trump isn’t as conservative as I would like. But consider this: Assuming Trump is the nominee, there are many hundreds of thousands of folks in every state who will vote for him, likely assuring his election. And of the other potential candidates, now matter how conservative ( or not) that they are will not draw the huge voter turnout that Trump will, thus probably assuring the election of one of the two whackos who will be the democratic nominee.
    Trump should be the one!

  23. Again, I agree with you. In addition, Trump has a platform. It is, to totally correct the errors of past administrations and to make the US great again. Immigration, the borders, and trade are destroying us. No manager should disclose the details of a plan until all of the facts are known. The labor unions have caused jobs to be exported. For Detroit, only high end, high profitability cars, SUVs, and trucks are feasible there. Profitability is the only reason for corporate existence.

  24. Obviously you chose to ignore the fact that cnn issued a communication that Carson was dropping out prior to the Cruz camp issuing their statement. Second, anyone can make a mistake. The person who made the first one obviously made the second one and Cruz fired him. I will not abandon Cruz as you have and my standards are higher that yours. Trump AND rubbish are running scared of Cruz. So are the corrupt rino rnc. All of them are in the smear campaign against Cruz, TOGETHER!!

  25. Howard:
    As you know I hold your opinions in high regard, but I would like to encourage you to spend some time reviewing Mark Levin’s analysis of the Rubio, Trump, Cruz mess. No doubt it will take some time, but the last 4-5 radio archives will most likely give you more info than you can find anywhere else on the subject. I really do believe you will come out of this much more enlightened. With all due respect, you owe this to your readers. Thanks!

  26. Well, I, too, am starting to board the Trump Train. Cruz was my first choice, but with all that’s happened, he doesn’t stand a chance. The final turn for me to Trump? Watched the interview of his wife on CNBC this morning. One smart lady! Her insight into her husband was the best argument I’ve heard yet for a Trump presidency.

  27. A leader is responsible for what his people do, or don’t do. As HST said “The Buck Stops Here.”

  28. Howard I don’t know what to believe anymore–so it’s Trump for me!

  29. Best column yet!! He will be hammered on more specificity on “HOW” he’s going to do it,….but frankly I think those of us who are now convinced the ‘machine’ is, and has been getting more corrupt every day that has past are vindicated. I would not tell my opponents any more than I absolutely had to because that willl put you on the defensive the rest of the whole cycle defending it.
    Perot’s biggest mistake was running independent and simply providing the “machine” with “fresh meat”.

  30. To understand what is going on, you need only to listen to Mark Levin’s show from Monday night, February 22, 2016. He breaks it down, and when you listen and understand, it all makes sense. The Establishment Republican’s plan is to get rid of Cruz by trashing him and using Saul Alinsky tactics. Then they will prepare Rubio to go after Trump and try to destroy him (I don’t really see that happening), and then shove Rubio down our throats. The Great One breaks it down!

  31. I do not believe Trump can beat Hillary because his negatives are even higher than hers. As of now, even 2/3 of the Republicans want someone other than Trump. Cruz is taking a beating from the press because they want to see a Trump, Hillary race. Rubio or Cruz could beat Hillary but I think if Trump gets the nomination, conservatives are dead meat. Even more important than the presidency is the Supreme Court nomination. If we do not have a Republican President, the game is over.

  32. We have many more caucus’ and primaries to go. Look back at Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich….at one time they were out front and in the end….They Were OUT. We will be observing DIRTY TRICKS at their best/worst. AND–Do NOT believe everything the Mass Media puts out. MY POV

  33. “They” think Trump can’t beat Hillary because of negatives. How about her mysterious deaths (murders), scandals, foundation money from Muslims, selling our uranium through Canada to Russia? If Trump doesn’t get it, in my opinion, we are dead. Rubio is a game player. Anyone who will get in bed with Schumer (he’s as scummy as it gets) will do anything. He wants amnesty and will turn us into a Spanish speaking country.

  34. “They” will now be out to get the Donald. “They” know that their Honey Pot” will end. Every trick will be tried. The latest is the Income Tax Statements. Funny, I don’t hear this asked of Queen Hillary. Still not sold on Scalia’s passing.

  35. I agree with Anthony Melli. The vote for Trump is more about emotion than substance. I fear that he is a turncoat & I fear that he lacks compassion for those with whom he disagrees. I used to cringe while watching The Apprentice because of his harsh criticisms & “firing.” No encouragement, just criticisms. I believe that Carson, also an outsider, is a man with a righteous foundation; not one who has flip-flopped on issues or taken money from lobbyists. Please read Carson’s platform/plan.

  36. I attended the Trump Rally in Las Vegas on Monday. What amazed me the most was the diversity of the people going to that event, which had about 8000 attending. It was actually refreshing to see how 1 person can bring together so many. At the caucuses I met Donald J. Trump Jr. who is so smart, humble, an avid shooter and hunter and an excellent speaker. I expressed my concerns about our Wild Mustangs and the BLM and he stated they want the Federal lands to stay open for all to enjoy. FANTASTIC!!!

  37. I’m extremely disappointed that you ditched Cruz for Trump. He’s childish, as narcissist as Obama if not more so, and I just don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. If he calls anyone a liar, that makes me trust the other person even more. If Trump is elected president, I’m afraid everyone who voted for him will get a rude awakening as to what they really voted for when the mask come off. These are depressing times…

  38. I don’t agree with Trump 100% BUT I believe he loves America as we do & saw what was happening in DC. Coming to Jesus late in life doesn’t make one less of a Christian or a conservative & many of us were not political until we woke up & saw what was going on. If Trump Just stops the waste, fraud & abuse of our tax $$ & runs USA like a business and boots the illegals, it’s a vast improvement over what we have now & reminds the gutless weasels for whom they work: We the People not the Lobbyists!

  39. Thought, how difficult would it be to have people within your camp, reportably over 2500 workers, who are there to sabotage your campagin and make the candidate look unreliable? First the other candidates start calling him untrustworthy, a nasty person, and then liar. Then these events happen and make the media. How well are these workers vetted? Would this be a possibility? Just wondering. The sad fact is, we the voters have no way of knowing the truth other than their past record.

  40. This, for me, is an unusual event Howard. I find myself extremely disappointed in you. You have bought into the big lie. Well, evidently it was repeated often enough. You’re certainly not by yourself. I just thought you had more insight than you’ve demonstrated here. Welcome to being human. So, the question now becomes, “In light of all the demeaning yet absolutely truthful things you’ve said about Trump and Rubio… Who gets your support now? Me? Oh, I believe I’ll stick with Cruz.

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