O Canada . . . WHAT A MESS

Send The Guantanamo Bay Terrorists To Canada. We take all kinds of garbage.

So, you think things are screwed-up in the USA . . . if you know nothing about Canada, things in the USA are looking good.

Imagine me writing that our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, actually makes Obama and Hillary Clinton look good. Does that tell you something?

The following is just the Tip of the Iceberg, and is either happening now, or has happened within the last month.

1 – The worst Prime Minister in Canadian History, Justin Trudeau, just announced that he will spend $15 BILLION in Deficit BEFORE programed spending. And when you consider that Canada’s population is almost 10-MILLION people LESS than the State of California – that really says something.

2 – The oil industry in Canada is in FREE FALL, which has been the only national revenue generator and job creator for years, yet, Trudeau is about to announce a Carbon Tax to give the industry an additional KICK below the belt, while Canada is starving for money and jobs.

3 – The world is rethinking the immigration of Moslems, while Trudeau has pledged to bring 50,000 Moslems into the country with virtually no skills Canada needs, and a joke for vetting.

4 – Canada is BROKE, but Trudeau found $15-MILLION to send to Hamas through the despicable UN. But can’t find the money to keep even a pretend military force in Iraq to backstop the USA.

5 – Canadian Senior Citizens can barely get by on their minimal Pensions, which might be as high as $1000 per month in total . . . IF THEY’RE LUCKY, while immigrants, mostly Moslem, are given twice that amount with subsidized housing, free healthcare, plus-plus-plus just by putting their feet on Canadian soil.

6 – This past week, Trudeau’s Liberal Government had to vote for a law presented by the Conservative Party, to make it ILLEGAL in Canada for organizations to BOYCOTT Israel, the Jewish State. But, while at the same time voting for the BILL, Trudeau’s Liberals SUPPORTED the PRINCIPLE of BDS (Boycotting Israel). What the hell is that?

7 – Women are FLEEING for their lives from Islamic Countries, to get out from under the YOKE of Islam, represented by no other miserable symbol than the HIJAB, so this Thursday (February 25, 2016) in Ottawa, the City will sponsor NATIONAL HIJAB DAY, encouraging all Canadian women to wear a Hijab to show positive solidarity with Observant Moslem women.

8 – And no matter how bad things are for Canada and Canadians, which are basically BROKE, with a decrepit dollar that COSTS $1.40 Canadian, to purchase just one US Dollar, Trudeau’s feel good prescription seems to be his participation at the FRONT of the up-coming GAY PRIDE PARADE in Toronto.

So . . . Obama needs to close down Guantanamo Bay and send the worst of the worst TERRORISTS to another country? NO PROBLEM . . . send them to Canada. We take all kinds of garbage.

I wonder if the US Government . . . would consider accepting Anne, Stryker, April the Cat, and myself, as REFUGEES SEEKING ASYLUM from an insane government? We won’t even ask for social services of any kind, and will be 100% willing to take care of ourselves, while perhaps creating a job or two.

Maybe we can set-up a Sanctuary City for Conservatives Canadians in Texas. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I find it very troubling and cowardly that our mainstream media is not exposing, to any significant degree, the dangers of Muslim NO-GO ZONES in our so-called modern democratic societies. It seems to be a combined case of EYES WIDE SHUT and THE OSTRICH EFFECT.

  2. If you are successful in setting-up a Sanctuary City for Conservative Canadians in Texas….I’m so definitely in….!

  3. An SCCC in Texas – wonderful idea. Maybe Cruz can help set this up.
    Heidi McCauley – NYC

  4. Howard: Another ‘out of the park…er’! My wife and I are Seniors as you mention. You’ve finally done the best ‘wrap’ any one has done so far of ‘The Great Canadian Peril’. We’re surrounded by fiscally irresponsible, self serving, greedy bureaucrats, civil servants and politicians. Don’t forget the ‘bank fees’ we pay on the dollar difference too! Based on our immigration policies, if I was Trump I’d make it next to impossible for anyone crossing the border to the USA without MAJOR vetting!

  5. Along the lines of your last 2 paragraphs, I’ve suggested (half jokingly) that people struggling simply throw away their US birth certificate, passport & other forms of identity and claim they are simply refugees. Illegals are treated better here than citizens and even US veterans. It’s quite sad.

  6. Remember Valley Forge. When the summer soldiers went home the true patriots persevered. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. The key now is media making people aware of the truth. The free world is actually run by the corrupt mainstream media and education system k-16 . Knowledge is power. Hang in there. Keep informing others and “truth will out.” It is the truth that sets us free and only the truth. The hope of the world now is in the hands of the new media

  7. Howard, your comparison of Trudeau to Obama is admirable, but as for Hillary, I feel she has far more Trudeau-ish plans in store for the U.S., and if she is elected (God help us), we will have thrown ourselves into even a deeper abyss than Obama’s. If Trump trumps Hillary, conservatives are going to have to fight the army of welfare-takers and other liberal thieves, both in and out of government. At this point, I’m not sure who has the largest army—liberals or conservatives. Counting the days.

  8. What is happening here makes my think of Ayn Rand’s book ‘Atlas Shrugged’. What the heck can a person do now but endure four years of this madness. And perhaps if the young people don’t wake up, what will be awaiting them when they come out of university and start paying taxes -if there are any jobs available! New York State is doing very well indeed since many businesses moved there from Ontario. Premier Wynne is looking for more ways to tax us and tax us and tax us, etc.

  9. You must have read my mind, dear Howard: in good AynRandian style, let’s us, old Reaganites, create a large scale “John Galt’s Gulch” in Texas, where all what’s left of sensible Canadians and their families will look to re-create a new Promised Land, far away from Pied Piper Trudeau follies…

  10. Very good idea, will follow Ed on the way down.
    Ron Moxam, Gabriola. B.C. Canada

  11. I send Trudeau a letter expressing my extreme displeasure and concern about his policies. For whatever good it does, I suggest everyone do the same. Just google the Prime Minister of Canada to get the link to his email. His election is a national tragedy of epic proportions. I feel the same way as you Howard. He makes Obama look good.

  12. You, Anne, Stryker, April, and your “girlfriends” are welcome at Fort Birman in South Florida. If we gotta fight Muslims and liberals, you may as well not have to fight the snow!

  13. Howard, I am so dismayed. Trudeau n his incompetent Liberals, are bereft of any common sense, understanding of Economics, ISIS, and the damage to Canada. I wouldn’t be happy if you stay in the US, Canada needs you, BUT, I’d be happy for you and the possibility that Donald Trump will return America to the great country it once was. Every day something ridiculous happens here. HIJAB day, this Thursday in Ottawa, sends a powerful message to Muslims world wide:
    Canada loves you n it’s free.

  14. Howard, I didn’t realize that Canada was that bad! I was shocked when I read #4, Hamas really??? What is this world coming to? Howard, you, Anne, Stryker and April the cat are MORE than WELCOME in the USA!!! This conservative loves all of your family and your blogs! I would love to have a Sanctuary City for Conservative Canadians. Makes a LOT more sense, than what the USA has now – Sanctuary Cities for Illegal Aliens, many times the dredge of humanity, drug dealers and terrorists.

  15. Howard, my heart is with you and Canada. As I recall, Obama sent his ‘team’ to help elect this PM .. now we are all in the same sorry boat ..

  16. Keep writing the truth Howard!!!!! That seems to be all we have in this insane time of both our Countries. Is it possible our 2 countries may be headed to repeat; “10 August 1792” period of France. Both our Countries seem to be on a path like the one seen in France during the late 1700’s. Things may have to get worse before they get better. God help both our Countries. Each are run by clueless liberal idiots that were elected by the people. We have forgotten our world history.

  17. WOW! Talk about ONE BIG MESS! Maybe that’s your CUE to MOVE to the U.S. permanently—we welcome ALL of you! For NOW, the U.S. does have SOME hope—only if a REPUBLICAN is elected. Trudeau is very SIMILAR to Obama! Do you think that Trudeau has some MOSLEM BLOOD in him too—sure sounds like it! POWER, GREED & a LACK of MORALITY has RUINED both our countries! It’s time for America to build SANCTUARIES for its OWN NEEDY PEOPLE, instead of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. We DO welcome LEGAL Immigrants. AMEN!

  18. We are screwed Howard! The drama queen elect has just proclaimed that any refugee now does NOT have to have basic skills in one of our two languages to qualify for citizenship. He suggests “that it makes them feel uncomfortable in their new country”. So he is changing the act. It just goes on and on. In his first 100 days inpower, he spent $4.3 billion; only $527 million of that in Canada. That’s less than 11% spent on our own country.”!!!!!! Colin Victoria BC

  19. Some of my friends have been having bake, art, etc. sales to provide funds to help bring a Syrian Family to Ottawa. I gather that they have raised several thousand dollars. Sometimes I wonder if they are real bright in spite of their successes in life.
    If a reference would help get you all U.S. citizenship, I will be so happy to write one. The US needs you.

  20. I have wondered since Trudeau’s campaign for election, suddenly made a change and his message became more appealing to the un-thinking masses, if he has been silently backed by the same people who supported Obama? Soros? Sounds like a planned campaign to destroy the country in the same was Obama has been doing in the U.S.

  21. Howard, you, Anne, Stryker and April the Cat. . . thats a nice family and would fit well in this U.S.A. you could continue to write the Editorial proclaiming the things people need to “hear” but fail to take action upon. Maybe, just maybe one of these days our people and your “people with understanding” will get together and shut off those that are totaly out of line with our culture. On the other hand if they do not like the “prosperity” of this country, they can return to whence they came.

  22. A US (Texas) based Sanctury City for fed up Canadians….? What a wonderful idea. Count me in as I would be one of the first to join you Howard, even with the disparity of the Canadian – US $, I would come. What was/is wrong with Canadians….? Did they not learn from the first Trudeaus antics that they elected the younger man/boy drama queen to make things worse….are Canadians gluttons for punishment?

  23. Howard and Ann, Barbara and I can adopt you and you can move to Buena Vista, or, as we like to think, Camelot (but not in the Aquarius sort of way).

  24. Howard ALMOST unbelievable!!! BUT coming from you BELIEVABLE.

    YOU AND YOUR WIFE are welcome in Texas PERMANENTLY and would make a GREAT addition here in Austin especially and I will buy your lunch any time.


  25. Howard, agreed . Unfortunately the US does not want Canadians . Canada does not even make the list of eligible countries
    American Citizens are indeed welcoming. I spend as much time there as possible . However our Gov has conspired with the US to keep us in the frozen North . They need your tax dollars and mine to pay for their follies. and I will be godammed if I have to leave my country to escape their stupidity .

  26. Not to be outdone by Merkel and Hollande who are trying to turn Europe into the armpit of the world, Trudeau and Obama are determined to make North America it’s arse!

  27. You have hit all the nails on the head…I am embarrassed at what is happening in Canada. I am a senior and my raise this year for cost of living, CPP & OAS combined was a whole $7.00!!! Last year it was $5.00, so I guess we are making some progress! I resent the fact that refugees are getting double what seniors are, and do not have to do a thing to earn it. When I was made aware of National Hajib Day in Ottawa I was almost sick to my stomach. This is utter nonsense!! Now the language BS!!

  28. WE WOULD WELLCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS> Maybe we can trade a few million non-working illegal parasites in this state to Canada for you. It’s so true. “THE INMATES ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM”

  29. Trudeau ever work? No but as an actor he knows how to look like it with sleeves rolled up just like the pretend POTUS. He’s always taking selfies, showing up at fluffy events on tv, posing with his wife, and helping immigrants at the airport put on their new winter jackets (must be the same ones he wanted to send to Syria). And now he can hardly wait to be the first PM to attend the Pride Parade in Toronto this summer. A total numbskull voted in by bigger numbskulls. No brains, but nice hair.

  30. Trudeau sounds like Obama on steroids. Come on home, Mr. G. — you’ll be most welcome.

  31. Get your duds packed and come on. It’ll be great to have folks with sanity become new citizens. God bless.

  32. Lots of interest here in requesting the USA to consider accepting Alberta as a new State. Cruz would then become US born, and the USA would have 100 years of guaranteed oil self sufficiency.

  33. Come on down. We can work out a deal. Both countries are in tremendous trouble as the US heads for $19 Trillion of debt. wonder what happens when “other people’s money” runs out? We have managed…well, not all of us…to continue to elect idiots, all in the sake of “free stuff” You and your family are more than welcome.

    Terry Shively, Whitehouse, OH.

  34. Here in Alberta, we not only have to accept life under Trudeau Junior, but we also have to live in the NDP mire. The two together don’t have a clue between them! Help! We’re drowning in leftist stupidity! And SADLY …. both Albertans and Canadians VOTED for them!!!! Unless the elections were rigged (and I am NOT suggesting they were….) Canadian citizens voted. Obviously it is not just RECENTLY that our ‘institutions of higher learning’ are NOT turning out people who can actually THINK.

  35. I’ve always wanted to visit Texas. Now I want to do more than visit. I want to live there too!
    The sanctuary idea is most welcoming. Do I still have to press #1 for English?

  36. I’ve always wondered why Canada was so different from the US but so close in proximity that it should almost be an invisible curtain. I cannot understand the liberal mindset that gave them the government they now have and have had in the past. All I can say is “Canadians (and Americans) be careful of what you vote for~~~you might just get it.” Canada, apparently has already and we aren’t far behind!!

  37. And his speeches in the Parliament are disaster !
    In the Bible are also Sanctuary Cities (for murders) in Texas it will be for escaping Canadians. I can help establish it…

  38. American friends and relatives beware…..our child leader is truly bringing in planeloads of not-vetted migrants from numerous terrorist zones throughout the Middle East. We appreciate the urgent the need to fortify your southern border, however, the mostly unguarded northern boarder is possibly the viper in the grass.

  39. There is a reason that Trudeau accepted Obozo’s political advisers on the build-up to our election here in Canada. They know everything about ballot stuffing and falsifying returns!!! I thought it to be illegal for foreign elements to participate in our elections!!!!! It is now perfectly obvious that not only is Trudeau utterly clueless on the condition of our economy, but also totally in the pocket of Obozo!!! Come Onnnn Trump!

  40. (Master) Trudeau — I call him this because he is NOT dry behind the ears yet and apparently there are Canadians who are NOT either. They are like 14 year olds who have been given an INHERITANCE and don’t have a clue what the FUTURE will bring when they blow through it and expect everyone to pickup the pieces.Unfortunately the DESTRUCTION they reap upon others is NOT realized until too late. As an American I see what all Canadians are up against. WE are THERE. God Bless.

  41. The mellenials, including my own children sorry to say, believe they are entitled. This is from their indoctrination in our public schools and universities. So when some idiot like Obama or pretty boy Trudeau runs on a platform of giving them something free, they gobble it up. Look at the support for socialist Sanders. Amazing! We in Canada and the US are only a few years behind the rot that has taken over Europe. If Trump wins, I will move to the US.

  42. I’d be pleased to sponsor you and Anne for US citizenship if you want to go that route. Just let me know and I’m all over it. We can never have too many America-loving immigrants!!

  43. As usual, you are so right, Howard, and it scares the hell out of me! Trudeau = Obama…and both are true trouble for our two countries! Please keep calling it as you see it – you are one of the few bloggers who are not blind!! JT is a disaster that has already started to happen!

  44. Howard, don’t spend your hard earned cash to return to Canada “a” if you wish to relocate in Texas you and Anne are welcome for sure as far as I’m concerned.

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