I’M NO TECH-WIZARD . . . as a matter of fact, without IT People I pay to keep this Web Site going, I doubt very much if there would be a BLOG. And without Anne to fix things that I sort of break on the computer, I would be like a fish out of water.

So this Editorial is not about Computers and Programs, even though it is all about Computers and Programs . . . IT’S ALL ABOUT FREEDOM.

I have a ROUGH understanding what the technical debate is between the US Government and APPLE, concerning the unlocking of the Apple i-Phone . . . but I have a CLEAR understanding of the IMPORTANCE OF APPLE’S POSITION.

And I support it 100%.


Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

And that’s the essence of this Editorial.

Before I get into the meat of it, let me tell you about something that I had to deal with recently.

I read as many as a dozen Newspapers every day, at least half a dozen before, during and after Breakfast. And when I say READ, I don’t mean read from cover to cover, because I’m not interested in the Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Automotive and Comics.

I’m interested in some Local, a great deal of National, and a good measure of International Geo Political Stories. I’m also keenly interested in Military Balances and Alliances.

Economic issues are very important to me, such as the flow and cost of Oil, the value of Currencies, Trade Deals . . . ETC – but not the Stock Market, other than whether the individual Markets are up or down, since to me, the Markets are nothing more or less, than just a huge Ponzi Scheme and Insider Trader’s Club.

ONE OF THE PAPERS I LIKED TO READ – WAS USA TODAY . . . since they covered a great many interests, even though their slant was more to the LEFT, which also gave me a perspective to investigate.

HOWEVER . . . In the last month or so, when I clicked-onto the USA Today Website, a notice popped up, to inform me, that if I continued to read the articles, I will also have agreed to allow USA Today to harvest as much information about me as possible, for the purposes of advertising, marketing, sales . . . ETCETERA.


Most people might NOT be aware of the FACT, that international law, through the UN and other Global Administrations, are making it very difficult to use, enjoy and benefit from the Internet, as we have grown accustomed to over the years, because Pseudo Government Internet Administrators are taking away much of the Personal Privacy of people who are surfing the WEB. And this is not good.


I bought into this GOOGLE service, in order to get a better understanding of the audience, which visits and reads

I WAS SHOCKED AND DISMAYED at the wealth of sensitive information GOOGLE had on the visitors to this BLOG . . . from age, gender, location, financial means, purchasing habits, interests, browsers used, travel, and more general and specific information than I can describe. It was very disconcerting.


As I see it, the government already knows far too much about all of us. They can track us in our cars through implanted GPS Devices. They can track us through our Smart Phones. They can track us through our Credit and Cash Cards.

The Government knows through far more SOPHISTICATED ANALYTICS than I am PRIVY to, and even than the people to whom we are closest to, with information they have neither need to have . . . nor should have.

The government knows about our health, what we buy, where we shop, what we eat, what we drink, what we drive, how we drive, how much we earn, what we owe, what we have in the bank, who we support politically . . . right down to the preference of our underwear.


And now the Government wants to know about our Cell Phone Conversations, which will include . . . when, where, what, how and to whom we’ve spoken – with full access to all records.


The Government is telling APPLE, that it is their DUTY to make all of this information available to them for the sake of NATIONAL Security. Do you remember, and I know that you do, because Google Analytics tells me that you do, when Nixon, who was fighting for his Political Life, kept saying over and over again, that he could NOT release certain information because of National Security?

And as it all turned out, in Nixon’s Case, it had nothing to do with National Security, as much as it did with him surviving in Office. There’s no difference today with Hillary Clinton and her wretched emails, the government says they can’t release to the people, because of National Security, but if that’s true, why isn’t Hillary Clinton behind bars for making these EXTRAORDINARY National Security Secrets so open to the world?


Since when did TRUSTING the Government to really protect the interests of the people ever work out well for the people?

I don’t want them to know. THE WAY I SEE IT – the Government already knows far too much.


When you register on the Directory, I take YOUR SECURITY very much to heart.

1 – The only information I ask . . . is for your First and Last Name. And in which City, State or Province you live, in order for me, and ONLY me to draw a minimal profile on the people who visit

2 – The Directory is NOT stored on my computer, which sets it away from Hackers.

3 – This BLOG spends good-money on the protection of the Server, which hosts this Web Site, to the tune that in addition to regular updates, it is literally safeguarded with a full review and update every month.

4 – And because of the FACT that is a Federally Chartered Non Profit Canadian Corporation, there is NO LAW that compels this BLOG to hand over any information to anyone regarding people who participate on the BLOG.

5 – AND OUR DIRECTORY IS NOT FOR SALE, trade or exchange with anyone, not that it’s secret in terms of hiding Subversive Activities . . . it’s simply no one’s business who’s in the Directory. And even though I have nothing to hide, I’d rather go to jail than make my Directory Public.

SO . . . when the government demands that APPLE turn over information on their encryption – REMEMBER THE WORDS OF FRANKLIN . . . which I repeat:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Once your FREEDOM’S gone, it will take nothing less than BLOOD and GUTS to get it back.

PS – For Your Information . . . I have an i-Phone, an i-Pad and write these Editorials on my Apple Computer.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I saw several signs on Fox during the parade that says, “I am Yohan Cohen” Howard you are correct, why Abbas allowed to be in the other leaders when he is a perpetrator of terrorism against Israel?

  2. Everyone seems to be forgetting the gorilla in the room – WMD’s. Sooner or later terrorists will get them if not already. A successful attack could be catastrophic. As I understand it Apple is under court order and the phone in question belonged to dead terrorist.
    The larger whole controversy over checking all calls is false. They simply wanted to connect the phone numbers of known terrorists to those they speak with. They then needed a court order to listen. This seems reasonable to me

  3. It’s amazing how we think so much alike. In God we trust!!! Sure not the word of our federal government.

  4. I disagree – with respect to Apple. Why doesn’t the gummint give Apple the phone and tell them – We want all the information on this phone. This should be proprietary to Apple and not the gummint, and only Apple has the ability and the software to do it. Let Apple charge the government whatever is required in software programming – and Apple keeps the software and gives the info contained in the phone to the government. Is Apple so afraid that they can’t control their own software??? what??

  5. The FBI should just give the cell phone to some 15 year old computer geek and they would have what the want in about ten minutes.

  6. Howard, have you heard of David Horowitz. He has a pamphlet out titled-Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution- He has a site -Freedom Center-. Every freedom lover should get a copy of this pamphlet.

  7. Absolutely correct, thank you and Apple!! What do you say to a person spouting,”Well, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, why do you object to the government spying on you?” All I can think to say (without a lengthy discussion) is, “If you truly believe that, you are an idiot.” Or shall we just walk away, not to waste our breath? But I would really appreciate a good retort…….maybe, “please move to Russia, you will be much happier!!”?

  8. I heard a good commentary on the radio, I don’t recall by whom, pointing out that we are complacent here in the US and not so concerned by what information the government may have. Not so much in other countries where Apple wants to sell product. It would not serve Apple well if people in these countries thought they would share their information with a corrupt government. I would side with Apple on this if only as a business decision.

  9. Howard, you are absolutely right! The FBI and the Court order are to direct Apple to CREATE what is essentially a backdoor to all Apple products for the Government’s exclusive use. Since when does the Gov’t have the authority to force a company to make a product? Are we Communist Russia!? I support Apple’s decision 100% to not comply with the UNCONSTITUTIONAL court order! Besides, the FBI already has a slew of hackers on the payroll that can crack that phone.

  10. My 1.0 brain recollects Nixon claimed “executive privilege”, slightly different than national security. My Congressman says no one can cite a single abuse by NSA on data collection. I say, so tell me a single terrorist plot foiled by the terabytes of metadata. Can’t, that’s classified. Why? Don’t the terrorists know they’re busted yet? Can’t tell you. That’s classified. But I have a clearance. But you don’t have a need to know. Kind of like executive privilege I guess.

  11. I, too have an iPhone and I also support Apple. The reason the government needs this from Apple is because the MORONS reset the passcode and THEN FORGOT WHAT IT WAS. That’s not Apple’s fault and when/if it goes to court I am pretty sure Apple wins that round. However, Apple routinely does this for the Chinese from what I understand, so the hypocri$y comes $hining through in a big way.

  12. For those who object to the government forcing a company to build a product, have you forgotten the government forced EVERYONE to buy Obamacare. The cat is out of the bag thanks to Roberts court.

  13. Once again, Howard, you nailed it 100%!!!!! Anyone who thinks Apple is wrong (for NOT complying) has been living under a rock way too long!!!!!!!!!!! Our Government is out of control and it’s getting worse…..daily……

  14. My goodness Howard. In this age of MASS DESTRUCTION we have a disagreement. But then you have a good point. A catch 22 I’m afraid. Thanks though, for we agree MOST of the time


  15. We live in a country now that has over 100 deaths surrounding the Clintons – unsolved. We just lost the greatest Supreme Court Justice who died of natural causes (?) as a guest to a ranch in the most remote, god forsaken part of Texas, invited by a man he hardly knew and was found with his pillow over his face. He was prounced dead over a phone call and there was no autopsy. Do you really want your privacy, security and life in the hands of our government?

  16. It is astounding to me that some 237 years ago Benjamin Franklin had a keen understanding of what LIBERTY truly meant in the scheme of the big picture and how many individuals in this day and age still don’t seem to grasp that! The lesson has not been totally lost yet. I hope that we are on a path to reinvigorate Liberty. The proverbial “Camels Nose Is In The Tent” but I believe Apple is pushing back! That is a start.

  17. Right on, Mr. G! As usual, I agree with you. This government is up in our business enough. I’m glad Apple is standing up to them and not cow-towing like so many do. Good for Apple!

  18. I agree with Apple, especially since you can use your iPhone in leu of a credit card and now at ATM’s. I don’t want a hack out there to get my data. There is no more data on that phone, that they cannot already track from the cell phone provider. There might be photos, but if they were texted or uploaded to social media, well back to the cell provider. Facebook has already made an open door deal with the feds. Then all banking transactions are monitored. No!

  19. I stand with APPLE. PERIOD. ‘IF’ APPLE were to (have) the phone in question in hand….I believe they could retrieve the information. HOWEVER; turning over the KEY ……….NO NO NO.

  20. You are right on Howard! I look for “them” to come knocking on my door anytime as I too have tried to get the word out. They do not like that! “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Will those of us that take a stand survive? Not in this world. We must stand firm!

  21. Good editorial ….our apathy is costly. The government’s plea, that they need any and all information to counteract terrorism rings rather hollow when we see their determination to not identify the source of terrorism. Al Gore and old ladies with knitting needles get the professional pat-downs at airports. The borders are open because we can’t profile. But the government does not discriminate in one way. If you have money they’ll take it.

  22. I too, agree with you. It is a crying shame that Apple can’t help the government hackers, with the San Bernadino terrorists iPhone. It would be nice to have their connections to other terrorists – BUT – Not a backdoor entrance or password!!! We need the means to know what the Islamic terrorists are planning to do. Their actions have stepped up, quite a bit. I have a Samsung, which is an Android phone. They are fairly easy to hack, to get the info the government wants. Bummer 🙁

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