It’s Almost Time To Circle The Wagons


As Trump basks in the RICHNESS of his well-deserved South Carolina Victory, it seems almost inevitable that he will get the Nomination. AND IF SO, HE BETTER KICK THE CRAP OUT OF THE DEMOCRAT.

It’s not a Fait Accompli for Trump, at least not yet, since with Bush now gone, and Kasich and Carson staying in the fight, instead of allowing their Delusions of Grandeur to guide their HUBRIS not to get out . . . their participation has in one way or another become inconsequential.


It seems to me, that the only bet I could make at this juncture . . . would be to bet on Trump, since this South Carolina Win covered the entire spectrum of Voters from the Religious to the Secular.

Trump won men, women, the youth and the old. He won the rich, the poor, the working class, the employers and the men and women who want a STRONG Military. And he REALLY won the Voters who want the Border Wall Built, and the Moslems KEPT OUT.

And he won the support of the people who want their jobs back from China, Japan, Vietnam and Mexico.

From what I can see . . . I think Cruz is all but done, since his stronghold Christian Fundamentalist Support, showed that they support Trump more than they support Cruz. And frankly, I think just because these people are Evangelicals, doesn’t mean that they don’t want the same things every other Conservative American wants, beyond a religious leader.

As for Rubio . . . When I saw him embraced by South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, who sold out more than 150-years of Southern Tradition, by BURYING the Rebel Battle Flag, for no other reason, other than to be politically correct, while she kissed-the-ass of the Republican establishment and Black Voters, that did it for me.


As I watched the Queen of BS, who stood on stage pandering to a group of sickening CHEERING sycophants, telling them how bad things are in America . . . from Joblessness, Unfair Wages, Discrimination Against Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Immigrants and the Poor – I shook my head in disbelief.

She railed against the RICH and successful business entrepreneurs, who she says don’t give enough back to the workforce, in spite of the fact that these same people are America’s source of bread and butter.


HER VERBAL DIARRHEA DIDN’T BOTHER ME ALL THAT MUCH . . . as I heard it all before. But what really did bother me, were the Idiots surrounding her, chanting her name over and over again, as if anything she said was even remotely true.

HILLARY CLINTON IS TRULY . . . a confirmed and unrepentant Liar, a Criminal (indicted or not), an Abuser of Position (Clinton Trust), a Coward who deserted her People in Benghazi, and the most FAILED SECRETARY OF STATE EVER.

BUT THEY CHEERED HER-ON, AS IF SHE WAS THE SECOND COMING – and that bothered me to no end, knowing that there are people in the United States, with all the tools of knowledge no further away from them than their Smart Phones, who nonetheless believe this incontrovertible CRAP.

When Hillary Clinton talks about the ONE PERCENTERS . . . she’s speaking about herself. When she talks about Corporate GREED, she’s speaking about herself. When she’s speaking about the Banks and Wall Street, she’s speaking about her means of financial support. When she speaks about RACISM against Blacks, once again, she’s speaking about herself, since no one is MORE Racist than Hillary Clinton, who publicly declares that she virtually OWNS the Black Vote.


Of all the things Clinton was DISPARAGING about America on stage during her speech, she seems to have pathologically convinced herself and her IDIOT Followers that they are the result of the Far Right Establishment, even though they were the result of the absolute FAILURES of Obama and Herself, over the past Seven and Half Years.


It is most UNLIKELY that Trump will not win the nomination, and if he does, and whatever else he does if he wins the Oval Office, the one thing that I will DEMAND from him, is for him to tear this walking piece of CRAP – AKA Hillary Rodham Clinton apart, and leave her in a pile of her own excrement, just as he has recently done to Members of his own Party.

Afterwards . . . I’ll worry about what kind of President Trump is going to be.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I fear for us all,AGAIN! When you are not taught the horrors of people like Hitler you do not recognize those who come at you with a different name, same intention and different reason. History will repeat itself. This time they have cloaked the evil in political correctness . PC is a mask to make lies look good. Shame on the people who buy into it,for it is they who are responsible for what happened in Paris most recently and will continue unless we wake up.

  2. All you need to know about what a scumbag Hillary is was immediately after her dress staining husband was elected the first time she stated to the media cameras that “WE are the President”.

  3. You are correct about her being in the one percent class but as she gets all her money and extreme perks through the tax exempt foundation she will not be paying that much in taxes as she has most of her income sources being tax exempt thanks to good tax lawyers and accountants.

  4. Last night Trump formally ended one political dynasty. I he is the Republican nominee, and I believe he will be, in November he will end another. That alone will mean a new morning in America.

  5. Howard,

    Once again, you speak for us who have no voice but the ballot box.
    If Trump is the nominee, I want him to stay classy, on point, educate himself, and send the Clintons and their ilk
    to the dustbin of history. LET’s ROLL!!

  6. Once again Howard, your writing this day is spot on sir. Like you, what bothers me the most are those cheering “Billary” on. Are they really that ill-informed or just plain ignorant? Ignorance cannot be fixed. Sad days ahead should she go to the top as a devout and demonstrated liar, someone who had put our nation’s secrets on a personal computer, and someone who sells the military down a path of “Who Cares”. Keep these blogs coming Howard!

  7. I may be wrong but I feel you don’t have to be religious to be a good honest person I keep thinking of David of the Bible and hoping we have been sent another David to straighten out this mess .Feel that Mr Trump is being truthful with the public and he is a Christian ,Just not a Bible Thumper .We do not need a preacher We need a strong honest America loving President

  8. I see Hillary as the Rose Law Firm and Whitewater person of the shredded documents. She has a big surprise coming. When her FIREWALL of black voters see the recently found video and b&w shots of Bernie being arrested for his efforts in the segregation movement – Hillary’s firewall will be BERNED.

  9. If Hillary wins the democratic nomination, I can only hope that the electorate sees her as well as you. Thank you and your Canadian followers. If it were not for you all, I would think that everyone in Canada wished for a socialistic state for Canada and the US. My friends (likely former) along the 416 and Queensway, who verbosely express themselves, adore Sanders and are quite accepting of JT, irrespective of the damage that his father’s policies continue to cost Canada.

  10. I hope you are right, Howard! I hope that the Americans will look beyond the screams of those who are mainly the TAKERS and give more control to the MAKERS!! We cannot build a country, any country, just catering to those who want others to work for them, to feed & house them without making an effort to help themselves. The Welfare State that Bernie Sanders wants to build will kill America over-night. The Obama/Clinton team has already done so much damage to the USA – don’t repeat it!!!

  11. I still believe Trump will have an unfortunate accident before he is actually elected, or they will have some riot that will cause them to enforce Martial Law. But if he does, don’t you think he will get rid of most of the Muslims who are now in high official positions? It seems with all the business he had done in the past he hasn’t had one complaint from a disgruntled business man or ex-employee he has dealt with. I would imagine he would keep a clean slate as President also. Just thinkin

  12. You nail it right on the head with every posting, Howard.
    If the Clinton’s move into the White House, there will be HELL to pay in North America. Secession after secession from many states, north, south, east and west. I truly believe it, as do many others here in TEXAS.

  13. I noticed that Hillary, in her victory speech, failed to thank one Nevada group for their support and endorsement. “Hookers 4 Hillary”, Bunny Ranch headquarters. LOL

  14. I agree with Marlene Glidden.Rev Jerry Falwell told his son (Jr.), before he died, that we are not electing a pastor,we are electing a president. Trump could lead a life of luxury beyond what 99.99% of us could even imagine. But he chooses not to, but instead he chooses to serve his country. Why not believe him? He is not perfect,but no one else is either.He will clean up his act.The aura of the office will do that to him.Just watch! Lets give him a chance. I want the 20 ft. wall built.

  15. When listening to Hillary’s accepting diatribe I could not believe what she was saying. She complained about the failed presidency of Obama and then at the same time declare she will follow the same politics he did. Then all the gathered followers went crazy in applauding her. If that does not tell the true picture of the electorate, I don’t know what to say.
    We do need a new slate all together from top on down. Neither party can produce any decent candidate. Go Donald!

  16. No one hates illegals more than legal immigrants who worked hard & followed the rules & earned their citizenship like my stepmother. The DC elite is so totally out of touch they STILL have NO CLUE why Trump’s wiping the floor with their stooges i.e. Kasich & Rubio. However & FINALLY the Senate is trembling in fear of voters & there will not be a 3rd Obama-appointed SCOTUS Justice, thank GOD. The DC political class is waking up to reality of Donald Trump, POTUS. I’m loving it.

  17. Hilary would be a DISASTER for the US …. and for North America, as far as that goes. I can still hear her words echoing in my mind re the Benghazi fiasco – “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” It made a BIG difference in lie lives of the families of the Americans who were killed that night! With that kind of a ‘friend’ in the White House …. who needs enemies?? …… We have enough problems in Canada with the ‘man-child’ as PM. North America needs SOMEONE to stand strong for North America!!

  18. I do enjoy your editorials
    I am a depression kid, veteran and and a proud citizen
    Why does the current generation look to what the government can give them ? they have no incentive
    I am not a fan of Jack kennedy
    however he plagiarized this slogan that fits
    there is NO incentive on their part to go alone

    I am in favor of a putting the draft back into service
    I am sure that we would crea loyal Americ

  19. HIILARIOUS should be wearing an ORANGE PANTSUIT w/Depends! She not only has DIARRHEA of the MOUTH, she has CONSTIPATION of the BRAIN and that’s why her speeches are full of CRAP! Trump hasn’t said much about RUBIO because RUBIO hasn’t yet attacked him, but this will soon come. TRUMP is supported by THE PEOPLE. FRAUD VOTES and OBAMA’s DECEITFUL TACTICS are what Trump’s campaign needs to watch/fear. Picture this—TRUMP to OBAMA….”YOU’RE FIRED!!! HUCKABEE would make a GREAT VP for Trump. AMEN!

  20. A fascist who’s gone bankrupt 3 times so the taxpayers foot his bills or a crooked entitled creep-I find it all enoxerably depressing. If you want a “strong military” then start the draft. I will not vote for either and I will not be partly responsible for the destruction of the Republic. I suppose prayer is all that is left.

  21. Nevada truth and honesty poll showed Hillary 12% – Sanders 88% and they still voted for her. That’s Reid’s state and corrupt to the gill. If she wins, like California with Jerry Brown, they will get what they voted for. Unfortunately the rest of the nation will be under her socialist, corrupt, lying contrtol. Thanks Nevada!

  22. RIGHT ON! The witch is simply unbelievable but the big problem is the ignorance of the idiots in the US that can vote without knowing anything or caring about the truth…..God help us.

    Terry Shively, Whitehouse, OH. USA

  23. Re: Trump winning the nomination: only if he gets a majority of votes on the first ballot, at convention. If not, there will be a rallying around Rubio (not Cruz) on the second and subsequent ballots. Just saw a PBS show on Garfield who got the nomination around the 35th ballot. Trump’s #1 position in polls is always only a minority of support — large but nevertheless a minority. The majority will rally around an arternative, giving Rubio (and the attractive Latino electorate) the nod.

  24. Now that Trump is the true contender , the Republican Party through the media is already ramping up how much he is unsuited to the job . Like a previous comment, I would not be that surprised to hear he had an accident before the election.
    Or died in his sleep while away from home (no autopsy required) ! Though he saying what most want to hear re immigration and Islam ,the true power moguls , our Betters , Know Better . As for OUR LEADER in the Frozen North ,
    many think him the second coming

  25. Hi folks North and South of the US Canada border.

    Latest stunning news For Canadians: Hijab day to be celebrated this 25th day of February in the Capitol City of Ottawa apparently with government approval.
    One of the aims is to try and encourage Christian Canadian women to wear a hijab to show their support for Muslim Women.
    Seems like an oxymoron to me. Can’t post it here so please Google the link.
    Think we could get Donald Trump to be President of North America?

  26. Trump will circle the wagons and get on with the departure of Islamic bullshit. Lets get it started and over with rather than wait for them to get stronger and stronger. Come what may! But, lets get this going.

  27. I especially enjoyed the circus of Sunday morning MSM/cable talk shows reluctantly having to mention Trump’s name alongside his inarguable numbers after “Saturday night’s for fighting” election results; of which he was handily determined to be the winner – much to their chagrin. Newsies who took the unqualified liberty to mock Trump’s billion dollar hat in the presidential ring are, so far, choking on crow cordon bleu. The funniest are those opinionated hounds who are stuck in anti-Trump hell.

  28. Our PM Trudeau seems more a PM and leader for Syrians and muslims than he is a PM and leader for Canada and ALL Canadians. I guess our ex-PM Harper didn’t leave Canada in such an awful state if Trudeau can only think to trouble himself with Syrians and Muslims.

  29. While even briefly listened to Hillary, I, like others on this blog, was nauseous hearing the patent BS and outright lies. The woman should be jailed rather than applauded. But then what on earth is the PM’s office becoming??? Like that scoundrel in Washington. our ski instructor appears far more interested in Muslim positions and advisers than at least giving some semblance of patriotic concern for the country that astonishingly elected him. Obozo and the Ski instructor is an ugly image.

  30. One of your better editorials, on a scale of one to 10, this one is a 10.
    Bob Rankine Jacksonville FL

  31. 32.5% while impressive still finds 67.5% not favoring him, My family and I will be voting here in Houston this week and I assure you it will not be for Trump. He is not a conservative. I prefer to call him a Trumpative. He has a history of associating himself with events and people who serve his Trumpative deals.
    Bill Buckingham,Houston,Texas

  32. You said it all! I agree! I really don’t want Trump but will vote for him and hope he goes after her like he has the others in his own party.
    Hillary should be in jail. I am beginning to wonder if she will ever pay for what she did. She did it because she is above us all.

  33. It’s going to be almost impossible to keep Hillary out of the White House the reason being is there will be voters cheating, doctored voting machines and other voter frauds right in front of our eyes. So will anyone do anything about all of this voter fraud, the answer is no because Obama is the Government and Hillary will be the Government after January 20, 2017 and she is not going to charge herself of any misdoings. So who can do something about the fraud, maybe nobody that wants to live.

  34. There are 47 more state primaries. Within that timeline an awful lot can happen. I have a feeling there are going to be some BIG surprises. I have to admit, in my almost 76 years I have NEVER seen anything like what is now taking place in the HOPEFUL runs for the White House. I have watched America go from a World Respected Power to a laughing stock. HOPEFULLY when the dust settles in November 2016 I will have someone going to represent America of whom I can be PROUD. Just NOT Hillary.MYPOV

  35. I run a small business and deal with a lot of democrats. I deal with them at their businesses or in their homes and get to know many of them very well. All democrats are not happy with the choices they have now. Some hope their choices change. But if they do not I have had two tell me they could vote for Trump. I do not know if that is good or bad if they like Trump.

  36. Spot On! Well stated and oh so true! Doubt we’ll ever see her pay the price …

  37. “…and the times, they are a changin,..”
    I haven’t had this much hope since Reagan. Could it really be true?

  38. You may be right, Trump vs. Hillary. Both corrupt Leftists at heart. Of course Hillary is far worse but only a matter of degree. Trumpet is saying what needs to be said to get the conservatives on board and sadly it’s working. I hope the electorate wakes up before it’s too late but I fear we’re done for as a functioning free society. Regardless of who wins in November, the Washington corrupt crony machine will keep on playing while the Titanic sinks.

  39. I think Trump the draft dodger is playing to the frustrations of the conservatives who see themselves (us) as abandoned by the GOP “leadership”. Trump speaks in airy platitudes, asks us to trust him, but that isn’t good enough. Ted Cruz is willing to put it on the line, over and over, unwavering and clear. Too bad he won’t be the GOP nominee or president. Still, Trump should be better than either of the two communists.

  40. Disagree on Hil. She is the SECOND worst SOS (Secretary of State). Kerry has to bear that crown for the Iranian nukes deal!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. It took 13 United Colonies who had the Solidarity, Courage, Faith in God and each other to FORGE their way into a United States! A common Goal, A common Interest, A common vision. It took many meetings, men with reason, men who looked beyond themselves.That was then. Describe the now “United? States! Howard, I know you bleed red, I know your a man, I know how easy it is for anyone to get puffed up when getting many affirmations.Your insight is Keen, your words paint clear pictures. Thank You.

  42. I agree with Ralph Glorioso, but must add that even though Trump’s goals are admirable, his list of what things need to be done are rarely (if ever) followed by the exact mechanism of how to get them done. I.e., a 700-mile wall? How on earth would he plan to have US pay to erect, maintain and police it? E.g., why not a workable alternative: enforce the laws already in place, and punish employers who hire illegals? Merely remove the attraction of welfare, etc., and illegals will stop coming.

  43. Great editorial! I do enjoy this site! I cannot watch
    Hillary on debates or anything! We know she’s corrupt and
    A fool. But I hear nothing of the lies she speaks as too busy
    thinking, do her supporters live under a rock and not aware of her
    past?? Do they think we’re still living in 1961? Scarey

  44. As usual… your opinions are right-on!! You’ve probably heard me say this before, but I firmly believe that if the “takers” win this election from the “makers”, you can kiss the current American way of life goodbye. We are that close to fiscally bankrupting our country.

  45. Trump gets things done. Cruz understands the legal world and is a great defender of the Constitution .
    Rubio I believe is a leftist “plant”. Trump and Cruz should join forces. They would be formidable !
    We in Canada will be so envious. Our boy wonder ran on a platform of a 3 billion dollar deficit, but today’s budget announcement, just 3 months later, now forecasts 20 billion! Complete incompetence!

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