Is Islam A Threat To The World?



This might be the shortest Editorial I have ever published, yet one of the most COGENT of them all.

In Canada, various political jurisdictions, including the Province of Quebec, and now the new Liberal Federal Government, have either passed laws, or are entertaining laws that forbid the defamation of Islam and Islamists.


To Canadian Human Rights Commissions, which is an oxymoron for a government agency that represents nothing short of a full-scale assault on Freedom of Expression . . . defamation includes virtually any and all criticism of Islam.


Loretta Lynch has made it public . . . that she too believes that any criticism of Islam should be viewed by the State as a HATE CRIME against an identifiable religion.

SO . . . I CAN TYPE UNTIL I AM IN BLUE IN THE FINGERTIPS . . . how Islam is NOT a religion of Peace, and that Islam has declared WAR on everyone who isn’t an Islamist, and given the opportunity, they will wipe us out unless we succumb to their will . . . all to no avail, because according to the governments, I’m nothing short of an alarmist knee deep in Racism.


Because I’m sick and tired of hearing from SELL-OUTS, DUMMIES & SISSIES, just how MOST Moslems are for peace and understanding, and how there are just a FEW Islamists who have HIGHJACKED their religion of Peace . . . I – like many writers and on-air Pundits, especially Conservatives, will keep fighting to OUT Islamism with all that I have.

I wish someone had done the same against the Nazis just 80 years ago, because if they did, things would have been different.

So, instead of me continuing to TYPE what I believe is the TRUTH about Islam, a visitor to sent me a link that I WANT YOU TO WATCH, and then pass it on to everyone you know.


And then ask yourself how our Politicians and other assorted Idiots can lull us into oblivion with a clear conscience.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am greatly saddened, frustrated and disappointed. Saddened by the violence that is increasing in the world, frustrated with elected leaders that don’t have the integrity to stand for right, disappointed with groups (like moslems that claim to be peaceful but will not reject the violence).
    I am a Christian. I am continually trying to learn how to love and respect those around me. I don’t have to do what they do, but just ask that they give me the same respect that I try to show them.

  2. Howard. Very thoughtful editorial. If there is anything that will put at least part of you in the “Donald Trump for President camp” is that he will STOP the nonsense about Islam. You can take that to the bank. NO MORE REFUGES UNTIL…..!! He may not be the strongest religious person, but be knows who the enemy is. Vote Trump!!!

  3. Ben Carson reminds me of TR Roosevelt

    I am sick to my stomach; the enemy of my conservatism is not the proportionate left of center progressive. It is they who call themselves Republicans who are the institutional elite, the other Republicans who are Lawyers first and Constitutional Conservatives last and least. We who are Conservative call them RINO’s (Republican in name only). They are so self-centered that they could care less if the President is one of us (Republican) or a progressive De

  4. I think, no, I KNOW, I’m going to be sick! There are no words to express the warped thinking and sickness of the political mind that proposes such a demented thought as to make islam this holier-than-thou, protected entity in the west. So remember – From this moment on, islam is now gold and you are all now filth not worthy to even breathe the same air as muslims.

  5. Howard, you have provided a service to the people of the United States that you can not put a value on. This is very serious business and our people need to know the truth. I have been trying to get the word out as well and people just stick their heads in the sand. Thank you!

  6. Our Administration is filled with Muslims, appointed by a Muslim President. Hillary’s top aide is Muslim, married to a Muslim. We have already been infiltrated. This election is our last chance t save this country and ourselves – unless you are a Muslim
    Our corruption, assinations, murders (never solved) and treason is rampant and not devuoged by our media, who ar supposed to inform us.

  7. When you have the “leaders” of the US and Canada exhibiting pro Islamic sentiments you have the formula for disaster.
    The elete will dictate how it will be. Elect a muslim, you get muslims!
    Look at barry’s appointments. Any more to say?

  8. Two things, both in agreement with you, Mr. G. Mohammed’s final ‘hadith’ or ‘saying’ was for the Muslims to “win the world for Islam.” This is what they are attempting to do, and since they agree with our Christian fundies that the world’s end is nearby, they are working hard at it just now. The other, to understand Mohammed and his instructions, read Bernard Lewis’ biography of Mohammed and Islam. We need Islam out of America.

  9. You’ve hit right on the nose. To the folks who do not recognize “the enemy” (yet), hopefully this will lead to your “enlightenment” that there is a fear factor at work here and an evil group who enjoys watching us squirm. Get your dose of reality & understand that these folks intend to change our way of life to suit their own. I, for one, do not wish to worry about becoming someone’s slave or being wiped off the face of the earth just because I am a Christian & not an Islamic radical Muslim.

  10. Thank you for the column and the link Howard. After viewing the link, I did not know if I should laugh, cry or get really angry. I settled for the really angry as the video cemented in mind that islam clearly is nothing more than a sect disguised as a religion.
    I think of two quotes of Winston Churchill’s the first: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” And the second fits nicely into what the result NEEDS to be against this cancer: “You ask, what is our ai

  11. Spot On Sir!!! Thanks too for the link provided. Insightful indeed! Keep up the Blog. You are a voice of Freedom in both the USA and Canada. Don’t stop writing the daily…, please?

  12. Right on the mark!!! Muslims are liars and deceivers sanctioned by their false prophet Mohammed. No Muslim here in the U.S or western hemisphere for that matter is here to be a good American and assimilate into our culture. No they are here to spread the cancer of islam and accomplish nothing short of world wide domination of the same. As Obama said America is intertwined with rich muslim history. West African slave traders and Barbary Pirates. We kicked their butts once and will do it aga

  13. It is said that Trump has not been required to sell his ideas and thus has not the experience to cross the isle and move the democrats to his position. Compromise. The current president has, almost by himself, destroyed the US as I knew it. Unlawfully, by decree and appointments, he has manipulated the system and the Republican party puts up with it and does nothing. I see no one but Trump to take our country back, as the rest are beholden to the Republican party.

  14. BARRY SOETORO is the MODERN HITLER! It’s OBVIOUS that the MOSLEMS are trying to TAKE OVER AMERICA–only because BARRY, et al, are ALLOWING them to do so. A REPUBLICAN candidate MUST be elected! The WALL MUST be built and the ILLEGAL ALIENS MUST be kept OUT! WELFARE programs MUST be REFORMED and not ABUSED by anyone! Our EDUCATION system MUST be REVISED so kids can learn to write, read and do ‘normal’ math–NOT Common Core. We’ll know if AMERICA can/will become GREAT AGAIN in NOVEMBER 2016! AMEN!

  15. Howard, this was a superb video, one which many people should see. I’m posting it on my facebook page. Thanks for posting it on your blog. Much appreciated.

  16. After seeing the video I checked further and found out the following: Abu Dhabi (AFP) – The United Arab Emirates, which belongs to a US-led coalition fighting jihadists, issued a list of eighty three (83) ISLAMIST groups which it classified as “terrorist organizations”.

  17. Howard-You make me proud to be a Canadian like you. You’ve provoked great comments from folks ‘out here in the ditch’ trying to ‘make’ a decent living and provide for their loved ones in a civilized and respectful manner! It gives me hope when I see that I’m not alone out here wondering ‘WTHeck’ is going on in the world? Decisions made re: Moslems, immigration, fiscal debt by our leaders so stupid it must be on purpose-to destroy our way of life. What’s their hidden agenda? NWO?

  18. I had seen this video previously and passed it to my friends. We live in a state which has the largest Middle Eastern population outside of the Middle East. Each of the Muslim pilots from 9/11 lived here (being hidden and aided) lived in Dearborn, Michigan. One of the restaurant owners (Muslim) had a money making business…all the money went BACK to the Terrorist groups. When busted…he escaped America and returned to the Middle East never to be heard from again. TY F.B.I. Be afraid !!

  19. We read often in the press about the crime, rapes etc that Muslims have brought into Europe. What benefits have been derived by Europe in the past that so many are so welcoming of Muslims? Have they created jobs? Surely the Muslims have done things to win the hearts and minds of Europeans? :o)

  20. Howard I have not seen or heard anyone but you and Donald Trump. Publicly assault this Truly Number One threat to USA, Canada and the entire world. Islamic Muslim “CULT”. Of Murder and Massacres around the world. They are Satan himself masquerading as a peaceful religion. That only a “FOOL” would not recognize them as Evil heartless “MURDERERS”. I believe that by reason of Donald Trumps strong stand against them and other illegal invasion against our Constitution should Garner “Trump” our Votes.

  21. Agreed HG However: rules , laws , protecting what might happen are an indication to me my Betters have already figured out I will not accept their claptrap . Once again both in Canada and the US , at which point have we all decided our Betters once elected can do as they please as opposed to the peoples’ will ? A change is required .Gov’s need to keep the lights on and stay out of our lives. period . I do not need direction from these Betters , I need business managers to keep the lights on !

  22. Right on the mark again, Howard. The US has had its time of a Muslim at the helm …. now, unfortunately, Canada has the same (only not as smart – which HOPEFULLY could be to our advantage …. but then again, could prove to be worse. I’m at the point of being very thankful I’m getting old!! Maybe I’ll be ‘outa here’ before things get REALLY bad!

  23. Howard, would you say that every ‘leader’ of every western country – now that Abbott and Harper have been ‘taken out’ – are aiding and abetting the Islamic invasion of the West, and if so, WHY, to what end?

  24. And if you don’t believe radical Islamists have infiltrated the Canadian government at the highest level, Google Justin Trudeau and Islam.

  25. Our PM Justine spends his religious moments in a Mosque. He is bringing 50,000 mostly unvetted Moslems over the next year or 2. He is the worst leader, even worse than Obama! But in the future they will all vote Liberal, so that is all that matters! His dad was a Communist ideologue, and he is a socialist/Marxist. Only God can save us. Please pray every day for the eyes of all Canadians to be opened, to see the evil in Islam, and the danger of Trudeau and his diasatrous immigration policies

  26. Great video. I have seen it previously and have long ago internalized its message. When a libtard tells you “what about Timothy McVeigh?”, ask the libtard if he/she knew that McVeigh was trained in bomb making by a Muslim, Hussein al-Husseini, an Iraqi. No, not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. And Islam a cancer on the body of humanity that has to be destroyed, PERIOD. Great column Howard.

  27. I like this quote from C.Miller, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” It characterizes our drama school P.M. Politicians will sell their souls to Islam to bring Muslims into USA & Canada to garner votes. Seems none comprehend the dangers ahead with unfettered immigration from the Middle East. Only those of us who have seen first hand what Muslims are doing in the U.K. & EU know it will happen here if not stopped NOW.

  28. Also posted the link/video on my Facebook page. The Bible says “By their fruits you will know them.” Though it was relating how to tell if a person is a follower of Yahweh and Christ, it equally can apply to anyone who espouses one thing but their actions tell another story. This is a test for religions, politicians and all of us. Do our actions back up what we say we stand for? If not, we are fooling no one but ourselves.

  29. Let’s make it easy for all the Muslim loving, Sharia loving lefties, O and his minions appointed to positions in the W H get their wish. Let’s pack their belongings and send them packing to, oh say, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan….the countries and Iman’s they love so much…and then they can pray 5 times a day to Allah and leave the rest of the CIVILIZED world alone………..

  30. Be assured, whether I watch the link or not those a**holes are not leading me anywhere.

  31. “A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim.” The same could be said of a Baptist, of which I am one…(CYA) Bill

  32. Saw the video last week and forwarded it on. It covers it all very nicely. The most appropriate name for them is….Islamo-Nazis. We can only hope and pray our next president will have the courage to turn the tide. Most of these past 60 years, except for Reagan, we have been sold down the river….by BOTH parties. Even during WWII I can easily recall things were not this bad. The Marxists have had their way thanks to apathy and ignorance on the Right.

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