Anyone who regularly reads this BLOG can attest to two things:

1 – I don’t like Donald Trump.

2 – I always refrain from writing about religious beliefs, with the exception of Islam, since I don’t see Islam as a religion . . . but rather as a cult built upon dominating all people.

SO IT’S VERY DIFFICULT FOR ME . . . to wade into this topic, and not offend people I have no desire or intention of offending – BUT . . .

I’m not a woman . . . but I’ve lived with women from the time I was first acquainted with my mother, one second after taking my first breath, and I grew up with two sisters, so I am indeed somewhat of an authority.

I have never had homosexual tendencies, and directed all of my sensual aspirations to the opposite sex. And as a younger man, before meeting Anne, I had the extreme pleasure of being a close friend to many young women.


I don’t need a Gloria Steinem or Hilary Clinton to tell me that women and men are different. I know they are, and that’s what makes our relationships so wonderful.

What I really don’t agree with . . . is this cockamamie idea that women should be more like men – and men should be more like women.

THAT SAID . . . I will never be convinced that women are in any way inferior to men.


As a younger man, I was an observant Jew, and went to our Orthodox Synagogue every Saturday, and on all Holy Days. And during services, I often glanced to my left, where the women sat separated from the men.

And always felt somewhat uncomfortable during the services . . . that ONLY men over the age of Bar Mitzvah (13-Years Old), could participate in any of the religious rituals.

It also bothered me, that women could not make the Minyan, which is the mandatory number (quorum) of TEN Bar Mitzvahed Men, needed in order to hold services and pray.

And the fact that women couldn’t be Rabbis, Cantors and Active-During-Service Synagogue Officials, disturbed me to no end.

All of this bothered me so much, that I rethought what kind of a Jew I should be, especially after becoming married, and watching Anne sit in Synagogue separated from me because of male ritualism, to the point that we moved away from the religiously restrictive Orthodoxy of Judaism, to the more welcoming Conservative view, which in most every other way is the same as Orthodox beliefs, but with a far more accepting belief in the equality of women.

IT ALSO BOTHERS ME TO WATCH . . . the absolute Separation of Women from Men in the Chasidic Jewish Movement, which is very Orthodox, where women are treated much like Baby Factories and Personal Slaves to their husbands, especially in this day and age, and most specifically in countries where FREEDOM should be everything. But that’s their business, which they don’t try to make mine.

BUT ALL OF THIS SAID . . . At least amongst the Chasidim, young girls and women aren’t murdered who wish to leave the fold. And to the best of my knowledge, from personal experience, these women (and men) who leave the Chasidic life are not shunned, as if they are somehow Lepers.


I discovered . . . that the prayers and rituals I was raised with from the time I was born, do not make the man or woman, since I’ve known no shortage of men and women who were personally devout, or so they believed, who were otherwise scum in many ways.


We are all born of Flesh and Blood . . . with the gift of knowing Right from Wrong, and the ability to do GOOD or EVIL, which has nothing whatsoever to do in my mind, with the Orthodoxy of any Man-Directed-Religion, when we have it all laid-out before us in the TEN COMMANDMENTS, the MAGNA CARTA and the US CONSTITUTION.

And if we believe as strongly as we should . . . in the importance and message that encompasses Judeo/Christian Values – and live by those values, and accept that Men and Women are equal, as are all people of various colors and ethnicities, who share those Same Basic Values with us . . . we don’t need approbation from a Rabbi, a Priest or a Minister.

What we could all use from these men and women who represent their religious beliefs . . . would be guidance, inspiration and a helping hand.


TO ME – THE POPE . . . is a Regular man, elected by other regular men of religious prominence, to an incredible position, where he can offer moral guidance to people who want to be guided on the path of redemption.


There have been, and still are many Priests, Rabbis and Ministers, who have given up the Tending of their FLOCKS to enter the world of Politics, where they think they might have a HIGHER-CALLING.


They understood that Freedom OF Religion, is no more or less important, than Freedom FROM Religion, in as much as no power on earth should have the right to keep people from their legitimate beliefs, anymore than any power on earth, should compel anyone to believe in what they wish not to.


More than once . . . I had begun to write editorials, on what I truly believed were important POLITICAL circumstances, where the Pope had seriously crossed the line between Religion and Politics, certainly during his last visit to the United States of America.

I SAY THIS WITH SHAME . . . Like far too many other writers, I too was intimidated by the fear, that people would accept any Papal Criticism by me, especially because I am Jewish, as an attack on the Catholic Religion, which was very wrong of me, since no one should get a FREE RIDE, no matter who or what he or she is. WRONG IS WRONG.

I have also kept my mouth shut, as this Pope openly criticizes Israel, for how he perceives Israel unfairly “treats” Palestinians, while he studiously ignores how Palestinians and other Arabs brutalize each other, while the Israelis show more restraint than one could possibly believe, as innocent Jewish Blood flows in their streets.


It’s hard for me to side with Donald Trump on MOST things he says that he will do if elected President, and I write about it all the time, because writing about Politics is what I do.

But, when Trump, or any other Political Candidate becomes the Target of a Religious Attack from the HIGHEST ORDER, that’s where I draw the line and circle the wagons around Trump.

If this Pope wishes to engage in the Politics of the world, let him say so, and let him turn the Catholic Church into a Political Party, if that’s what the Catholic people want. Otherwise, he should simply MINISTER to those who want to find guidance and comfort through their belief in God, and leave the Politicking to the Politicians.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. BRAVO! You are 100% correct, imo. It’s all kabuki theater to sooth the masses. The only real head of state who has actually and repeatedly put his money where is mouth is is NETANYAHU. That being said, Stephen Harper has made a fine statement recently. Thank you for your work, Mr. Galganov.

  2. Well said Howard – truth be told, the papacy and specifically the Jesuit order has been trying to subvert and destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America for centuries, and Pope Francis’ mass at the border was in reality the battle cry of a general over his invading army.

  3. There have been SOOooo many times in the past that I have said “So who made you Pope?” This time I meant it!
    Bud (Francis) Farrell

  4. I agree with you 100% and I am Catholic. Too often I have watched the church back politicians who were saying things and doing things against our Constitution. Later, the Church cries “foul” when laws are past they don’t agree with by the politicians they hinted we should vote for. They can’t have there cake and it too in these cases.

  5. BINGO!!!!! “It’s quite elementary my Dear Watson”. Chalk up another winner for HG. 🙂

  6. Logical thought processes Howard, all good. Finally, at 70 I don’t worry about what people will say about what I think. I plan to keep thinking and speaking as I wish as long as FREEDOM OF SPEECH exists in the FREE WORLD! and probably after it does not…

  7. I agree with you also! The Pope should keep to religious advise and leave politics alone.

  8. Well Howard you’re not getting off that easy-the Pope has always been a political position as well as religious and you’re too well read to believe otherwise. Too many people now take any talk of fighting poverty as an attack on their wallets and morals. Anything more than giving sandwiches to the homeless ( homeless-I’m not that old and I remember when there weren’t “homeless people” ) is “rampant socialism”. Perhaps if we performed more Mikvahs/good deeds things we’d be happier….

  9. The pope is just another man caught up in what he perceives as his own importance. Trump should respond as little as possible & let it lie; tho not likely since he refuses to not have the last word.
    As for women (of which I am a member) being equal to men – I would agree except in one respect, physical strength. God never intended them to be equals in physical ways, only equal in God’s sight of His love, grace, mercy, care and Christ’s sacrifice.

  10. In my view which I will admit can be narrow at times as with anyone- given the subject, the Pope, this Pope specifically has been pontificating all to often without thoroughly pondering the words spewing from his mouth. Those who live in glass houses should not cast stones, we are all sinners even the Pope.

  11. Once again you have hit the nail on the head. I do support Trump mainly because he hasn’t been in the business if politics all his working life and as far as I know hasn’t accepted any large sums of money from those that would demand favors once the vote is cast and he becomes President of the United States of America.

    Charles Williams Victoria, TX.

  12. Strange His Holiness failed to mention the walls around the Vatican. Agreed He should stay out of our politics.

  13. Howard, I defend your right to offend anybody and everybody, including me. It is the antithesis and the antidote to “political-correctness” which wants to tell us what to think and say. The Jewish prophets were not popular when they spoke truth to the power of the state and to the popular culture of the time. After all the blood and treasure expended to gain and maintain our God-given rights, what sacrifice would be too great for us to restore truth?

  14. Hugs and kisses for Fidel but contempt for Trump – that says it all.

  15. Well said Howard, I believe this Pope is a socialist and I wouldn’t give him the time of day. He is no John Paul for sure….

  16. The Pope says Trump should not build a wall. He should be building bridges. Are not border crossings and immigration departments Bridges ? You are right again Howard.

  17. It is not uninteresting that the Pope never leveled criticism at Barack Obama nor at Nancy Pelosi, America’s foremost political advocates for infanticide. But when Donald Trump talks about building a wall to prevent people from illegally breaking into our home, America, the Pope criticizes Trump for being un-Christian. Does the Pope not have the protection of armed guards and a wall to prevent people from illegally breaking into the Vatican?

  18. Right on, Howard. The Pope speaks with a forked tongue. He should tare down the walls of his so called nation and allow the people to invade his Nation” before he talks about others. The laws to enter & live in his nation are the strictest of all nations.

  19. Howard laments the idea put forward by feminists such as Gloria Steinem that “women should be more like men.” He should take comfort from Fran Lebowitz who observed: “Women who insist upon having the same options as men would do well to consider the option of being the strong, silent type.”

  20. This just highlights again the mental abberation that is endemic to liberalism: that good is bad and bad is good. Their moral compass is 180 degrees out of sync. The question is: why don’t they see that. Liberalism appears to be incapable of perceiving the truth!
    Joe Leach
    Indio, CA

  21. You are right Howard! God loves both the man and woman the same. It is in “FUNCTION” that they are different and they were created as a Male or a Female. They are not to cross those boundries. Women do have a tendancy to “usurp authority” but most of the time it is because men do not “function” as men. Women are unique and are not door mats per se. Men are to protect and provide for the women and children. People don’t know difference between a Democracy and a Republic.

  22. As for Trump, “Who am I to judge?” Oh wait a minute … isn’t that what the Pope said about one of his own priests when the gay priest issue came up? “Who am I to judge?” I’m a Catholic and I have to be honest. The pope is being hypocritical with all this. It has to be called out and he should apologize for his personal remarks.
    The US does need a wall to keep REAL Terrorists out. And what would happen to the US if the Pope got his way and 100 Million people crossed the border every year?

  23. Christ NEVER commented on “Politics,” he simply said, “Get along, pay Caesar what is Caesar’s and God what is God’s.” Perhaps, since we know so little about anything (we keep finding), being told to do more than love our fellow man and God, would just get us in even more trouble than we already do. No doubt we’d say it was GOD’s will we do this and that….do you think?

  24. The pope should get rid of the walls around the Vatican and disband the Swiss Guard. What a hypocrite.

  25. The Pope should stick to talking about and to other Catholics. This Protestant couldn’t care less what he says.

  26. How about the fence in Rome as well as others around the various Countries to keep out refugees, not to mention the fence at the southern border of Mexico. I may not like Trump but he says what I am thinking.

  27. Thus far, this Pope has been a refreshing maverick, however, this incident clearly established his gullibility. I predict; the immense push back will ultimately compel him to graciously apologize to Trump.

  28. If the Pope is so concerned about human rights of illegal immigrants why doesn’t he fly in his private jet to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria and chastise the Muslims regarding burning down Christian churches and killing and driving Christians completely out of those countries?

  29. Howard, I am a Catholic but do think the Pope has no business in American Politics. He sounds like a Socialist, which maybe he is since he comes from a Socialist country (I believe).

  30. The Pope should read the Bible, not the Catechism. Nehemiah was ordered by God to build a wall around Jeruselem. The Vatican has a wall. The Pope wants to turn our world to Northern Mexico Catholic. Tell me a predominately Catholic country that is as successful as our Judo-Christian USA, before Barrick HUESSIN Obama that is.

  31. OUTSTANDING piece of pure logic and common sense on a subject too many believe to be ABOVE commentary and therefore, out of bounds.

  32. Absolutely. Our politics do NOT concern Francis and he needs to STFU and do pope….stuff.

  33. My sister (in California) and I agree that the Pope should stick to looking after his flock. I’m on Trump’s side on this one and I was born and raised a Catholic. And I am definitely on the side of the Jewish people. I can’t believe that the Palestinians get such a free ride.

  34. I’m Catholic and was VERY offended by the Pope’s remark. If the Vatican takes down their walls,etc. then they have the right to have their view heard. If the Pope wants America to accept all the immigrants pouring across our border, then, to be truly Christian about it, why don’t they offer to feed them, cloth them, educate them, take care of their health care needs, etc. American shouldn’t have any obligation to an ILLEGAL immigrant – except to send them packing. The key word here is ILLEGAL

  35. I agree and have been saying this for years, ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION IT IS A WAY OF LIFE. The Pope was out of line with his Wall comments. He lives in a Walled City. Why is walled? To keep people out, well?

  36. The pope does not condemn the destruction of Christianity in the Middle East because they are NOT ROMAN Catholic, but Greek, Russian Orthodox and many others influenced in history by the Greek Orthodox Byzantine catholics and NOT Roman Catholicism. He would not believe these “heretics” are Christian at all. Look at history and what happened to non catholics. Separation of church and state came about due to the Reformation and persecution by a POLITICAL one world religion.

  37. I am Catholic. I do NOT necessarily believe ALL of the teachings,,ie When I was growing up it was wrong to associate with or attend another religions church. I associated with NON catholics and attended their churches because the Golden Rule is what I lived by. During WWII the Nazis and the Vatican were shall we say ‘bunking together’. When we think we are too big to fail….WE WILL FAIL. The Pope needs to keep himself focused on teaching the GOLDEN RULE and stay out of politics.MYPOV.

  38. Kudos! I appreciate your restraint and I admire your courage to speak out. You are so right. There comes a time when one must set aside respect for those who believe the Pope is “special” and speak out for their benefit.

  39. Donald Trump to Restore America, and the Fundamentals that Barrack Hussein Insane Obama, has tried to destroy.

  40. First, I’m a Catholic and I support Trump. Again, like the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION topic, Trump did NOT FEAR to respond to the Pope’s judgmental comments about him. Since then, many have expressed THEIR Papal criticisms! A while ago, BHO visited the Pope after which it revealed that they HOLD the same LIBERAL views, especially re: REFUGEES. Second, men and women ARE quite different–as proven by their physical structures! Their brain-function is very different as well! Not politically correct! AMEN!

  41. Well said Howard.I agree The pope is a socialist hypocrite, He had best look into his own mirror before judging others. At least Trump, while blunt or braggadoccious, is at least more honest and that is why he is running highest in the American electorate!Thanks!

  42. O.K. Howard here is where we agree again! I was raised a Catholic–have since left the Catholic church many years ago for various reasons which we will not go into, however, I have never been a big fan of any of the Popes!! This Pope has his nose into things where it does not belong. I do know that he and Obama have had a meeting or meetings and have the same beliefs (scares the hell out of me). This Pope has crossed the line.

  43. As well-intentioned as the Pope is, he erred by commenting on a political candidate, and selectively so. That said, why didn’t he also knock the Democrats’ views on abortion, adultery and homosexuality, which contradict the Catholic Church’s position?
    The irony here is that large, protective walls completely surround the Vatican itself.
    I think he only intended to say that blocking poor immigrants is an un-Christian ACT, but misspoke to an antagonistic media, and without knowing the big pictur

  44. I am a lifelong Catholic. We now have a Pope who is an “expert” in economics (capitalisms vs. socialism), geology (climate change), and American politics. Meanwhile we are running out of priests, church attendance is way down, Europe is no longer a Christian continent and America is falling fast, we are closing churches and schools all over the place, capitalist countries have the lowest poverty rates, socialist are highest and he shoots off his mouth about topics he knows nothing about.

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