I’m RIGHT In Spite Of It All – But It Doesn’t Matter



The world still has no idea what killed Supreme Court Justice Scalia. But in this case, it’s not the world that counts . . . it’s the American People, who have the right to know, since they have everything to lose because of his death – who have no idea what or who killed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

I don’t get it . . . even a RUBBY or a PROSTITUTE found dead on the street, gets to have an autopsy to discover his or her cause of death. So how come, one of the most important people on the planet, who dies so far from home, far from close friends and relatives, in an expensive elite and reclusive resort, dies without any real EXAMINATION? How’d that happen?

Yet, at the speed of light, it is determined without any real examination, by unqualified people that Scalia died from Natural Causes.


Scalia wasn’t just a Husband, Father and Grandfather . . . HE WAS A SUPREME COURT JUDGE – and the American people more than anyone have a right to know what killed him.

Did Scalia die from a Heart Attack, a Stroke, an Aneurism, Food Poising, Suffocation, or Death by Prostitute? The people don’t know . . . AND THEY SHOULD.


What also bothers me more than just somewhat . . . is where are the voices demanding to know from the MEDIA – and I mean all the Media, including the aggressive investigative Journalists and Pundits like Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren, who never let you forget that they are looking-out for you?

Do any of them know what killed Scalia? Because, unless I’ve really missed something, I DON’T . . . Do you? So why are they silent?


Trump is not my cup of Tea . . . and will do far more damage than good. BUT:

Before you read this . . . Trump is always accusing Cruz of CHEATING and LYING. But people living in Trump Glass Towers shouldn’t throw stones. Click on this Jeb Bush.Com Link http://www.jebbush.com/ to see how honest and full of ethics Trump is.

And if you believe that Trump stands 100% against Abortion as he says he does, and is now publicly threatening to sue Cruz for an ad which Cruz is running . . . that has Trump saying in a News Interview . . . that Trump is 100% in favor of a woman’s Right to have an Abortion, even a FULL TERM ABORTION . . . and that he will NEVER change his mind on that. WHO’S LYING TO WHOM?

That said . . . It seems to me, that no matter what I say and write about Trump, which I am comfortable in communicating, since I am RIGHT, WHICH IS NONETHELESS IRRELEVANT – because I am not even coming close to reflecting the mood of the people.

I DON’T THINK THE PEOPLE ARE RALLYING BECAUSE OF TRUMP . . . I think the people are rallying against all the establishment, and are choosing Trump, because the people think he might be that last GREAT HOPE BEFORE THE INSURRECTION.

Even though Trump has not . . . and cannot enunciate how he is going to do the things he is claiming that he will do if elected – at this point, to the masses who are supporting him, it doesn’t matter, because he is saying and reflecting the anger and despair the people are feeling.


IN EFFECT – TRUMP IS THEIR SLEDGEHAMMER . . . which the people have been looking for from the moment they finally figured-out that the Republicans are FULL OF CRAP AND CAN’T BE TRUSTED. And who can blame the people?

I also think that Trump is full of beans . . . but at this point, especially if he wins South Carolina on Saturday, it seems that the road to his nomination will become almost inevitable, with the only possible thing to stop him being the subsequent WINNER TAKE ALL STATES . . . . AND IF HE WINS THE NOMINATION, I will stand with him as he lets all GUNS BLAZE AGAINST THE DEMOCRATS.

There are a great many people who say that Trump Can’t Win in the General Election against Clinton or Sanders, because he won’t have the support of Blacks, Latinos and Women, which is a load of Horse Manure.

First of all . . . contrary to what the Clintons and Sanders are trying to peddle, women are not anymore stupid than men. Nor are they a monolithic force that sees men as the enemy. Nor are they immune to despising the government for what it’s done to the USA.

AS FOR BLACK AMERICANS . . . even though they are a significant voting Block, the weight they carry at the polls “en-masse”, isn’t nearly as substantial as the Democrats and the Media would have the American People Believe.

AND FOR LATINOS . . . Don’t for a second believe they don’t have Conservative Family Values and a Serious Work Ethic, and that they aren’t sick and tired of ILLEGALS who take their jobs and terrify their neighborhoods with drugs, prostitution and crime in general.

SO . . . COME SATURDAY NIGHT . . . when the votes are counted, if Trump wins big, and even though there will still be lots of campaigning to do, I think at this juncture it might be done, and Donald Trump will most probably be the Republican Nominee. But who knows in this upside-down world?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Maybe also they would have gotten it if the cards with “Je suis Charlie” also had one of the cartoons that the people were murdered for publishing.

  2. Texas does not have a great record when it comes to autopsies. Dallas police in ’63 let the Secret Service illegally remove Kennedy’s body from Texas on the day of the assassination and flew it back to D.C where inexperienced doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital screwed things up. So you’d think that when another VIP — Scalia — died on their turf they’d do things right and insist upon an autopsy.

  3. The decision not to perform an autopsy only starts a series of issues for me. For example, a reliable source reported it was it a U.S. Marshall that made the initial telephone call. Who calls a U.S. Marshall upon discovering a body?

  4. Read an article the other day on “False Flag” events. No surprise if learn Scalia was murdered but those in that line of work in US gov’t stay hidden as do their deeds. Guarantee something (reg or law) will come out of this to further the One World Order. Decisions are made during high emotion. If he was killed, it has more to it than just O naming a liberal since Congress is GOP-controlled, UNLESS there have been buy-outs going on up to this point. Keep watch, real purpose will come out.

  5. YOU ARE 100% correct on Justice Scalia, must have an autopsy we deserve that. Now Trump, I’ve heard in many speeches, he is anti abortion, totally except for rape, incest and a mother’s health at stake. I don’t knock candidates, as I feel it’s unfair, only when Cruz pulled the Carson SCAM, that really got me unnerved so unfair. He could have checked. I ridiculed him and said trust is gone, case closed. I now let the candidates fight their own battles and let people rule on the result.it’s my way

  6. My understanding is Judge Scalia had severe health issue. His family is OK with no autopsy even if I would have liked one. I will respect family wishes. I hope that is a true statement from family. On Trump I like 75% of what he says. the other 25% scares me!!!!

  7. Thanks for speaking the truth, Howard. Trump is an absolute snake, a phony, and a liar. In this respect he is worse than Clinton – with her, at least we know definitely trouble we’re receiving.

  8. Anyone but an established republican. We need a “sledgehammer”. I have my solution to building a wall at the border. It is inexpensive and reverses the no punishment for violating our immigration laws. They are tried and guilt is established when they enter the US from Mexico.

  9. The Jeb Bush website is showing that Jeb does NOT take care of details, like purchasing a website. My husband died of heart failure 24 years ago in Centerville, TX. His wishes were no autopsy and no embalming. Both Madisonville Hospital and the funeral home honored his wishes and he was buried in the family cemetery on family land in Leon County. So at least 24 years ago family wishes were taken into account in Leon County. But a SCJ should have had an autopsy without a doubt.

  10. Was Scalia hunting with Dick Cheney? …..hope he had accident insurance. You’re right Howard , too much unsaid about this at a critical point in US history.

  11. I totally agree Howard, to many unanswered question’s about Judge Scalia’s untimely death. If Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Harry Reid died tomorrow of “natural causes” do you believe there would be a mandate for an autopsy? I’m positive there would be. When individuals commit there lives to a public position of power relative to Judge Scalia and something unusual or unexpected happens, all foul play must be ruled out.

  12. Stupidity always gets you in trouble. A person who has two faces, one face undoubtedly tells you what you want to hear and the other speaks with a fork tongue. Attack and destroy. Believe me I thought that belong to the left but then he was a Democrat until a few months ago. Spoiler comes to mind.
    Be careful what you wish for in Trump. It’s not gonna happen. Then who are the losers,we the people as we have been for
    the last seven and a half years.

    seven and a half years

  13. Trump will not unite us. I do appreciate the fact that he has blown apart the idea that we have to walk on eggshells & be politically “correct.”
    If we are honest, we acknowledge seeing the steady encroachment of evil in the U.S., but like frogs in cold water set to boil, we have become acclimated to & participated in some of the evil & perversions & intimidation.
    I will vote for Ben Carson. He does justly, loves mercy & walks humbly with his God. His wise words carry a healing balm for Americ

  14. I agree about Scalia, they should have done an autopsy. Now because they didn’t there will always be questions. I don’t think it is mentioned on the news because the news media have been told not to discuss it. That is my opinion. Also I am so tired of Trump. To me he acts just like a little kid, you know one of those who can give it out but can’t take it when given back. I will vote for him if he is the nominee but I just don’t want a Republican Obama! I just don’t trust him.

  15. The death of Justice Scalia has far too many questions that were by-passed by rapidly embalming him, which would hide any evidence of foul play. I don’t doubt for a minute that he was assassinated, but we will never have proof. He avoided State of the Union meetings because of his dislike for Obama’s presentations, so there was no mutual respect there. He was the best Justice in my lifetime and I am furious that he was killed this way. It smells to high heaven.

  16. You should check the pages of REAL CONSERVATIVES sir. The pages upon pages of people who will not vote for trump are there for all to see. From every state in the union. And that includes this country loving veteran/conservative.

  17. You are so right, we are rallying against the establishment. When I read the next day, some Dr. over the phone said Scalia died of natural causes, I KNEW HE HAD BEEN KILLED. That is the way the establishment works anymore, they killed in Benghazi, why not one more? Their attitude, what difference does it make, if we can accomplish our goal? I have said from the beginning Trump will also die unexpectedly BEFORE he will ever get elected. So sad America is ending up like this.

  18. There is a growing consensus that there is “much ado about something” concerning the death of Justice Scalia. That being said, the family seems to be like sheeple, accepting our last bastion of hope’s death resulting from natural causes. When first heard, my immediate response was “foul play.” And how could it not be? There was a perfect set-up: thousands of miles from home in a deserted environment; no protective marshalls; and BHO supporters everywhere who just love Conservatives!

  19. Scalia did have health problems and was over weight. While I am also suspicious, I opine that the family knew his health was not good. It seems to me that they would want an autopsy if they suspected foul play. It is things like Scalia’s questionable death which causes me to stick with the imperfect, unpredictable Mr. TRUMP. He does not take any crap from anybody.

  20. Blacks,Latinos,women: These groups do not carry near the weight that people think when compared to that special group VOTER FRAUD. This is what got Mr. Obama elected the first time and all the politicians and people who should have cared turned their backs on it. When you have more people voting than are on the voting rolls something is wrong. Will it happen again?

  21. Mr. McNamee–you are correct in that, as usual, VOTER FRAUD is/will be the CULPRIT in the upcoming Nov. election. I, too, believe that this is how Obama was elected. No matter who wins the Republican nomination, it will be MOST IMPORTANT for him to be PREPARED re: this prevailing CORRUPTION. MUCH will be determined via the SC election on Sat.! Since so MANY consider Scalia’s death as being SUSPICIOUS, I, too, wonder how FOX will HANDLE this situation since–they “are looking out for us”? AMEN!

  22. In the beginning, I honestly liked what Trump was saying, then I woke up to reality. Trump was using words, just like Obama did, when he first campaigned. Words but no solutions to the known issues, at hand. My gut feeling is Trump thinks he can continue to use Executive Action, to bi-pass Congress, yet again. This will be his downfall and he will be impeached, mark my words. Then where would the country be? I guess that depends on who his VP is, right?

  23. Scalia joins two other Mysterious endings. Ken Lay and Osama Ben Laden. All three, no Autopsy and a quick Cremation/Sea Burial. However, Scalia is a given, witnesses, in the case of the other two, not so. Two had the $$$ to buy their get out of jail free card, one was Politically motivated. Sure sounds like Vincent Fosters departure.

  24. You absolutely correct in your assessment as usual and I agree 100% as usual. It would seem the Scalia family would want to know for sure; although, the son says (through the media today that the family knows for sure that he died from natural causes. Without an autopsy there is no way to know for sure. Oh, BTW what are natural causes of death. I agree on the statements re: Trump he is almost as scary as either of the democrats.
    Phyllis Wilson, Johnson City, TN

  25. Who know at this point whether The Donald has the nomination sewed up or not.

    But as far as Trump not giving any specifics as to how he would deal with the hundreds or thousands of issues that will confront him if elected, so what ? The current incumbent surely pronounced lots of things he would do, And he either hasn’t done them at all or has done exactly the opposite of what he promised during his campaigns. so, (and definitely NOT quoiting Hillary) what difference does it make ?

  26. I believe the democrats will rely on voter fraud (dead people voting, people voting twice, ballots from the military being disposed of, rigged voting machines) to once again steal an election. That is why Barry Barack Hussein Obama can confidently stand up there and say, “I don’t believe Trump will be our next president.” The game is rigged against us and it doesn’t matter who the people vote for. As far as Scalia, it stunk to the high heavens when Andrew Breitbart passed, and it does now!

  27. Howard I would like to give my thoughts on the Scalia murder !

    Found dead in a hotel of an Obama supported and Obama award winner with a pillow over his head , Pronounced dead of natural causes over the telephone , embalming which would skew any toxicology , and cremated eliminating any disinterment !

    The Democrats would know that there would be theories of murder , which could have been avoided with and autopsy , if the was no foul play involved !

  28. Trump might not “take any crap from anyone”…..but he does lie…along with Rubio. If you have been listening to Mark Levin on radio he has covered this issue about lies more than carefully and thoroughly. Cruz and Levin are praying Trump will carry out his one-of-many threats to sue Cruz. I urge you to learn the truth by listening to Levin’s radio archives. They are all free. I’m assuming the truth does matter.

  29. Review the bidding–no one with a political background–no one with a shadowy background who speaks out of both sides of his mouth–leaves only one, a person who believes in doing good, who genuinely loves this country, and who speaks softly but with great knowledge–and who has not been given the attention he deserves–Dr Ben Carson.

  30. First, I believe Scalia was “taken out”, there is nothing “Natural” about his death!
    Second, the ONLY way Trump will get my vote is if he’s nominated, I will, again, hold my nose, if he succeeds!
    Sadly, we are in a two-party system, any vote for someone other than a Democrat or Republican is a wasted vote. (This thing with Trump reminds me of when Ross Perot ran and Clinton won!) Going to be a bumpy road from here on out!!!!!!!

  31. Howard, you should comment based on facts, and not on emotion. You say Trump will do more damage than good. So dealing with illegal immigration, the debt, Obamacare, jobs, national security is doing more harm than good? Get real!
    And now the Pope and his Socialist gang have attacked him. I think this action will guarantee him a win. Go Trump, go. If only we had someone with even a smidgen of his smarts in Canada!

  32. Yes Howard you are on target. And as far a men and women are concerned, they are looked upon by the Eternal Father as equal. God loves them both the same. It is in “FUNCTION” that they differ. We are not to cross the boundries within which each of us are CREATED TO FUNCTION EITHER AS A MALE OR AS A FEMALE. There should be some way to find our for sure how Judge Acalia died. I think he was killed by the “Establishment at hand”.

  33. When the Medias are owned and controlled by the puppeteers. They can get away with Murder and I mean that Literally. I am not judging that the Judge was murdered. But as I said why other than cover up would the Media have a Gag order on them. That is to great of a piece to just sweep it under the Rug. That is worse than a dead rat. I smell dead fish on this one. By the way Donald Trump 2016. I want to see what a willing president can do to corrupt Medias.

  34. Marfa Texas is as remote as you can get and be in the USA. There are 30, 60 100 thousand acre ranches due to the poor land. No coroner around, No doctor to get. Who dies with a pillow over his head? This is another of the hundreds of unsolved deaths (?) in our pollitics. He wasn’t hunting. Why was he coaxed to go? As a Texan if I wanted to do someone in, I would take them to the vast barren area of West Texas, Marfa and Alpine. The ranch owner is a Democrat and big donor to the Party.

  35. Declared dead by phone … then embalmed an hour afterwards indicates to me that they were getting rid of his blood immediately … Who does that??? Looks like poison to me … This great man deserves Justice … 5 important cases are coming up … I believe they are immigration, abortion, voter ID, life at conception and affirmative action … RIP Justice Scalia … Thank-you for being steadfast in sticking to the Constitution in all your decisions … A huge loss for America …

  36. I in no way believe Justice Scalia’s death was of natural causes! But we will never will know!Extremely suspicious, what or who made his family go along with this? A beloved man, one of the best Supreme court Justices we’ve had! Re: lying, all lie. Well maybe not Hillary, she “Always tries to tell the truth” HOW NAIVE ARE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY? Kinda dumb question. Re: Trump, for me he’s out! If he is the nominee, I’ll no more stand with him as I did with Obama! Trump has Trump in mind!

  37. Will Trump set all guns blazing against the Democrats? I think he will he make a deal? More of the same.

  38. We would have thought that Scalia ‘s family would have had a true and official statement about his death to the public. Scalia ‘s stature is so immense that it should not be shrouded the way it is now. Surely public pressure will bring out what really happened.
    .Doug Mc Clintock, Sarnia, Ont

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