Important Enough For An Insurrection



There’s a lot of noise coming from the Media, about how disrespectful it is to the Memory of the Late Justice Scalia, because it didn’t take seconds before the Republicans, but specifically how the Republican Candidates have POLITICIZED his death.


When a President dies in office . . . the Vice President is sworn in as soon as someone in authority is available to take his or her Oath of Office, even before the deceased’s body gets cold. And if the Vice President is unfit for whatever reason to take the Oath, the Speaker of the House is up next, and so on. But either way, mourning the death comes after the continuation of National Responsibility.

When a King or Queen dies in Office . . . The government declares that the Royal is Dead, and then immediately proclaims – Long Live The King or Queen, referencing whomever is next in the line to ascend to the Throne. And continuity goes on, since there will be time for mourning later.


The Supreme Court is the Third Rail of Government in the USA, and the only one that is NOT directly elected by the people, which can, and will move the United States in any Direction it deems fit. So, replacing Scalia is not just filling a slot . . . it is a lifetime appointment that will determine the future of the World’s Largest and thus far seriously challenged Democracy.

And if the Senate gets it wrong, and allows Obama to replace Scalia with anyone who is not an EARNEST Conservative as was Scalia . . . everyone might as well MOURN the memory, of all that has made America Great.


I don’t care about JURISPRUDENCE . . . because this goes beyond protocol and debate. It comes right down to the essence and SURVIVAL of America.

And anyone appointed to the Supreme Court by Obama, and confirmed by the Senate, who will tilt to the LEFT, will change America forever.

THE STAKES ARE SO HIGH . . . that the impending battle over the appointment of a replacement for Scalia, if pushed the wrong way, would MERIT an armed INSURRECTION by Patriots in Congress, and on the Streets of America. Because, if the balance of power shifts in the Supreme Court, America will no longer exist as it was created on July 4, 1776.


All the Republican Candidates have made it clear to their credit, that they will not support the replacement of a Supreme Court Justice until after the election.

AND CRUZ MADE IT CLEAREST OF ALL . . . that the appointment of the replacement for Scalia is so important, that it should be decided by the people in the UPCOMING Presidential Campaign.

THE PEOPLE MUST HAVE THE RIGHT . . . to determine the destiny of the United States of America, and not an outgoing President, especially given where America has been dragged over the past few generations, and specifically over the past 7-Years.

NEVER IN MY 66-YEAR LIFETIME . . . has there ever been a clearer decision before the people, than the choice of a Supreme Court Judge, who will decide the FUNDAMENTAL future of the USA, because the choice of the next President will become the choice of the structure of the Supreme Court, and where it will bring America.

If you’re an American Citizen with the RIGHT to Vote . . . How could you oppose the RIGHT to become directly involved in choosing the NEXT SUPREME COURT JUSTICE?

And if for whatever reason you say that you shouldn’t, then I say you shouldn’t bother voting, because choosing the direction and future of your country surpasses anything and everything anyone voting today, has ever had the opportunity to become directly involved in, in anyone’s living memory.


1 – Interpret the Constitution the way it was written.

2 – Support the 1st Amendment with the very LEAST of exceptions.

3 – Enforce the 2nd Amendment as it was intended.

4 – Support the 10th Amendment and States’ Rights.

Other serious issues include: Obamacare, Reproductive Rights, The Individual Expression of Participation based upon Religious Values . . . Etcetera.

CRUZ IS 100% RIGHT . . . that the future appointment, of the replacement for Scalia, must become a FUNDAMENTAL election issue, where the American People will have to do an enormous amount of SOUL SEARCHING to decide, what kind of country they will want to see in the future.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am very angry. We sit back and do nothing. I would favor profiling every moslem from now on. I would favor deportation for those who refuse to adhere to our form of democracy. I wish our leaders would show moral courage and call a spade a spade. I really couldn’t care less today if a moslem is offended. They have been offending me for years. Enough is enough already. Ray Moscato

  2. As usual, right on the money. When I first saw the headline that Scalia had passed on, I was horrified. Yes, I’m sympathetic with his family’s loss, but more importantly, I knew the significance as Howard describes is immediately. Disaster, I thought. If the Republican Senate cannot even defend our supposedly Republican values at such a momentous time as this, then we have absolutely nothing left but revolution. We must not submit to the tyranny of the Left.

  3. The stakes could not be higher. Kamala Harris MUST NOT be named to the supreme court–not Eric Holder either. The Senate can hold up this appointment as long as they wish and WE THE PEOPLE need to make a stand. I loved Scalia and revered his jurisprudence and cried for him as well as for America. Obama must not be allowed to seat another radical and unfit Justice a la Sotomayor or Kagan.

  4. This was a wonderful explanation of our founders WHO knew right from wrong also TRUTH from LIES. The last 7/8 years will go down in history as unforgetable and in freedoms and truth as unforgivable in hearts of all. We are standing on a sink hole and the voters who voted for and those who did not mark a ballot are responsible for the Fall. We will not war with USA We will infiltrate their Government Justice and Education systems destroy ethics morals GOD LOCK OUT PUBLIC PLACE & speech & FALL USA

  5. I read today that a Mr. Gregory Craig, a former White House council under Obama, complains that some of the recent SCOTUS decisions do not reflect the present American positions on various subjects. News, Mr. Craig, they are not supposed to! They are supposed to reflect what the Constitution says. Making the court into a political organization is wrong. The Constitution has provisions for “attitude changes” it called Article V of the document. Wisely it is not a simple process but very delibera

  6. right on howard! am with you all the concern right now is that the u s has gone so far down the socialist toilet that about all we can hope for is a president and justice who will stop our hemorraging to the left…swerving to the right with gusto is going to be impossible given the number of voters who are living off the rest of us and our unborn grandchildren….the repub candidates have so damaged one another they are paving the way for the likes of another demigod like sanders…

  7. If anyone thinks for a New-York-second that the Senate is going to protect the country you will be 100% wrong.
    They will screw the entire country (AS THEY HAVE BEEN DOING) and they WILL APPROVE ANY CANDIDATE SUBMITTED.
    No reason to believe that these incompetent morons will all of a sudden do what is required.
    They have failed the country ever since they took over.

  8. So far no one knows if Scalia was murdered or just died a natural death, but we can not appoint a person that don’t believe in what Scalia believed. If Obama is allowed to pick a person and OK’d by the Senate we are up the creek. We the people must decide who will do the picking. Obama is in his final year of his agenda to destroy America and getting mighty brave with actions to accomplish his mission. America must watch Obama closely and to who dies that would make Obama accomplish his agenda.

  9. In agreement with Teri Newman: Kamala Harris is an ardent liberal who has argued against gun owners before the Supreme Court. She would love to remove self-defense firearms from law-abiding gun owners by removing any vestiges of 2nd Amendment protection guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Her extreme-left leanings are well known to Californians, and as such, she has no business as a Supreme Court Justice whose allegiance must be ONLY to the Constitution and its un-sullied original purpose.

  10. If we loose the constitution we lose the rule of law. When that happens whoever is in power makes the law. The founders gave us a constitution that has given us (and countless others who depend on America for freedom) hundreds of years of freedom. All of the great tyranny’s have been lawless. The stakes for America and the world could not be higher. God help us.

  11. Some are calling it an assassination. Whether or not it is, the ISSUE has been, and remains so, maybe even more PUBLICLY SO, that the US Supreme Court manipulators have been trying to “fix” the Constitution for years (early 1900’s). The thoughts behind the “fix” are that only a few Superior Beings (Plato’s Philosopher-Kings) should make decisions for the Great Unwashed. Who are these marvelous people?? Soros and his social engineers. Why, ask Hitler and Stalin.

  12. “Armed insurrection”? Really, Howard?
    The Scalia controversy only reinforces my conviction that the avenue through which constitutional conservatives must vent their frustration is through the Article 5 Movement: amend the constitution via the individual States, through convention, and bypass Congress.
    One of the only good things about the Canadian Constitution is the “notwithstanding” clause which allows parliament, provincial or federal, to override decisions by unelected Supreme Court judg

  13. The congress that we elected and now has a clear Republican majority was so incompetent (or worse) to have let obama railroad the single most dangerous deal (Iran) in the history or our beloved country is not a congress that I have much faith in to thwart the stacking of the Court by that same obama. And folks, don’t be surprised if there isn’t yet another Justice that will be gone before the disaster of obama is done. Then the pressure on our hapless Repubs will make them squeal and cave. Sad!

  14. It gives me goosebumps to read your editorial. There are so many that I have talked with that do not see (or maybe don’t want to see) the absolute fundamental seriousness and the enormity of the impact his death has for the consequences for America. It’s mind boggling! That said, I would think an autopsy would be mandatory in a case of this importance.

  15. Americans need to remember that, while the President can submit a candidate, the Senate must ADVISE and CONSENT to the appointment. The Senate should not consent to any candidate put forward by this President. The Citizens need to have a say in the next Supreme Court Justice via who is elected the next President. There is plenty of historical precedent to support this. We need to hold our Senators feet to the fire to NOT confirm any Obama candidate.

  16. Howard Galganov of I now do thank,
    His Blog of understandings with very best of them rank,
    Scalia’s replacement may determine the nation’s direction,
    And OH YES that could be the cause for an insurrection!!

    Tony Melli

  17. You are right on this one. We need to hold out because Liberals do not follow or believe in the Constitution. We cannot swing it to the left or our Country will be gone as we know and knew it. That is why it is so important to VOTE whether it is our guy or not. People need to realize that the R and D behind their names can make or break a Country. To me it isn’t just the Pres but SC we are voting for also.

  18. If Obama is thinking of appointing Loretta Lynch it would behoove the FBI to recommend grand jury indictment of Hillary. That way we can all see how impartial she is as she stalks or declines to act on that . Vickie McCoy

  19. Amen, Mr. G. Justice Scalia was the best Justice we’ve had in a generation. He read the Constitution and knew what it is and was meant to be and his judgments were solidly based on that. It will be difficult to replace him, if it’s even possible, and we know full well that Obama will put in a screaming Liberal hussy, Lynch no doubt at all, if the Senate allows it. We cannot allow it to happen, no matter what it takes.

  20. You don’t know Marfia, Tex. It is very remote. If you were going to do away with someone, that is the place to do it. No one can get to them in time. It was reported over the phone and phone conversations with the coroner, etc. He retired early. Did he have a sleeping pill? There is a tremendous amout of questions to be asked about his death – but nothing will be done, I’m sure. Just another unanswered death of hundreds.

  21. But, even now, I can see obama pushing very controvercial issue’s, illega-immigration, etc., to the SCotUSA, to get a more liberal side decisions. Frankly, if the Senate doesn’t confirm to fill any justice seat, the SC should not be able decide on anything.

  22. Correction Tony Kodaks, the notwithstanding clause in the Canadian Constitution was put there by Pierre Trudeau, father of the current dilettante. The intent was/is to allow Quebec to opt out and do what the hell it likes, as it does quite often.
    Quebec has virtually abolished the English language and has secret language police.

  23. NOTHING is surprising about this administration anymore! Call me “suspicious”, etc…, but isn’t it PECULIAR that not too long ago Hillarious said that she would probably nominate BHO to the Supreme Court–if elected. Now, just a few days ago, Justice Scalia died. The owner of the ranch happens to be BHO’s friend. The medical follow-up procedures APPEAR to be QUESTIONABLE, etc… Marfia, TX is very remote–how CONVENIENT! Hey! That’s only MY thoughts & feelings about his death. GREAT MAN! AMEN!

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