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I am absolutely despondent over Saturday’s (February 13, 2016) HORRIFIC display of BOORISH behavior at the Republican Debate, so much so, that I want to close the Television and stop reading the News until the election is over.

But that’s not going to happen.

I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW LOW WE’VE SUNK as a society, to CHEER for a RUDE NARCISSISTIC BS ARTIST like Donald Trump, whose only campaign platform is to INSULT his way onto the headlines, defame his opposition, and tell everyone who will listen, as to HOW MUCH EVERYONE LOVES HIM.

I’m also dismayed at how so many people bought into Trump’s narrative that the room was stacked against him. He didn’t know that, and neither do we. And even if that was true . . . SO WHAT?

I’ve been in rooms that have been stacked against me, but I never acted like an angry petulant SCHMUCK because of it. I always turned it around by having all of my facts and debating points at the tip of my tongue. So why didn’t he?

Trump mentioned in the debate that Cruz had ROBOCALLS doing to him, what Cruz was accused of doing to Carson . . . OH YEAH – and where’s his proof, or was that just a Dirty Trump Campaign Trick? Do you know? Because I don’t.


Trump says that he will bring back jobs from China, Japan, Mexico and now Vietnam, but doesn’t say how. Do you know how, since he’s not saying?

Trump says that he will build the Wall between Mexico and the USA, and get Mexico to pay for it, but doesn’t say how. Do you know how, since he’s not saying?

Trump says that he will put HUGE taxes on Ford and now Carrier Air Conditioner, for them to bring their products into the USA from Mexico, in spite of the North American Free Trade Agreement, but he doesn’t say how? Do you know how, since he’s not saying?

Trump says that he’s going to reduce taxes, build the military and kick the crap out of ISIS without being at all PRIVY to National Security, or where the money is going to come from to finance all of this, but he won’t really say how. Do you know how, since he’s not saying?

Do you remember in 2008, when the Nation voted for someone who also had great empty promises, because they sounded and felt really good?

Do you really want to do that again?

When this contest started with the multitude of Republican Candidates, one of lowest Candidates on my list, just a notch above Chris Christie was Jeb Bush. Even though I still support Cruz, after Saturday’s debate, and a few previous debates, Bush is now looking better all the time.


As hard as I am working to grow the Galganov.com Readership, and as much as I need Financial Support to help make this BLOG and the other things that I am trying to do happen . . .

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THIS MIGHT SEEM LIKE A DUMBASS THING FOR ME TO WRITE . . . as I’m about to ask you for your MONTHLY FINANCIAL SUPPORT for this BLOG, but principle is what makes Galganov.com as popular as it is becoming.

I can’t stand what has happened to Television and Print Media, where there are very few places, where any of us can learn the truth without the razzmatazz.

When I turn on FOX News for example, and I hear the moderator say . . . THIS WAS A GREAT DEBATE”, describing a political fight in the gutter, I have to shake my head in utter disappointment, as to what the Media thinks is a great debate.


Whatever amount of FREE publicity every other Candidate from either Party receives, Trump gets so much more, that it’s almost  immeasurable . . . WHY?


1 – Trump is great entertainment for Reality News TV. And he’s fabulous for Ratings.

2 – If Trump wins the nomination, which is very possible . . . the question the Opposition and all the Media will be asking him, will be – HOW?

THIS IS THEATER THE MEDIA IS SALIVATING FOR – How is Trump going to do all the things he’s promising to do . . . AND BECAUSE I’M DONALD TRUMP, AND EVERYONE LOVES ME – will not be an answer the overall population will accept?

So . . . if Trump cannot say HOW to Republicans – How is Trump NOT going to say HOW to the whole country, especially once everyone puts his feet to the FIRE?

Except for a few other BLOGS like mine, several Conservative Internet News Providers, and several Conservative Radio Talk Shows . . . where else can Conservatives turn for HONEST INFORMATION AND ANALYSIS?

At a time when information means everything, I want Galganov.com to reach as many people as possible, because, if I can change just one mind at a time, and get people thinking and questioning, those will be REAL victories.

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And to the few people, who have already sent financial support for this BLOG for the month of February, THANK YOU!

AND BY THE WAY . . . I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but, when someone of the incredible National Stature of a Supreme Court Justice like Antonin Scalia dies during these tumultuous times, far from home, with no apparent cause, yet, his death is ruled NORMAL, and there’s no autopsy – WHAT CONCLUSION SHOULD WE DRAW?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. your editorial is an accurate assessment of what is taking place in the streets of Paris. There is not another political blogger that can come close to explaining it better than you!

  2. Hi Howard, though I humbly disagree with you about Trump I hope I would always support this blog though I can only give a limited amount each month. I also think it is great you are supporting the gun ranges and shops in Canada and the US. I know you will be able to sell these ads in a very short time once the customers of these shops mention where they saw the advertisements.

  3. 1st: Conspiracy works for Kennedy. Could also work in Scalia’s case also. He was too fine a person and too close to the solution. 2nd: Keep telling us what is really going on and you will never have lack of readers. Royce!!!

  4. There should definitely be an autopsy for Justice Scalia. One person at the scene was quoted as saying there was a pillow on top of his head (Drudge or Newsmax). The coroner declared a cause of death without even performing an autopsy. If his death was not of natural causes, then this country is in more trouble than I thought…Donald is hard to figure out, but offers the most hope for America. I do not fault him for not saying how, because the world situation changes from period to period.

  5. Howard you are getting too worked up about the symptoms and should worry more about the disease. In both Canada and the US it seems that these days only the scum rises to the top. The long term implications of this are scary both for the security of the countries and and the democratic process.

  6. Totally agree with you re: Antonin Scalia. Also agree w/you that Trump should be more SPECIFIC re: HOW he will ACCOMPLISH everything he’s PROMISING! No one can blame Trump, however, for using the media to his advantage because didn’t the LIBERAL MEDIA do the same thing in the past? He’s also spent a lot LESS money than his opponents. WHO Trump selects as a VP will say a lot about him! They ALL played the CHILDISH game on Saturday! It’s time to get SERIOUS and move on to the REAL ISSUES!! AMEN!

  7. These debaters need to recognize and reject questions that the media would never ask Sanders or Clinton. It’s obvious what these msm puppets are up to.

  8. Few if any politicians are able to back up pre-election promises. Once elected the most promises are quickly dumped as “things are much worse via our predecessors than we ever imagined”. Politicians should be subject to charges of perjury for the major platform lies designed to fool the electorate for votes. I like several of the others but they have worse shortcomings than Trump. Sleepy Dr. Carson is wonderful but no spine. Rubio is duplicitous. Cruz too religious. Vote Trump to defeat Hilary.

  9. It struck me odd that no autopsy was done too,& how quick the diagnosis was made.RE:Trump, what debating skills does he have?,he calls the shots in his empire or FIRED!I simply won’t support him,Trump made my mind up re:that! Re:your Blog, KEEP ON KEEPING ON! Disagreements always happen,raised in the Bronx,being Italian,living among Jews, Irish,& Germans disagreements were a NORM!It actually was fun at times.food was Great, Hanging out was great,Block Parties were out of sight! Learned stuff too

  10. Howard, I so agree with your blog today that I’m sending you a donation. Keep on saying what you’re saying. I especially agree with you about Trump. And the school teacher in me cringes at the behaviors I saw in the last debate!

  11. Howard, This election cycle is unique, because Obama has brought our country to the precipice and we’re about to go over the edge. Any of our candidates are fine with me. Trump may be crude, rude & vulgar, but should he be the last man standing, I will support him over a socialist like Sanders, or a lying, manipulative piece of garbage like Clinton.

  12. When I heard that Trump was bashing George W. Bush, saying he was the cause of 9-11 and that he knowingly lied about the weapons in Iraq – I have chalked him off, completely. If, he is the chosen candidate for the GOP – I am not really sure, that I could vote for him. To blame one man for the events of 9-11 is ludicrous and insane!!! It’s like saying that Lincoln was the cause of the Civil War – Stupid, just plain stupid. You kept doing what you are doing, I happen to love it. 🙂

  13. Thank you, Ms. Schwartz. Your comment is dead on. And I’ll keep reading Howard for undiluted facts.

  14. H, it’s your way or the hwy. that’s what i read. Not so, we have views, opinions also, it’s called debating. One sided yours also is not FAIR to your readers. Our Govt. is deceitful and evil YES, media outlets also. But we should be able to disagree with you it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. No foul language, yes, opinions are our entitlement. Angry with me I hope not, but I also blog and those are my rules. If you are insulted, cannot help that. Also I like TRUMP, HE’S MY GUY!

  15. The reason Trump is going to be the Republican nominee is simple: Voter RAGE. The current opinion is that DC shoved Obamacare down out throats so the voters are going to shove Trump up their collective…um…noses. I have never experienced such anger from the average American in the 57 years I’ve been alive–even my 85 year old Dad is in a rage. Scalia was hated by Obama with a passion and I would NOT put it past Jarrett/Obama to murder a SCOTUS justice who stands in their way of a NWO.

  16. I too question the death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia. How in the world can anyone declare “Natural Cause” over the phone, by taking the word of someone else??? Sure smells “FISHY” to me!!!!!!!!!! I believe an Investigation should be done.

    Thank you for all you do for so many Howard. God Bless You, Anne, and your pets..

  17. I agree with Teri Newman; voters are attracted to Trump because of voter “rage.” I am not particularly a Trump fan. He is following the non-specific-answer tactic pulled by Obama in 2008, and this concerns me—as it should. Trump’s underlying message, however, is sound: We need to rid Washington of its corruption and borderline tyranny. The question is: Is Trump the right man for the job, or just another Obama-like blowhard who makes promises he can’t keep? Frankly, my choice is Cruz.

  18. Mr. Trump! Goodness, forget him for doing anything to the good of our country if he does not tell us how he is going to get it done. We need answers! Mr. Jeb Bush might just be in the background and is being a “gentleman” in how he performs. Well, we need to listen more closely to him maybe. As far a Judge Antonin Scalia, I think it was a conspiracy killing. That is why they did not perform an autopsy or do an investigative action on “cause of death.” There is a lot of things going on!

  19. Hi Howard & Anne, you said, exactly my sentiments. Who is left to run for POTUS? Pray the light shines soon. We have had too many Bushes NWO.. Trump is a snarling bully, spoiled w/easily buying what he wants when he wants it. Sat was loud childish & embarrassing. We have a devout Muslim running the Whitehouse. Why not Cruz? Kennedy was Catholic. Cruz can think on his feet.Why don’t the GOP support him? He would not put up with their games, LIES & BS negotiation behind the voters backs!

  20. I said this before. Mexico will pay for the wall. I lived over 20 yrs in Brownsville. Had a friend in the top 3 of the PAN party. I know what Trump can do to Mexico, China, Japan, etc. As he said, he is not revealing his hand in this as all the others will get on the bandwagon, like they did immigration when he talked about it. He was the only one on th epodium with Inter-natl business experience, only Carson and Trump are not working for the taxpayers’ dollar. He can revive the USA

  21. I have tried to not think of the debate for several days now. This morning FOX news had some talking heads, one of which mentioned that it sounds like Trump may have won xXX’s (Noted Hollywood Progressive) partial approval. Well, The Donald is a great chess player. He has had to be successful in business like he has. Could it be that, with his lead, is he now already looking the proverbial 4 moves ahead and is trying to steal Democratic votes? Who normally would do that?

  22. Outstanding as usual Howard. I wish the Trump supporters would ask him to clarify, step by step, exactly how he is going to do all the things he says he will do. It’s just not possible unless he becomes a dictator; and we already have a one in office now. Saturday’s debate was SHAMEFUL! And Trump really ticked me off with his petulant whining and personal sniping. For me, this drops him out of the presidential run. God help this country if these guys don’t clean up this race.

  23. I just emailed Mitch McConnell and asked him to call the Senate back from recess today. It is his opportunity to act like a real leader and do the people’s will for once. I am completely disgusted with the GOP debate, and ask that they all grow up and take our situation seriously. I would not let my great-grandchildren get away with such behavior, and expect our candidates and their teams to grow up and act as competent leaders.

  24. Do we elect presidents any more? Or is it the power (big money? illuminati?) who chooses. Is it possible Joel 3:2 might be approaching. It is an Old Testament prophecy about the coming end time battle of the ages. What is interesting is that the name Jehoshaphat means “the judgments of Yah (God).” Do we know which other candidates are for One World Government? Bush’s grandfather was in favor of One World Order. Doesn’t mean he if, but would bet he is. Absolutely love your writings.

  25. Trump has made clear statements of Renegotiating the Trade agreements. And has suggested that the in port, export tariffs would be adjusted. To favor the products being made here rather than shipped in. Donald Trump also suggested regulating the Government menace to American Manufacturers . And reducing the unfair cost of American manufacturing to meet regulations. That does not exist in other countries . Including China, Mexico, Japan and Viet Nam. It would be nice to see more accurate coverage

  26. “Give ’em hell, Harry!” As to Justice Scalia’s demise, I think it is safe to say that at least blood was drawn and maybe some swabs of various body fluids were taken and, if anything of a curious nature is found, you will get your autopsy. These types of deaths are always suspect where there are no visible suspicion signs, then the only thing else would be the ingestion of something lethal. You can almost bet a lab somewhere is running every screen on blood known…Bill

  27. Well, I certainly agree with you, Howard. Trump’s campaign barbecue is all smoke and no meat. He does touch on issues of great importance to the voters, but simply stating problems and making only vague promises re their solutions is not likely to work as it did for the fraud in 2008 and 2012. I wish at least one debate moderator would ask these questions.

  28. It’s sad to me that we started out with so many choices only to be narrowed down to the current group. I, too, have been a Cruz supporter. But, the bickering between him and Rubio over past fights in the Senate seem to underscore the argument against first-term senators being president (look at who we have now). Trump may unfortunately be the “least bad” choice.

  29. Howard, Bush shouldn’t even be on your vote getting radar. He’s so soft on border security that a slushee is like a glacier when compared. He’s a rabid supporter/founder(?) of common core. The worst so called education system designed in history. I live in Fl. for 10 yrs & will not vote for him. Not even in the general. I will do a write in. He’s a blue blood establishment controlled puppet that looks down his nose at the likes of us, the common every day working man who believes in G-d

  30. Hi Howard,
    As per usual, you have once again hit the nail on the head! I just sent in a blog to another conservative action group which promises the candidates will see and read it. My topic was almost identical to yours today. “Stop the on-stage battling and, instead focus heavily on the issues and how you will right them.” I do happen to favor Trump because other world leaders will face surprises each time they meet him. His egomania aside, my gut tells me he’ll be an excellent prez.

  31. Howard, I watched an interesting program last night called “The Mad World of Donald Trump”. This program was aired on the Passionate Eye program, CBC. I would highly recommend people watch it. The narrator was Matt Frei from the BBC and he presented things about Trump that I don’t think the average voter knows about him. Sure won’t be good if he becomes the next President.

  32. i agree with you! I think they all act like little children and need to tell us how I will do what I say I am going to do in the debate. I like Cruz but will vote for who gets the nomination, if not we will get Sanders or Hillary. I enjoy your group here so will start donating once I get my check at the end of the month. Just keep up the good work. I also think Scalia’s death needs looking into. Anyone in his position should always be investigated & an autopsy.

  33. Just because I don’t happen to agree with EVERYTHING you write, it does not mean that I won’t continue to contribute when I am able. And it does not mean that I will stop reading your blogs.

    After all, I still listen to AND watch NBC News where I seldom agree with ANYTHING they report!

    Keep it up and don’t let the you-know-who’s get you down!!

  34. I’m upset, angry you name it but will not support a person with no moral compass. We need a God fearing man in office.
    You want an outsider. Well we had Woodrow Wilson an outsider who promised we would not enter the war. Our men were soon marching to ‘Over There’ When Trump comes to take your house for a casino don’t complain. Another thing.
    Why did his friends wait so long to check on Mr. Scalia when he didn’t show for breakfast. With friends like this who needs enemies.

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