All Of A Sudden The Game Has Changed

This is an extraordinarily SAD & UGLY PICTURE.


Trump has coined a whole new term to explain what his political philosophy is: COMMON SENSE CONSERVATISM . . . And like everything else Trump says, it only means what Trump wants it to mean at the time.

I won’t bother writing about how important the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia is to the United States and ultimately to the World, since the people who read this BLOG already know.

But, what I will say, is how much Scalia’s death has focused on the incredible importance of whom the Republicans will choose to be their Nominee. And with the passing of Scalia, that focus has become crystal clear.


Anyone who saw the debate on Saturday Night (February 13, 2016), who wasn’t offended by the spectacle of 6-Men, vying to win the White House scrapping like kindergarten kids, did not see the same debate that I did.

TO BEGIN . . .

There’s a TON of culpability to go around . . . especially amongst the Media, INCLUDING FOX News, who are driven to stage CAGE MATCHES, to get the candidates to go down to their most basic and ugliest level.

FOX didn’t stage the Saturday debate, but was only too happy to get down in the dirt poking each candidate they interviewed after the debate was done, by regurgitating the INSULTS & FIGHTS, rather than focusing on the real issues people care about.

AND IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME . . . just look at the Democrats and how they debate, and ask yourself which Democrat has pushed with gusto, to embarrass another candidate, while leveling insults and innuendos?

AND THEN LOOK AT THE DEBATE MODERATORS . . . They don’t pit one candidate against the other when moderating a Democrat Debate, BUT THEY DON’T HESITATE to stir the pot when it comes to Republicans . . . AND FOX NEWS IS AS BAD AS ANY OF THEM, which shows me that they’re no better than the Media Herd.


It’s got to end now, or the Republicans will not lose the coming election . . . THEY WILL GIVE IT AWAY to whomever the LEFT nominates to be their leader.

HERE IS A FACT . . . Everyone who watches the Republican Debates have watched them all, because if someone wasn’t interested in the first, he or she won’t be interested in the last.

So the CRAP we witnessed Saturday Night, is the same BS we’ve heard from the first debate – OVER AND OVER AGAIN. How many times do we have to hear Trump Insult everyone he sees as a threat? And how many times do we have to hear Rubio and Cruz scream at each other over who said this, and who said that, ad infinitum?

I have never seen such an ongoing despicable display of rudeness and invective outside a Professional Wrestling Match, where people pay to be treated to this kind of abysmal behavior.

IT IS UNBECOMING from people who want to the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to behave like goons.


CARSON has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he does not belong in this contest. He has earned the right to be recognized as a world-class pediatric neuro-surgeon, but he does not have what it takes to be the President of the United States of America and the Commander-In-Chief of a waning Super-Power.

KASICH simply pisses me off with his sanctimonious goody-goody-two-shoes act, as he panders before the audience like the Cheshire Cat, far removed from the rabble. When I was in school, guys like Kasich were amongst the students I LIKED THE LEAST.

AS FOR BUSH . . . I was really impressed with him for standing his ground and giving real answers when given the chance.

RUBIO & CRUZ . . . better smarten-up, or they will find themselves pointing fingers at each other when a Democrat is sworn-in as the 45th President.

TRUMP . . . Has diminished this campaign to the GUTTER . . . and if you can’t see that, what do you see?

I can’t believe the level, as to how much the American Process has fallen, to the point where the American Dream might be defended not by the Congress, not by the Oval Office, and not by the Courts . . . but rather in the streets, where the Media and Political Process is bringing the American People and Patriots, to the point of Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty.

This is an extraordinarily SAD & UGLY PICTURE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. While watching the leaders from various nations, I was wondering how many of them would have the courage to run the cartoons. I did not see one with courage in the crowd. Had the Western journalists had an ounce of courage, their papers would be filled with the cartoons.

  2. It makes the situation look worse when you consider that out of a population of +- 350 million people the current candidates, both democratic and republican, are the best that can be found.

  3. I couldn’t agree more Howard. Scalia was an absolute treasure for liberty loving people, and his voice for constitutionalism will not be easily replaced. Conservativism is under assault from all directions these days, especially and particularly from within. Donald Trump is no conservative – I would describe him, at best, as a “reactionary nationalist/populist”. Under these current conditions, we should not be surprised if and when Clinton is nominated as President.

  4. Republican debates prior to last night were a pre-show to what we all knew was coming. And it did not disappoint last night. Was reminded of what my father said about a person deciding to wrestle with a pig. There are only 2 outcomes; 1-You will look terrible; 2-You will smell terrible. Trump has chosen to be a pig. His outcome is foreseen. So are those who choose to wrestle him. God help the Republican party!!! What happened to professionalism?

  5. ” The best that can be found”, makes me think that just maybe that is on purpose to further the narrative.

  6. Scalia is not yet buried and the left’s racist, godless, hateful and self serving brats are tweeting out their hope that Thomas will be next. They are sick vermin and U.S. colleges are turning out these socialist wannabees like mindless robots at a high rate. We will be a socialist country very soon.

  7. I agree with what you have said and am so tired of all the finger pointing. Just tell us what you are going to do and then let us decide. After last night, none of them are Presidential and the least is Trump.
    Now we have lost a Supreme Court member who understood and stood for the Constitution. Scalia was a Great Man and he will be missed more than people realize.
    Our Country is in a downward spiral and all those that are running for office are an embarrassment. They sound like children!

  8. I hope this debate will sink the “Great Trump” once and for all. I always had my doubts about him but now I don’t have any doubts anymore. Throw him out, he is an embarrassing, disgusting disgrace. I believe he has lowered the civility standard to an unacceptable level.

  9. Trump was pissed off from the get-go because, notwithstanding winning NH and leading by a huge margin in the SC polls, the GOP filled the debate hall with Marco and Jeb hacks who booed the leading GOP candidate! Talk about rude and an historic low point. Name the last time a GOP primary leader was loudly booed by a Republican national TV audience???
    You don’t think the Dems will use the GOP boo’s in their negative ads Mr Galganov? SC wants a fighter, not a P-Word!

  10. The problem with the republican debates is that every candidate is so far behind Donald Trump, they will say or do anything to try to stop him. Ted Cruz is the worst of the bunch. In doing so, they are ruining him so that soon we will not have a candidate to run against Bernie or Hillary. This is what John Kasich was saying last night. Maybe the only hope is there are people like me who are going to vote for Donald no matter what just like people do for Hillary.

  11. You didn’t like the sanctimonious, goody two shoes like Kasich while in school. Well I really didn’t like the condescending, rich kid bullies. The guys whose only response was to make faces and yell louder. Like Donald they never got anything they didn’t buy. I enjoyed beating the crap out of a couple of them and most of the school cheered when I did. I’m sure the left is smiling (if not laughing) at last nights Gong Show. They had better rally round the flag or simply (shudder) crown Hilary.

  12. I wish I could DISAGREE with you but i can’t. Losing Justice Scalia was the worst thing that could have happened, everyone will suffer from this loss. I was depressed all night, thinking of our loss, and then to watch the most childish debate ever, which had a STACKED AUDIENCE FOR BUSH, didn’t help any. What will occur now, I don’t know, would you believe over breakfast i said to my Hub, I wish Christie didn’t bow out of the race, he even looks good to me now!

  13. It is amazing that the 6 remaining participants can’t understand that we the people don’t want to hear what each of them thinks of the other people running for the nomination. What I want to hear is what their platform is and HOW they will accomplish WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL DO. All the in fighting is beyond ridiculous. How Trump is leading in any poll is astonishing. He is a bigger narcissist than Obama and that is saying something. What have we become?

  14. The thing that disgusted me was the rudeness of Mr. Trump. He constantly interrupted and quite frankly was a boor. I have two ears but con only listen to one person at a time. So, all I heard when he was bullying was the Democrats saying —See what he is?

  15. For the past couple of weeks my overriding thought has been that there were/are way too many debates. Envious have was enough 2 or three debates ago. What is left for these folks to debate anyway. No wonder things have degenerated to disturbing insults.
    Am I the only one who feels this way?

  16. Agree w/some of your candidate analysis. Also agree w/Ms. Friedman’s comment of it being a “STACKED AUDIENCE FOR BUSH”, et al, which certainly didn’t help & caused Trump to be angry, as proven by his comments. Being a Trump supporter, I, too, was disappointed with his performance last night. Re: Bush–he should stop whining about his family and stick to the issues. The debate REFLECTED a “you can’t play in my yard” kid situation—very IMMATURE. They all need to put their BIG-BOY PANTS ON! AMEN!

  17. I was sad. It had ben a busy day, I hadn’t heard about Scala until the debate. Then the amazing idiocy that followed…!
    I agree with the other reader who is sad Christie is out. But the reality is what it is. Carson has hit the nail on the head, but as you say, his Presence is not adequate in THIS race. Maybe next time.
    I’m left with two I didn’t think I would be favorably inclined to, Rubio and Kaisic, but that is a gut reaction after last night’s mess. What a bungled set of campaigns.

  18. What pettiness. No more than a bar-room or street brawl. Thin-skinned w/huge ego is bound to bring this. Yes, media orchestrates & sits back while the world looks on at the embarrassment. The only one on stage refusing to be part of that fray was Dr. Carson who stuck to issues; but alas, tho more mature than the rest, he just is not demonstrative enough. I wish he were. As a citizen of the US, I was truly embarrassed last night; I turned it off near the end, had heard & seen more than enough.

  19. Howard you have hit the nail on the head in all you said above. It has taken them years but they have finally attained their goal of summing us down so much that something like this can go on. Just history repeating itself since time immemorial.

  20. I fully agree with Donald Trump’s advise to The Representatives. To delay Obama’s selection of a new Judge. Until after the election. I would trust any ones’ choice. Above Barrack Hussein Obama’s selection. Go Donald trump 2016.

  21. Because the audience became such boors and booed everything Trump had to say I would get a bit mad as well. The fix was in and as to the audience participation, you could tell as they were introduced who got the cheers and who got nothing. Of course the cheers went to Bush and Rubio. I’m still pulling for Trump….the audience should not be allowed to clap or say anything at all but it’s needed for the amusement of the moderators and CBS.

  22. I was embarrassed and angered by that “DEBATE” if you want to call it that! With the death of Justice Scalia I can see the Drooling and Seething coming from Obama.Without a Constitutional,Upright,Ethical,Honorable,Conservative appointee to replace Justice Scalia the Republic of America which is in wanting now could be possibly dissolved.NOT FROM OBAMA! I am so disgusted of having to choose the lesser of evils!Still Undecided. The last President I was clear on was Ronald Reagan.

  23. I couldn’t agree more. I was horrified at the spectacle, especially in light of the major news about Scalia. This is live or die time, and it’s looking more and more like “die”, which, as Howard indicates, means terrible things for the rest of the world.

  24. The debate last night showed a complete lack of respect, for themselves, the other candidates and the voters. The moderaters in all of the debates remind me of Ancient Rome throwing a candidate into the arena and watching the rest try to tear them apart. The media is actually in control, and who owns the media? I just want to know what each candidate believes and plans to do for America and how. Maybe applying “The Golden Rule” would bring a more civil and informative debate to the voters.

  25. Howard, you possess that unique perspective of seeing the big picture and that is why many of us value your opinion.
    I didn’t watch this most recent debate but could have predicted the outcome some time ago based on our all mighty media “ambulance chasers”. I do hope this evolves from here on but I’am not going to hold my breath.

  26. Trump lets them get under his skin too easily. He should come back with “I am the only candidate on this podium who has dealt with International leaders and business. I know how to negotiate with them and get the best deal for my country. I am the best job creator on this podium. All but Dr. Carson have been on the taxpayers paycheck all their lives. Not one has actually been in business. I have built my business empire by my skills of negotiation. I will build and bring back America,

  27. No doubt: TRUMP is a bully, BEN is mild mannered, RUBIO & CRUZ fight each other, BUSH is the GOP’s choice to go up against Hillary (or god forbid Bernie) The MEDIA is BIASED, CORRUPT and COMPLICIT. Dirty tricks by CRUZ stole BEN’s campaign. So who do YOU want? You have been up & down about TRUMP. Like most of us you despise the man but just maybe he is what we NEED. Ben is seen as mild/weak but is really the POLITE thoughtful, intelligent candidate who COULD do the job, not a street fighter!

  28. That was a disaster and despicable. An embarrassment. Cruz did well and rube lied his butt off. I cannot stand him or Bush as they are rinos. Both are Hispanic/Mexico comes first and America last. Bush does not belong as he is anti seal the border and a supporter of common core. Trump is beginning to make me take a double take. You are correct on the other two.

  29. Yes, the “debate” was a mess. I want to support Trump, but… I propose, challenge, Trump to negotiate with Carrier and Phizer to keep them from moving their companies outside the USA. This would allow him to demonstrate just how he will keep companies here and help rebuild our economy. We need to see his approach/skills in action.
    God bless Scalia and God Bless America.

  30. The unabashed bias of the media, as in about 95%of all media is so pathetic. How it has come to be that the media, and mostly the pinko media have such strong input into the results of the elections in both of our countries. Basically, I can’ be bothered to watch any of the US debates as the press does their best to promote their own biased opinions. Total press, no substance but the electorate buy into it. Hillary is already beyond the time she should have dropped out until the investigation

  31. Actually, what I saw was a kindergarten class battling for the gold star, while Dr. Ben Carson watched, bemused, and tried at one point to point out just what you are pointing out here, Mr. G. He is the only one with the calm wisdom and intelligence to be running at all, and I cannot understand why you are so against him. He has it all, and we need him.

  32. People dislike Hilliary because she constantly Lies–and Last night Donald painted Bush, Cruz and Rubio with the same paintbrush- and that Paint will be really hard to get off. ELEPHANTS NEVER FORGET– Did he sound like a Demo”rat” with W of MD–and 911 on Bush’s watch–He bet his Rolex THAT THE Crossover moderate Democrats and Liberals wont mind voting for a Rep that so ticks off the Rnc and staunch Conservatives. Ya gotta get into the Kitchen before you can Bake the Cake. Talk truly is Cheap!

  33. The same old play book. Are worst enemy is the Press. The people accepted Bill Clinton because everyone did it. Now it’s Trump
    Whatever slur he can sling he’s our man. It,s beyond pitiful what people of today will except, the lowest denominator to be the President. From where I set the Lord has washed his hands of this country. No morals,no patriotism and no common sense. Happy Valintines Day.

  34. That dummy, Jebbie Bush, doesn’t want anyone to point fingers at his “family”. We all know we totally rejected Bush 1 for Bill Clinton, and were more than ready to be rid of Geo. W. Bush….Hey, Jebbie, they are both former Presidents, and we surely don’t want another Bush and what you bring with you!!! Mr. Trump, no matter what this over-grown “child” starts, just plug your ears and ignore him. Certainly not the effort, and you only get so angry and only hurt yourself.Jebbie can’t win!!

  35. AND, who is getting rich off of all this, the press who continues to create the debates like professional wrestling. But why don’t we hear about Reince Priebus? He and the Republican Party are orchestrating this charade of “debates”. AND I bet are profiting quite well!

  36. It’s obvious deep down you are a Trump hater AND from reading your Blogs for a while you have disdain for Islamists and Israel haters (Moslems) (and rightly so) yet Trump is the only one who will suspend muslim immigration. Howard do you think in your heart of hearts any other of these lobbyist owned politicians will do the same?

  37. It is a shame that only people with lots of money and connections even considers running for President. No one really wants the job except someone who likes the power that comes with it.

  38. Can’t say it any better, Howard. I found myself thinking, “This isn’t a debate; it is a shouting match!” I agree with one of the comments…”The third time is not always charm and we have had two already and a lot of us have watched ‘All In The Family’ some years back.” It was a good family show too. I’ve seen more fussing with 5 or 6 little boys playing marbles. It is time someone picked up their marbles and went home.

  39. Great Editorial Howard!! My thoughts after the debate were. I recall a story in the old testament – cannot tell you the book it is in- it was about two woman fighting for the same child as theirs. the king said he will divide the child in two to settle the argument and each can have half. The one who was the real mother of the child gave up saying she would rather the child live than she win. The king gave her the child after she gave up fighting for it. The republicans are dividing themselves.

  40. The debates are all political theater&so biased that I can’t watch them. The loss of Scalia is wrenching. When I saw the news I wept for America. We lost our staunchest defender of the Constitution, a great man that our country desperately needed&it gives the treacherous Obama opportunity to put another liberal on the court&change the balance of power for a generation. SCOTUS picks are a way for Obama to keep his agenda moving LONG after he leaves office. This can’t happen call your Senators!!

  41. God works in mysterious ways beyond our infinite minds. Our people are going into “captivity because we are steeped in Idolatary and Sexual sin.” History — “His Story” repeats itself! Hope we all enjoy the ride! REPENT OR PARISH!

  42. I have been agonizing over where my primary vote will go since the beginning of the “silly season”. No more. The entertainment games are over. My vote in the Florida Primary is going to the clearly most experienced sober intelligent ready candidate of all. I have been resisting him just like many others, but no more. I will be voting for Jeb Bush.

  43. Trump is allowed to have a poor showing just as others have done! He’s the only one who continues to speak about stopping illegal immigration, bringing jobs back to America, taking care of our veterans and stopping ISIS. I only hear lip-service about these issues from the other candidates, except for honorable Ben Carson. I choose to ignore the ugly pettiness and focus on the determination and passion of Trump. Go Donald!

  44. Trump has my vote. An insight I didn’t have before, Trump was there in New York City on September 11th. He said he lost hundreds of friends. Perhaps if Trump hadn’t built Trump Tower he would have had his offices in one of the Twin Towers. I saw the horror from TV and didn’t personally know any person who had been there and I was (& am still) horrified and sickened by what had happened. When there is a tragedy you always want someone to blame, perhaps that is why he blames President Bush.

  45. The death of Scalia puts it all in perspective, what sort of Supreme Court nominee would a President Carson or Cruz pick? Based on their conservative background probably someone like Scalia. How about Trump? Given Trump’s long history of crony capitalism and abusing eminent domain, I’d say someone like Kennedy or Ginsburg who voted against Susette Kelo. I feel like I’m watching the end of America.

  46. Losing Justice Scalia and the Constitutional impact that he had, shows even more how much I dread of where’s this country is going before it hits rock bottom.
    And in your reguard to the temperament of Ben Carson, take note of all you have said about these candidates, of which I have also noticed the childishness that is in them. I think it is about high time we quit putting all our marbles on these debates, of which they are not. Same question, equal time, with all of them, on EVERY issue.

  47. I agree, the media keeps fanning the fire amongst the candidates instead of asking them about their plans to change the direction our nation is in. People should go to the websites of the TV media and complain about the questions they ask. Tell them we want to know details about the candidates plans to correct the mess our nation is in because of the current administration.

  48. Trump didn’t:
    Raise your taxes;
    Quadruple the price of food;
    Stirring a race war;
    Leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims;
    Send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda;
    Arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East;
    Betray Israel;
    Provide financing and technology to Iran’s nuclear weapons program;
    Give our military secrets to China;
    Remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia;

  49. Your previous “comments” were not included @ the bottom of that page & all I wanted to say was
    “Happy Birthday, Galganov” + totally still enjoy your BLOGS & the ?normal peoples’ Comments.

  50. Howard: You and all your followers all pretty much right. I’m so saddened at losing Our most conservative Justice. I feel we should all be ashamed, first to Our Father GOD FOR TURNING OUR BACKS ON HIM AND HIS RIGHTEOUS, AND REPENT. This situation we our in is all our fault. This is what happens, when good people that know Him do nothing. I suggest all who still care to get on their knees and Cry out to the LORD to Repent, ask for forgiveness, deliverance and healing, and save this country while

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