GLOBALIZATION . . . the World Trade Organization and FREE TRADE in an unfair world is killing us.

If Trump is prepared to SLASH a massive amount of Trade Agreements with countries that cheat in terms of salaries, slave labor, child labor, monetary manipulation, and corporate subsidies . . . I will be for Trump.


As a Canadian, I’M ALL-IN for American success, because whatever will happen to the USA is going to impact BIG-TIME for Canada . . . and in spite of what our duplicitous politicians tell us Canadians – WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE.

TWO THOUSAND MORE JOBS are leaving the USA, because it’s CHEAPER and EASIER with far fewer Regulations to make Carrier Air Conditioners in Mexico.

FAR MORE THAN 100 WAL-MART stores are being closed, so are K-Mart Stores, Pier-1 Stores, Sears, and MORE – and believe this – IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING.

IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING . . . BECAUSE the American people can’t afford to shop, because not enough people are working and making an income. And stores can’t afford to stay open, because of the combination of Unions, Excessive Government Regulations, Fees & Taxes.


1 – LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD by TAXING and imposing DUTIES on all countries that don’t play by our working and manufacturing standards. We don’t pay our workers pennies per hour, force people to work, and employ children, so we shouldn’t be buying products from countries that do.

2 – Screw the Regulations . . . if it doesn’t do REAL DAMAGE to the environment, and I mean REAL DAMAGE, not this airy-fairy crap that’s shoved down our throat by the CLIMATE CHANGE SCHMUCKS . . . Don’t kill jobs and destroy lives for feel-good BS.

3 – Screw MORE Regulations, which impose ridiculous and phony workplace costs.

4 – LOWER TAXES . . . and not by a token – I MEAN REALLY LOWER TAXES, and stop creating fiscal roadblocks for everyone to get rich.

As far as I’m concerned . . . and as I’ve written it innumerable times – SCRAP THE TAX CODE and implement either a FLAT TAX, where everyone working pays the same rate. Or impose a Federal Sales Tax, charging a National Tax on all non-essential items and services with NO INCOME TAX.


5 – RAMP UP ALL ENERGY PRODUCTION, so that North America could really be 100% Energy Self Sufficient, without importing a drop of energy from abroad, INCLUDING from Mexico, until Mexico gets serious about controlling their border, and really goes to WAR against their Drug Cartels.

And while at it, explore and develop every form of alternative energy that can be used for Light, Heat and Electricity . . . that is not generated by Carbon Based Fuels.

And make our Public Transportation (Trains & Buses) run on non-fossil-fuel generated electricity, while pushing for greater miles/per/gallon in all of our vehicles with new Tire, Engine, and Design Technologies, not to save the environment, but rather to conserve our Fossil Fuels.

Do you want to make it affordable and reasonable for EMPLOYERS to keep and increase employment . . . IT’S SIMPLE – get rid of all PAID HOLIDAYS, SICK DAYS, AND PAID PREGNANCY LEAVE . . . especially for the Father of the child.

If you want a vacation . . . PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. And that should include Statutory Holidays.

And get rid of the employers’ mandated share of TAXES AT SOURCE. Why should we the MAKERS be taxed on what our employees earn? Isn’t creating jobs for people enough?


6 – I never understood why as an employer, I had to pay anyone NOT TO WORK, including, and especially the employer’s portion of the employees’ taxes.

If I walked into a restaurant, picked-up the menu and ordered a meal saying how I don’t intend to pay for it, would that restaurant owner be compelled to give it to me for FREE?

So why should I . . . be FORCED to pay for a service that I am not receiving?

7 – Crime and Punishment . . . There’s no reason for Inmates to be costing the various levels of governments, which manage penitentiaries on average $40,000 per year per inmate. And that’s really on the low side.

When driving down any US/Canadian Highway, you will see no shortage of Motel 6’s, which advertise rooms from $59 per night, which include freshly cleaned linens, soap, towels, a color TV and a relatively comfortable bed. And in many cases, the Motel 6 includes a cheap breakfast . . . often coffee and a doughnut.

So . . . when you multiply this $59 night by 365 nights per year, the entire selling price for that room is just over $21,000, where there is plenty of profit, even though the Motel 6 owner has to pay his or her mortgage, staff, the linens and towels to be washed, insurance, maintenance, and has to pay franchise and marketing fees.

And that’s only if the Motel 6 is selling out at 100%.

SO . . . EXACTLY WHY DO PRISONS cost at least DOUBLE to run, for what a Motel 6 Charges for their full service, when the prisons use FREE PRISON LABOR for just about all of these services, and gives accommodation to as many as two people per room, in a cell that might not be bigger than 8 feet by 8 feet?

Perhaps this all sounds MEAN SPIRITED & TOUGH . . . But guess what?

We’re all living in a  MEAN SPIRITED and TOUGH World . . . that couldn’t care less about you and me.

AND SINCE WHEN . . . is having to work for what you get – comes down to being mean spirited?

These aforementioned common sense alternatives are just the Tip Of The Iceberg, where I would want Trump or whomever wins the nomination to go back to, TO HOW IT WAS WHEN OUR COUNTRIES WERE GREAT, up to and including the 1950’s, when afterwards, it has all gone downhill.

AND NONE OF THIS . . . even brushes on the Military, Immigration and Healthcare.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Netanyahu should not have joined that charade. He will regret the error and I am surprised he fell for that.

  2. You are correct again!! What you have said are my sentiments exactly. This is why I am leaning towards Trump. I just hope he is not blowing smoke just to get elected. I pray that Hillary gets indicted and the Dems are in a dither as to whom they can put up as their copy of Obama.
    This is entirely off topic, but just read an article that the Phillipines was the only country that helped the Jews get away from the Nazi thugs. What is wrong with this world?
    Ann Brown, Lake Toxaway, NC

  3. Greetings Howard, I know its a little late but all the best for your birthday
    Tony Massarelli,
    Anjou Quebec

  4. The fuel consumption by the newer automobiles is causing the glut of oil in this country (US) and has caused the lower fuel prices and is still dropping. Stock market is reacting to this by going down in record numbers. Oil is under $30 a barrel. And falling.

  5. It will take a Donald Trump (and/or a Howard Galganov) to lead the West back to its senses.

  6. Your editorial reminded me how severe our inflation is. Motel 6 was founded in 1962, and so named because they charged $6 per night.

  7. Howard,you are a man after my own heart and feelings and so is Donald TRUMP. I only hope you send these messages to Donald to let him know how you feel about America. When he is elected as president,I believe he will ask you to join his staff along with the other real Americans who feel the same way about America. He will choose the best minds he can muster, to advise him in areas unfamiliar to him. Disposing of all existing detrimental, do nothing, wasteful cow flops,that are there now!

  8. I agree with most of what you say. However, I do think that there should be some employee benefits, like paid Federal Holidays & some Sick Pay. I don’t think anyone should be paid for Maternity Leave, especially the father. Employers can woo new employees with good benefits, NOT over the top benefits, just good, solid benefits. As for prisons, I could NOT agree with you more!!! In some estimates, one prisoner can cost over $100,00. Pointless & ridiculous, for heaven’s sake, they are prisoners!!!

  9. Right on that it all started going down hill in 1960s. In the 60s we had rebellion of the hippies, yippies, & ‘drop outs’. In the 60s Madeline Murray O’Hare managed to get Congress to rule against school prayer (talk about a slippery slope). Roe vs Wade followed. Somehow we just couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Folks are finally parting the trees & seeing the devastation those rulings continue to cause. W/June 2015 SCOTUS ruling pro-gay marriage – I feel God withdrew His protective hand.

  10. I’ve supported Trump from Day #1! He’s the only R candidate who can defeat Hillary or whomever the D’s nominate. When you conduct business world-wide, you meet and know many people and governments — you have a hand in the situation that not many have!

    We, as Americans, are lucky that Donald Trump has stepped up to the plate for the US and friends to the US. The best thing we can do is just talk to people about him, at the store, at the gas pump — anywhere, just spread the word!

  11. Oh YES!!! Howard — ALL of that and so much more. Thank you for your clearness of expression. I/WE appreciate your correct understandings of what is transpiring.


  12. I have always been in favor of the Fair Tax ( national sales tax). I have studied it quite a bit and it is so well researched. Almost no IRS. Just enough to collect from businesses. A flat tax does not eliminate IRS and is too easily raised and manipulated! bUsinesses will pay no income tax, so they will be encouraged to bring funds home. I also would like a law stating that if you move or have moved your business to foreign lands you can not sell your product in US.
    VIckie McCoy

  13. Having just reviewed the rules by which the Dems and GOP will use to name their candidate for the Presidency, I am dismayed. They have been changed to assure that only politicos approved by the back room decisions of confirmed politicians can become candidates for the general election. And, the GOP is considering additional changes before the convention. One fifth of the “delegates” to the Convention are pledged to vote as dictated by party bigwigs. Delegates must be politicos as well!

  14. Get over the dream of a flat tax. It woun’t work in the the Canadian and US environment. Find a candidate who will clean up the systems.

  15. Way too simple of solutions for our politicians to embrace. If it is not confusing and lacks a spending component than the idea doesn’t get to first base. I was there in those glory days of life. I’m afraid that those days of handshake deals are long gone. Maybe Trump has a trump card up his sleeve and can bring some of those virtues back.

  16. With all due respect, you have forgotten the Smoot-Hawley Act that imposed tariffs on imports and essentially put the Depression on steroids! A trade war is in no ones interest and will start another world wide economic disaster.
    The coddling of employees and prisoners and the whoosiphication of our societies are a result of women’s suffrage and there isn’t anything that will turn that back. Trump is not the answer to our problems.

  17. Again, great thinking and writing. My hopes for Trump is that he will take on the future of the US as part of his ego That ego will not accept anything but success. That would be extended to its allies/friends. I believe that Trump understands the Israel/US relationship and the need for closer ties, unlike obama. Without Israel, the region is gone. The progressive attitude is: Israel is a thorn in the side. I reiterate Stan in PA. Trump’s ego will drive him to a strong US and friends.

  18. Everyone should read and research …………and understand……..the FairTax which Gov. Mike Huckabee was pushing. Only then would it be fair to everyone, plus it would do away with the IRS completely. Please don’t make any comments on this subject until you understand it because only then will you know what you’re talking about. (Not directing that comment to you personally, Howard, but to everyone who’s reading this.) Too many jump before they figure out where they’re going to land.

  19. I am like Nadine… for Trump on day one. I have been around (as a youngster) since Harry Truman and have good political senses. The only voting mistake i made was was voting for Jimmy Carter because he was a strong Christian. Like Rev. Jerry Falwell from Liberty Baptist College said, we are not choosing a pastor (or Rabbi), we a choosing a President. Donald said he will not use bad language any more. He will become a gentlemen as he becomes a president. Trump for President!!Trump for President!

  20. great wish list Howard..only a Trump/Cruz ticket would have a chance at fruition

  21. God help us that a wise man such as yourself has now fallen for the fraud Trump. And worse yet now a supreme has died and if trump was in office he would appoint his sister, the woman who believes babies born alive from a bad absorption deserves to be KILLED. God help us all. God help us all that you would want an amoral blow hard to be the president of this country.

  22. RE: the closing of many stores….=more people out of work. RE: Carrier’s move…=more people out of work. RE: Why should employers pay for people not performing their job because they are OFF…I say don’t pay them. If the Federal Govt declares a Federal Holiday—they can pay the employees. RE: Energy….we do NOT need Fracting for oil. Environmentally a destroyer..MYPOV RE: Flat tax..I agree. RE: Prisons…They get too much, they lost all rights due to their crimes.

  23. Howard, I think your comparison between the costs of prisons and Motel 6 is unreasonable. Guests at Motel 6 do not go there hating it, hating the proprietors and hating society. Inmates work actively, day and night, 7 days a week, to destroy or escape from their places of “lodging” and to contain them is far more expensive. I have worked at a jail and they are not nice places. Yes, they cost too much, but you will not make them more efficient by comparing them to Motel 6.

  24. Trump maybe right, but he isn’t as Republican or conservative as you think he is. Look at his history and associates. Money to him is more improtant than you.
    It all goes back to , “If” Trump is…………

  25. Pat Buchanan has been saying this for years. Do not give up on economic nationalism ever!

  26. Change your citizenship and run for congress. I will vote for you and help with election. Thing you didn’t mention was the elite self agrandizing arrogant good ole boy government – that votes their own salaries, pensions etc and don’t have to live by the same rules that the tax paying citizens do. The solution to the high cost of keeping prisoners – especially those Muslims at Gitmo – is the cost of one 30 cal round. Live by the sword and die by the sword. hm.

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