Bernie Sanders is on fire for several reasons:

1 – Even though Bernie Sanders is the ultimate INSIDER, since he’s been on a public payroll of one type or another for his entire working life, he’s seen by the LEFT and the people whose greatest ambition is to take from others . . . as the prerequisite OUTSIDER.

2 – He HATES Big money, especially the Banks and Wall Street who use their BIG MONEY to buy and sell politicians. But so do Conservatives.

3 – He seems to hate people who actually create jobs and then have the audacity to enjoy the fruit of their LABOR and RISK. He likes the TAKERS far more than the MAKERS.

4 – Even though Bernie doesn’t have a CLUE as to what he’s talking about concerning the environment, same as the vast majority of environmental fanatics are equally ignorant . . . THE TREE HUGGERS LOVE THE CLIMATE CHANGE BS, and then complain when there are no jobs, poor paying jobs, and sky rocketing prices driven through the roof, because of unaffordable energy.

5 – Sanders POUNDS THE DRUM OF ANTI-RACISM in America, as if the USA is awash in Jim Crow Laws, where Blacks still have to ride at the back of the Bus.

I guess no one told Bernie that the President of the USA is Black, and so are a huge number within his cabinet, as also are his CLOSEST ADVISORS.

In essence, the real Power Brokers aligned with the White House seem to be heavily skewed to Black Americans. Maybe White Americans should start yelling Racism?

And what about Black Americans who are incredibly successful in Private Business, Education, Sports, Entertainment, Sciences, Medicine . . . ETCETERA? Did no one send them the Sanders MEMO that they are discriminated against in the USA?

7 – Then there’s FREE Stuff for Students, FREE Stuff for people who don’t want to work, FREE Stuff for people in other countries . . . as a matter of fact, under a Bernie Sanders Presidency, there will be so much FREE Stuff to go around, that there will be no need to work for anything.

8 – And as far as Bernie is concerned, the VAST MAJORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE behind bars are behind bars because they’re BLACK PEOPLE, not because they might all be guilty of . . . NAME THAT CRIME.

After the first Democrat Debate, a friend of mine, who is very politically astute, wrote Bernie Sanders Off, as the Weird Uncle no one pays no attention to at family get-togethers.

But, I thought otherwise, when I saw and heard his passion, and witnessed the audience who were fully engaged with Uncle Bernie and what he said.

What I saw in Bernie Sanders, was a man we should all be paying close and careful attention to, especially Hillary Clinton, who too wrote him off as a political distraction to provide the sideshow to Clinton’s Inevitable Road to the White House.


1 – In a different way . . . and for different reasons, the LEFT are also fed-up with the BS of the Democrats, as much as the RIGHT is fed up with the Republicans and RINOS.

2 – Even though Bernie is full of beans, he is 100% sincere in what he believes, and in what he says and supports, which means a great deal to a whole lot of the people.

3 – AND THEN THERE’S HILLARY CLINTON, who is an unabashed LIAR and HYPOCRITE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER, who is so far up the REAR-ENDS of the BIGGEST BANKS AND WALL STREET INVESTMENT HOUSES, that I can’t believe she can still breathe fresh air.

And no one can forget that the Sword of Damocles . . . in the name of EMAILS and Benghazi is hanging perilously close to her head, on a string’s depth of strength.


But . . . for all the people who believe that Bernie is the REAL DEAL, and totally OPEN & HONEST – DON’T BE SO SURE.

When Bernie was giving his EMOTIONAL tale during has Victory Speech, of how his parents came from Poland, who were poor and lived in a three-room rent controlled apartment with his brother, whose parents would be looking down from Heaven, knowing how true the American Dream really is, that their son, the product of Polish Immigrants, is campaigning to become the President of the United States of America.


WHAT BERNIE FORGOT TO INCLUDE . . . was that his JEWISH Parents would have been deliriously happy in the knowledge, that coming from Poland, which was an anti-Semitic nation, where Jews lived in FEAR of Pogroms, disenfranchisement, and worse . . . they came to the USA for their Children to grow as JEWS, being SAFE, EQUAL AND FREE in America.

I guess Bernie was somewhat embarrassed to speak of his Jewish Parents and his Jewish Heritage. Or maybe that’s simply a bad LEFTIST talking point.


Trump’s New Hampshire Victory was nothing short of stunning. And if he shows nearly as well in South Carolina – I imagine it will be all over but the CHEERING for Trump.

And if and when that happens . . . IT WILL BE TIME TO CIRCLE THE WAGONS and do whatever we can to support Trump to campaign against whichever LOSER the Democrats will put up against him.

But in the meantime . . . I was also impressed with the New Hampshire finish of Ted Cruz, and am still hoping for his victory.

PS – Trump and others blamed dirty politics on Cruz for Ben Carson’s defeat in Iowa, which I thought was an unfair criticism on Cruz. And now, that we can see from the New Hampshire results, where Carson received ONLY 2% of the votes, there is no one to blame but Carson.

I like Carson, and think he is indeed a fine human being with good ideas, but in this field of sharks, he simply couldn’t hold his own. And that’s what campaigning is all about.

And as upset as I am with how Christie, who I NEVER LIKED for a ton of good reasons . . . who mercilessly beat up on Rubio in the last debate, Christie got his comeuppance for being a Blowhard and Bully, and Rubio got what he deserved for not fighting back in a way you’d expect from someone who wants to be the Commander-In-Chief.

It is indeed a really tough fight . . . and only the toughest should win.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I don’t like Christie either — and today he gave up his run for office. He was terrible with Rubio, but since he was right about the canned speeches, I can only fault his rudeness. The points were well made.

  2. I am glad that a few have given up and left, more will do so after SC. But I do agree we have to circle the wagons around whoever wins the nomination. We cannot have either Grandpa Bernie and Grandma Clinton as the next President or America will never be the same! We will need to correct all the mistakes and decisions that Obama has made in trying to destroy the USA.

  3. Howard. Have you read some of the criticisms of Ted Cruz. Read Newsmax, Drudge and Beitbart. No one in the government that he would be a part of likes him at all. It would be worse than Jimmy Carter. Government with 2 parties is about compromise and deals. Trump make deal. Both sides get something, but he gets his share. Obama will not compromise, and look where it got us. Please trust the American people as they elect Donald Trump as their next president. He won every demographic group!! Trust

  4. There is a new category of Jew called “Just a Jew”, one by accident of birth. On my first visit to Israel in 1978, my group heard a member of Meretz, a left wing party that supported various kibbutzim in Israel. He said that none of them was self sufficient and required outside funding. Maybe, Bernie was not aware of this.

  5. YOUR desc. of Saunders was “on spot”. Perfect. Cruz was wrong with what he did to Carson, he could have made a simple call to verify, to important not too. Right where you sais it really wouldn’t have made a difference as Carson never had a chance, but he deserved better. And Cruz’s remark plainly could have effected Trump’s #s. I don’t trust Cruz. Rubio was treated as he should have been by Christy, he wasn’t prepared, and showed us he isn’t Presidential quality. Christie was right!

  6. Thanks for pointing out that Dr. Carson did poorly in New Hampshire without any tweets from Cruz to blame. I wish he’d done better but he did not and that’s just how it is. To those who think Trump is trustworthy, have you done any research on him? The banks left holding the bag when his real estate deals go south, the homeowners he’s hammered using eminent domain, large donations to corrupt Dems and Rino’s. We need a real conservative, not a pretender.

  7. Howard, you were mad at CHRISTIE and called him mean when he “called” RUBIO out for the canned and repetitive blurbs. I think CHRISTIE was right to do so. So your choice RUBIO dropped down to fifth. Between CRUZ’S aggressive and impatient “people” and the Media, CARSON suffered. The media made the comment about Ben not going to NH and CRUZ’S team jumped on it and asked for CARSON’S votes…but the media corrected the statement within a minute or so and CRUZ’s team did not react with the speed

  8. The Democrat money demands a winner just like the Republican establishment. I look for Biden or Blumenthal to have an epiphany and run.

  9. I still do not know, who I will vote for on March 1st! This is a vital vote for me. The votes for the one who will be the GOP candidate is vitally important & that we get it right. I am a Conservative, but, I also realize that a US President must be able to negotiate, to move the country forward. I didn’t say give in, I said negotiate! Big difference & extremely important. Carter is a real example of how Congress, on both sides, did not like him. Time is ticking, for my first vote. 🙂

  10. If you look back you will see that Sanders has supported just about all of Obama’s anti Israel initiatives

  11. Cruz’s workers were the ones to spread the rumor about Carson. Cruz has apologized for their actions and taken the blame himself. What more do you people want from him, a public beating? Carson never had a snowball’s chance in a Louisiana summer; trying to blame his poor performance in Iowa on Cruz is pathetic. Who did something to him in NH? He’s just plain not going to make it. Also, Cruz is not liked in DC because he is a true conservative, not another waffling rino who won’t fight for us.

  12. As a person who immigrated from a communist country (and having exam from Marxism-Leninism) I have to tell you that Karl Marx is now surprised what everything he left out from his theory (with Engels) “The Communist Manifesto “. Bernie is much further with his socialist ideas than Marx and Lenin.

  13. Will someone please tell me why we have not heard a thing about the Dpt. of Justice’s status on Hillary? I feel if it were done by one of us, we would have already been jailed so far down in the dungeon, they would have to pump sunlight in to see anything. I don’t get it! I just don’t get it. Is she too big to be prosecuted????

  14. Socialism and freedom are incompatible. They represent central control vs. individual liberty. The lowest poverty rates in the world are in capitalist countries. The highest are in socialist countries. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chaves were all socialist. It creates and maintains poverty, hunger, and depredation. Ultimately it leads to war and mass murder. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

  15. I don’t like Trump and never have, but in the last 24 hours Cruz has curdled my milk with his arrogance, I am beginning to dislike Trump’s opposition more than the man himself and believe he is the best chance for the USA to have a future.

  16. Understand that, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD I EVER vote for whacko Bernie. But I have to give the man credit for being honest and, unfortunately, he believes in everything he preaches. And, most Vermonters will tell you that no legislator works harder when a constituent needs help with a problem.
    But the ideas and concepts he espouses are way, way, way out in deepest left field. I can’t imagine that he could ever get elected.
    But I said the same about the current incumbent traitor ! Yikes

  17. Again, a great article. Hillary still leads Bernie and will be the nominee if the Democratic party keeps giving the “super delegates” to Hillary, irrespective to the actual vote. It is now 394/44. To me, this is a sure sign that the white house has assured the party that Hillary will not be indicted for her crimes. The Republican party is only slightly better. We need someone who is not beholden to either party and has cojones to take back our country.

  18. Bernie Sanders, is another jewish quisling, ashamed of his jewish heritage but is not ashamed to sit down with the degenerate race baiter Al Sharpton in order to buy a few votes. As distasteful it is for me to write this, I believe Clinton is less dangerous than Sanders. G-d forbid either of them gets into the White House.

  19. Iowa–was a Crus given–NH-allowed crossover Dems and Indys voters–AND that was were Trumps appeal-a-bility showed up big time and drives the GOP Krazie knowing that he can Deliver the needed crossover out of party votes. SC-Will show a much more clear view of the TRUE Republican party vote.If Trump is even close-Staunch Conservatism beliefs will NOT be seen to be the driving force behind voters and the RNC may have to Change to Herd’ing Cats together for a few months to GET ITS Act Together!

  20. Thursday night’s Democratic debate between Clinton & Sanders should prove to be quite interesting–as noted by New Hampshire’s most recent results. Clinton’s speech didn’t reflect a LOSS. She, instead, APPEARED to view her loss as being insignificant. The 2016 election is very UNUSUAL; for sure, there will be many surprising circumstances. The most IMPORTANT thing, however, is for people to vote for the REPUBLICAN NOMINEE in November—and not for the other two SOCIALISTS. AMEN!

  21. Great article Howard. If Bernie takes South Carolina and Trump wins big, the others may as well drop out, including Hillary.

  22. Some of my kids are big Bernie fans, so, OK, I failed them, but, in my defense, they like Bernie because he is challenging the status quo. I seem to remember that we Baby Boomers did the same thing before we got “religion.” Even Hammurabi, around 1700 BC, mourned over the ignorance of the children that would lead to the downfall of the race. Perhaps Bernie is a rite of passage. Let’s hope that is all he is.

  23. I have heard that if Trump gets the nomination, Dr. Carson has indicated that he would accept the position of Vice President if it is offered to him. In my opinion, that’s not a bad combination. Carson would offset Trump’s egotism, offer restraint, would appeal to the minority voter and the religious constituent. His calm, self-assured demeanor has genuine appeal.

  24. I truly thought I was the ONLY person who saw the POINTS you mentioned regarding Bernie Sanders. The HERD on the Republican side is slowly down sizing, however I have a feeling that in May the Democratic HERD will be increasing with 2 more hats thrown in the ring…Bloomberg and Biden. No matter what, it would seem that The Obama Legacy seems to be the BIG draw for the Dems. God Help me I sure hope my worst fears do NOT come true. MYPOV

  25. For the most part, the votes that old Bernie is getting are anti-Hillary. This will change as the Clintons bring out the dirty tricks and Bernie gets away from his home court. Bernie who?

  26. As impressive as the votes for Bernie were, there’s a nasty little secret about how the Democratic party chooses its candidates at the National Democratic Convention. Each state has a certain number of “super delegates” to the NDC. These are delegates who are not restrained by how their “constituency” actually voted in the primaries. When Bernie left NH, the super delegates were required by NDC to support Hillary.

  27. You left out a real big supporter of killary. The entire pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam. She has taken so much money from them I am surprised they can spend it all. She is their prostitute. They know where some really damaging skeletons are. I wonder if beanie Bernie realizes when he is talking about taking 90 percent of the money from the rich, he is talking about himself also.

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