Who’s Creating The Wave? . . . AND THE WAVE IS COMING:



A lot is being said and written about Donald Trump being a creation of the LEFT, which is NOT true, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT TRUE . . . since I’m pretty convinced that Trump isn’t all that Conservative, which says to me, that he is a CREATION OF REALLY BAD POLITICIANS.

And this is neither a critique nor approbation for Trump. It is simply what it is,

The FACT that there was a record-setting turnout of voters in Iowa, says more about where the people are across the USA, than where the people of Iowa (alone) are in their State.

And what it says far more than just about the turnout, was how the RATIO of voters were divided between Republicans and Democrats, where the RIGHT . . . SWAMPED the Democrats in sheer numbers of people who turned-out, which says an awful lot about where the people are right now.

And remember something else – this isn’t just the LEFT against Republicans, as it is about Conservatives against all of them, including RINOS.

And now we’re seeing it all over again in New Hampshire, where there is palpable excitement for Conservative Republicans . . . and especially Conservative Republicans who are pushing for a real anti-government agenda. Yet, at the same time, there is a flat outpouring for the LEFT, with the exception of Bernie Sanders, who in his own way is also fighting against the establishment, while promising the youth a FREE RIDE.


What we are seeing in this race thus far . . . is really BAD NEWS for the Democrats and their assorted LEFTIST Allies – which is generating virtually no excitement amongst the people, except by a 74-Year Old Socialist. And it it’s NOT going to be getting any better for them any time soon.


Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl on Sunday, in a spectacular show with all the glitz and glamour, which should have been positively reviewed, BUT WASN’T.

As it was reported on the Rush Limbaugh Show, which I didn’t hear, but was conveyed to me by readers of this BLOG, and reviews that I did read in well-written and respectable publications, and what Giuliani said on FOX News . . . Beyoncé was seriously PANNED for everything from her ridiculous costume and dance moves, to the THEME of her performance, which promoted BLACK LIVES MATTER, MALCOLM X & BLACK LIBERATION PHILOSOPHY.

This wouldn’t have made a difference last year . . . because we were all used to the BS that was turned-out in droves by the Entertainment LEFT, especially by Black performers; but REAL people like us are so PISSED-OFF with all this CRAP, that we’ve had it up to the hilt with their complaining, bitching and laying-on the non-existent guilt, that the performance of Beyoncé was really all about.


What is fascinating, is how the LEFT Worldwide, is all of a sudden coming under real attack by people who are feeling desperate, without hope, who are moving in large numbers to the RIGHT, in search of a CHAMPION WITH A HARDENED FIST.


The LEFT in Israel were so predominant, from the day Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion Double-Crossed Menachem Begin, in the short-lived Civil War, when in June 1948, Ben-Gurion attacked the Irgun Munitions Ship (the Altalena), as it was moored offshore, while Begin’s men were wading ashore under a White Flag and a hail of bullets.

Since that day, and up till just a few years ago, even though the country was more or less governed by Pseudo-Conservatives with the exception of a few years here and there . . . the people are FINALLY moving hard to the RIGHT, no longer wanting to hear the KUMBAYA HORSE-MANURE they’ve been spoon-fed by the LEFT, led by their Media, held for false promises, and screwed-over by Europe and the UN.


What’s happening in America today . . . is happening in Germany, France, England, and throughout the rest of Europe, with a clear message that ENOUGH of the constant attacks on Europe’s way of life, culture, and history is ENOUGH.


LEFTISTS who have been pushing with all they have . . . trying to make people like you and me feel GUILTY for being White, Successful, Educated, Pro-Israel, Jewish, Christian, Pro-Life, NOT GAY, NOT A DRUGGIE, and NOT Promiscuous, are in my opinion on the cusp of receiving some serious BLOW BACK.

What we are seeing in America, as Conservative Republicans are vying for the Leadership of their Party going into November 2016 . . . IT IS THE MAIN SHOW, not the side-show being waged by the LEFT.

ALSO – WHAT THE LEFT HAVEN’T TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION . . . is how angry the people are, and perhaps most of all, how prepared many people are . . . ENOUGH to take up arms to defend their FREEDOMS guaranteed by the US Constitution.

And if you don’t think this is true . . . look at Europe, where the politicians are finally throwing Moslems out of their countries, not because the European Leaders are scared of the Moslems . . . but rather, because the EU Leaders are TERRIFIED of their own citizens.

IF I WAS AN AMERICAN LEFTIST . . . I think I would be keeping my mouth shut, opposed to dancing at the Super Bowl like Beyoncé – promoting unadulterated RACIST BS, selling LIES and INSULTS, because people will take only so much.

And this isn’t just about the USA, because Canada isn’t lagging that far behind.

IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET . . . BUT IT’S COMING, and if you don’t know what I mean by it’s coming – then it’s more than likely that if you are a LEFTIST, it’s coming at you.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good thought processing Peter Keeble, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The US of A castrated herself when they put the son of perdition in the White House twice. His allegiance is thrown toward all things of Muslim. He is not an American nor can he ever be. We have essentially been cutting our throats since we put him in office and it will take 20 years to undo all that he has screwed up.

  2. My fingers and toes are crossed that you are as right on this issue; as you have been on most others…!

  3. I also hope you’re right. I have been silent about my views, especially on Facebook due to the vicious attacks I’ve seen when people do voice a conservative idea. There’s a crude and vulgar tone to both sides on issues these days that’s disturbing. I appreciate your articles as they give me pause to think.

  4. Howard, I’m with you 100%
    I have a problem figuring out what is left and what is right
    Or, leftist and rightist
    Could you please put it into simple terms for me?
    I’m 83 years young and maybe that’s the problem?
    My next contribution is on it’s way

    Ted Walker
    Oakville, Ontario, Canada

  5. This is America’s last chance to survive as a real country for a few more years. If we get the socialist or the murderer of the Benghazi 4 in the oval office, or a rino (Bush, Kassich, rubeo), America is doomed to be a class 4 country by the end of their term. Our goose will be cooked and all the dumbbutts who voted to put them in office will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off crying why, why, why. They will get what they deserve. Too bad the rest of us have to suffer.

  6. Who said, I’m as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore ? Well a Howard Beale on his anchor network show learning that he was going to be fired said that famous expression years ago !
    Is that the sentient of the American people today that they might elect someone like Trump who knows nothing about politics but don’t care because just maybe they are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore ! Doug Mc Clintock, Sarnia, Ont

  7. Love the spot-on commentary. Thank you for calling it like you see it (and as it is). Your reply to Edward Walker; just tell him the easiest way to tell is, if you are conservative, you ARE RIGHT.

  8. Howard, as usual, SPOT ON!!! We the People are mad as hell and the next President & US Congress had better start listening to us. We the People are arming ourselves & will defend our Rights & Liberty. I don’t care much about most of the US’s needs, I want that our Veterans are taking care of, instead of being ignored & pushed aside. The same goes for our Military Personnel. It is the military that keeps our beloved country FREE – Not socialistic BS!!! Guess I am more a Hawk, than a Dove.

  9. A Lt. Gen friend told me 3 yrs ago, it isn’t a matter of “If” we will have a revolution, but when. It has started. A moderator told Trump he seemed angry. “You bet I am angry” and that is if the RNC had any sense and would get off their high elephant and back Trump, he would win tremendously and so would our nation. They know he will clean house and stop their “cash cow” and get us back to One Nation Under God.

  10. I hope you are right, but I disagree with your evaluation of Trump; these are desperate times and if we don’t take a chance on a successful business man, who did not build his fortune by letting people take advantage of him, I doubt we will make it. All the others except Carson (and he is not tough enough)are tainted with government pay cheques, whether as a government lawyer or politician. If we go down with Trump we go down fighting, with the others we just go down. I use we as a Canadian.

  11. I dearly hope your are correct, Howard. We could not be me more fed up with the 60+ years of deceit, propaganda and lies of the Marxists. Hopefully Americans will elect someone who will stand up to these traitors and begin to restore this great country. Our “educational” system needs to be one of the first targets to change back to objectivity and non-union.

  12. Oh how I wish that you were right about the Left losing it in Canada too, but that train is at least 4 years away from striving in this station. We have an insipid, vacuous, dense Leftie in power now and he has far too long to do a lot of damage to Canada. You were so right in saying that the Starbucks manager is much more qualified to run this country than our spoiled,little rich boy. I dream of the day that a Western Separatist movement starts in this country

  13. RIGHT On the Mark

    Your observations Howard Galganov are right on the mark,
    You express them so clearly with language strongly and stark,
    You have a way with your words to relate what has to be said,
    If we continue Liberal path freedom of expression soon dead.

    By responses to you that I see it is obvious to many you relate,
    But words on the page are cheap if no action do they generate,
    So to those who read your blog who are in agreement with you,
    Now is time for spreading the word in

  14. The reason why there is confusion about left vs. right is because at this time in the history of the USA, its not about right vs left. Its about the survival of America. Did you ever see a film clip where the lion stands next to the lamb as a Tsunami devastates the land? Reagan had his democrat followers. Think national security, think jobs, think the Mexico wall, think strong military,think America great again, think Donald Trump!

  15. As you know, we just recently elected a drama teacher to run our country for the next four years and from what has transpired here in the last few days does not bode well for Canada. He is bringing our fighter jets home to send “defense instructors” to teach the locals how to fight for their own land. He is also in the process of evicting military personell so he came put up our new neighbours from the middle east. I hope to hell Canadians get on the band wagon to stop this leftist trash.

  16. The internet is responsible for the Conservative uprising. We now keep tabs on what they REALLY do instead of the BS they TELL us they do. The web made it possible to spread the work quickly & affordably, & they want to shut that down with regulations. The genie’s out of the bottle. We the People are mad as hornets & we’re NOT putting up with this any longer. Trump is the engine by which America will punish the corrupt GOPe, RINOs & Liberals via the ULTIMATE protest vote to show them who’s boss!

  17. Excellent synopsis of megatrend. To return power to the people we need to:
    Shrink the size of government by eliminating most federal departments and devolving their responsibilities to the states
    Flat tax will eliminate IRS, eliminate corruption buried in 70,000 page tax code, save billions, and stimulate economy
    Privatize K-12 Education. Offer alternatives to 4 year college degree with professional certification education programs
    Term limits for all politicians

  18. God, I hope you are right. I think the means to this end though is through Donald J Trump, he is the only one tough enough to take on the world that is increasingly left of centre. He may not be the perfect conservative candidate (and may not be conservative at all) he is probably a populist, but by God he is tough enough to do what is necessary and loves his country and wants to get it back to what is was. I don’t think Cruz is tough enough to win and tough with b***s is needed.

  19. I can’t call it a wave……………..yet. But there is by-election coming up in Whitby, Ontario and the polls predict an overwhelming win for the Conservative candidate. This in a riding that has a high union membership (GM), an NDP’r and a well known Liberal candidate. Boy Wonder Justin has been parachuted in along with the deplorable Premier of Ontario to help and it’s not working. Good on the folks in Whitby! Saving the country starts with outing the left and it happens one riding at a time

  20. I agree with Thomas Kelly about the changes that need made in government and it’s programs. Let’s get-r-done, starting at the voting booths and pushing for each and every one of those changes continually until they become reality. Then we must stay vigilant to make sure leftists and their ilk don’t sneak it back in. There is no trusting politicians anymore.

  21. Howard…well done again. Very impressed with above comments and agree with them X 1000! One step at a time but the correct information has to be getting ‘out’ to the people and thankfully you are doing a great job in helping that to happen. I would like to ‘hear’ your analysis of our PM’s decision to spend lord knows how much in placing 1000’s of ‘refugee Moslems’ across Canada in re-built….with tax payer’s monies……Military camps. I guess they’re winding down our military to nothing!!

  22. Great Editorial! Hawks represent FEARLESSNESS–Doves, PEACE–and Owls being WISE! Trump SPEAKS fearlessly, as he owes NOTHING to NO ONE; he’s a good NEGOTIATOR which leads to PEACE; he has been VERY WISE in his business decision-making! TRUMP has been a WINNER in many ways. He wants to “make our Country great again” by WINNING in every sector, instead of APOLOGIZING for our COUNTRY like Barack HUSSEIN Obama has done. Granted, he’s been harsh at times, but we NEED a FIGHTER, not a loser. AMEN!

  23. Yes, Howard, the people have awakened from their lazy sleep of the last 10 years or more. The “Parties” just cannot believe how many of us MODERATE/INDEPENDENTS are out here. They push the one fact of supposed disrespect for McCain…NEWS…we people of Az. will not re-elect him this year. Wake up and quit listening to the news media…they have no knowledge of we people in their home State. I will be surprised if Kaschic (sp)
    wins Ohio from what I have heard.

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