I Guess It’s Time To Get Back To Politics


Now that the NFL Super Bowl is over, and the Broncos Won as I predicted, without taking too much of a bow, we can get back to the run-up to the November 2016 POLITICAL SUPER BOWL, and how we’re going to get there.

The Saturday Night (February 6, 2016) ABC Debate was both a Disaster and an Insult to the People Watching, to the Candidates Participating, to the Republican Party, and to the Political Process by the way ABC handled it.

AND TO MY WAY OF THINKING, ABC’s Martha Raddatz could have easily been substituted with Hillary Clinton, given how much she showed BIAS against all the Candidates. That it was so bad, and so obvious in my mind, that she should have had her own seat on the debate stage, instead of being a PRETEND unbiased moderator.

ALSO AS I SAW IT . . . a huge chunk of the blame for this Political Debacle rests on the shoulders of Reince Priebus, the current Chairman of the Republican National Committee, who seems to look for ways to showcase the Republican Field in the worst light possible.


LIKE FIORINA OR NOT . . . in many ways, Fiorina is doing better than many of the men on that stage, especially the three Governors. So not to include her in the debate was a disgrace to ABC and Reince Priebus, who is proving to be a disgrace all on his own, which goes to show how utterly incompetent and out of touch the Party of Lincoln and Reagan has become with the people.


I can’t imagine how America and the FREE World will be able to survive, if an OUT-SIDER Candidate does not win the Republican Nomination. Because, if it’s going to be BUSINESS AS USUAL under the RNC, or BUSINESS AS USUAL under the DNC, or a whole new type of BUSINESS under a 74-Year Old Socialist . . . we might as well begin PREPPING, because the future of the World will be as BLEAK and DYSTOPIAN as the BEST Doomsday Books Predict.


This is not the Super Bowl, where if your team wins or loses who cares, unless you’re a gambler; and you just bet the keys to the house on the losing team . . . what difference does it make?

SO DON’T CHEER ON YOUR CANDIDATE, as if he or she is a football team . . . because the consequences of choosing the wrong Champion doesn’t begin or end with a Celebration and Bragging Rights at the Office on Monday, since choosing the wrong man or woman to lead the United States of America during these horrific times will be a DISASTER for the world.


I am not going to invest one keystroke listing the huge numbers of NEGATIVES surrounding Chris Christie, with the exception of two . . . He is a BULLY and a NARCISSIST, who cares for no one and nothing but himself.

And doing what he did at the ABC Debate against Marco Rubio did nothing for himself, and it did nothing for the campaign, and it did nothing for the Republican Party, or for anyone or anything other than for the Democrat Party.

As for all the other Candidates during the debate, with the exception of Jeb Bush, nothing was said that changed my mind about any of them, other than how in my judgment, Bush elevated himself.

SO FOR ME . . . THE BIG LOSERS from this ABC disaster were ABC, Priebus, the Republican Party, and Chris Christie.


Many people in the USA have learned a bit more about Canada from reading this BLOG, but here’s something that I haven’t written before, which was . . . up till a few generations ago, whatever happened in the USA . . . be it fashion, fast food, entertainment – ETC . . . would eventually come to Canada sooner rather than later.

BUT THAT SEEMS TO BE IN REVERSE . . . since the USA is moving very quickly towards Canada’s style of Socialism, where Freedom of EVERYTHING is up to negotiations between the Government and the Courts, with Citizen Opinion and Involvement being irrelevant.

As a Canadian, I see it in America today, as the LEFT and Courts are constantly challenging the RIGHTS of the people to the First and Second Amendments, not to mention STATE’S RIGHTS (the Tenth Amendment) . . . & MORE.


Our Canadian Government has determined that Mainstream Media, especially the Daily Newspapers, which are hemorrhaging money because they are hemorrhaging audience . . . ARE TOO BIG TO FAIL, and are determining how to keep them publishing the type of CRAP, which the people are already rejecting outright . . .

BY TAKING THE MONEY INVOLUNTARILY out of the pockets of the people, by hook or crook, or any other devious method TO GIVE TO THE MEDIA.

And if this becomes a reality in Canada, which I fear it will, how long do you think it will take for LOSER Newspapers like the New York Times and equally LOSER Magazines to demand no less from Uncle Sam and your pockets?

And once this happens in the USA, THE LAND OF THE FREE, how long before all will be lost through the back door, which is the door most favored by the LEFT?

IT DOESN’T TAKE ROCKET SCIENCE to understand what’s happening, when the Mainstream Media is falling apart, and BLOGS like Galganov.com are growing exponentially every day, with ZERO help from the government, and no shortage of DERISION from the Media, who are begging for Public Dollars with both hands extended, because BLOGS like this one are killing them where it counts.

If you saw the Super Bowl this past Sunday . . . you saw the result based 100% on a MERITOCRACY, which is something our Governments and the LEFT couldn’t exist under.

And to state it as simply as I can, whether it is football, politics, social issues, business, education, work – AND LIFE ITSELF . . . we all have to earn what we get, which is a TRUTH we better start living by sooner rather than later.

Because later will be too late. And too late only happens when we stop fighting.

 Best Regard . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I keep hearing about all the “peaceful” Muslims but there are over 450 million radical Muslims around the world who would kill us in a heartbeat. So what good are the so called peaceful Muslims as they never speak out about the terrorist attacks? Also every time there is a terrorist attack by Muslims I see the “peaceful” Muslims dancing in the streets handing out treats and celebrating like they did after 9/11 in Michigan and New Jersey and recently in Gaza?

  2. Your comment about the media begs another response. Before the high court in the EU, they are considering passing a law that linking to a website without authorization can be a copyright infringement and subject to fines. It has been considered in the US as well. This will destroy the Internet and sites like Drudgereport that are news aggregators. It will certainly have a great impact on the viability of the net.

  3. The debate seemed to be almost a set up to get rid of Cruz and Rubio. Mr Carson was mostly ignored .It seemed they are trying to keep Jeb Bush front and center.I feel the powers that be want him to be the chosen canidate. Just know we better get this right this time I only see one smart and tough enough to get the country back on course . Thanks again for all the truth you give us

  4. I know that you have heard of NPR and PBS. Way back when there were only the commercial networks, no cable, streaming or other modern forms of entertainment, there was a need for venues that produced unpopular programming such as Shakespeare, opera and other “high brow” forms of entertainment. They brought a certain amount of civility to TV and Radio. As a kid, many of the programs on radio and TV that I enjoyed were with public stations. However, they became bothBut not now.

  5. Rush Limbaugh talks about the debates and general criticism of Republican candidates by others as a circular firing squad. The Dem. candidates have not been asked questions by Rush, Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity. The Repub. debates are hurting the cause. I favor Trump for president because he can take the crap and give it out too. He is strong. Can not wait to see a Hillary or Sanders vs. Trump debate.

  6. It isn’t enough for the pinkos in Ottawa to support CBC as opposed to at least contributing to their own existence i.e. free enterprise. we are now threatened with supporting the print media. I assume it is all but a done deal as the media in general had a lot to do with electing this drama teacher. He apparently is going to campaign for the Big Spender in Ontario as pay back for her campaigning against Harper. The good ol boys network just keeps on plugging away
    Cheers Jim Anderson Victor

  7. The ABC “debate” could have been held on a stage slanted left. It was so obvious that the moderators (if you can call them that) had an agenda and it sure wasn’t to get answers to important questions but rather to do whatever they could to make each and everyone on that stage look bad with the exception of Bush. Sorry, but this old man is sticking with Trump. He may not be the best choice but from here he looks like the only real option available.

  8. Just a quick observation ! As time is going on, we see how poorly the candidates on both parties have become and are getting worse to express their views. At one time the standards were very high if one was to aspire to such a lofty office. In my opinion there is no one out there to lead the office of the president ! Doug Mc Clintock, Sarnia, Ont. Canada

  9. Every time I hear Carly speak, she makes more sense than any other candidate. I’m sticking with her until the bitter end.

  10. Well, let’s face it—people have heard just about everything re: the Republicans’ STANCE on the various issues. It’s high time that they “get down to business” and STOP attacking each other. The debate was ATROCIOUS and yes, was meant to ENTRAP the Republicans. As usual, TRUMP was able to successfully deliver HIS MESSAGE of “wanting to make AMERICA great again”! TRUMP is still the guy to vote for…owes NOTHING to NO ONE and “says it like it is”! All others FEAR him and with good reason. AMEN!

  11. I will say one good thing about this debate, Howard. When Ben Carson had a problem with hearing his name and waited for it in the ‘tunnel,’ Donald Trump was the only one to realize the problem and not go ahead of him. The others brushed by him and took their places, but Trump stood with Carson until the hosts called them again. That was the act of a man who has sympathy for others, and I was surprised and pleased to see it.

  12. The debate was a total fiasco. Aside from that, I am waiting with bated breath to see when (more likely “if”) Hillary Clinton will be subpoenaed, indicted, convicted, and jailed – as she should be. Will justice never be done? She belongs in prison, and here she is, running for President of the United States. Obama’s agenda — to be named a Justice of the Supreme Court, or Secretary General of the United Nations. Is Donald Trump our only hope???

  13. Marco Rubio did exactly what I have been hoping to hear from a Republican candidate: “Obama knows exactly what he is doing.” I have been shouting that for 8 years, and have waited for someone to have the guts to say it. Still have not decided on a candidate, but now I know it will not be Christie or anyone who does not have the courage to tell the truth.
    God Bless America!

  14. Canada is on the slippery slope to full blown Socialism. 2 reporters for The Rebel were forcefully kicked out of an open forum on royalty rates in Alberta, by the quasi Marxist NDP government. Read the book “The Destroyers”, available at Amazon, to see what a bunch of socialists/Marxists are doing to the once great province of Alberta. To all of my US friends, please don’t let your country allow another Democrat in the White House! They must be stopped! Get out and vote!

  15. The new media is gaining and now either winning or on the verge of winning. Obama is a creation of mainstream media. Our cultural decay is also a product of the media. If we do not win the media war all will be lost. I hope the new media will network and support each other. Publicize the work and insights of others. Keep pointing out the lies and distortions of the old media. As for me, while I am alive it will never be too late.

  16. Christie did nothing wrong, brought out a fact of Rubio which shows us he is not ready for Political office especially Prez. Nice guys lose, Dr. Ben the perfect Ex. Bring out TRUTH, TRUMP DOES, SO CAN CHRISTIE. Not one word on Cruz why? Fiorina was cheated, I agree completely. We must have an outsider win this election, and Cruz is a greedy guy that cut his own throat, not to be trusted. Dr. Ben too weak but a man to respect fully. So who is left TRUMP, CHRISTIE MAY MOVE TO 2ND.

  17. I just want a debate that asks if you are President how would you handle a certain situation such as Taxes, Islam (ISIS), Immigration, Vets, etc. I just get tired of all the negativity. The debate didn’t change my mind at all. I do feel that Carly should have been out on the Stage.
    I also think Reince Priebus should be replaced. He has done nothing for the Republican Party.

  18. You who have ears are not listening. One candidate on health care kept saying dying in the streets over and over again.
    No one challenged this statement. To my recollection in the US no one can be turned away from a hospital if need of care.
    Also I have never seen anyone dying in the streets in America. In these debates when one makes a statement like that make him prove it. I want to know where the people are dying in the streets. Enlighten me!

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