SUPER BOWL SUNDAY . . . Is When The Rubber Meets The Road

Either you can play with the bone-crushers, or take up Shuffle Board.


If VOTERS were as well informed and serious about their SOCIO/POLITICAL World, as they are about the rules governing NFL FOOTBALL . . . we would all be living in much better countries.

LET ME SPELL OUT MY BONA FIDES . . . A lot of people write about things they know nothing much about, but think they do, and pontificate as if they were experts. But, when it comes to Politics and Football, I really do have a hands-on expertise, since I’ve Played and Coached an awful lot of Football.

And when it comes to Politics, I’ve been around the Block Several Times.

And . . . if you break it all down to the most common denominator, FOOTBALL is a combination of WAR, CHESS, POLITICS & LIFE – all rolled into one.

The RULES of the game are absolutely clear, equal, and relatively simple to the Teams and the People watching . . . with no special privilege given to anyone.


1 – Both Teams recruit the BEST Players they possibly can with ZERO consideration for hurting anyone’s feelings. BECAUSE, WHO GIVES A CRAP about hurting someone’s feelings when WINNING IS THE ONLY THING!

Tell that to our LEFTIST Schools and the Jerky Sissies they turn out.

2 – There is NO PRIZE FOR SECOND PLACE, so who cares how you’ve played if you didn’t win, since no one but a statistician cares about anyone who came in SECOND?

3 – The Players will run as fast and hit as hard as they can, with everything they can, expecting no less from the other side.

4 – The BATTLE that’s waged on the LINE, between the defense and offense, and from the moment the Ball is HIKED, is the REAL BATTLE, which is mostly hidden from the fans, as THOUSANDS of pounds of muscle and bones crash with no pity given and none expected, because you take the blows, you give the blows and you don’t whine like a little sissy-boy, ‘cause in this world . . . no one cares.

Either you can play with the bone-crushers . . . or take up shuffle-board.

And this isn’t just about FOOTBALL and POLITICS, but represents the Real World, without all the phony SCHMUCKS, who over the generations have created a complicated system of BS, just to favor themselves, where winning for the short haul means nothing.

BUT IN ALL REALITY . . . Life is no more complicated than an NFL Battle Of The Gridlock, especially when it comes down to Two Teams Playing in the Super Bowl, for all the winnings, SECOND PLACE MEANS BUBKAS.

No one remembers or cares about the THIRTY TEAMS who aren’t in the Super Bowl, not even the ones who made it to the Playoffs . . . and no one will care who finished Second in the Super Bowl, when the Final Whistle BLOWS, and the Vince Lombardi Trophy is Awarded.

I just wish Education, Government and Politics were as simple, straight forward, and as honest as is Football, ‘cause maybe then, we could start reclaiming the greatness we’ve been losing with every passing government.

And maybe that’s why the Republican FIGHT for the NOMINATION of their Party is as good as it is, because it’s an ALL-OUT BRAWL, with every real player doing and saying whatever needs to be done and said to win.

And when that winner is finally chosen . . . he or she will be the Nightmare to be faced by the other side.


But for what it’s worth, I’m cheering for the BRONCOS and Manning, and expect them to win, not that the Panthers and Newton aren’t great, which they are . . . but Manning and his Broncos are truly the COME BACK KIDS, who’ve fought from the TRENCHES when no one believed they could get to the Super Bowl with an aging and badly injured Quarter Back, who’s Best Days were Yesterday.

I don’t gamble . . . so I have no bets on the game, but if I did – I would take the odds and go with the aging War Horse, Peyton Manning. But what do I know, since the smart money is on the up and coming GLITZ?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. P.M. Harper said, “We are at war”, he also said no to any refugees from Syria and Iraq, then caved in to pressure and said Canada will take 10,000. When did any country take 10,000 refugees from the enemies country while the war was ongoing? Are we so naive to think terrorists wouldn’t take this great opportunity to get into Canada.

  2. My heart is with Peyton. But my reality check says Panthers by 30.
    Let’s hope for a good close nail biter!

  3. Great article, Howard. And it has always occurred to me that the NFL and the great cities from whence it came would NEVER have been possible, not in a thousand years were it not for for free enterprise – capitalism and the concomitant American spirit.
    Joe Leach
    Indio, CA

  4. USA football is bigger than life, whether high school,college and NFL. There are more paid football coaches in the USA than any other sport.The super bowl is the most watched sport and 30 second commercial cost 5 million ! Its a money game just like politics, everything is professional, money will buy the best players.The presidential race is like a team effort, each one cheering their quarterback on !
    Denver’s defence will win the game !
    Doug Mc Clintock, Sarnia, Ontario

  5. I hope your correct. But I hear it’s gonna be a blow out by the panthers. Prob turn it off after halftime

  6. I hope the average American will be watching the Super Bowl, as will my wife. Makes for less crowded roads when I am out for a good ride (80 degrees here today) on my Moto Guzzi!

  7. Howard, you coached a lot of football & also played a lot. Where did you play and what levels did you coach?

    Bryan Carroll
    Pierrefonds, Que

  8. Howard, you might want to put a hold on the honesty of football until the courts have finished with deflategate. I see a lot of dishonesty there. I will not watch the overinflated bravado of the Super Bowl but I will tune in to see that Cam and his guys have hoisted the Vice Lombardi Trophy.
    Cheers Jim Anderson Victoria BC Canada

  9. You missed one big thing. With the exception of the Green Bay Packers, none of the other teams are owned by the people of that city. Owners get great subsidies when cities provide custom made arenas for any sport to be played. I know baseball is exempt from anti- monopoly laws. Everything you say would be absolutely true if the sport was private enerprise and not subsidized by city, states and federal tax law.

  10. I like the Football, Political analogy Howard, it seems like that analogy was last used in WW-2! Should be a very interesting Game. Wow 80 degrees on the Moto Guzzi, I’d choose that and watch the hi-lights. Here it’s 22 degrees, and my Boulevard is under cover. Keep the rubber side down!

  11. Well said on all points…..from a Colorado native and life-long Bronco fan!!! THE ORANGE CRUSH IS BACK.

  12. Great comparison! I’m not a sports fanatic nor even a fan of any sport. With that being said and to quote a quip from ‘Maxine’ … ‘My idea of a Super Bowl is a clean toilet!’ That works for Congress as well … LOL!

  13. #1 defense against #1 offense. They say defense wins championships. Hoping not to see a couple Manning interceptions that turn into Panther points. GO RAVENS! GO REPUBLICANS!

  14. What does it say about our society/culture when there is now a television show where the premise is the best person who can lip sync a song they didn’t write or actually perform wins? That’s about as genuine with superficiality as one can get, isn’t it? The only surprise is that I continue to be surprised about topics of new shows. Howard – you are spot on, as usual with your observations. Thank you.

  15. Agree—-no one really cares how you’ve played if you didn’t WIN! “Winning” is the name of the game, and it’s the same for POLITICS! It’s sad to see that more people educate themselves about sports vs. politics. The 2016 ELECTION is “THEE MOST” IMPORTANT ELECTION in our lifetime! We will be DOOMED if a Democrat is elected. Although I’m a Trump supporter, may the best REPUBLICAN win in the future……and may the best TEAM win today! AMEN!

  16. Your last statement is correct. It does not matter. The survival of AMerica and Canada far outweigh the importance of the football game. It is an entertainment victory with no effect on the survivability of both. However, I have read the end of the playbook and I am on the winning side. Maybe all should read the playbook with open eyes and not those blinded by darkness. There is none so blind as he/she who will not see. It will make a difference. I know it would for you.

  17. I’m with you Howard. I think Manning and the Broncos team who love Peyton are going to rally to send their “old man” out to the Hall of Fame with a blaze of glory. Go Broncos!!

  18. The beauty of football is that those who are ahead at any given time, can’t change the rules as they wish. The existing president changes the rules as he perceives he can. Those uninformed plus those who will always vote for the jackass secured a second term. If I were younger, I would head for Belize as I don’t recognise my country.

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