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So what's changed so much in the campaign? So let's Talk Real Stuff.


“If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you” . . . Rudyard Kipling.

I won’t be bullied or intimidated by accusations, no matter from whom or where they come.

Some people were REALLY Offended by my Editorial Excoriating the Public Sector and the PRIVILEGED RIDE most of them have. And if I were them . . . I guess I’d be upset too, but I’d keep my mouth shut and not poke the PUBLIC bear.

One person who is a Fireman, was so incensed with my recent Editorial about the unfairness of the Public Sector, that he wrote a Scathing Email to me, because he figures he’s earned the Pension he will receive, along with all other people who are in the Emergency Services (Police, Fire, and Ambulance) Sector, because they put the safety of the people they serve, before themselves.

But that’s a job they chose. No one made them do it!

He was also upset that I lumped into the list of Public Sector Workers our respective MILITARIES (Canadian – USA), which wasn’t even close to the TRUTH, since I have CONSTANTLY pointed out how our mutual Militaries are underpaid, understaffed, under equipped, and under pensioned when they retire, that I have no idea what he was suggesting. And obviously neither did he.

But that’s the kind of obfuscation used by the LEFT.

AS IT WAS SAID IN HAMLET . . . “The lady dost protest too much, methinks”.

In the final chapter with him . . . he wrote a long and angry letter, telling me how WRONG I was, and how I MUST remove him from the Galganov Directory, and how he will NEVER read another BLOG written by anyone, and that I should NOT respond to his email, because he won’t read whatever I might send to him.


1 – He said how much I was wrong, but never said HOW or WHY I was wrong.

2 – If he was so smart, why couldn’t he remove himself from the Galganov Directory, especially since the UNREGISTER BUTTON is as obvious and accessible as possible?

3 – He didn’t have to let me know NOT to respond to his email. That was a given.


Amongst the most dangerous jobs that make the largest contributions to society are Construction through Farming in the TOP TEN, without a mention of Police, Fire or EMS.

And even though many people will argue that I’m wrong, I know this for a FACT, since I have participated in Construction and Farming and have included STATISTICS supporting this TRUTH.

I have lots of friends who are Cops, and a few who are Fire Fighters, and I am happy for all of them that they will finish their careers with such great retirement packages, because they are friends . . .


And as far as dangerous goes . . . Most of my Police Friends have never had to draw their guns in the line of duty, which doesn’t mean these men and women are without real risk. And most Fire Fighters spend long lengths of time before ever having to fight real burning INFERNOS, but that doesn’t mean that they too are not at risk.

BUT . . . SHOW UP TO ANY FARMING COMMUNITY – and see how many farmers are in the ER for injuries of all description on any given day. Or visit an ER where any Construction is underway, to see how tradesman and workmen are sacrificing themselves to have things built. Or check with Fishermen, who have the most dangerous job amongst all of them.

If it comes down to it . . . we can live without Police and Fire Fighters if we decide to protect ourselves, it will be somewhat more complicated, but we can cope.

But we cannot survive without FOOD & SHELTER. And one of my Firemen Friends, who also farms in the community where Anne and I recently lived, who was a neighbor of ours, flabbergasted me when he agreed with this argument. But then again, he’s a Conservative.

I don’t suggest that we would be better off without EVERY Public Sector Worker, or that EVERY Public Sector worker isn’t worth what he or she earns, especially Public Sector Workers who are not at the TOP of the Public Sector PC Food Chain.

And I also don’t suggest for a moment that these Public Sector Workers should work for FREE, and don’t work for what they earn, many really do, but many really don’t, and all of them should be earning on a PAR with what the Private Sector earns, opposed to being part of a PRIVILEGED CLASS, above and beyond the people in the Private Sector who pay their way.

So – what I am saying in as clear a voice as I can . . . is that the system is unfair and unsustainable. And if you’re pissed-off at me for the statistics I quoted that I LINKED-TO in that recent editorial, these STATISTICS were not mine, but were part of the US Government and recognized Think Tanks.

PS – If you’re following the latest statistics of UNEMPLOYMENT in both of our countries, and eliminate the bogus numbers that are presented by our governments, unemployment and underemployment are going through the roof. And are nothing like the government says it is.

So . . . when the Candidates on the LEFT in particular, keep talking about the Rich Getting Richer and the Poor Getting Poorer, THAT IS BS. The Rich are indeed Getting Richer, while the Middle Class are Getting SLAMMED INTO POVERTY. While the government bureaucracy keeps on chugging-along.

Do you ever wonder why the most successful and happiest two cities and environ in North America . . . are Ottawa in Canada – and Washington DC in the USA?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Living in Canada, It is not my business to comment on USofA policies; but it does concern me, that, they, the U.S. government has allowed itself to be “castrated” and lost the respect of much of the “civilized” world. The majority of Germans were scared to voice their opinions during the 1930/40s; the same applies to the majority of Arabs, regardless of the religious beliefs. The fragmentation of ALL religious denominations appears to be a major part of the world wide problem.

  2. The takers are always the loudest and most unmannerly. We are a nation with an entitlement attitude and it is only getting worse. People don’t like looking in the mirror. Keep holding one up Howard. THANK YOU.

  3. I too have worked in Public and Private, and while working, had a farm with a lot of horses. Most dangerous place, the farm. You are right about comparative salaries and pensions. Favourite PS topic in Ottawa – Pensions, sick days to be paid in lieu if not taken, and as much as you can get for as little you can do. You don’t have to apologize for anything Howard. Please continue to open Pandoras box you know you’re right when the takers complain. I say, “If the cap fits, wear it”.

  4. The folks that serve us such as firemen, cops, deserve everything they get and it should even be more. They are our protectors, dial 911 THEY ARE THERE, Afire in an apt. Bldg. 10 stories high, they climb those ladders and put their lives on the line. They even do it to save animals, they put their lives on the line as our Military do for us. They deserve our utmost respect and admiration and monetarily should be provided to the fullest. 9/11 shows that vividly, ‘HERO’S THEY ARE!

  5. You are absolutely right on. Those of us working in the Private Sector, or owning small businesses, are supporting a bloated and overpaid civil service. This has to stop, but our elected officials don’t have the guts to do it. The result will be tyranny! Why should anyone have a guaranteed pension, if the funds aren’t there to pay it? But of course they think they are entitled!

  6. Just keep doing what you are doing Not much truth out here on these computers . For sure appreciate rhis means of finding some Some people just have to have the last word and bet you he read this one to see what you had to say about his complaining LOL

  7. I’m with you on this one Howard. I worked all my life in the private sector for peanuts compared to what government workers make. There were only a couple of days off for illness and if you didn’t take them you lost them–no reimbursement. And my small retirement–I paid into that. But–that’s O.K.–just feel better not being part of the entitlement group!

  8. Hi Howard, I can’t remember where I saw this, but I think it is appropriate to this post.

    “As the storm hits, and hundreds of thousands of non-essential government employees are sent home,
    perhaps it’s time we ask ourselves…


    Keep up this excellent blog!

  9. You are correct in all you said. I was raised on a farm and the work there is almost 24 hours a day. It is dangerous but I would say one of the most rewarding in certain ways. I, too, think some of the Public Sector jobs are overpaid and under worked! I do not include Military although it is voluntary but they don’t get the retirement that Civil Servants get but should.
    If the guy was upset then he overestimated his importance, like a lot of lefties do!
    The middle class is getting poorer.

  10. The farming community feeds the populous and gets nowhere near the pay cheques of the public sector. Somehow this does not seem right to me! Without food, the population would not survive very long. Do not confuse the price you pay in the grocery stores with the price the hard working farmer gets. It isn’t even close. The middle man and the retail outlets make much higher profits overall.

  11. …Just to interject…Do you care to comment on Cruz’s “outing” of Carson’s quitting just prior to the Iowa Caucus? I have been a Cruz fan until the last GOP debate when he started whining. After this “mistake” of his “office staff” I think I am leaning back to Trump. He doesn’t whine. He takes the blame.

  12. You will notice how the Walmart closing of some 157 stores follows increased minimum wage. For those folks I=minimum wage is zero.
    John Ross, (NOT ROSSINI)

  13. My biggest concern with the government sector work force is the unions who pass money to politicians directly or indirectly. Politicians tend to listen to the money instead of their oath of office.

  14. Even the great liberal war leader of the US, FDR, recognized that public employees being allowed to unionize was a mistake. We here in the States are paying for this mistake. An indication of the downward spiral of a society is when its “public servant” costs exceed the ability to tax the producers for such governmental “services.” Sort of reminds me of the situation depicted by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged with the producers simply leaving the economy along with their money and talent.

  15. Re Public Sector = agreed on all points . and stats are stats as to dangerous occupations . Maybe Firefighters have too much time on their hands to read blogs and submit long winded criticisms ?
    Now Stats are Not Stats if produced by the Government . Obama was just telling the world how Un-employment is the lowest in 8 years …
    Provided they no longer count those who no longer collect ,have given up or taken an entry level job at Walmart !
    I also have lots of time on my hands: UN-employed

  16. Sorry for this but I have to get it out. PM Trudeau, an admitted pot smoker is to have lunch in Washington. Will border guards refuse his entry like they have done to so many others or will they turn a blind eye?
    Cheers Jim Anderson Victoria BC

  17. I have known a number of people in my life who were civil servants. Typically they are good people, but have no idea what it is like to work in a competitive real world situation. They tend to believe they are indispensable and cannot be replaced, the latter of which is somewhat true. Living in a world of infinite resources (i.e. tax dollars) with typically incompetent supervision, they have no concept of compensation for productivity and are the most blatant example of “The Peter Principle!”

  18. Again, excellent. Both governments are perfect examples of “The Peter Principle” and “Parkinson’s Law”. Oddly enough, the more incompetent they are, the more secure they are because they are near the top.

  19. Howard, Now and then you write some things that I just plain don’t agree with. So what is the big deal? Just because you might not always follow my train of thought politically sure as hell doesn’t mean that I am going to stop reading your blog. Or for that matter, it doesn’t mean that I am going going to cease to make small $$ contributions now and then.
    Keep the stuff coming!
    Best wishes!

  20. Howard in the main I think I know where you are coming from BUT, the next two statements I extracted from your blog appear to me to be at odds. ie

    TRUTH, since I have CONSTANTLY pointed out how our mutual Militaries are underpaid, understaffed, under equipped, and under pensioned when they retire, that I have no idea what he was suggesting. And obviously neither did he.

    I have lots of friends who are Cops, and a few who are Fire Fighters, and I am happy for all of them that they

  21. I grew up in a logging town and watched many men get seriously injured and killed doing back breaking work. They produce a product that is extremely beneficial to mankind and are paid well. But have no pensions and little to fall back on when they got hurt. In contrast our local firemen make even more money, have a gold plated pension, and rarely get hurt, thankfully. I appreciate the work they do but the disparity between the public sector and the people they work for is plain wrong.

  22. Just released in Canada, job market is up slightly, down again in Alberta. The increase was/is caused by approx 18,000 more Government jobs! Even tho I’m a retired civil servant, after 32 years, I agree with you!!!

  23. Very interesting Editorial–never realized that “Amongst the most dangerous jobs that make the largest contributions to society are Construction through Farming in the TOP TEN…”. These are very good points. Although we need and appreciate the police/fireman services, they often DO project an ENTITLEMENT attitude which “turns the TAXPAYERS off”. They FORGET WHO is paying their salaries, etc… It would be very much appreciated if they would CONSIDER OUR ROLE in providing their INCREASES! AMEN!

  24. My dad worked on CNR from 14-65 retired with $25/m..half of which went to OHIP. My mom was teacher, lab tech and Nurse. My wife 50 years still one best Triage Nurses in country. Nurses never mentioned in ‘stuff’ about civil servants…’union’ ineffective obviously. Many are as qualified as GPs in diagnosing etc. Hospital admin. make bottom line look better lay off fulltime nurses-hire back as partime-no benefits. I did Sales/Mktg med/hosp prdcts 50yrs. Wife & I pnsn.15k ea/yr! civ/servwake up

  25. They are well paid and should have to save money through the years to fund their own retirement, just like everyone else. The poor are not getting poorer. They are getting fat off the working class and entitlements. It’s the middle class that is still working, paying taxes for the corrupt politicians to buy votes and power. Now McCain is getting a Super PAC to stop Trump. Afraid he’ll destroy your playpen John?

  26. If civil servants received similar salaries, pensions and benefits similar to the private sector, I doubt most us would have a complaint. However as most of us understand, their greed has put them in the category of Government 10%ers. The wealthiest in Canada. Sadly all this is on the backs of the poorer 90%ers who have to keep dishing out even more from their own pockets so these richer 10%er folks can continue to have even more. The result is the 90%ers are left with even less in their pockets

  27. Linda Roose of Columbus, Ohio is exactly correct. The ones protesting the loudest are indeed those who receive funds for absolutely no reason other than they exist, therefore they are ‘entitled’ and even demand someone else be responsible.

  28. Well, I guess at least one reader is gonna’ get teed off at your comments. Keep ’em comin’ Howard.

  29. I was a “public servant” for 17 years. I resigned in disgust of the “public service”,
    3 years short of a pension, because I couldn’t bear to be part of the bloated, unionized
    (can you believe it?), bureaucracy.

  30. I appreciate everything our public sector protectors do. It sickens me though when I find out that many who worked in that sector, starting at age 21 and retiring 30 years later get 95% of their LAST paycheck as their monthly retirement. And add to this that they save up vacation time and sick time and then add it to that final paycheck. So, someone making $10,000 per month their last year on the job gets a paycheck with all unused vacation and unused sicktime for say $18,000 and guess what?

  31. I had a good friend & co-worker, who also worked in the surgical suite. We were both Cert. Surg. Techs & she had a 30+ year career, at the same hospital we both worked at. When she retired, she would only be getting $130 a month from the hospital!!! All those years in service, which is extremely stressful and easily can be harmful to your health, she was only getting $130 a month. She truly was a loyal employee & I feel, she was shafted.

  32. Howard: please respond some time to the ” WHY are there hundreds of thousands of NON-essential government employees”? I had tears in my eyes both sad and overtaken with the cavalier attitude that make such statements possible.

  33. It is always dangerous to lump everyone into one bucket. There are two to three volunteer firefighters for every one that is paid. Even if our cities provide most of our gear, we still have to buy some with our own funds. We do the job because it is our way of serving. And when we retire, we get to keep the memories of all those we helped and how grateful they were. We also get to keep the nightmares of things no one should have to see.

  34. Thanks for the chuckle on a most serious subject. It’s interesting to see the critic whose brain’s not connected to his keyboard.
    You’re right, the dangers involved in many jobs paid for by free enterprise far exceeds the danger level of faced by many people paid by the tax collector. And of course, when the free market sets the wage rate it’s value received fro value given. Public funding just means the owner of the money used has no say about how it will be spent.

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