I don’t know if this will be perceived as a BREATH OF FRESH AIR, or as an ESCAPE from the on-going Political Warfare being waged between Republicans, for the Leadership of the Party, going into the November 2016 Election, since I’ve had enough for now of this election with squabbles of he said, she said, they said – AD NAUSEAM.

There is just so much one can take about the Media looking for every nuance and hint of controversy to blow-up into a NON-STORY, even if they have to create it.

I’m also really tired of people who are looking at this campaign as a CAGE MATCH, cheering on their champions as if they were Ultimate Fighters, without giving as much serious thought about who each Candidate is, what he or she has done, what he or she has said, and HOW they are ACTUALLY going to do what they’re promising.

And I’m NOT pointing fingers at the people who Comment and Read this BLOG.

I understand that FOX News and all the other Media, MUST soak up and regurgitate as much of this CRAP as they can, and for all of its worth, because that’s how they make their money. But for me . . . I’ve reached the limit for a while.


I AM JEWISH . . . which is something I have written about many times in the past. Anne is also Jewish. And if we could, we would have had a Bar Mitzvah (coming of age at 13 years old) for Stryker.

That said . . . every time a Jew is stabbed, shot, run down by a car or attacked anywhere in the world, just for being Jewish – that Jewish Victim could easily have been Anne or me.

When the Nazis and Nazi Supporters WORLDWIDE, especially throughout Europe, including Canada and the United States, attacked ONE JEW . . . EVERY JEW WAS ATTACKED.

To the Nazis and their supporters, it didn’t matter if the Jews were Secular, Religious, or considered themselves German or whatever nationality above being Jewish.

It also didn’t matter if the Jews made considerable contributions to the societies where they lived, or HUGE contributions to the world, in as many categories as one can imagine . . . including:

The Arts, Sciences, Health, Economics, Technologies, and beyond . . . because, even if Jews discovered the CURE FOR EVERYTHING and donated it to the world for FREE – they (we-me) would still be (Untermenschen) SUB-HUMAN Jews, as the Nazis portrayed us.

THAT WAS SEVERAL GENERATIONS AGO . . . less than three quarters of a century, AND WHAT HAS CHANGED?

Every Time a Jew is attacked in Israel, it’s not just an Israeli Jew – ITS ME.

Every Time a Jew is attacked in Europe, it’s not just a European Jew – IT’S ME.

Every Time a University disparages Israeli Academics, it’s not just Israeli Academics – IT’S ME.

Every Time a Jewish company or Product is LABELED for BOYCOTT, It’s not just a Jewish company or ProductIT’S ME.

And anyone who believes that this type of vicious ANTI-SEMITISM is not coming to our shores in Canada and the United States of America, and is not already here, he or she is as deluded . . . same as the Jews who voted for Barack Obama. Not just once, but twice.


Newly Minted, Pot Smoking Drama Teacher, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, made an impassioned speech for Holocaust Liberation Day, using all of his staged theatrics to drive home his point, but he forgot to mention just one little thing in his speech . . . that it was 6-MILLION JEWS who were the reason and focus of the Holocaust.


He also forgot to include . . . that as many as HALF of Canada’s Able Bodied Male Population was overseas during WWII fighting Nazis, and that his privileged father, who was very much of age, decided instead to ride his Motorcycle around the Quebec Countryside wearing Nazi Paraphernalia.

Yet . . . Canadian Jews voted for his father, and for him in BIG numbers.


It is one thing to speak about the Liberation of Auschwitz, Birkenau, Majdanek, Buchenwald, Treblinka, Sobibor, and far too many other Death Camps to list in this editorial, to the absolute EVIL of Mankind . . . BUT IT IS SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY – to compare these EXTERMINATION, TORTURE, AND HUMAN EXPERIMENTAL CAMPS and the SLAUGHTER of 6-MILLION JEWS, to how Moslems and others are treated around the world.

TRIVIALIZING THE HOLOCAUST . . . and putting it on a par with other ghastly world events only serves to trivialize the greatest crime against humanity ever – but it doesn’t change the TRUTH.

And now, in Canada and the United States of America, serious talk is happening, mostly amongst LEFTIST politicians, all the way up to the Attorney General of the USA, to make it ILLEGAL to speak or write disparagingly about Moslems who are sworn to Hate, Murder, and support the Murder of Jews.

Obama spoke at a Radical Mosque yesterday (February 3, 2016), where he highlighted the great CONTRIBUTIONS Islam has made to the United States, right from the beginning, but NEVER pointed to any, since NONE exist.

Obama spoke about Islamo-Phobia in the USA, where Moslems are under attack, but that PseudoREALITY is without FOUNDATION. I don’t see any BOYCOTT movements against Moslems or Islamic Countries at any North American Colleges and Universities, do you?

I don’t hear of Moslems being frightened of attack at North American Colleges and Universities, as Jewish Students have to DEAL with everyday, do you?

I don’t hear of Moslems being told by the governments of where they live in European Societies, not to look too Moslem, as Jews are being warned EVERYDAY . . . not to look Jewish, do you?

I don’t see Swastikas painted on Mosques and at Moslem Cemeteries, which are routinely painted on Synagogue Walls and at Jewish Cemeteries, do you?


No one has to tell me how important the American Election is to the people of the United States of America – because whoever wins the White House in November, is just as important to the entire world as he or she will be to the USA.

AND AS AN UNAPOLOGETIC JEW . . . it is critical to me – for the same reasons as everyone else who loves FREEDOM and Limited Government, whether I am Secular or Religious, that the RIGHT person must take the Oath Of Office in January 2017, and that he or she must be from the Republican Party, because anything else will spell serious trouble for the world, and spell DOOM for the Jewish People.


A lot of talk is being given about building the WALL between Mexico and the USA, of which I approve, but I want to see another Wall built too.

I want Israel to build a MILE HIGH AND MILE DEEP WALL between Israel and the Palestinians. There already is a Wall, but let’s really get it finished.

Israel should simply tell the Europeans and other Jew Haters where to get off. Israel should take the land that Israel justifiably sees as theirs, and seal it off within the Israeli side of the wall.

Israel should connect the Palestinian West Bank by a SECURE elevated Highway to Jordan on One side, and an equally SECURE elevated Highway to Gaza on the other, and let the Jordanians and Egyptians deal with the Palestinians, and STOP feeding the Palestinians with food, water, power, medical aid and jobs . . . until the Palestinians decide to become decent Human Beings, and STOP MURDERING JEWS.

And if the Palestinians decide to attack Jews in Israel or anywhere else, Israel should respond with uncompromising strength and destruction, demonstrating the pitiless price Palestinians or anyone MUST PAY for attacking Jews.

Jews do not have to keep turning the other cheek – until we run out of cheeks.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Every western country’s govts should take the lead of the Japanese.
    The retrograde system of Islam, [of which the “religious” part is merely a smoke screen to deceive the West,]
    needs to be outlawed in it’s entirety period.
    In Japan it is illegal to practice Islam. There are no mosques, no Islamic studies courses in universities, and if you declare yourself as a Muslim wanting to enter the country you are denied entry. Applause anyone!!
    Islam’s basic goal is Sharia Law period. Forget the cha

  2. BO insulted the entire Jewish community when he spoke at that moslem terrorist recruitment headquarters yesterday. He claims to be Christian but it’s obvious he’s moslem to the core.

  3. The Israeli Jews are fighting for their lives; Obama has firmly turned his back on them & Hillary will do the same. So why do the NYC Jews keep voting for Democrats? It’s the “yellow dog” fixation, but I hope voting for that last yellow dog will end it. As for the rest of us, if Hillary wins in November, we may as well say “Once upon a time there was a land where free men lived for a brief time.” Europe is anti-Israel; we were and the people are for Israel. Obama is for Islam. I love Israel.

  4. Well said Howard. I am not a Jew, but have always felt an empathy with them. I honestly don’t understand why everyone in North America does not feel the same after finding out what pure evil was done to them during Hitler’s reign. I can’t understand why anyone would be on the side of the Palestinians, but many are. If we are such Christian based countries, why don’t we seem to remember that Jesus himself was a Jew. We should be doing everything in our power to protect the Jews!

  5. We are all praying, along with Jews around the world and with those in Israel, that this anti-semitic liar-in-chief is replaced by an American patriot who loves and values our traditional relationship with Israel. I haven’t up until now, given much thought to the “Obama is a secret Muslim” rumors, but his appearance at the mosque, and the speech, sent a chill through me.

  6. Thank you for bringing the discrimination of the Jewish people into the forefront. I had no idea that this was still happening in my own country of Canada or the USA!!!! Have we not learned anything from the Holocaust???? A tragedy that should never have happened and sadly the entire world knew it was happening and did nothing until it was too late. It makes me ashamed.
    Glenna Stephens, Elmvale, ON, Canada

  7. 74401, that is my mothers’ tattooed number on her left arm that she got when in Auschwitz where her first son (I am her second son) was murdered at age 4 for the crime of being a Jew. My brother was robbed of his life, my children were robbed of their uncle and any cousins my brother would have given them. The world was robbed of the potential genius that he may have possessed. As best as I can tell his death was only some 73 years ago and here we go again with “open season” on Jews!

  8. Howard as always you write from the heart what should be obvious to us all. THANK YOU

    Tony Melli

  9. If we don’t speak for ourselves, who will? There’s a song from Broadway that goes “when you are four or six or eight you have to be taught to hate..” And so the world goes. As an NCO in the military, someone made a “Jew” remark, I invited him to meet after hours,back of the barracks, for a “more in-depth discussion.” Invitation declined. Israel is attacked daily while the world criticises its right to retaliate. Vote Republican so we can have “more in depth discussions”.

  10. As young boy attending a Jewish school in Montreal, I recall the teachers referencing the Jews of Palestine. In other words, until Israel became branded as the home of the Jews, they were known as Palestinians. The Arabs and anti-Semites of today, simply hijacked the name, Palestinians, and are waging a Hitlarian propaganda war. Subsequently, the world pressured Israel to trade land for peace. The result was Hamas.

  11. To quote Kinky Friedman, in the song “They don’t make Jews like Jesus anymore”, I too believe in not turning the other cheek, and standing up to Israel-bashers. Many so called experts arrive at the wrong conclusions without first-hand knowledge, and believing lies. Do not be hasty to judge a democratic country from the safety of your hearth 6000 miles away. Verify media spin. Follow the money!

  12. One of my closest friends during my military career was Jewish. As a military instructor I taught a class on the Holocaust using captured films, documents and photos from the German files, released for the course of instruction. The level of inhumanity was sickening.That is why I was one of the original contributors to the Holocaust Museum. And you’re right. History is repeating itself. Some people never learn.
    Ray Newman, 1SGT USA (Ret)

  13. I had my DNA checked several years ago, and found that both my parents were Jewish. When I ask Mom, who was dying of cancer at 86, why we were never told of our heritage, she said “It wasn’t Safe”! Her family came from Frankfort in the 1880’s, and Dads family came from Berlin in the 1680’s (Heinze). We were raised Christian on the outside, and Jewish on the inside. Later in Germany, (during 9/11) people stopped talking to me when I said grandpa “Berger”.

  14. I like your article Howard….all of it so true….. ditto on the election noise….but it just gonna get worse….I even had my land line taken out due to the political calls I got every evening.. only have a cell number now.

    However please explain why so many Jews vote for the democrat party…..I have never understood that….I assume they are liberal first and jew second.

  15. The newest form of PC antisemitism among the liberals is not to be against Jews per say but have a problem with Israeli policies.

  16. The JEWISH issues you’ve noted in your Editorial have also had a great impact on America. Lately, OBAMA has been much more OVERT re: his MOSLEM STANCE. He chose to speak at a RADICAL MOSQUE because he wants to support HIS OWN people, the SAME ONES who want to RULE us. His visit there was also a political move against the Republicans, due to TRUMP’s wanting to build a WALL. Politicians are CHANGING HISTORY to suit their LIBERAL needs and views. We live in a very DYSFUNCTIONAL society! AMEN!

  17. Well said. As a conservative Christian no one is more committed to support of Israel and the Jewish people than me.

  18. In the Mosque on Feb. 3, 2015, President Obama said: “You are not American-Muslims, you are Muslim-Americans”. Once again showing his true colors.
    Canada is a Judo-Christian Country…therefore, all of the Syrian Refugees brought here must be of the same percentage, and not close to 100% Muslim. The true Refugees are those Christians and Jews that are being Persecuted and murdered, so at least 90% of the Refugees must come from these Religions.
    Trudeau and the Liberals are Discriminating???

  19. Born in ’46 in Montreal. Lived on Jeanne Mance corner Villeneuve. One side of Jeanne Mance was pretty much all refugees or DP’s as they were called, survivors of the war. The other side inhabited by many anti-semitic French who hated our guts. My late father owned a store on Park Avenue and I would run the gauntlet of taunts and beatings to get there. My dad taught me to either fight or run. I did both and have scars to prove it. In my eyes an attack on a Jew anywhere is an attack on all of

  20. Arm yourselves folks, even Canadians can own a firearm…shotguns and rifles are great weapons!
    …Great editorial as usual.

  21. I agree with all you have said. We need to stand with the Jewish people and help them but we never will as long as Obama is in office. I, too, wonder why in the world Jewish people vote Democratic. We know how Obama feels about Moslems and it isn’t what the majority of people feel about them. What Obama said yesterday was a disgrace.
    I am tired of the elections and all the fighting going on. Just tell us what you are going to do as Presicent and stop acting like 2 year olds!!

  22. First we have to get over the idea that Islam is a religion. It is, “A subversive ideology masquerading as a religion”. Not my words! Do you know who said that and when?

  23. Israel should have annexed the West Bank and Gaza after the 6 day war as the war laws indicates. After WW2 Germany and Italy lost all their colonies as the prize of losing the war. Israel made the mistake to ignore that law, the world would have gone mad but so what, we are used to it. The other mistake was to bring Arafat from exile in Tunisia to “Palestine” to talk peace. After causing much troubles was kicked out of Jordan and Lebanon, went to Tunisia in exile. Peres brought him back.

  24. I never understand anti-semitism from a Christian. I WORSHIP A JEW!! No one sect or religios people have contributed as much as the Jews per population, yet the Peace Prize goes to Arafat and Obama. How brainwashed can we be? If Christians don’t start standing up for ouR Jesus and his teachings/bible the we and the Jews are all going down. the Koran will win which says “conquer the world and kill ALL INFIDELS”. THAT US FOLKS.

  25. Howard, I am with you 100% – I would like to add if I may another point that nobody talks about. giving back land after wars or conflicts. How come nobody talks about Russia that captured some islands in Northern Japan in August of 1945 and they still refuse to return them to Japan? How about China and Tibet???? How about the United States returning California to Mexico, and on and on. The whole world is hypocrite; Anti Semites and jealous of the Jews.
    Steve Acre, Montreal

  26. a radio host said today that it is unusual for a Pres. of US to remark in a speech about a religion, any religion. Which Obama did in the speech you reference. He would not do the same for Christianity,or other faith, surely. He has truly overstayed his welcome. His usefulness was always non-existent.

  27. No doubt Russia, China, Iran et al have Clinton’s emails safely stashed away. I hope Israel does too, & I’d love to see Israel release some of the sensitive ones if Clinton has the DNC nomination, just prior to the election when it’s too late for the Dems to select someone else. It wouldn’t harm the USA any more than she has already harmed it!

  28. At 82 I’ve seen my share of life and have asked myself many of the questions raised here. Yes, I too am Jewish. Why do Jews vote for the Marxist-Democrat Party? (…my name for the Godless ones). They are either stupid, suicidal….or both; I suspect it’s mostly the latter. My diagnosis applies to many of the Jews in Israel as well. If we Jews do not stand up against the bullies and the hatred that never ends we have no one to blame but ourselves for the abuse. When is enough, enough?

  29. Howard, I agree with you up to a point, but talk is cheap. We Jews have to arm ourselves. We don’t need to, and shouldn’t turn the other cheek. Buy a good carry pistol, learn how to use it, and carry it every day. As Jews we don’t have to be afraid any more. When a number of these attackers get shot, things will change. They may find someone else to pick on.

  30. Excellent. However, I have always wondered how/why Israel withstands the bombardment from the Arabs in order to maintain a pseudo peace. It is time for Israel to extend its borders outward to locations from which attacks come. A country which allows its people to attack another country should suffer loss of territory to the point from which attacks are initiated. Each incident should result in loss of territory to that location. Said loss of territory should be equally wide as deep.

  31. “It also didn’t matter if the Jews made considerable contributions to the societies where they lived, or HUGE contributions to the world, in as many categories as one can imagine . . .”

    Except maybe the army where good jew soldiers could fight in the Weirmaht (even some jews chose to do that so they could escape a worse faith). Even Goering said : “I deceide who is a Jew”

    Or the other exception is the kapos. Well you know that story too Howard

  32. I’m back. The other half of my email is on hold waiting to be sent so I will carry on. Your statement about our drama teacher PM are spot on. His qualifications??? His name. The Liberal Party of Canada drool over the name. The part you missed about senior is that he was a writer of communist doctrines which I guess is not scary enough for sheep going to the slaughter. We should have had enough of them (Trudeaus) in the 60s but a lot of the young left wouldn’t believe the truth if it walked up to

  33. Well said. As a Christian I have nothing but respect and admiration for the Jewish people, as well as deep sympathy for their horrific fate at the hands of the Nazis. Benjamin Netanyahu is a hero in my eyes. Canada needs a leader like him right now to lead the majority English in speaking out before it is too late.
    Claire Dykeman, New Brunswick, Canada

  34. It is really too bad that the American “Drive By” media doesn’t call OB on his statements that Muslims contributed so much to this country. How about asking how many Muslims landed at Plymouth Rock with the Pilgrim’s, How many signed the Declaration of Independence, how many fought died in the Civil War, how many helped the US win WWI and WWll, I could go on. It is so disgusting like you said the hatred and lies told about the Jews. Lets hope that a Republican wins in November.

  35. Obama and the leftest have made the statement manny times about how much the Moslems have contributed to the freedoms in the USA. I have read a lot of history on the founding of the this country, the civil war, first and second world war, and I don’t recall seeing any where a Moslems name. This group of johnny come lately now want to take advantage of the freedom secured by Christian and Jewish blood.

  36. I’ve been watching the AHC Channel’s “Nazi Collaborators” & one was called God or Evil. This show is about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem-Mohammad Amin al-Husayni & how he almost worshipped Hitler. They both wanted the “Final Solution.” In reality, the actions of the Nazis & the Grand Mufti, are still with us today, in the form of Al-Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS/ISIL!!! There was 1 Nazi Commando, favored by Hitler, who went to Eygpt & then to Palestine, after WWII.

  37. The Jewish blood runs through my veins also. Well spoken!

  38. I saw a picture of a dog wearing a “Barka”. Maybe there should be a “Bark Mitzvah” for Jewish dogs…..Hope that you laugh and take it in the right spirit as I love the Jewish people and lost a Jewish friend of 46 years this week and had an 8 hour day at the funeral home, cemetery and back to his home for Shiva. He was one of my best friends and a survivor of the Holocaust. S. Spielberg interviewed him about it. He is buried 5 min. from my home. So very sad to lose such a wonderful friend…

  39. Howard, what can we do to be sued along with you? And how do you want us to handle links with you?

  40. Agree 100% with you Howard! I’ll donate now to any fund/foundation there is accepting money for Israel to build that wall and to kick the Muslims off of the Temple Mount and raze to the ground that abomination of a mosque! The Jews have a land grant directly from Yahweh and its for much more land than Israel has claimed since 1948. Israel needs to tell the rest of the world to Go To H*LL and do everything in its power to protect its citizens and borders.

  41. Build the walls, both of them. It’s time to rethink how we worry about what the world thinks. Our way of life and our very existence is in jeopardy. Because we think we’re so politically correct, and such a giving people, that we allow these cancers to grow and fester among us. Time to stop the lunacy.

  42. Great editorial! Anti-Semitism has been with us for thousands of years and is one of the foundational beliefs of the 7th century death cult of the moslems. As obama imports tens of thousands of moslems, the attacks against Jews and Christians that we’re seeing in Europe will ramp up here. Thankfully we can still arm ourselves and I encourage everyone reading this to do so. If you’re not comfortable with firearms, seek training. You owe it to yourself, your family and neighbors.

  43. I agree 100%
    I am a Christian, and in the New Testament Romans 11 and Ephesians 2 talks about me being grafted in as a Jew. I would rather been born a Jew, but this is the next best thing.
    Are the Jews not from Abraham’s seed? And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. This is your promise, and look at all the inventions you have blessed the world with. I celebrate your feasts even tho I can’t keep the

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