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There are NO BAD GUYS or a BAD GAL in this Republican Campaign. And unless you’ve done this yourself, you can have NO IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE, the way all of these Candidates have, and are continuing to do.

I have nothing but admiration for everyone on the Republican side, especially amongst the Conservatives, because it sure isn’t easy to live with the plethora of LIES, DISTORTIONS & INSULTS, not just from competitive Candidates, but also from the public.


I have been inundated with RUDENESS AND STUPIDITY, on as grand a scale as I could never have imagined, for instance – one of the readers to Galganov.com, who has been part of this BLOG for a very long time, asked to be removed from the Directory, because he could no longer read a BLOG that supports Ineligible Candidates, namely Ted Cruz, because in his mind, Cruz isn’t really an American. NO PROBLEM . . . IT’S EASY FOR ME TO CLICK DELETE.

I had one guy write in the Comment Section the other day, that I should Shut My Big Canadian Mouth. I guess he didn’t mean anything by it, but just in case he did, I deleted him from the Comment Section – and GOODBYE from the Directory.


Because of how incredibly tough it is, to put yourself and your family forward in an election, with the insults and costs . . . everyone of us should give praise to the Men . . . and in this case to a Conservative Woman, who VOLUNTARILY AGREES TO BE EVERYONE’S PUNCHING BAG.

And that said . . . it’s also more than appropriate to campaign for your choice, and against other Candidates with whom you disagree, with solid arguments. But, it is not in the interest of FREEDOM, or arriving at the best choice when the arguments are SHRILL and DISINGENUOUS.

I’ve laid out WHOM I don’t support amongst many of the Candidates, and explained WHY. But . . . it’s in the explaining of WHY that makes the difference.


I NEVER suggest that you take what I write as the Gospel. And even though I try really hard, AND I DO MEAN REALLY HARD, to be as HONEST and FACTUAL as possible, that doesn’t mean that I don’t screw-up and make honest mistakes. Just in the past couple of weeks, I had to walk back one claim, and correct the numbers on another, because like you, I‘m just human.

THAT SAID . . . There are plenty of BLOGGERS and Media types who believe and pass-on all kinds of TRIPE, which comes onto your screens. And then there is no shortage of people on the Internet who CREATE LIES, for whatever purpose, MUCH OF IT NEFARIOUS.


The COMMENT Section of Galganov.com has become very popular, but, from time to time, people who leave Comments are somewhat SHRILL, and attack me as if I was the enemy. They kind of forget whose SITE they’re reading.

The other thing about a FEW people who leave Comments, . . . they use the Comment Section as their own personal Vehicle with which to Campaign for their Champion without disseminating FACTS, which I don’t appreciate . . .

IN ALL . . . The Republicans are doing really well – ALL OF THEM, because each one IS IN IT, in spite of the CRAP that is thrown their way, which includes: substantial costs, the constant BEGGING for funds, the travel, being away from friends and family, crappy meals, uncomfortable beds, shaking hands with people they would prefer not to, listening to fools telling them what they’re doing wrong, and the massive disappointments that come with the turf.


In my last Editorial, I called Berne Sanders a SCHMUCK – I stand by that, because here is a man with all the answers for what ails the USA, as long as he and his kind can soak the MAKERS, just as he has been LEECHING off the people for generations, while sitting in Congress for 25-Years, after sitting for 8-Years as the Mayor of Burlington Vermont.

AND FOR HILLARY CLINTON . . . She and her husband are simply EVIL, for whom there can be no kind or supportive words . . . other than GUILTY, and the sentence is . . .

BEFORE THESE CAMPAIGNS ARE DONE . . . All the Candidates will eventually have to stop with the insults, and FOCUS ENTIRELY on their vision for the USA, AND EXACTLY HOW THEY INTEND TO DO WHAT THEY’RE PROMISING, which will impact heavily on the rest of the world . . . So, listen to what they say and research what they’ve done – BECAUSE, the time for everyone to get serious . . . is upon us.

AND REMEMBER THIS . . . Eventually, one of the Candidates will become THE CANDIDATE, and when the INTERNECINE ACRIMONY IS DONE, we will all have to coalesce behind the winner, and BRING IT HOME FOR THE GOOD GUYS, no matter who that Candidate is . . . even if it’s Chris Christie, of whom I am no fan.

And once he or she wins the Presidency, we should be prepared to Hold His or Her Feet to the Fire without MERCY.

PS – To date, I am very PRO-Cruz, but, as the campaign winds its way, who knows what can come up to either strengthen my support or change it completely. And that’s why we have Debates and Aggressive Campaigns.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The well known quote,”For evil to prevail, is for ‘good’ men to do nothing.” Just as, ‘for “Islam” to prevail is for good Muslims to do nothing.’ Muslims, who do not stand-up and denounce or proclaim their disapproval us these actions, are just as guilty. They are nothing more than accompany to Islam. You like everyone each individual Muslims have a choice to accept or reject Islam. Arabs, (Muslims) were there ‘FAR-BEFORE’ Islam came into existence.

  2. Another good editorial Howard. I have been a fan of Ted Cruz for years and will be unless something comes up to change my mind.

  3. Excellent commentary Howard. Any one of the candidates on our side would be worlds better from what we know have sitting in the White House. November can’t come soon enough, when you see the damage he can do in his remaining months …..

  4. I have long been conflicted; between the brash, “I’ll get it done” attitude of Mr. Trump, which I have most- always appreciated, regardless a number of my long-held beliefs have never entirely properly meshed with his; the concept of personal freedom and government restraint being the basis of most-all of our positional differences … and Mr. Cruz, who I believe to be the more principled of the two. So, I shall wait and watch and the answer will come to me, I am sure and then, if only I vote?!

  5. I will be satisfied with any one of the three top in the Republican campaign. My favorite is Trump. He has the International experience – who cares about Iowa? Santorum won, not nominated. Huckabee won, not nominated. What does winning in Iowa carry such weight to some? I think Cruz should have, and still should, clear up the question about his citizenship. As smart a legal mind as he has, get it over with, once and for all. If Rubio wins, I will buy new hearing aids that run faster

  6. Don’t be so hard on Berne Sanders he does have a future in the lead for Back To The Future V, sorry he just does not have a presidential image regardless of if you like what he says.

  7. HEAR HEAR HOWARD! Great perspective and comments! Like Trump, maybe you’ll buy a farm here in Texas! WELCOME!
    Bud Farrell

  8. With your permission, I would like to shamelessly steal your best line on today’s blog. That is; “AND FOR HILLARY CLINTON . . . She and her husband are simply EVIL, for whom there can be no kind or supportive words . . . other than GUILTY, and the sentence is . . .”

    Perfect! Absolutely perfect!!! Keep those daily writings coming Gal! Cheers and all the best sir!

  9. I am an oil field worker…and may still be tomorrow. I just looked up the import vs produced oil charts the US gov’t supplies at energy.gov. We crossed the import line in 2013. Imports began to decline and production incline with his election. The creators put His Highness’ time of rule on the graph, subtly giving Him the credit. How disingenuous. We are now taking a bullet for the country’s war against the Russians and Islamists. We have lost 200K at last count. Thanks? Acknowledgement?

  10. Howard your calm and insightful opinions are welcome and appreciated. Keep em coming and THANK YOU. Naturally, I am in agreement, in the main, with what you put out there that is so badly needed.

    Tony Melli

  11. Well we live in a free country, and your voicing your opinion with a lot of facts behind makes a lot of us thankful because like me the majority don’t have the resources or experience that you do. You say 1 click & they are gone, but it still is disappointing when a person is unable to accept what they disagree with in a civilized manner and are nasty because they don’t agree 100% with you. You being a Canadian and caring what goes on in America more than most Americans 100+ stars for you.

  12. Thoughts about elections, past and present:
    OBAMA was elected only BECAUSE he is black.
    If Hillary wins ,it will be only BECAUSE she is a woman.
    Trump: Might win, because he is says what we say in our living rooms, but don’t say in polite company.
    Bush: Most qualified, but that name!
    Kasich: Very qualified, but almost too nice. Good VP selection.
    Rubio: Qualified, but so young. Good VP selection.
    Cruz: OK but may not beat Clinton. His VP selection is VERY important.
    Carson: Smart. Goo

  13. I am sick and tired of the posts questioning the “citizenship” of Cruz or Rubio after almost 8 years of Obama! Where the hell were these people 7 to 8 years ago?

  14. Howard, you and I have an identical weltanschauung. I feel, however that Cruz and Trump are just not electable. I don’t think it was an accident that Rubio did so well in Iowa. He is the most electable of the Republican stable of excellent people. The very idea that the democrat ticket could even be competitive is a sign of how depraved our western societies have become.
    Thanks for your great blog, even if you are a Canadian, aye!

  15. I am now a Trump supporter…and for only 1 reason…he will bust up the republican cabal….. here is a great article, not really supporting Trump but chastizing the Republican party ….the RINO’s and political correctness have run amok and have created Trump…..

  16. Great Blog Howard!! I think our biggest problem in the USA today is we have been governed by a divider. We can still survive if we get united but divided we will fall. Our next President has to be able to unit us. Cruz could barely get anyone to stand with him in congress. You can say he stands alone. Great; but he has to be able to work with congress unless you are a dictator like we have now. He might be a Reagan in his heart but not with his words.

  17. Howard, you do a very good job of presenting the material. It is challenging and provocative as it shoul be. Our responsibility as your “readers” is to “search the material as you present it,” then make an “intelligent descision” being productive to all of “mankinds good!” If we can find it in our hearts to do that we have accomplished what I think is “your mission.” We will never come to the “truth” unless we fervently do this. Thank you for your good work.

  18. “Ad hominem” attacks are often used when people have no defense, as has happened to you, Howard. You have a right to your opinion. Mine is that Trump was smart to be ‘mellow’ in Iowa. He will be BACK IN ACTION much sooner than later! Cruz & Rubio “ain’t seen nothing yet”! Also, some ‘drop-outs’ will be supporting TRUMP which will help him GREATLY. As previously said, one either LIKES him or HATES him. The change he offers can’t be any worse than the one we got from BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! AMEN!

  19. The Clintons are more than evil but will go unpunished. Except maybe by the voters. Do you think there is ( am I joking?) Obama pressure on all investigative agencies to suppress or deny justice due to the “delicate” nature of her overt stupidity?
    How else can he be appointed to the Supreme Court? Or nominated to be Secretary General of the UN? Meanwhile the destruction of our essence as a nation as founded by our forefathers continues relentlessly 24-7.

  20. i accept criticism, I don’t tolerate 2 FOUL LANGUAGE AND WHEN FOLKS PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH, THAT WERE NEVER SPOKEN. That’s it, my forum is for debate therefore I am more accepting than you are. I welcome criticism. My take on the candidates, Trump has to be more forthcoming in detail. Cruz will have to overcome his Carson fiasco, and Rubio no very bright,but very robotic. Out of the 3 Rubio is most fit intellectually to beat Hillary!

  21. It always surprises me how people get mad and whine about something they are reading or listening too. If it bothers you don’t watch or listen. I support Cruz but you have to have an open mind because no one knows what the incredibly bumpy terrain ahead will do to any of the candidates.

  22. I am pro Cruz also. I will vote for him in the primary and to win. THis so called fraud in Iowa they are trying to dump on Cruz is a load of horse manure. The only reason they are going after Cruz is because he came out on top. Why don’t they start digging into rube’s campaign as it is out on major news that his campaign may have been the start of the problem?

  23. Saw a car in Detroit with a “Run Hillary Run” bumper sticker on his front bumper? This did not look right to me?
    Thoughts anyone?

    Ron Conway, Ottawa, Canada

  24. Cruz was my 1st choice until Trump entered race. Cruz still my 2nd choice & may become the 1st choice. As much as I want to support Trump & break up the DC cartel/cabal/coven I need to hear some “How?” to go with the “What” to keep my vote. Also, that the GOPe prefers Trump to Cruz tells me that Cruz might be a better choice to break the culture of corruption in DC. I’m ABSOLUTELY certain that this IS the MOST important election of my life, & we need to get it right for our America.

  25. The National Review in an editorial I quote, ” Trump is an unmoored political opportunist who has seized on immigration, terrorism, and the justifiable anger of the working class to boost his quest for power and fame. Don’t be fooled: Trump once happily supported “abortion, gun control, single-payer health care ‘a la Canada, and punitive taxes on the wealthy.”

    He would be utterly unpredictable as president – abandoning conservative priorities, making bizarre policy decisions, home & abroad.

  26. No matter who is elected he/she must have support of Congress. We should be thinking of ALL House and one third of the Senate members that face elections. It matters not what they promise. It will only happen with support from BOTH the House and Senate.

  27. I cannot wrap my arms around Cruz, too slick. Probably the most intelligent of the bunch. Rubio is too young for the job
    and lacks experience. Christie does the best of stating his position. That leaves Trump. Who knows, he is a big gamble
    but I feel he can get the job done. The other side, if either one of them gets in, you can look for the debt to double in
    the first term. It would be the final nail for the USA.

  28. Very good article and I agree with you on the Clinton’s, they are Evil. I still like Cruz but will vote for whoever wins. But Trump is like a little kid, calling names, complaining all the time. I want to know how he is going to do what he says he is going to do. I want the others left to quit sniping at each other and tell us what their plan is going to be when they get in office. It is important to get Republicans in the House and Senate also!!

  29. I used to think Obama was the most self absorbed man I had ever seen, he is “Junior League “compared to Trump. Here is a thought what if Trump made a “Deal” with his “friends” the Clintons to create havoc within the Republican candidates. Never has there been such mayhem and the problems America needs to solve are completly being ignored. I do feel the Republican candidates are sincere in their beliefs and trying to put them out there, but the media is targeting all of Trumps silly antics.

  30. Howard – Great editorial today. One reason I love to read the comments, even when I don’t comment, the lack of “flaming” and spamming!!! I find good thoughtful comments, most of the time. Yelling and name calling gets no one anywhere, but downhill. Yes, this is your website and your rules, period, end of quote. I love to see your insight on the issues at hand. They make me think and many times you are in full agreement with me. 🙂

  31. Many of you have showed support for Cruz, Trump and Rubio. And have turn away from Carson, because he seems to be to quiet. Well there some of you who can re-call when the debate first started with Kennedy & Nixion. Cool, calm and respectfull. No, name calling cheating, stealing, etc., etc. It has gone done hill and now look at ALL of them. I am tired of their conceit, (more than others). I just want them to answer the questions, with-out any hoopla added. People, look at their heart.

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