The Counter Revolution Is Just Beginning



Monday Night in Iowa (February 1, 2016) proved to be far bigger than most people had expected.

That there was this enormous TURNOUT for the Republican Caucus, and far less of a turnout for the Democrats, shouts VOLUMES about which Party, and which philosophy is on FIRE, which does not foreshadow at all well for the LEFT.

Trump did very well last night, but received even more than what he actually earned, since he didn’t work to win the votes, or the support of Iowa Voters.

Trump did not organize the kind of GROUND SUPPORT, which a Candidate needs in order to win the trust and support of the people. And the outcome PROVES that celebrity is simply not enough to carry the day.

Someone, on one of the TV Networks referred to Trump as the Kardashian of Politics, which is not a compliment, but is also not far from the truth.


I chose Cruz to win, not just because of his message, but also because of his work and strategic tenacity. I never thought he was going to lose to a man who missed a VITAL Television Debate, and had no Ground Game.

I chose Rubio to come in second, because he had a fabulous outcome in the FOX News Iowa Debate. And he also had a great ground game.

The fact that Rubio didn’t beat Trump . . . was measured only in millimeters opposed to inches. But the closeness between them shouts volumes.

The problems with Trump’s Campaign are evident: It seems that he has reached his maximum level of support, with little room to grow, as a large number of SECOND CHOICE for Candidates are not on Trump’s side. And even though Trump’s SUPPORTERS are 100% loyal to their champion, it’s not enough to grow on.

But here is a reality . . . If Trump can start to organize a REAL Ground Game, which at this very late date is not looking too good, he could still be in the fight. And as long as Rubio and Cruz continue to pound each other, and others also stay in the fight, which is doubtful, because there is no base for them to hang onto, he could still be there . . . but those are a lot of ifs.


Anyone who thinks Ted Cruz put all of his Apples exclusively in the Iowa Caucus is kidding him or herself. Because, what we saw Monday Night in Iowa, in terms of the Cruz Machine, demonstrates the full level of organization, the number of dedicated volunteers, and the volume of money strategically set aside to fight for every Caucus and Primary throughout the USA . . . which portends a real war-plan.


Make no mistake about it . . . Rubio is the one to watch, as he targets Cruz above all other Candidates, with the possible exception of Trump, while everyone else are just in the way.

Rubio is YOUNG, FRESH, GOOD LOOKING, and is one of the best FAST THINKERS on his feet, whom I ever saw or heard. And his personal story, and the way he tells it, is compelling. And he’s also like the boy next door, whose mother of the girl next-door . . . would like him to date her daughter.

Rubio’s pitch for the FUTURE OF AMERICA is incontestably convincing, and he seems to be the ONLY Candidate who can really claim to have one foot in the camp of the Establishment, and one foot in the camp of the Conservatives, which could be extremely advantageous . . . or a serious problem, which could be a very big gamble for Rubio.


I was watching FOX News late Monday Night, and while Cruz was giving his Victory Speech, Hillary Clinton appeared on a split screen at her headquarters, without media warning, to give some dribble of a speech, trying to hide the TRUTH that an OLD SOCIALIST SCHMUCK, who’s never accomplished anything in his life, other than to take his publicly funded paychecks, KICKED HER ASS IN IOWA.

What I also saw in the split screen . . . was a SHRILL Hillary Clinton punching into the air to compensate for having nothing positive to say, and her sexually deviant husband standing behind her, with his mouth half open, while I waited for the drool to drip down from his sagging lower lip.

And beside the SEXOLOGIST . . . stood the useless daughter, who gets paid BIG BUCKS from the people who OWE THE CLINTONS plenty for favors rendered while the Clintons were in office, and from the Clinton’s phony Foundation, whose biggest recipients are the Clintons.

It was like watching America’s GRIFTERS with their Devil’s Spawn Daughter, which together, painted a picture that illustrated the clear difference between THEM AND US.

And frankly . . . who would want to be with them?

This wasn’t just a great night for Cruz and Rubio . . . it was a great night for FREEDOM, America, and the rest of the world. And as the Debates, Caucuses, and Primaries continue – the picture will become clearer, and real CONSERVATIVES will start a momentum that will not be stoppable.


BY THE WAY . . . The Democrats are always accusing Conservatives of being RACISTS, yet, Clinton hasn’t stopped accusing Sanders of being supported almost entirely by WHITE voters as if that matters. Now how RACIST is that?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The current administration, elected twice, including the DOJ have created a very large community of Muslims that is going to be very hard to reverse. We have one group who love and respect life and one that does not. There and many steps we can take which will be painfull to some and not to others. The actions to take are obvious, do our Country’s Leaders have the courage to do it. Lets have the real Americans in Washington step forward and rid the Country of these sects The USA is next.

  2. I thought it was a great night. I think people get tired of Trump saying what he is going to do but never saying HOW he is going to do it. Cruz is good and so is Rubio. I would like a Cruz/Rubio Presidency/V P and then Rubio go on to be the President after Cruz. If they bring us back to the Country we used to have then that would be Great. I really wish neither one would bash the other. Just tell us what their plans are. I am tired of the bashing. We do need a True Conservative in offic

  3. Howard, I think your take on Iowa is spot on. Cruz is my man but I also think Rubio is just GREAT! My concern is the general election where the GRIFTERS will do anything and everything to win. Will a Cruz or Rubio be able to best them in the election for the White House? OR, will it take a street fighter like Trump to take them on and win?
    As always, thank you for your passion and insight.
    Maggie Evans

  4. Evidently you missed the news about Cruz Team going around to all the Carson supporters and telling them that Carson was dropping out and they would waste their vote. To vote for Cruz. If all these votes had gone to Trump, he would have trounced Cruz. Carson, himself said he did not want this kind of President. Cruz may not have given these orders, but there was too much of it for him not to know what was going on. I AM STILL FOR TRUMP!!!

  5. I like Trump!

    The question is how many votes did Sticky Fingers Ted steal from Ben Carson last night? Trump might have been won the race last night if Cruz didn’t pull a Joe Kennedy stealing the votes trick!

    Trump is the only candidate with enough horsepower to defeat Clinton — Cruz nor Rubio wouldn’t stand a chance against her — not a bet I’d want to put money on.

    Megyn Kelley’s minions declared it a win for her and for FOX news last night. Kelley is FOX’s Rachel Maddow – YUCK!

  6. I couldn’t wait to read your editorial on last night’s primary and I wasn’t disappointed. It was “dead on”, as usual, but also entertaining!

  7. Yes, in the racist Republican Party primaries two of the top three performers are Hispanic and number four is a black guy. All I see on the self-righteous Demon-crat party is Godless lily white. Which party represents America, folks? What a great pleasure it was to see a Cruz missile puncture Trump’s hot air balloon. And what a nice victory speech by the Pastor’s son! It was……………… America. Maybe there is hope.

  8. The email link is blank. No choices to send email to all my friends that don’t subscribe to your channel.

  9. Rubio had a great night. Not bad for a man who has all of the qualifications to be the US President – excepting one. Marco Rubio is clearly NOT qualified to run for that office. Although he was born on American soil, he was not born to American parents. His parents became Americans AFTER his birth. But, the media, et al never mention the fact that he is constitutionally ineligible. Jindal was also ineligible, but he’s gone for now. Is this a big deal? YES! We cannot cherry-pick the Constitution.

  10. Sorry to see you taking shots at the daughter. I thought you were above that and she is not the enemy. I am usually 100% with you. Do not be like THEM.

  11. EXCELLENT i agree. there is a 3 way race now, Trump or Cruz must prevail. Rubio is razor sharp, but you’re right he’s playing both parties to the hilt. Can we bet which way he’ll go NEVER. So the bottom line for me Trump or Cruz for Prez. They are only 1 delegate apart. so they are even. Now it’s up to the Candidates to sell themselves. I still worry abt. Cruz, eligibility issue, I get posts on it and delete. True or Propaganda, don’t know, worrisome to me!

  12. ,….and The Constitution triumphs,…again! I think you are right Iowa has spoken, and despite Trump’s mistakes over the past few weeks, etc. WE THE PEOPLE are clearly upset, but not to the level of insanity ,…yet. It “tickles my fancy” that WE told Trump, “Grow up,…If you want to play with the big dogs, come play, but bring more cold hard facts and “workable solutions” (in detail) to the party. The Republican National Committee is trying to decide whether to do hemlock, or cyanide!

  13. Agree with your CLINTON descriptions! Trump did not truly expect to win in Iowa. The GAMES are just beginning and RUBIO will be the one for Trump to watch, but the CRUZ VS. RUBIO activity will help Trump’s campaign. The next debates will give a better picture of where the candidates truly stand…”It ain’t over yet!” Isn’t it funny [peculiar] how when Trump is MELLOW, people accuse him of being a LOSER, but when he’s FORCEFUL, he’s accused of being BRASH! People either LIKE or HATE Trump. AMEN!

  14. We ONLY have one candidate that will NOT OWE ANYONE ANYTHING when he is elected President of the U.S.A. and that is TRUMP! True, he is NOT a POLITICIAN and he won’t steal votes! Who is financially supporting Cruz and Rubio? Those are the guys and organizations you are really putting in office, those are the guys and organizations that will be running this country! Therefore, it doesn’t matter what they say now. Wake up! The more I see the more I stand with TRUMP! TRIUMPH with TRUMP!

  15. “”YES”” you have to ” Let Go and Let God”- I now know why Wining Iowa really means little in the Big Republican pic. The post salacious and verbose speeches clarified this to me. Cruz was over the top on God, Family, his 40 min ( boring and self ego gratification of his staff)- Did not position him well in the upcoming more diverse States! Rubio talked like He Won and he came in 3rd! THAT SAID-Trump was Taciturn and pulchritudinous in his words to those Men. The real Voting Begins Now!

  16. The trend continues. 2012, 2014 elections showed a definite move towards more conservative, unfortunately Washington republicans didn’t take advantage of it. This is what Cruz wants to change. Well done Ted continue.
    As for the democrats, their choice was between a gangster and a communist!!! What a poor choice, if the gangster is convicted for one of the many illegal activities then what??? I am told a re-make of the movie Bonnie & Clyde is coming soon, called “The Clintons”.

  17. Your messages are always well conceived and thoughtful. But, if the low info voters could hear the WORD, how could hey possibly vote for socialist ideas. Don’t they understand that the government cannot give them something unless they take it away from some one else? Probably the most obvious problem with socialism is the jobs going to the low tax countries, or states. Every socialist talking point is, upon examination, seriously flawed. How can thinking people still believe otherwise?

  18. To quote Subscriber, John Rossini “Every socialist talking point is, upon examination, seriously flawed. How can thinking people still believe otherwise?…to which I add, “how could they actually BE PROUD OF IT?” It’s no different than being proud of vulgarities!

  19. According to Wikipedia, what I read is that anyone born in the USA is a Natural Born Citizen even if ones parents are not citizens. And that children born to a US citizen outside the USA are also Natural Born Citizens. Thus, both Cruz and Rubio are eligible to fun for president.

  20. Rubio is not the man. He went on Univision & told Hispanics he would not support a border fence nor a restricted border. He then went to an English speaking rally and told them he would. He is the typical politician and a bush establishment protégé. DON’T VOTE FOR HIM IF YOU DO NOT LIKE BUSH!! I wonder if anyone told the college crowd if they did not legally declare Iowa as home domicile they could not vote in the Iowa caucus?? To vote while not eligible is a crime, not that demorats care.

  21. Howard. You brought up how many people voted in Iowa. We have a blizzard in Minnesota today so I spent over and hour this morning trying to find the total Democrat votes to no avail. Republican 180.000 voters. Only Democratic vote I can find was on NBC. Their figures were 180,000 republicans voted. A little less than the 240,000 democratic voters that showed up in 2008 when Obama first ran.

  22. Cruz is the only stalwart supporter of conservatism and we the people. Rubio is just dishonest and his true intentions regarding immigration and amnesty will be shown if he wins the election. Erick Erickson recently played audio of Trump’s not too long ago comments where he was for gun control, for amnesty, and for single payer health care which is a real eye opener and shows he’s not a conservative at all. I will vote against the Democrats and for whomever wins the Rep nomination. Go Ted!

  23. Cruz is just another BHO but Americans are so stupid they are closing their ears to what Mr. Trump says. He personally has more to lose than any other candidate if the Dem.’s win. These other jokers and just that…JOKERS!

  24. The only person who would make a first-rate President is Dr. Ben Carson. It’s too bad he is not a bit more assertive. But his calm demeanor is deceiving. He has all the qualities of a leader and a problem-solver. His background is impeccable and he can truly relate to the middle-class common man. I’m still hoping more people will wake up and recognize that he is the answer to restoring America’s status and Constitutional well-being.

  25. Howard–I still fear lifetime politicians. Haven’t heard anyone speak of term limits. At this time,Trump will go back to the farm. Dr. Ben would have a profession he could go back to. The rest are homesteaders. They only think of being reelected, and what is in it for me. The Founding Fathers went back to work.

  26. Please note that Rubio denounced Michele Bachmann and the Gang of Five when she called for an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration into our halls of government. Additionally, he along with the Gang of Eight lent their support to the overthrow of Qadaffi in Libya in favor of the Arab Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood which led to the death of four Americans in Benghazi, and the destabilization of the entire Middle East. If Rubio wins, we lose.

  27. Mickie Johnson: Trump is giving a work plan or a set of objectives at his rallies to his “board of directors.” A good leader meets with his expert team and comes up with the best way to do things. He is not even elected yet nor has a chance to assemble a team. Give him a break, huh. Trump has proven that he can get things done.

  28. It is interesting to read the diverse statements that reflect what America truly is and remains. This is one of the best sites as fact and civility reign in a combination of objectivity and subjectivity. Last nights results seemed a bit upside down with losers being winners and vice versa. The description of the former president’s drooling behind his wife was priceless. Perhaps he was thinking of all those delicious White House meals he’ll be eating if his wife is elected president?

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