OK – You have a family . . . You and your spouse work in the Private Sector, and together you earn about $100,000 per year. You have two cars, a couple of children, a dog, and you own a mortgaged house.


No one is going to hold a tag day for Anne and myself . . . Stryker maybe, but not for Anne and me, which is OK, because, we don’t expect anyone to give us anything for nothing. And we don’t ask for a penny from our government, except for a FAIR RETURN on the money we personally invested into our own government pensions, which has hardly been a fair return on our investment.


Before I start with who are the poor . . . let me tell you who are not.

Anyone who has a government job at any level . . . Career Politician, Bureaucrat, Police, Fire, EMS, Teacher, Government Maintenance Worker . . . ETC. Basically, anyone feeding off the public TEAT with a union protected job, receiving an excellent wage, and an unbelievable pension . . . ARE NOT POOR.


All the men and women who’ve managed to elevate themselves to positions which control TAXATION and REGULATIONS . . . Big Business, Big Banks, Politicians, Lobbyists, Hedge Fund Managers, Brokers, High Level Corporate Lawyers, High Level Corporate Accountants – ETC . . . ARE DEFINITELY NOT POOR.

Privileged professional Athletes, Performers, Impresarios, Producers, Directors . . . ETC, for whom the LEFT have created a whole new category of taxation are not poor.


The last category of men and women who are rich, who are deservedly so, and are really in the minority, are the Entrepreneurs, who have worked non-stop until they couldn’t work anymore, who took tremendous risks to build their companies, who’ve failed and started again as many times as it took, before they finally made it.

ALSO . . . This same Entrepreneurial category of Rich People, are the ones who employ the vast majority of our working population. But in the eyes of the Politicians and Bureaucrats, successful entrepreneurs seem to be the bad guys.


Let’s break down the poor into three Categories:

1 – People who are either unable or unwilling to work, and live off government subsidies . . . who number about 150-MILLION.

2 – People who have worked hard their entire lives at NON-GOVERNMENT Jobs, who are simply overwhelmed by the cost of living, and the poor returns on their pensions . . . are really poor.

3 – People who are working hard . . . many of whom have families to raise and educate, homes to pay through a mortgage or rent, insurances on everything from cars, homes, health, and life, and then the costs for heating and air-conditioning.

But it doesn’t stop there . . . everyone has to eat – and the price of food is not going down. People also have to get around, so everyone needs to spend money on transportation, which includes vehicles with the costs of wear, tear and fuel. We have to clothe ourselves, and if anything is left over, we would like to enjoy some escapism like a restaurant meal or a getaway. And we pray that there are no unexpected BUMPS along the way.


Before we can pay for the things we need, with which to enjoy our lives, or simply just to get by, we have to PAY THE PUBLIC SECTOR and give a pass to the Really Rich, because they have great Tax Accountants and Tax lawyers, WHO WRITE THE TAX LAWS.


In this day and age, depending on where you live and work in North America, a working family of FOUR, which is NOT FEEDING OFF THE GOVERNMENT, can barely survive earning on average $100,000 Per Year before taxes.

NOT ONLY THAT . . . FORGET about saving anything, and putting your children through university without them amassing unconscionable long term MASSIVE Student Loans, with which to learn unemployable skills, which will make it impossible for them to really start living their adult lives, until they are well into their THIRTIES or BEYOND.


The ONE PERCENTERS are in the category that INCLUDES all the people campaigning against the ONE PERCENTERS . . . LIKE HILARY CLINTON.

The Next and Larger Category, includes Pubic Sector Workers, which number slightly more than 14-MILLION people in all Local and State Jobs (Statistics), while an additional 2.7-MILLION people work for the Federal Government (Statistics) not including the Military.

IN ALL . . . ABOUT 16.7 MILLION people are employed by all forms of the US Government, earning on average THREE QUARTERS (75%) MORE, than are the people who are employed in the Private Sector (CATO Institute . . . Government Statistic – CBO).


The average Public Sector PENSION is just under $60,000 per year, while the Average Private Sector Pension is slightly higher than $25,000 per year, while an enormous number of retired people, who’ve worked their whole lives in the Private Sector, don’t even come close to getting even that much (America Enterprise Institute).

It seems to me . . . that next to the ONE PERCENTERS, the REAL BOURGEOISIE are employed by the government, where they enjoy security, real wealth in comparison to the Private Sector, and a GUARANTEED Retirement, receiving more in retirement, than WORKING FAMILIES who pay the TAXES that maintain the new Bourgeoisie Lifestyle and Privileged Retirement.

From the Statistics I could glean . . . the average Middle Income wage is pegged at roughly $70,000. But the MEDIAN Household Wage, which is all-important is pegged at $50,000 – and for a family of FOUR, after paying taxes to KEEP GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS FLUSH, $70,000 doesn’t even come close to enough. And neither does $100,000.

HERE IT IS IN A NUTSHELL . . . About 80-MILLION Americans are working in the Private Sector to support 16.7-MILLION Public Sector Workers, who are earning on average 75% more than them, and will retire with Golden Parachutes.

THEN . . . THESE SAME 80-MILLION AMERICANS, working in the Private Sector, have to pay for approximately 150-MILLION people, who are on one form of government subsidy or another, not including carrying the burden of the cost of the military, education, infrastructure (roads, bridges, ports) . . . ETC.

SO . . . WHEN THE POLITICIANS campaign that they’re FIGHTING for the Middle Class, especially Hillary Clinton, I CAN’T IMAGINE A BIGGER LIE.

I used to think that I was part of the MIDDLE CLASS. But I’m not.

In all reality, the vast majority of the Workers and Business People in the Private Sector are the WORKING POOR, who stopped being the Middle Class long ago, who are now working in poverty, virtually as SERVANTS for Hillary Clinton’s One Percenters, the Welfare Class, the Politicians, and the Bureaucracy.


When Cruz talks about the Washington Cabal . . . he is 100% RIGHT, because they’re all guilty of feeding like vultures on the dying carcass that used to be the us . . . THE VANISHING MIDDLE CLASS. The RINOS are no better than the Democrats.

After writing this, and spending a great deal of my time late into several nights, looking at Government and Institutional Web Sites, I can’t see any way out for our Fiscal and Social Salvation.


1 – Cut ALL Public Salaries to match the Salaries of the Private Sector, without Grandfathering any of it.

2 – Put ALL public Pensions in-line with Private Pensions, without Grandfathering any of it.

3 – Cut the Size of the Public Sector by Half or more if possible.

4 – Work for WELFARE, and call it what it is . . . WELFARE!

5 – Make it a Criminal Offense to abuse WELFARE, and not to use it for anything else but minimal shelter and necessary food.

6 – Make it ILLEGAL for former Politicians and Bureaucrats to Lobby Congress.

7 – THROW OUT THE TAX CODE, the whole damned thing, and wipe out 100% of deductions, and introduce a FLAT TAX that is equal to everyone . . . from the Shoemaker to the Rainmaker, who would pay the same identical percentage of what he or she earns to the government.

THE PROBLEM THOUGH . . . is that this would cause the Government BOURGEOISIE to collapse into poverty, which is fine with me. It would also cause the Wall Street Casino Players and Big Bankers to commit suicide, and would force the Poverty Industry to look for a different gig. That too would be fine with me.

It would cause mayhem within our communities, and lead to serious violence, rendering our countries into utter DYSTOPIA. So what, it’s coming anyways, so let’s get it done.

Maybe that’s why people are going nuts for Trump and Sanders, because so people have totally run out of patience, trust and are at their wit’s end against the SAME OLD – SAME OLD, that they believe anything is better than what they have.

And let the Devil take the Hindmost.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “In his COMMENT . . . HE WROTE: Are all Muslim men, women and children, without exception, all extremists . . .”

    Howard, you have my full permission to put my name in front of the words, I write if you want to quote me.

  2. Some years ago the government passed a law that required government pay scales to match the private sector. What they do however is far different. They have larger staffs than a for profit company and go by title rather that the quantity and quality of work. They have far better benefits including vacation time, overtime, sick pay, insurance coverage, and early retirement, family leave, etc. They are practically immune from firing of layoffs. The weak pay and good security disappeared then.

  3. You’ve right again, Howard. Almost half (about 17 million) of Canada’s population (about 36 million) derive a good chunk of their livelihood in the unionized public sector;
    a sure sign that democratic Canada is descending into a despotism.

  4. I object to your blaming those of us from the public section for the rates of pensions. The suck sip politicians set these. AS a public employee I had nothing to do with either. Second, cutting t pension amounts paid out to current retired persons is just as unfair in that this is the amount that they have told from day one of employment is what they would get or at least what the system to calculate it would be. No different than the Canadian gover

  5. OK, I must disagree. Not all people working govt jobs make lots of money. When I retired from teaching with 35 years and advanced degrees, I made about $45k. My pension is about the same as my social security. I worked non-union all my life. I would be much happier- and much richer- if I hadn’t been forced to pay for ss and medicare- both of which stink. My husband and I live very comfortably in our retirement because we saved and invested wisely. So please don’t malign all govt workers.

  6. Once upon a time it was considered to be a reform when public employment was to be under a Civil Service Commission. Now we have unionized employees in the public sector. The one thing that public sector unions should not be able to negotiate are wages. Governments act as if not constrained by ordinary economic forces; thus don’t have the self-control to say no to either demands for higher wages or for retirement plans. Limit Public employee unions to work place conditions, health and safety

  7. I value your editorials, however you are off on who is not the well off. I worked for our county as a school bus driver for 26 years I worked 2 jobs I draw Social Security and a small retirement check each month. I worked all my life from the time I graduated from high school. My husband and I scrimped and save all we could for retirement. He worked for the county as well. All government personal are not paid as you seem to think. Our son is a fireman/EMT, his wife works too. We struggle.

  8. Howard. Sounds like you think the American dream is history! I understand your concerns about a President Trump. But he is a dreamer!

  9. Your words are right on point of what’s happening now. People are fed up with the government and what’s happening right now, not only here but everywhere. I only get Social Security now, having had to cash out my 401K when my wife passed. Hospital bills took everything I had. Too old to work now, but at least I don’t owe anybody anything. What “percent” do I fall under ($13,964 annually)?
    At least I’m alive! Haha!

  10. Howard, I mostly agree with your assessment of the situation. And like you, unfortunately I do not see any way out of this quagmire the ELECTED POLITICIANS have created for us all. If, and only if the masses come around to elect responsible, honest, morally virtuous of the best of us, until that time here we will remain So I to say, “lets get it done” THE TREE of LIBERTY MUST BE REFRESHED FROM TIME TO TIME WITH THE BLOOD OF PATRIOTS & TYRANTS. IT IS ITS NATURAL MANURE.”

  11. Howard, after retiring with 20 yrs active service (22,800 yrly) and due to health, 18 yrs with another job with the government (starting at ground zero), take home after paying health insurance and the ability for my wife to continue her health insurance when I die is now $2100 yearly, don’t confuse me with those who work themselves into positions of power and political favors. I am not rich nor am I desperately poor. I can look my self in the mirror without shame.

  12. Howard, I’m afraid that you equate all government service with the Federal service and their pay scales. I worked in private industry until my company sold out to it’s biggest competitor. The only job I could get at the time was for the local city government and I had to take a 30k pay cut to get the job. In looking at what the others were earning, I was in the top bracket. I understand that now their pay scale is a somewhat better, but not what you’re implying that all gov’t workers get.

  13. HG, I totally agree! e.g. my girlfriend’s sister is now retired from the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police). She told her sister, her pension from the OPP alone is $60 K/yr. Good for her! However, the private sector, which worked just as hard for the same period, receives under $13 K/yr.

  14. WOW! Seeing all these numbers in PRINT surely makes quite an impression. For many people, TRUMP appears to be the one WHO GETS IT, i.e., that people are FED UP regarding our Country’s status. They are looking for a “savior” just like they were when Barry won in 2008 [didn’t vote for him], EXCEPT that things weren’t as CRUCIAL as they are now–thanks to BARRY! TRUMP “walks the walk”, as proven by his success. Maybe, it’s time that people get FIRED on the government level. HUCKABEE for VP! AMEN!

  15. Howard, you are right on. But how do we the people change it? Any politician or party running on a platform of cutting Govt salaries and pensions will not get elected. The on Republican referencing this is Christie. Exactly same situation in Canada. All Government pension programs should immediately be changed to Defined Contribution , instead of Defined Benefit. And the Fed low interest rate policy has killed seniors investments.

  16. America, has pass the point of no “civil” return. So, we have two choices. First: “THE TREE of LIBERTY MUST BE REFRESHED FROM TIME TO TIME WITH THE BLOOD OF PATRIOTS & TYRANTS.” Second, ” if my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7: 14).

  17. Howard, once again you’ve hit the nail on the proverbial head! In my early career, I worked for a social service organization with the stated purpose of ending poverty in the local community. After 10 years I left when I realized that the goal was not to end poverty by addressing its causes, but to keep giving people handouts to keep them in poverty to keep the organization in business. Democrats AND Republicans have never ended a spending program once started. And they never will.

  18. If only the 80 to 100 million people who are working their asses off (to which I’m one of them) would all stop working for 1 or 2 weeks. Saying we’re mad as hell, exhausted, angry, etc and all of us UNITED are taken a TIME OUT, AT THE SAME TIME! I know, improbable,& close to impossible. It would require to say the least, Unity, and a Heart Concern for all like minded people. Awwww, Forget ah bout it! Nice Fantasy. But thinking about the shock waves is tantalizing to say the least!

  19. I’m afraid everything you say is true!! However I guess I’m an optimist. I pray that we can turn this sinking ship to the shallows (I’m sure you know what that means), and turn this country around. This fall’s election will truly be a “thumbs up or thumbs down” for our country. I’m doing everything in my power to get out the vote.

  20. Public Service HG bloggers (PS) clearly defending their pay and pensions. “We are living comfortably” says it all. In Canada PS’s get higher salary/pensions guaranteed. Priv sect, like me, salaries/pensions less, and maybe only CPP and OAS. Salaries/pensions/ benefits for politicians who don’t produce anything and sit on their ass to determine what I get after taxes really annoys me. You have it right on HG

  21. If Trump is not our next President, we will have a revolution. Not a matter of “if”, but “when”. It will be bloody but it will get this country back on its feet. Sanders wants to tax the working Americans 90% to pay to the non-working. Why Work? That will being on the revolution soon. The Clintons have already proven how corrupt and immoral they are. We need go further.

  22. My husband is an engineer w/two LSU B.S. degrees, 1 in business admin 1 in mechanical engineering & has worked for the government for 23 years. His job is unique, specialized & vital & he holds a Top Secret security clearance. I know very little about what he does as he can’t tell me–he’d be in jail if he did what HRC did w/her email BTW. He’d make twice his salary in private sector. It’s the $40/hr JANITORS getting 80K/year pensions on SENIORITY NOT THEIR SKILLS that are the problem, not pros!

  23. Have been a subscriber for several years. Today I forwarded your excellent “Dystopia” editorial to a group of people.
    Apparently there is at least one skunk in the group who is a closet “Lib” or just simply an idiot. Either way, he/she or it must have inscribed me, anonymously. My apologies for the inconvenience. Wish I knew which squirrel was the idiot.

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