Sometimes I Wonder . . . WHY BOTHER?


This is an EDITED Editorial, which has had a section removed from the original by a claim I wrote erroneously, which I attributed to Trump’s Book the Art of the Deal based upon Trump’s sexual proclivity and attitudes.

In reality, the material I published was a compilation of information I gleaned from multiple sources, and should not have been attributed to Trump’s book.

WE’RE ALL SO SMART, writing opinions and comments as if we REALLY KNOW SOMETHING, as if we really spent time doing serious research, other than listening to, or reading the blather we’re spoon fed by the Media and the HYPE that passes for honesty and reality over the Internet, where in fact, far too many people with opinions DON’T HAVE A CLUE.

In Canada, the people elected a Prime Minister with ZERO experience in just about everything, other than being a High School Drama Coach, and being really good at SMOKING WEED.

I won’t bother to list anything he didn’t know before being elected Prime Minister, that could have remotely qualified him for the job, since, for all practical purposes, he knew . . . NOTHING.

But . . . of the 39% of the people who voted for Trudeau – they all professed to know all they had to know about this Dope Smoking know nothing airhead . . . BECAUSE.

Because they just knew. That’s how because.

And because they read some crap about Trudeau in some Fashion Magazine, or on some Face Book Account. Or they liked his hair. Or because of his wife’s good looks . . . they knew.

BUT WHO KNOWS WHY THESE IDIOTS voted for an empty suit, who had never done anything . . . to actually merit the trust of anyone?

Trudeau made fabulous promises about RESTORING Canada’s Reputation on the World Stage, as if Canada’s reputation was somehow tarnished . . . which it wasn’t. He also promised to spend outlandish amounts of money on what seemed to be everything, whether Canada had the money or not. And it all sounded so grand, that all the dunderheads voted for Trudeau, and became INDIGNANT if anyone said BOO against him.

IT KIND OF REMINDS ME . . . of how the Nobel Committee decided to award Barack Obama the PEACE PRIZE, before Obama did anything, because these Norwegian ELITIST Crap-Heads, somehow knew deep in their hearts, that Obama would become the GREAT MAN OF PEACE.

Well . . . the Canadian Election is just several months behind us . . . and Trudeau is without question, the disaster all thinking and QUESTIONING Canadians knew he would be.

And most of the people who thought they really knew, and were absolutely prepared TO GO TO THE MAT FOR THIS GUY, are now nowhere to be heard and seen.


I am FLABBERGASTED at the number of people who are UPSET with me, because:

1 – I ask questions of all politicians and expect honest answers. But somehow, I can’t hold Donald Trump to that same STANDARD without some readers of this BLOG treating me like an IDIOT.

2 – Some people reading this BLOG have a visceral hatred for Rubio, because he championed Amnesty for ILLEGAL Immigrants, of which he has changed his mind.

But none of the Trump Supporters hold anything against Trump, because he lavished the LEFT with his money. Because he considered people like the Clintons to be amongst his best friends. And because Trump bragged about how many politicians he has bought and paid-off.


I’m not promoting Rubio here . . . So save your indignation?

But many of you say that you can never forgive Rubio for Flip-Flopping on his promise not to give amnesty to ILLEGALS. Yet, these same people are PISSED-OFF at me, because I DARE to ask legitimate questions about Trump, who couldn’t care in the least about Trump Flip-Flopping – on . . . you name it:


And before you start revving up about how much Trump supports the TROOPS, think again, because if you spend the time and make the effort as I have by checking the history of Trump’s publicly accessible nonprofit, you will see that supporting the TROOPS is as far down on his list of charitable giving as it gets.

That is, or was . . . until it became politically expedient for Trump to wrap himself around Wounded Warriors.

Seven Years Ago . . . America voted in a JERK without asking questions, even though the answers were there for everyone to see, settling for what the Party, the Candidate, and the Media fed them. In other words – the people bought the hype.

And look what America and the world got as a result.

Several Months Ago . . . Canada elected an IDIOT Dilettante, because people thought they knew everything there was to know about him, without knowing SQUAT. And look what Canada has to deal with as a result for the next 4-Years.


I should be amazed at the people who’ve emailed me, or commented on my Editorial Page, proudly declaring that they DECIDED NOT TO WATCH THE FOX DEBATE, choosing instead to watch Trump Grandstand, but regrettably I am not.


1 – It wasn’t the FOX DEBATE . . . it was the Republican Candidates’ Debate.

2 – Whatever you could have LEARNED by watching these Candidates explaining themselves firsthand under pressure, is now like talking about water that has already flowed under the Bridge.

3 – And to borrow a phrase from Rush Limbaugh . . . Congratulations on being LOW INFORMATION VOTERS.

And if you somehow feel that I’ve insulted you . . . no problem, it’s easy to remove yourself from the Directory. I promise not to try to talk you out of leaving.

It seems to me . . . that I might as well be screaming into the wind, for all the good my words and research do for so many, which is why it is more important now – than ever . . . for me to keep on writing.


1 – I too think that Ben Carson got the shaft in terms of time given during the debate. But that’s mostly on Carson, because he doesn’t have what it takes to COMMAND & INJECT himself into the conversation . . . CARPE DIEM. And that’s why I can’t support him. Even though I think he is a good and genuine person.

The President isn’t called the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF for nothing.

2 – During the past couple of months, I wrote about doing some personal AUDITS of the Wounded Warriors Financial Records, and found them to be on REALLY SHAKY MORAL GROUNDS.

AND FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING . . . This is the kind of stuff you figure out when you work really hard, and don’t let the Pizzazz – Razzle-Dazzle you when someone gives you a tip, because he thinks he smells a rat, and hopes that someone could figure it out.

And after you ask lots of questions, you discover the TRUTH. And the truth, in this case doesn’t look too good for Wounded Warriors.

My point however, is not that I am probably right . . . but rather, that it has become a story on all the major American News Media . . . WITH THE EXCEPTION OF FOX NEWS, which has embraced Wounded Warriors as it’s Golden Haired Boy, to which FOX has Hitched its Wagon, which is no excuse for ignoring the NEWS and pursuing the TRUTH.

And if it wasn’t for BLOGGERS like me, how long before any of us would have known, if ever about the excesses of the Wounded Warrior’s management?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama is the Trojan Horse. Yes you are correct on all statements. Believe me I have and all of my friends and family have been preaching this from the start. They put a Muslim in the white house. He is not who he say he is.He used the blacks to get there and look at who Obama has appointed his brotherhood to key positions. Now Obama is trying to turn the blacks against the whites so he can finish the job! Big mistake because we the people will never let that happen there will be a revolution!!

  2. Oboma may suck but the man who put America on the moral slide had to be GWBush. That’s when our kids began this 14 year endless, undeclared war that has cost them so much-and the US too. That was the beginning of the financial crisis and the recession. The “Patriot Act”, the beginning of the end of American Civil Rights. We pick another idjit-child and I don’t know if the country will survive. Anyway-have a good day.

  3. You are right about Wounded Warriors. I have tried to get a breakdown on the money donated as to how it is spent. I asked many times how much of each dollar goes to the veterans, to adds and to the CEO and have received NO answer from them.
    I will not give them one cent. ALL legitimate NON Profits will give you a breakdown on their income and spending but NOT Wounded Warriors.

  4. As Plato (427-347 B.C.E.) pointed out, democracy is “authority of the crowd”,
    destined to descend, via complacency and apathy, into despotism. Circle the wagons!

  5. Tks Howard for the research you do for every Blog, I truly appreciate it. After reading your past few I have come to much the same position regarding Trump and his almost radical stance on most things including sleeping with other men’s wives and bragging about it. That pretty much sums him up for me. However, we still have Ted Cruz, he is one candidate who
    seems to have all the things we want to see in a person to lead our great neighbor to the south.
    Fred Bamber, Cherry Grove AB

  6. Fourteen months ago I tried to give several single hundred dollar donations to Wounded Warriors as gifts to family members for Christmas gifts. The gifts were to include cards sent to my family members. But, just one small problem, the card was to state “Happy Holidays” not Merry Christmas. I emailed and phoned the Wounded Warrior office. They would not resolve the issue. Since I was a monthly contributor for quite some time, they solicited me to give gifts for Christmas but no Christmas card.

  7. My opinion=== the Canadian voting of Trudeau into power was more to get rid of the “dictator” that was there.

  8. Howard, I just finished reading the Art of the Deal, and what you have written about Trump bragging about screwing others wives and bragging about is not in the book.
    You obviously don’t like him, but don’t make sh-t up. That’s what Democrats do! And Liberals!

  9. Great article Hope these people wake up. I personally like Rand Paul but can he take Hillary down? This government should do that,but don’t count on them for anything. We need a President that will listen to what the people need and I don’t mean free stuff.Need to start reading between the lines .

  10. I really support most of what the Donald is promoting, but I want to know the specifics. It sounds a little like Hope & Change to me. There are other candidates who need to solidify there positions.
    You are fortunate to be living in a time that produces a lot to blog about. We however, have to sort out the credible bloggers using our own common sense. For instance, does a charitable organization that runs many ads on prime time, have much left to give to the cause, whatever it is?
    Keep u

  11. Beware the charismatic leader. Charisma by itself does not make me a good or bad leader. It makes me attractive to a lot of people, Charismatic leaders include Churchill, Jesus, and many more on the positive side. Then there are many also on the negative side. The most charismatic leader of the 20th century was Adolf Hitler. 80 million Germans followed him all the way into hell. 65 million world-wide died. Beware the Charismatic leader. None of them should be above question and doubt.

  12. “We’re OFF to see the Wizards, the wonderful Wizards of Odd”…or somethin’ like that! That none of these #%@&$ has really done ANYTHING of note, particularly in behalf of the public support they are seeking, not even a single one has served in the Military Service of the lands they so love bares witness to their incompetency, irrelevance, and disregard to the major demands of the positions they seek. The curtain is down! Fed up! Bud Farrell

  13. One of your reader’s also read “The Art of the Deal” and Trump’s screwing other’s wives is NOT in the book. I want Trump because he can stand up to FOX #1 power and he will stand up to Putin, China, Mexico, Japan, Iran Syria and not bow to the King of Saudia Arabia. We want a Gen Patton, not Ike, the politician. So Patton slaped a hysterical pvt and used curse words, so what!!! He won the battles. We’ve got lots of battles to win and it will take guts and fortitude like Trump’s.

  14. We all have to make choices. If we elect a saint, and he does not build the wall, or kick out the killer Moslems or deal with Iran and China, what good is he. JFK and Bill Clinton had more “ladies” than Trump. It is a question of priorities. We all have different ones, that is why we do not agree on a candidate. It is that simple. I want the wall, and no more militant Moslems and our money back from China. Trump is my best hope. There are risks, to be sure.

  15. As conservatives we laughed at leftist sheep lined up to follow Obama. Maybe we should stop laughing as the rightist sheep line up to follow Trump.

  16. Mr. Galganov, I for one appreciate the time, research, and effort you put into this blog. I learn daily, new facts from you blog. though I constantly read, and watch news channels. You are not alone, and you are very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  17. Dear Howard, I am two thirds through “The Art of the Deal” and have not have not found anything in it re infidelity. I also understand your bit about Trudeau as I did not vote for him either and found Harper terrific. If Trump does nothing else but keep his word on what he given his word on (border, Muslims, military etc) I will be glad to have him in charge. Conservative idealism is great but is essentially not needed at this point, winning again on the world stage is what is needed right now

  18. Howard, we’re all entitled to our opinions, no question. I would welcome Pres Rubio. I would also welcome Paul or Huckabee and most of the rest as well. For some reason I don’t have much use for Jeb Bush (and I am at a loss to explain why). My biggest concern-as a life long Republican, from several generations of mostly Republicans-is that we need a candidate who has the best chance of being elected instead of Hillary or that idiot VT’er. Trump it is right now. Perhaps this will change

  19. Reply to Peggy Johns Bland: Trump couldn’t stand up to Megyn Kelly. How can you possibly think he has the fortitude to be a world leader? He is only in love with himself.

  20. Justin Trudeau! My God what have we done to this country? That’s all I can say Howard.

  21. voted for an empty suit…..that made me laugh out loud….. That describes him perfectly.

  22. I have been a Trump/Cruz voter for a long time, I don’t downsize anyone who is a front runner, NEVER, I DON’T THINK THAT’S COOL, with Saunders and Hillary out there. People change I was once a Dem. look at me now. When people don’t change they are not thinkers, stagnant, as people change, times change, and if Trump changed to GOP that may well be the reason. People grow, with the Times, I don’t know how Trump/Cruz will be in W.H. I’ll gamble and they deserve a fair break!

  23. GREAT points! You asked, “Do decency, morality, and conscience count for anything anymore? Or are we satisfied with living in Sodom & Gomorrah?” MY answers are NO and YES respectively. We must remember that it was TRUMP who INITIATED the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION discussions, which many thought would be his DOWNFALL. No one had dared to broach this topic. Also, people DO change their political views, as they get older. ‘MUCH’ will change in the next several months! HUCKABEE was MY first choice! AMEN!

  24. Bill O’Reilly has put the tease out twice this past week that next week on his program he will have segment to look at the Wounded Warrior charity. He tone indicates that the report will not be good. So suck it up and watch O’Reilly to see what he has come up with.

  25. You’re right about Trump supporters. Trump gives me some concerns and many of his supporters are starting to remind me of Ron Paul supporters, but with Rubio he didn’t make a small mistake with Gang of 8. His first big move as a freshman Senator was to do what every other RINO GOP guy has done and that was to sell out the conservative base out. How he could think Schumer was a good person to align with is beyond reason. Cruz killed Gang of 8 Rubio was one of the 8. I don’t trust Rubio.

  26. Sometimes too much information is worse than no information. The internet for all of its advantages has given birth to a whole industry wherein slanted misinformation grows by leaps and bounds daily. Therefore it is wise first to take internet “facts” with a large grain of salt and then second take the time to source, using that same internet, legitimate sources of information to either verify a published “fact” or discard it on that ever growing pile of PC BS.

  27. Strange how we all talk of the need to stand up to the media. If they are trying to abuse their positions of communication powers. And their choices and support of Certain candidates. But then when a Candidate Stands his ground against the obvious banishing by ridicule. Instead of policy stance and for answers and problem solving. He is labeled a coward and a crybaby. “Strange” and hard to be sure what any Media’s intentions might be. Persuasion and coercion isn’t found only in Liberal Medias.

  28. HG, as your audience grows exponentially, so will the diversity of opinions, praise and attacks. In spite of you clearly admitting, in your editorial, that Trump’s infidelity was NOT in his book, a few comments redundantly made the same correction. It’s as if they skipped that important part, in order to jump offering their comment. This reminds me of a saying, coined by the great singer/songwriter, Paul Williams, “Some people listen, others wait to talk”.

  29. I think that the time has arrived for the Liberal Party of Canada to have a leadership review. Trudeau is a real twit!

  30. For all those idiots who voted for that curly headed know nothing, I want them to know that they will be paying the piper in the near future; and/or when they get that wonderful degree which they think is worthy of a great big salary! I’m too old to care and even if I’m around for a few more years I still won’t care! I do care for Canada though and hope that she survives.

  31. strange thing happened yesterday when I bought insurance for a new car. It was six years older than my previous model which was insured in the USA; yet, ICBC, the provincial insurance company in BC charged twice as much for the same coverage as my USA company. I commented to the sales person that Canadians are too nice to complain and take whatever is thrown at them. Are Canadians not educated to question anything in school? I see this in my grandchildren (Canadian) and in strangers.

  32. I am wondering if we are going to change anything much. It seems the governments of the world are heading more and more toward a One World Order. If we elect a Republican, will that just make it a slower process? Do the ‘behind the scenes’ (Illuminati-bankers) of the world’ have more power than we think in world affairs. What is really happening to Canada and U.S. are our government officials just ‘puppets’ after all is said and done? Humanity sure doesn’t seem to be progressing.

  33. I look forward to your comments and I agree with them all. It is a shame that both our Countries have elected empty suits and you are headed down the road we have gone. I do not support Trump because to me he cannot do 3/4 of what he says since we do have a Congress although they don’t do much and a Constitution. I like Cruz or Rubio. It is sad that there are so many people that don’t see the dangers of having someone who has to be right all time whether his decisions are right or wrong.

  34. It’s very simple to understand Donald Trump is one of our own whose sticking up for Caucasians (Whites) and isn’t pandering to minorities or foreigners. He’s an expression of our contempt for the elites from David Rockefeller, Joy Behar, Melissa Harris-Perry, Bill Maher to Bill Di Blasio. We want to rise and put end to the attack on US! The people never wanted to our countries into a multicultural mess but it was jammed down our throats by Hart–Celler Act 1965 by that decrepit Ted Kennedy.

  35. I appreciate the ‘few’ comments about our Miss Trudeau, in long pants! We, the people have NOT taken our place in ‘politics’ and so, we have ‘opted’ for the “lesser” of all evils. Unfortunately, we have to ‘allow’ the ‘dilettante’ his time, even though it will ‘degrade’ our position on the “World Stage”. We would be alright IF we had a ‘backup’, to keep them honest…

  36. Today, I am even less impressed with Trump. I am finding that those who support the man, remind me so much of the Obama supporters, back in 2008. They hung onto every spoken word Obama said & believed everything wholeheartedly. It didn’t matter what the true facts were – They were committed to an empty suit. I am so afraid that Trump is a blowhard, who has made wild claims & will be as much a failure, as Obama has been. Is Trump giving us a real snow job, again???

  37. Trudeau won the election because he tapped into the young people who have not been very visible in past elections. Unfortunately many of these students do not have life experience and tend to base their decision on superficial criteria. In this case legalizing marijuana was a big factor. They are not maintaining households, raising children and so on. Stephen Harper was a good, steady Prime Minister. Canadians blew it! How sad! Nice hair though!

    Doris Murie Sault Ste. Marie Canada

  38. If boy wonder Justin Trudeau was light in the feet has he is in the head he would be one the greatest runners that ever ran in the Olympics

  39. I still will vote for Cruz first, Trump if he gets the nod. I will not hold my nose again. I will do a write in vote should rube, bush, Kasich, Fiorina, or paul get the nod. I have had enough of rinos. My condolences to Canada.

  40. The comparison between Obama followers in 2008 and Trump followers in 2015/16 is invalid. Both are wordsmiths, playing well to the camera and the emotions, but unlike the unlettered community organizer/rabble rouser, Mr. Trump has commanded a vast construction empire with thousands of employees, hundreds of major problems to be solved on a regular basis. Obama was/is “tutti fume–sin rosto” (all smoke and no meat). Trump has an impressive track record of getting huge projects completed.

  41. Wounded Warriors is a scam, I thought this was already settled that they are doing a scam. How much of every dollar do the Wounded Warriors get, as I remember just a few cents. The rest goes to the scammers and advertising for more money. The Wounded Warriors name is fitting at this time and what is going on in America with the VA by our Government. So when the real truth comes out about the Wounded Warriors and you gave money, you got scammed.

  42. Beau Ellingson, moral decline AND, the 14 year endless, undeclared war, (along with the financial crisis & recession) goes back further than GW Bush…….

  43. Thanks again Howard on bringing up, reminding me on, some of Trump’s opinions on how he feels with certain important issues. Irrelevant to what the polls say, this country needs a strong leader, stateman in the ovil office, not a show-off.

  44. There are many claims as to the origin of a statement relating to the life expectancy of the democratic system. It is becoming rather evident that when people think they can get perpetual financial support relating to election promises they will look no further and blindly support that candidate. They seem to neither want to know or care where that continued support will come from. The system of democracy needs to have people of integrity on both sides of the equation to survive. We die slowly

  45. Thankyou. Your comments and research are more important to me than most anything. Why? Simply because of your history, past positions, and honesty about your changes in position. Golly, you sound like a real person working through the crap the elitists continually feed us.

  46. Don’t blame obama alone for his illegal actions the.congress representatives we voted for let him take us down this slippery slope .Yes the Donald is a ahole ,if he had cut out all the stupid remarks he makes and just spoke of his platform he might look like a candidate. There are a few people who would be a excellent president but will not as they are not politicians and
    be put under a microscope from the day they were born some thing we do not do with candidates for any elected office.

  47. Trudeau made a great speech at his father’s funeral, and that was about all he ever did of note. The major media, still unhappy with Harper winning twice, began a smear campaign, including calling him a “dictator”. Within 3 months, puppet Trudeau has spent 4 billion, not a cent on Canadians. His actions so far show him to be the idiot dictator. He is killing off the oil patch, and intends to tax us into poverty. Blame CBC, Global, CTV and the low info public. The Libs are already at the trough.

  48. Since FDR, the Democrats have used the ability to buy votes with welfare to destroy our country. The Republicans have been too afraid of losing power to correct the problems when elected due to failures of the Democrat Party policies. It seems we are close to the end of the USA. Can you imagine the disgust to realize that the best hope we have for turning the disaster around is Donald Trump? God help us, but another Republican president like George Bush (either one) and we are gone!

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