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Before I get into the Meat & Potatoes of this editorial, let me start off by pissing-off some of the readers of this BLOG, by stating the OBVIOUS . . . NOT HAVING TRUMP AT THE THURSDAY NIGHT DEBATE was refreshing, and added considerably to the political process (please be respectful when you comment).

Finally . . . there was a real debate without Reality TV – waiting for Trump to insult someone, while making unsubstantiated claims of his GREATNESS.

AND FOR THE FIRST TIME WITHOUT TRUMP . . . the debate was all about the United States of America, real FACTS, and not how much everyone loves Trump, according to Trump.


1 – Marco Rubio was 100% consistent, and on his game. And with each passing debate, Rubio becomes more GROUNDED, more PRECISE, and looks MORE Presidential.

What is also most impressive . . . is how quick he is on his feet with the FACTS, and how he refuses to allow anyone to knock him off his game by introducing some past TRUTHS he prefers to ignore, since he’s moved-on.

I thought Rubio was great. And has in my estimation won quite a few second looks. Also, I truly believe that he has moved on past his Amnesty Days, and has learned his lesson.

And if we are going to hold every misjudgment against every person running for office, especially at this level, we will never pick a leader in either of our two countries.

2 – Ted Cruz didn’t have his best performance, but was no less on his game as usual, and took numerous opportunities to clear several of his positions, specifically his opposition to government subsidies in the private sector INCLUDING Ethanol.

As of this debate . . . Cruz lost nothing, gained nothing – and is still my guy.

3 – Jeb Bush had the best night so far, because he was able to focus on the campaign and the debate, without worrying about which untoward INSULT Trump would be sending his way.

From this debate . . . I garnered a whole new respect for Jeb Bush. I see him as a decent guy who is absolutely STEADY, and is well intentioned with a very successful personal political history as Governor of Florida.

Bush is not a swashbuckler, he is also not full of braggadocio, and he is not full of himself. And if anyone has made me rethink who’s who . . . that would be Jeb Bush.

4 – I think everyone on the stage (less one), during this debate, have thus far proven they are there because they care. And in their own ways, they legitimately think they can make a real contribution to their country and to the American people.

And even though I don’t agree with most of them, they all have something they bring to the table that is worth listening to and thinking about.

Even Rand Paul, who is far removed from the direction I think the country should move, has something important to say, especially when he speaks about government excesses and protecting the FREEDOMS that have for almost 250-Years been the foundational bedrock of American success.

I think Kasich, who seems to be a really decent guy, is confused between being a President and being a Governor. But I do believe that he is an honest man with great intentions. But is not the guy by any stretch.

5 – Chris Christie had a normal Chris Christie Night, which meant he didn’t go up, and he didn’t go down. But, if there was one person on that stage who was somewhat disingenuous, it was Chris Christie, who isn’t running a successful State, who hasn’t convinced me that he really supports the 2nd Amendment, who says he does not support Sharia Law, yet, for his first major appointment as governor of New Jersey, Christie appointed an openly PRO-Sharia Lawyer to the New Jersey Supreme Court.


The greatest downfall to a successful enterprise is the success of that enterprise, which includes why great Empires die under their own weight, as we are beginning to see with the USA.

FOX News falls under that same dynamic, forgetting what it was that first made them so popular as the CHAMPION of the LITTLE GUYS, talking-up to their audience instead of talking-down. And it shows in the number of emails I receive complaining about FOX News.

I’m not going to bother listing the FOX News shows and anchors I like the least for their arrogance, with the exception of Megyn Kelly, and only because she was prominent in the debates.

When Megyn Kelly first came on the scene at FOX News, she was exciting. She was full of enthusiasm, bringing stories to the people, using her brains and good looks to make people pay attention to real issues.


It happened almost overnight, when Kelly was given her own Prime Time Show, when she forgot what it was that catapulted her to the top, and as a result became SMUG and CONDESCENDING. She’s become more important than her audience.

How she went after Trump in the first debate was wrong. And it said as much about her, as it did about Trump. And from that moment, Megyn Kelly became more of a distraction than an asset for FOX News, and as such, somewhat diminished the Thursday Night Debate.

Trump was the Elephant NOT in the room. Kelly was the Elephant IN the room.

And even though I NEVER remark about how someone looks (in the negative), whether it be their weight, height, age, gender, infirmity – etcetera . . . I have to mention that MEGYN KELLY’S FAKE EYELASHES WERE HIDEOUS, not that it makes a difference to anything – BUT I’M JUST SAYING.


All Trump did last night, was to once again illustrate how . . . it’s all about Trump all the time.

Trump had a REAL OBLIGATION to the Republican Party, the other Candidates, and MOSTLY to the American People to be at that Thursday Night Debate.

And for whatever BS reason Trump decided NOT to LIVE-UP to this OBLIGATION . . . it is making it really hard for people who don’t like Trump’s SHENANIGANS to support him, even if he wins the Nomination . . . INCLUDING PEOPLE LIKE ME.

The world has already had a NARCISSIST in the White House for the past 7-Years, and look at how well that has worked-out for America and the Global Condition.

Can anyone really believe America and the rest of world can survive yet another NARCISSIST in the White House . . . but this time a NARCISSIST on steroids?

This debate WITHOUT Trump gave a lot of people a lot of things to think about, including me. I’m happy that we all saw a good debate on Thursday . . . FINALLY!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. AMEN To all you said. I have some christian friends who know some muslims and think they are good people and I have not tried to reason with them as that is a lost cause. If only they would read even some of the Koran they would learn what these people are taught at an early age and through out their lives. These friends apparently have not heard this lady who was born into the muslim world and has been giving speeches trying to tell others the dangers of these people. I pray God steps in soon.

  2. Howard, I beg to disagree with you on Rubio. Sen. Flake, Hatch and Rubio co-sponsored a bill to increase H-1B visas. Their bill would allow them to hire unlimited foreign workers. The bill would increase visas from 65,000 per year to 115,000. In addition, it would allow to change jobs without losing their status. Disney replaced 250 employees with foreign workers and the employees were required to train them. Disney supports Rubio. Rubio’s actions are louder than his words.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more about everything you said, Mr. G, except for the eyelashes comment as I don’t have Fox News so I listened rather than watch. But I’ve seen other women where I work wear those eyelashes and I always wonder what they see when they look in the mirror as none of them wearing them look good or natural!

  4. Trump won he stayed away. Cruz was attacked by Megyn, he lied on Immig. he should tell the truth, like Trump so you have no fears, it’s ok. to flip it shows you have a working mind. Rubio, won even Christy did well and Bush’s best. If Cruz didn’t mimick Trump he would have been better off, didn’t look good. I think Rubio will move up in the polls, as well as Christie and Bush. We’ll see. Trumps absence gave them more time to bring their true selves out with specifics Kelly is lethal!

  5. Mr. Galganov,
    You are spot on and 100% correct on all accounts. Mr. Trump is only concerned with his own welfare and uses any and all people to achieve his agenda regardless of what damage may befall anyone else. Morals and character are a relative subject when associated with Mr. Trump. Ted Cruz understands that the U.S. Constitution is the bedrock document which enables “we the people” to govern ourselves for the first time in human history. May God bless this great American experiment.

  6. Mostly agree but saying Megyn was wrong to bring up Trump’s comments on women could have been seen as a chance to get the issue out and over early by Trump. He could then thwart the attack by the Democrats who were sure to bring it up in the Presidential debate.

    Personally I wouldn’t be surprised Trump has an Epiphany and becomes a Independent or even Democrat and runs. Especially if Hillary gets the indictment she so much deserves.

  7. I agree with your debate assessment. Cruz is my guy also and I thought he had a good night. The amnesty attacks by Rubio are an effort to draw attention off of his own amnesty flip-flop. The amnesty issue is has become a game of symantecs, as it’s definition varies from candidate to candidate. Cruz has been consistent in his position – a check of several major fact-checkers will confirm this, and even Megyn Kelly admitted as much in her interview with Cruz following the debate.

  8. Very well said–“Trump was the Elephant NOT in the room. Kelly was the Elephant IN the room.” The debate began WITH Trump by Megyn! One could sense the resentment in her demeanor. Agree–“MEGYN KELLY’S FAKE EYELASHES WERE HIDEOUS” and just as FAKE as she has become just to GAIN popularity. FOX should have REPLACED her with Martha McAllum! Huckabee & Santorum did very well in the first debate. Still like HUCKABEE for VP. Their appearance w/Trump at his VET fundraiser was very INTERESTING. AMEN!

  9. So allegedly the daughter of the guy writing the debate questions for Fox, works on the Rubio campaign. Advance knowledge of questions sure would make it easier to ” think on his Feet.

  10. Thanks for pointing out how Megyn has changed, and not for the better. I think before long, she will be an albatross around FOX. I disagree about Trump. He is my pick. He did not let FOX and all their might subdue him into being in that debate with Kelly and her fangs again. He will take the same toughness in dealing with foreign countries. They will not bully us.

  11. I agree with Rush and disagree with you…it was a brilliant move by Trump and it showed all the others as also rans….

  12. It’s not often I disagree with you Howard, but with respect to Rubio I couldn’t disagree anymore. The Gang of 8 wasn’t just a misjudgment it was a critical and horrendous error in judgement. Rubio got into bed with Chuck Schumer and this shows his instincts are bad. He should have been smart enough to know he was being used. I had high hopes for Rubio when he went to the Senate, but he’s a disappointment. Nor forgiveness for Rubio no matter what for Gang of 8. Chuck Schumer???

  13. Howard, I couldn’t agree with you more. I didn’t watch the whole debate, but I agree that without Trump being a constant distraction, it was finally a debate with real issues and facts being addressed. I agree that FOX News is becoming more about its anchors rather than journalism and the who/what/when/where/why of the story. And I thought it was just me that noticed that Megyn’s fake eyelashes were all wrong. I kept thinking, didn’t she look in the mirror?

  14. Howard: I think they should have gone done the line asking each candidate a questione. I watched it for at lease 35 minutes before they asked Dr. Ben Carson a question. I don’t think it is fair that they kept going to the same 2 or 3 for so long.

  15. Electable–Elect-ability–Electrabiltity—Crossover voters–Crossover Voters–Crossover voters–The “takers” far out number the “makers” Today-and..None of the Best of the Best–will Draw the enthusiasm and the vote out that The Donald can do for the Republican Party! A Great Candidate means Squat if he can’t get elected. Lets see- if and when–we need to and //how to Get The Wagons Circled come Monday Night. I dont see the Dems and Indys getting behind these same -untypical old Republicans.

  16. Galganov and all u puppets grow up!Love those eyelashes and Megan. Attacking her reminds of a wanna-be prez that grows more like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon daily. More and more I’m mentally kicking myself for wanting to vote for him. So the remaining hopefuls finally got to perform as their their carefully crafted, actor coaching scripts dictated. These guys will all sell us down the river, except the one who knows how to negotiate. Kelly is the only reason I view Fox. Sigh!

  17. So, so refreshing without Trump. When watching the democrats debates, they are a joke in comparison. I looked and heard everyone. They all have many things in common, immigration, security, ISIS, debt, taxes, great, but a big problem we have and it shows well in the ratings, is the Congress and except for Cruz, no one is mentioning it. In the past 3 elections, the direction was to the right, many new elected were to the right but the message is still not sinking. The RINO’s are still in control.

  18. I concur on all your comments. One thing that tends to irritate me about almost all the candidates is their “mock indignation”, and “I’d NEVER allow anything like that in my administration. That’s why Washingtonn is broken, seems like once they get elected it is all forgotten(by both the candidate and the people who voted for them).
    And it all begins again on the “Great Debate Reality Show”, with Donal Trump disguised as a contestant and CEO Bernie Sanders as a “real socialist”.

  19. One of the things that stood out in my mind about both debates – the “undercard” as well – was the number of times and intensity of some candidates to – correctly – go after the Media Party! And this includes the MSM ersatz version of a conservative media entity – Fox News…the ‘media’ should have NO part in any political debate – other than to report it…

  20. Did anyone else not notice how Ben Carson was left out of much of the “debate?” He has a lot of good to say . . . but he is rarely given the opportunity or the equal time to say it.

  21. The more I see of Trump the less I want him in the oval office. His braggadocio and school yard insults are getting quite thin. However, I’ll grant him one thing, he woke up the silent majority. I would prefer any one of the other republican candidates to Trump.

  22. Howard–This was not a debate. A debate consists of one or more main topics with all the debaters speaking to the topics. It was not controlled and developed into antagonisms and vendettas. Dr. Ben who is one of my favorite people and who is courteous and intelligent, was all but neglected. The rest of the debate was a free for all and which concentrated on how good i am and what I have done in the past. We need to know specifics for the actions they intend to do in the future.

  23. I agree with David Gilbert. Trump made the right move. Raising the $6 mill + for the vets will have more of a positive impact then attending the debate. I think Huckabee would make a great VP. If Trump wins he should pick him. I also think Carson despite his laid back demeanor is a very intelligent and capable person. He answers tough questions with logic and fact. Marco Rubio is also impressive. A well spoken and decent man. I may be wrong, but it looks like Cruz shows defeat in his eyes.

  24. I”m disgusted with all the cat fights. Run on your won merit without the stomping on others or get the hell out! Let the people see that you don’t demean your own. Let true character, integrity, wisdom, pave the way, letting the people decide! After all that’s the way it should be. Trump is Fired as far as I’m concerned! What America does not need is another NARCISSIST! ONE HAS BEEN ENOUGH.

  25. I loved it not having Trump. We finally heard some real facts. I was disappointed that Fox also is afraid of Carson and limited him to 3 spots only and one of them an obvious “gotcha.” His opening & closing words were great & true. He is more of a presence than they or even you, Mr. G., realize or mention. He is the best of the crop still, & I hope he will win against all the odds.

  26. I too enjoyed the town hall (not really a debate) without Mr. Trump in the room. I had hoped it would leave more oxygen on the stage, which it did except for my candidate, Dr. Carson, who was all but ignored. I believe because the media has declared it a two- or three-person race and others only purpose is to be a foil in the media drama. Dr. Carson refuses to play that game.

  27. 1) Lack of Trump – Do you deliberately walk into an ambush? That is what fox set up with the muslim pos in their stable at the debate. bush blew it. Should have told her she needs to live outside America.
    2) I still will not vote for Rubio. Did you investigate his Univision appearance telling the audience in Spanish that he would not support a wall/barrier at the US border but then at an English speaking event said he would support the wall/barrier? He has not learned and is bush lite.

  28. Howard…I love your articles, I forward them as I am so with you…but, why aren’t you commenting on Ben Carson…I have been supporting his run since before he made the decision…I am so impressed with his down to earth, Christian, love of God and country persona…so refreshing from all of the other blowhards, egotistical BSers and just saying what we want to hear and will not keep any of their promises. Do you think he has a chance?

  29. The real fight for conservatives/libertarians now and in the coming years is NOT presidential and federal politics; it is the ARTICLE FIVE constitutional fight. Article 5 is the constitutional provision that allows the states, through the convention process, to amend the constitution and bypass Congress. This movement is a game-changer and makes all this focus on the presidential race less relevent. This is the ONLY route to put a stop to the behemoth that the federal government has become.

  30. Howard…FOX NEWS is still # 1 and your comments about Megyn Kelly are not warranted or appreciated in my book..
    I have RUBIO # 1
    CARSON # 2
    and FIORINA # 3
    TRUMP has begun to act like he talks….a bully with no regard for the office he is seeking..there was a time when I was willing to forgive and ignore his bluster but now he irritates me..if he doesn’t get his way…he will sulk and fester us all.
    God help the USA!

  31. I’m not included in the “we” that saw the debate. NONE of the TRUMP supporters I know of watched the Fox debate. I’m not surprised at your comments concerning the participants in the fox debate. However, your comments about bush tell me how you are still TAKEN IN. With what the previous bushes HAVE DONE I can’t imagine anyone thinking jed would be good for America and it’s CONSTITUTION! You have been gradually seeing the light, but you have run out of time! IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP

  32. Debates should change format to hosts such as Hillsdale college and other conservative institutions. Commentators should stick to issues and not personal attacks. They should also not tell/imply one candidate to attack another. It is not the commentators roll to judge the candidates. Let them debate the issues. Networks could bid for show, C-Span and/or YouTube, or other media. Why give the networks any roll?

  33. I watched the debate and I believe without Mr. Trump Ms.Kelly became THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. I also believe that Dr. Carson was being sidelined by FOX. Yes, more of AMERICA was discussed, but I feel we did NOT get to the items that I want. I want detailed itemization of HOW their promises will be carried out. I am becoming disenchanted. MYPOV.

  34. Enjoyed the debate for the most part, however; I wish the moderators would stop pitting one candidate against another and stick with questions about the issues. Getting the candidates to squabble about each other does not tell the voters how they are going to address the issues. To semi quote Bill Clinton in one of his debates, “It is about the issues stupid” in this case not just the economy, but also Issis, and how the world leaders now view us as weak and not be relied on.

  35. In the Main

    Howard I agree with this that you wrote,
    Clarity of expression thought process you devote,
    But can’t help but wonder why Dr. Carson not there,
    In this well expressed article with us that you share?????

    Of all the presidential candidates or at least to me,
    Of them all Dr. Ben Carson is the very best to see,
    He is one of high eminence who lives by his word,
    His reputation stands tall as the best of them heard.

    Look for your reply


  36. I only watched a small portion of the debate. I became totally disgusted when I saw the Kelly – Cruz question! I saw another witch hunt, with another on top of the polls candidate. I still haven’t decided who I will vote for on March 1st. I truly wanted to see a good debate, without Trump. After the confrontation from Kelly to Cruz – I turned off the channel. The only good debates have come from Fox Business News, where the moderators ask questions, with respect to the candidate and journalism.

  37. This was clearly Fox out to get Cruz. Trump didn’t show, so miss smarty pants and her cohorts had to make it all about themselves again. Miss Kelly thinks she is so smart, and has to be the star! I actually think she is a Dumbocrat! I am hoping for Cruz. I think he is the most principled conservative of the bunch. He will cut out all of the fat in the Federal Govt. He will do what he says he will do on all fronts.
    But I will always be grateful for Mr. Trump what he has done!

  38. Thanks for your observation on Fox. I PVR The Five and O’Reilly every day because we have so few sources for the truth except for you and Conrad Black. But I am starting to dislike many of the talking heads who are too full of themselves, particularly O’Reilly whose pomposity knows no bounds. You are right to comment on Kelly as she is so self absorbed this physically beautiful woman now looks butt ugly. And finally do you know how much they pay Juan Williams to sound like a moron every day?

  39. Maybe Trump’s really not in it to win it, but just wants to stir things up. He’s certainly done that. And yeah, not much substance there. I love what The Donald is doing, but Cruz is my guy and I like Rubio.

  40. Congrats. You nailed it doubly on M. Kelly: eyelashes and ego. Personally, I suspect Trump had already committed to the veterans affair before the debate schedule was known and, being the opportunist he is, hid that fact and used his distaste for Kelly as an excuse. Glad I don’t have to vote today. I’ve eliminated a few, the rest I’m still evaluating and re-evaluating.

  41. I agree that the debate was so much better without Trump. There were several winners. Cruz was not one. I am a very strong Republican/Conservative, but I can’t support any candidate that tells 10% of the population that there are certain rights that don’t include them. (Gays/ Lesbians and others) To me that only leaves Rubio, Bush, Kasich, and Christy , and yes, even Trump. I hate to drop Carson, but he and Huckabee made some pretty nasty remarks about Gays. Not very Christian.

  42. ??? what ??? This is so far from the Media Board and Trumps ratings.

  43. I, too, was disappointed by the clear paucity of air time offered to Ben Carson. Carson may not be the ultimate GOP nominee, but he is a serious candidate with an excellent presentation, albeit less dramatic than the three front-runners. I stuck me that FOX News has written Ben off and is too busy pitting Rubio, Cruz and Trump against each other to notice Carson. Very sad.

  44. Hello, even you didn’t mention Dr Ben Carson. Two hours and he got 2 or 3 questions and that enough to evaluate his performance? This “SHOW” turned out to be joke. And just a push for what the media and the establishment wants. Trump? NO. Cruz? NO. Rubio? NO. Bush? NO. Christie? NO. Paul? NO. Kasich? NO. All politicians.
    Carson? YES. Not a politician.

  45. It’s obvious that you have read my mind! How disruptive is Trump to the political process, style over substance.

  46. Rubio is gaining in popularity here in SW Florida. As for a winner, it was the Donald. Every time I see that Pontificating Kelly, I wonder how she ever got the job, it sure was not her news talent.

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