Take This As FACT . . . And For What It’s Worth


The reason I’m not writing about tonight’s debate, is because at this point, it’s just the same old – same old, with Trump’s HISTRIONICS and all.

Also . . . I needed a change from writing about the election, the RNC, the Conservatives and Trump. Frankly, I’m exhausted of it. I also want you to know a bit more about this BLOG and what goes into it, and why it gives me so much pleasure to write and publish my opinions.


Since I started making my Editorials Public in 2001, reaching perhaps a couple of Hundred Readers at that time . . . I am now writing my 1,848-th opinion piece.

From Day-One, some people were upset with some of my opinions, and said so in emails. And my answer to them was always the same:

I write for my own benefit, mostly because I enjoy writing, and because I use my editorials as a form of personal THERAPY to compensate for the anger I feel at the Political Class.

And if you don’t like what I write . . . READ SOMETHING ELSE!

I would like to say . . . so what’s changed? But since 2001, Galganov.com has grown to accommodate a very large number of visitors, which today numbers in the many TENS OF THOUSANDS, not including people I reach through Social Media, which is substantially larger than what most Local Newspaper Editorial Sections, and Local Radio Talk-Shows reach on their Best Days.

And with each passing day . . . more and more people are signing-on to the Galganov.com Directory, growing it beyond anything I could have imagined at the beginning.

From reading the comments on the Galganov Comment Section on each Editorial Page, you can see how diverse the geographical locations are amongst the readers, with 87% spread throughout the USA, 10% in Canada (and steadily growing), with the balance around the world.

I am also very proud that I will not open this Blog to LEFTIST opinions. The LEFT already have more than enough of their own venues, from where they can spread their CRAPOLA in search of telling people like US, how to live OUR lives, while they try to live THEIRS on our money.

AND TO MY ASTONISHMENT . . . what started as a hobby, with no expectations of growth, Galganov.com is becoming somewhat of a player. We’re not about to change society, at least not yet, but at the very least, my opinions are being read and disseminated in an awful lot of places.

REMEMBER THIS PHILOSOPHICAL GEM: The gentle Flutter of the Wing of a Butterfly, disturbs a Distant Star. And that’s where we’re headed.

So, at the beginning, when it really didn’t mean much to me as to how many people were reading the things I wrote . . . I guess, given these newer circumstances – NUMBERS DO MATTER.


Even though the audience that reads Galganov.com is equivalent to that which reads significant Editorial Sections in “important” Local Newspapers, and listen to Local Radio Talk-Shows . . . This BLOG could not fundamentally be MORE different.

Unlike the Newspapers and Radio Talk-Shows of equivalent audiences . . . none of them come close to this BLOG in terms of REACH . . . and unlike them – I don’t come close in terms of Staff (ZERO), Editors (ZERO), Producers (ZERO), Salaries (ZERO), Facilities (ZERO), Financing (ALMOST ZERO) and Back-Up . . . ZERO.

I don’t answer to anyone . . . other than to my own conscience. And I don’t have to bend, not even an inch to sponsors. And that’s as refreshing as it gets.

What I do have however, is one great Tech Guy who gets paid for what he does when he does it, and one great Creative Art Guy when I need him too, both of whom charge me a fraction of what they would normally charge. But other than that, it’s just YOU, the SERVER PROVIDER, and ME.

I don’t know if most people can imagine how much time and effort is spent on each Editorial, understanding that the average Editorial is about 1,000-Words long.

GALGANOV.COM IS LIKE OLD TIME JOURNALISM . . . at a time when writers took pride and personal responsibility in what they wrote.

It takes me hours to Write and Research everything that is pounded-out on my Keyboard. But, to know what I am writing about, I also spend at least 2-HOURS every morning, reading Newspapers from all over the Planet, researching and verifying everything that you read on this BLOG.

Then I spend as much time as is necessary . . . following through with reliable sources, which gives me some inside information, or corroboration to what I think I already know, to make certain that all the FACTS are accurate and right.

And if you’ve ever wondered how I seem to be able to write stories a day or more ahead of when the Mainstream Media runs with them . . . NOW YOU KNOW.

I am also not doing this for approbation or adulation, since the task and the results are a passion that far exceeds a pat on my back.


I write this BLOG to spread the TRUTH about phonies, frauds and stupidity as I see it. And if I could do nothing else but write and publish this BLOG, this is what I would be doing, even at my own personal cost, which is the way it has been from the beginning, and still is, over a span of FIFTEEN YEARS, since 2001.


But I should be THANKING YOU for reading Galganov.com, and for helping this BLOG grow, and for your help in trying to change the world like the GENTLE FLUTTER OF THE WING OF A BUTTERFLY . . .


PS – Also, Thank You for indulging me by having read this Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. All Muslims are terrorists if they follow their “holy” book, as it proscribes precisely what to do with us infidels if we don’t convert to their religion. TO find out for sure if one is a terrorist just ask if he believes in the KORAN. If he answers yes, you have your answer. If that doesn’t terrorize you than I don’t what will. This includes you know who.

  2. Well, what else am I going to read, the NYT? 🙂 I’d get more from the Onion.

  3. Your “Blog”, especially today’s, connected with me very well. I too am a bit tired of it all especially Trump’s recent hissy fit. Keep your opinions coming. They are refreshing in a sea of BS.

  4. Howard the Chaos Theory begins with your “butterfly” editorials. Keep it up.

    Bob Driscoll, Woodland Hills, CA

  5. Howard,
    I never tire of reading your editorials, nor wondering from where you get your time and energy. You have what all great men need in Anne, your very supportive wife. Best wishes for continuous growth of your blog readers and spread of the truth around the world.

  6. I always look forward to your articles. Thank you so much for what you are doing. Hope Wozniak

  7. Keep speaking the light of truth into the darkness, Howard. The darkness must flee the light. The lie must ultimately submit to the truth. OBTW, my dream is to have a high definition electronic billboard to post a daily thought, a verse from Psalms, and a verse from Proverbs. My bigger dream is to have thousands of such billboards to speak truth.

  8. Just face the facts, Mr.G,. we all love you and respect you and salute you for telling the unvarnished truth. Between you and The Iron Legion, I feel that I am well educated in the political and cultural wars that we fight daily. Best wishes for 1800 more articles.

  9. Howard, some of the mighty newspapers offer specials of 99c for 3 months digital subscriptions, others $1 a weeK, then full price thereafter.
    We should be paying you to help cover your costly expenses!
    How about $1 per month?
    Forwarding my $12 for the next year!

  10. ‘Give ’em Hell Howard’. “… During the speech a supporter yelled out “Give ’em Hell, Harry!”. Truman replied, “I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.” Subsequently, “Give ’em Hell, Harry!” became a lifetime slogan for Truman supporters…”(wiki)

  11. I’ve been reading and agreeing with you for a long time. We met in Florida and I gave you a “Never Again” dog tag. I hope you wear it. Meanwhile, you’ve not mentioned International Holocaust Day. Please don’t let that day slip by. Thanks.

  12. Always pragmatic, to-the-point and no-holds-barred commentary. Could only wish the mainstream media followed the same approach….. But then again, glad not, as I’d miss my Galganov fix

  13. Thank you Howard for this blog. It’s always a safe place to come and read about issues from a like-minded soul. It’s my conservative “fix” when I need it most!

  14. If I haven’t expressed it in this way before, thank you for reinforcing my attitudes and beliefs on a regular basis.

  15. Howard, all those zeros keep your blogs on course and pure! Keep up the good work! Ron Ball, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

  16. I am constantly amazed at how insightful you are. Your opinions are so honest and right to the point. Thanks so much for all the effort and time you expend on your blog. I may not always agree 100%, but I’m sure pleased to be able to read what you write even if I disagree. Please keep up the good work. God bless you and Ann.

  17. Passion is what makes our “wings of the butterfly” flutter. Here comes my “monthly” for help with the expenses!
    Marcia Cutter, Marietta, Ga and Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.

  18. Howard, thank goodness you do what you do!!! I look forward to your editorials/blogs. It really is refreshing to see a journalistic person, going back to old and tried techniques, to write an editorial. Please, I don’t know if, you have journalist background or not, it doesn’t matter – You embody the classic journalist. Keep up the good work and your editorials are about 99.9% right on!!!

  19. We all have to have our Galganov fix now!!! Looking for a good debate tonite.

  20. Thank you all your interesting articles. I do so enjoy reading them. Keep up the good work!

  21. Howard: you tell it like it is and simplify the complex. Keep up what must be a difficult and time-consuming quest. I appreciate your hard work.

  22. God bless you for continuing to fight and do what you do on a regular basis, Mr. G. We (true Conservatives) are in desperate need of a true patriot like you. I see you as a leader in the big scheme of things. You’re very important so please keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you as you educate me on a regular basis, along with Rush and Denali, The Great One (Mark Levin). You’re in good company, kind sir. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Rush and Mark would be proud of you too!

  23. Thank you for all you do Howard, say Yo to Anne.That’s a NYC Bronx “Howdy”I can only hope all those that read your Blog get involved with contacting their Senators & Representatives.Some will say it will only go into file 13 (TRASH). With that said, can you imagine the pile that would be generated if we all did write? It would be Hard to Ignore! I’m not an alarmist by nature, but I sense this is an extremely important and pivotal point for our country! What would our “OUR FOUNDING FATHERS DO”?

  24. Howard,
    I think another important reason your blog has grown as it has is due to your ability to truly see ALL sides of the issues, and to express them so well. You give your readers new and interesting ways to look at things. I think a lot of us get caught up in the “every day” and sometimes forget that there are numerous ways to decipher the political world.
    So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you do, and please, keep doing it!

    Randi and Barry McBurney

  25. Howard, you wrote, “I don’t answer to anyone . .other than to my own conscience. And I don’t have to bend, not even an inch to sponsors.” Gees! This sure sounds Trump-like to me…ha…ha…ha! SERIOUSLY, however, your editorials are very INSPIRING and give us a lot of “food for thought”. Also, it’s HEALTHY to, at times, disagree because it means we all truly CARE about the issues-at-hand. We all appreciate the TIME and EFFORT you expend re: your editorials. They are also very educational. AMEN!

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