With Trump No Bets Are Off The Table


I really did not want to write another editorial until after the Thursday Debate, because I am a bit tired . . . AND I’M PLENTY TRUMPED-OUT . . . and then he goes and does something as STUPID as concocting an insult to stay out of the FOX News Debate.

What kind of leadership is that? And if you’re thinking it’s a great strategy . . . think again.


BEFORE I GET GOING ON THIS EDITORIAL . . . let me say it once again, if Trump becomes the Republican Nominee, I will give him Support on this BLOG, because I would rather have a piece of work like Trump win the Presidency, than any Democrat.

And if that doesn’t say all that needs to be said abut where I stand . . . nothing else will.


Many Pundits are saying that it’s because of FOX News’ Anchor Megyn Kelley, who will be one of the Debate Moderators, who hurt Trump’s feelings with a loaded question in the first debate of the series . . . who will not be removed by FOX News.

If that’s the case . . . I’ve seen less sensitive eggshells than Trump’s Ego.

BUT I DON’T BELIEVE IT . . . I believe that you can only run for so far, and for so long on BS. And that’s what Trump has been running on from DAY-ONE, with Loads and Loads of BS – because he has tapped into the EXTRAORDINARY and justifiable ANGER the people have for politicians, from the Village Square, to the Congress, all the way to the White House and the Supreme Court.

Trump has tapped into a seething anger amongst the people, who want more than anything to PUNISH the establishment as hard as they can, for all the abuse and misery the bureaucrats and politicians have been heaping upon the people for generations . . . AND TRUMP IS GOING TO BE THEIR PUNISHER.

The problem with Trump’s campaign . . . is that REALITY and BS are on an inevitable COLLISION COURSE, where in this last debate, just before Iowa, Trump will have to answer HOW HE IS GOING TO GET THINGS DONE.

It’s not enough to be saying for almost 6-Months, how GREAT he will make America again. And how he will negotiate EVERYTHING. And how he will be winning EVERYTHING, so much so, that the people of America will get tired of WINNING.

It’s becoming thinner than just somewhat, hearing Trump constantly bragging about how much EVERYONE LOVES HIM . . . as if that is the most important thing in his world.

I kind of believe, that what we are witnessing in Trump, is the BREAKDOWN of a man who asked for one APPROBATION BEYOND THE LINE, who picked needless and insulting fights with every other candidate . . . who has simply run out of BS.


Trump has called Ted Cruz a Liar in the most insulting ways possible. And has said repeatedly how no one likes Cruz. Oh yeah, what has Trump done to make friends and win the respect of the other Candidates?

At the very least . . . some people hate Cruz, because he actually stood up to his own Party to deliver on his campaign promises to legislate like a Conservative, rather than as a RINO.

He has mocked Jeb Bush, insulted Rand Paul, dumped on Marco Rubio, and disparaged Carly Fiorina’s Face. But why bother just listing the people who came under Trumps undeserved wrath, since no one in Trump’s Sights were spared his undeserved and very often vicious insults.

I’VE DEBATED FOR MOST OF MY LIFE. I’ve debated on Stage, on Radio, and on Camera. I’ve debated against people who really and truly hated my guts (French Quebec Separatists), to the point where the only way I could attend many of these debates were with Armed Body Guards, who I paid for personally. And let me make this clear too . . . I REALLY DIDN’T LIKE MANY OF THE PEOPLE I WAS DEBATING.

I’ve also debated in front of Live Televised Forums in French, which is not my native language . . . and during all the debates, which were far too many for me to even remember – NOT ONE OF US . . . not on either side of whichever debate, treated the other as disrespectfully in my lifetime of debates, as Trump has done in every debate he attended.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS. The issues on the table were serious. And we went after each other without mercy. But, we had our facts, our talking points, our vulnerable spots to aim for when it came time to come in for the kill . . . and when the time was right – we closed with as much fury as we could possibly muster.

BUT AFTER THE DEBATE . . . we could each go home with the knowledge, that we didn’t dishonor either our cause or ourselves. AT LEAST I CAN SAY THAT ABOUT MYSELF.


Knowing how Trump treated all the other candidates with utter contempt and derision – CAN YOU SAY THE SAME ABOUT HIM? And is that the attitude in a man or woman who you want to lead your country?


It is possible that Trump might rethink his position and go to the debate, but at this point, I can’t see how that would be possible, and see how he can save face.

ALSO . . . I think the damage Trump has just done to his campaign is pretty much irreversible, because the last thing any political candidate needs . . . are people who will question his or her integrity. And now – that door is wide open.

There’s another problem too . . . I can guarantee you that people who might have held their nose and voted for Trump in the general election, should he win the nomination in spite of all of his Shenanigans, might just now hold their nose and not vote at all.


IF TRUMP HAD A CHANCE TO WIN IN IOWA on February 1st, I think that opportunity is now gone. And if Cruz should happen to win BIG, and if Trump should finish further behind Cruz than anyone imagined, or NOT even finish in SECOND place, it will be all over for Trump.

That’s how much damage I think Trump did to himself . . . because he realized that running a campaign on BS might have finally come to an end.

AS OF FEBRUARY FIRST . . . IT WILL BE A WHOLE NEW RACE . . . and if Trump manages to somehow survive this, I will freely admit that this very wealthy empty-suit can walk on water. And he will have my support. BUT I REALLY HOPE NOT.


PS – If Trump can’t get his way, and he sees his entire political world falling all about his shoulders, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t find or create a reason for him to blame the RNC, and announce that he will be running as an Independent.


It’s remarkable how just one man, could create so much havoc beyond what Obama has done, where there was no need for it . . . But here we are.

And remember these famous words by Mark Twain: “Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.”

In this day and age . . . the same can be said about picking a fight with FOX News.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If Trump is out of BS you can lend him some of your excess.

    do you really think Trump wants to be predident ? Thats the real issue. He is a patriot thst is using his podition to open America’s eyes and ears to the scum in Washington. He is Cruz supporter from day 1.

  2. How we do something is as important as what we do. The “how” reflects our heart.

  3. I am beginning to think/believe that there is such a degree of wishful thinking that The Donald will somehow, some way, what ever, simply go away and those want it to happen don’t care how, why, when, or where. I read a couple of his books and found that he real can drill down with plans. They are succinct without balderdash but fashioned as one would expect a solution from a businessman to be fashioned. Maybe this is why everyone is afraid. He does have a plan and it doesn’t include them.

  4. I think we will see Trump take a permanent hike over his feigned hurt by Megan Kelly…this gives him the opportunity to NOT “LOSE” the election and get on with his celebrated life! Would’ve, could’ve Should’ve are over and Cruz may prove to have been hated by only one Elector…TRUMP! Bud Farrell

  5. HOWARD YOU DON’T LIKE CAPS, BUT I WANT TO ILLUMINATE HOW WRONG I WAS ON TRUMP AND YOU WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG. My distaste for the estab. Rhino’s is why I saw Trump as I did. NO MORE, GONE, everything you said is spot on, it’s now going to be a new race, and I’m looking at Cruz & Rubio. Trump was another Obama scam! I fell for it, as it was everything I wanted. Paul Ryan my biggest disappointment ever, prompted my touting Trump.

  6. I concur with your commentary Howard. I’m slept oval that he won’t show up for the debate however. The media would have a field day with it and buy him more promotional material. The kind of promotion that has propelled him to the leaderboard in the first place. All your points are valid. We shall see.

  7. While I very much appreciate what Mr. Trump has done to identify and amplify the outrage of the forgotten American voters, I too have grown weary of his theatrics minus substance. I hope he does abstain from participating in the next debate. Better to have another serious, “presidential” candidate get the attention. Ted Cruz is beyond reproach to any serious conservative and I support him. Thank you, Howard, for this excellent editorial and for all the rest, so on target.

  8. Many have lost Iowa and won the Presidency. Some have also skipped the caucus and won the Presidency. It is what I love about Trump. He will not put up stabs in the back from other nations such as Kelly saved for him with her fangs showing. she is a true woman liber – down with men – see if I can make them crawl. No wonder my 50 yr old son, who lives in NYC has never married.
    She is truly not fair and balanced – Fox should get rid of her before she takes them under.

  9. Maybe Trump will run 4th party, if Bloomberg stays in as 3rd party. Then if Cruz runs as Republican nominee, he could actually beat out the fractionated vote of the others with his message of true conservatism, and Reagan-like optimism. The Republican leadership might just have nervous breakdowns at such a result, or break for Bloomberg, a former “Republican” mayor. Wow.

  10. How true are your statements. I have answered all polls with Trump but in truth, I have been planning to vote for Cruz. I voted in the polls just to anger the Republican party which I have grown to dislike because of the way they have been voting in congress. Like you said, Cruz is the only one to vote as a true Conservative. I now call myself a independent.

  11. I agree with Trump for skipping the debate. No one will watch it without it and Megyn Kelly is under orders from her handlers (as she was the first time) to go for the kill shot. Trump has NOTHING to gain by going to this debate and another big dustup with Megyn Kelly (who is dead to most conservatives–like Rubio) can’t be good for him. There are several articles on DC Whispers (which I have found to be dead solid reliable) alluding that the GOPe was desperate to use MK to take Trump out.

  12. Trump has been behaving in ways that makes you think who is more narcissist Trump or Obama. Imagine Trump president and anyone contradicting him. I have been distancing from him and now this is the final straw. Seeing the very low rating of congress, it is fair to say that it is an enemy that is as responsible for what is happening to America and needs to be fixed, changed and force it to listen to we the people, the only one to remind us is Ted Cruz. He has showed leadership and patriotism.

  13. I suspect this was the plan all along. I think he is a Hillary plant. Remember the last Clinton campaign? Does Ross Perot ring any bells? Trump plans to run as an independent and this is his time to split from the Republicans. That would put her in the White House.

  14. I do not agree with your column, I always thought the lefty media (fox news as well) tried to have all the republican candidates perform like trained seals with set up questions just to make them look bad, things they would never do with the dem’s. Now that fox was bringing in a muslim sympathizer to ask a few questions of Trump just to prove he is a bigot, I think that gave him the chance to get out. Roger Ailes is an idiot.

  15. Spot on Howard. Another adage “give a man enough rope, he will hang him self “. Me thinks that Mr. Trump has demonstrated a penchant to be a whinner and really cannot stand the heat. He should not let Megan Kelly be the reason that keeps him out of the debate. NOT A LEADER!!

  16. As a Trump supporter, I believe that he should have been part of the debate; however, I also believe that there is a lot more going on re: the Trump-Megyn situation. We don’t have all the FACTS! To believe that he FEARS to face Megyn is foolish. When watching her show, it’s so easy to detect that she DOES “subtly entice” her guests against Trump. Both parties have made a DECISION which they believe is RIGHT for THEM. It’s STILL a FREE Country. Only time will tell as to WHO will benefit. AMEN!

  17. After reading some of these comments, I am convienced this country is in bigger trouble than we were 8 years ago! AND, there’s no “hope” in sight, unless, of course, Cruz does extremely well in Iowa!

  18. Who ruined this country? Politicians. The country has to be run as a business, not by politicians but by one who has been successful as a businessman. Maybe Trump is not the man but all the politicians on the stage are not going to change things. I like Cruz but has he ever operated a business successfully? Does he know that you can’t spend money if you don’t have it? I would like to know.

  19. Not a real fan of Trump like you, but will support if he wins. Kelly went from a 4/5 star rating as a host to a 2 star when she let her own personal feelings and animosities get in the way of doing her job. This tells me she is not the best person for the job as panelist. There are many better people who could be the panelist and also better hosts of news shows than she and “will of the wind” oreilly are. You have to have standards you will stick up for and neither have them.

  20. Trump’s hissy fit, if it does occur, is an omen of his future as Prez…If he can’t stand the heat, then he needs to get outta the kitchen.Try to imagine if he does become Prez, how he would treat people he doesn’t like…he’d be Obama X 100 .and would be impeached in a year…very childish and disappointing…and I thought he was tough!

  21. Its interesting that Trump managed to dominated all the news shows last night, including Megan Kelly

  22. I agree with Teri Newman. Trump’s intelligence must have sense the kill shot would be attempted as have been and are being attempted by other anti-trump groups. He has not been successful because he is dumb. Reagan skipped his last debate. Stay tuned.

  23. I absolutely hate what you are saying about Trump. I am so sorry I agree with you, but think you are right on. I sure hope this doesn’t make people not vote. No other time in history, have we needed the democrats out of office with their socialist agenda. Unfortunately most of the republicans are wanna be democrats. Cruz would have a real hard job undoing the damage to our Constitution that has been going on slowly for years. I pity any republican who wins period.

  24. Yes, enjoy hearing Trump go after corrupt Washington but he needs to understand his fight is not against M. Kelly but for getting Americans feeling there’s still hope. Ted Cruz looks good. Anyone but Democrats.

  25. Its a set-up. This is the quintessential NASCAR race. The TRUMP car is in the lead heading for the finish line with the CRUZ car drafting him. Looks like its a team effort. The engines roar..The crowd is on their feet screaming…But the TRUMP car falters and the CRUZ car goes low on the inside and passes him at the finish line. They are on the same team. A win for we the people.

  26. The truth of the sorry state of affairs in this country is BS is what gets politicians elected. If democrats told the people what their real plan was, they would never get elected. Regrettably this also applies somewhat to the other side and Trump knows this. He certainly has a plan to win and a plan for this country. I wouldn’t write too much into his line of BS it’s just part of his plan to win.
    Mike Seery , Royal Oak Michigan

  27. We can only pray that Mr T doesn’t run as an independent!!! He will lose, and so will the conservatives… and the American people.

  28. So you think FOX/GOOGLE should have invited a question from the youtube moslim who tweets out photos of Trump and Hitler as one and the same! Trump is turning the entire media and political class on their butts! Noone else, least of all Cruz has the cojones to do this. Why don’t you write an article about the ranchers being shot in Oregon? They assasinated Finnicum #whiterancherslivesmatters

  29. Howard at this point I believe you have permanently cost Donald trump a great deal of support. However he will be the nominee. And I seriously doubt you will be of any assistance or support in winning against Hillary Clinton . I will remind you that several of the commenters. I tried to persuade you against your negativity. Political cannibalism is not a good Idea from party members. After all that was for the most part your gripe against Trump. Best wishes to you, we have a tough battle ahead.

  30. you need to read his latest book “Crippled America” which explains how and what he will do
    you cannot bring this out in debates nor will the media mention his book……….
    I have seen no review of his book and the many issues he discusses

  31. Mr. Braggadocios is gonna take his ball and go home when things don’t go his way. Brings to mind the school-yard bully. People who have meglomania have deep insecurities problems.
    I don’t listen to any of the pundits on TV. They also are full of themselves. Does narcissism come to mind. At 89,as the saying goes, I’ve been around the block a few times.
    Choose Cruz. I am.
    Billie F Luchi

  32. Trump has worn out his usefulness. He brought up many subjects needing discussing like illegal immigration, “stupid” leadership and negotiations…. but now I’m just so tired of hearing him repeat himself daily…. and brag incessantly.

  33. True grass roots conservatives are angry with the republican establishment, Trump will be hosting his own event to help the mistreated veterans and wounded warriors it’s a win win. He doesn’t need this debate and tomorrow after the debate every one will be talking Trump whether it be positive or negative. You can bet that everybody will be watching Trump and not the Fox debate, Fox will lose millions. Trump is is beholding to no donors, brilliant move by Trump. Trump will be the next POTUS.

  34. Trump has done a really bright thing! Without him in the debates, all the others will “jump” on Cruz!!! Watch and learn.

  35. Howard, read your own blog! You hit the nail on the head but you just have the “BS” directed toward the wrong individual. It is what it is, like it or not.

  36. I have followed your posts with great interest and most always I have agreed with you. However, the last two or three posts you have made every attempt at ripping Trump apart, while building up Ted Cruz who should be able to stand up for himself. Personally I feel you have gone overboard in the negative comments about Trump who just might be the ideal candidate to equal Ronald Reagan, who made Americans and Canadians proud to see how he was able to positively change the Free world
    Fred Bambe

  37. Sick of Trump’s ego? They ALL have big ego’s. Both Clinton’s, Trump and O. Talk disdainful, arrogant, degrading that is the current POTUS! Do you remember 2008 debate when Romney was brilliant against O’s moronic behavior in their 1st? The commentator’s and “CANDY” saved his ass in 2 & 3 as they were BIASED in his favor as is Kelly. TRUMP is smart to avoid her…not out of fear for himself but to sidestep her personal vendetta against him. BUSINESSMAN in the White House!!!!!!!

  38. I really don’t think a 2nd place finish in Iowa would “finish” Trump, since he is so strong in NH and other states. It may check him a bit, but not stop him. If he does win the nomination, I would rather see the party rally behind him, holding noses all the way, than to have him run as independent. Angry we may be, but in the end, we must stick together to defeat whatever democrat is thrown at us. We simply must unite to even have a chance to save our country.

  39. All this hoopla on Trump.The more Trump opens his mouth the more I grow disgusted with him.True he’s a Billionaire,so he can make money, SO WHAT! As long as he calls the shots he’s pacified or else he fires someone! He can’t fire Congress! Now,I have as much respect for “Politicians as I have for Lawyers & Doctors in that order!Trump is no Reagan nor will he ever be! Trump gives shallow answers, yes he’s tapped into the anger & disgust of Americans. The wave will eventually end at the beach!

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