Don’t You Hate Those Pesky Facts?


IT’S INCREDIBLE . . . after all my questions, there still has not been one person to answer HOW Trump is going to bring jobs back from China, Japan, and Mexico to the USA? Or how he is going to get Mexico to pay for the Wall.

The only thing the people seem to care about . . . IS THAT TRUMP WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAINBUT HOW?

Is it because Trump is a great businessman, who has made several Billion Dollars?

If that’s the case, there are other far Wealthier Business People all over America, who’ve made their money in very diverse ways, and not just as a Real-Estate Mogul building Hotels, Casinos, Golf Courses, Office Buildings and Resorts . . . not that – this isn’t a small achievement, which it certainly is.

But that hardly qualifies someone to become the President of the USA.


I know that some of you are seething at me, because I’m letting PESKY little things like FACTS get in the way. But, whether you like them or not, FACTS are there nonetheless, and won’t go away just because some people like to ignore them.


Because Trump is really smart, he knows that most of what he’s saying is nothing but BS.

1 – Trump knows that Trade Agreements with China, Japan, Mexico and others are INVIOLABLE, unless he wants to TEAR-UP the entire World Trade System, which will also tear up his own empire . . . so it won’t happen.

So, how disappointed will the people be when the jobs don’t come back, even though Trump said so?

2 – Trump is going to build a 2000-Mile Wall between Mexico and the USA. So, how is Trump going to FORCE Mexico to pay for it? AND BECAUSE . . . is not an answer.

And then there’s another little issue. NO ONE has any idea how much this Wall is going to cost, other than it will be in the MULTITUDES OF BILLIONS of dollars, which means that if the USA can’t afford it with America’s massive Deficit and Debt, how is Mexico going to cover such a cost? And why would they . . . since there is no legal requirement for Mexico to do it?

3 – Trump is going to make the American Military GREAT AGAIN, and make it as formidable as humanly possible.

I THINK THAT’S A GREAT IDEA – I REALLY DO . . . But how’s Trump going to do that, while he’s busy pissing off China, Japan and Mexico? Or building the 2000-Mile Wall America can’t afford, and Mexico won’t pay for?

And here’s another PESKY FACT . . . America spends a few pennies less than $600-BILLION per year just on the military, which is slightly more than $1.6-BILLION per day, which would take less than a week, just to blow through all of Trump’s Personal Wealth.

But . . . if America’s Military is seemingly in free-fall with about $600-BILLION now being spent per day, HOW MUCH WILL TRUMP HAVE TO SPEND TO MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN? And where is he going to get the money?

4 – Trump said of Ford Motor Cars, that if they build a Multi-Billion Dollar Auto Plant in Mexico, he will put on a 35% Tax on every product made in that plant that is imported into the USA.

SOUNDS GREAT . . . But how’s Trump going to do it, when the USA, Canada, and Mexico have a TOTALLY FREE-TRADE AGREEMENT for that region of Mexico, unless Trump intends to tear-up NAFTA? And if that happens, Good Night Irene, ‘Cause . . . That’s All She Wrote.

You see . . . this is one of the problems I have with Trump.

I know that he’s smart, REALLY SMART, and he knows that he can’t do what he’s promising, because he is smart, so he knows that what he’s selling to the populace is BS.

I also understand and accept the argument that . . . I DON’T CARE WHAT TRUMP SAYS, and I know that he can’t do what he says he can, but it doesn’t matter, because once Trump becomes President, he will MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN, because I believe he can, based on nothing more than he makes me feel good.

That’s an argument I could never support. But at least, it is an argument I can understand, which then opens another debate. But that’s for another day.


I don’t necessarily think Trump will walk away with the IOWA Caucus, but he might. And if he does, and if he wins New Hampshire, I believe the game will more or less over, and we better start circling the Wagons AROUND TRUMP.

But – If Cruz does as well as I hope he will, in spite of the POLLS, it will be a new day, with plenty of reasons for me to write, and plenty more reasons for those who oppose my views to be pissed-off.


I will be listening to everything they all say, and paying even closer attention to all the things they will not say . . . AND HOPEFULLY YOU WILL TOO.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Meanwhile, all the people and media sources stating “Je suis Charlie” are too afraid to show the actual cartoons that lead to the shootings. Brave, brave solidarity. And hence the problem.

    Just this morning I was discussing how in France its time to send in armed police and military to the “No Go” zones and clear them out of guns and meet violence with absolute violence. If not, guess what will be happening in the weeks to follow.

    France is just the tip of the needle.

  2. Yes i wonder too.Great thought but can’t survive on thoughts and wishes
    I am old ,elderly whatever you want to call it and all this wondering and worry just makes me age faster. Seems the people are following what they want to hear with no thought of how this could happen in the real world.Need to hear some plans .So far it has been like a big celebration but what is being celebrated.

  3. Howard, the problem is you’re too smart and you’re intellectualicing an emotional situation.The allure of Donald Trump isn’t his promises, certainly not his policy expertise, not even his business success. 
    It’s his ATTITUDE. Straight off the sidewalk of Main Street America. It’s visceral not intellectual and it’s delivered in tough coarse American, not English. Make America Great Again. That’s simply what We The People want.

  4. Why can’t you see the obvious ? The first step is to get the regulators, tax men, and the US government off the American businessman’s back ! Bring back some optimism and squelch the fear of success.

  5. AS to Mexico paying for the “wall”, one idea that has put out is to put a surcharge on the money sent to Mexico each day for the oil we buy from them. Mexico is the biggest supplier of oil to the USA. I would hope that the Trump “wall” only completes what has already be put in place. Not hiring more border patrol personnel (that will be expected to vote Democrat in order to keep their jobs)

  6. Howard, your comments regarding Trump are well received, however at 67 years of age I find that much of the frustration in The American voter is a result of our establishment government. Nothing changes. Same promises but little action. Trump may not have all of the answers yet, but I would sure welcome all of the fireworks he would set off in Washington.

  7. I have one question… How does “Make America Great Again” differ from “Hope And Change” when there is not, and never has been one word of substantive language to support or substantiate either as anything other than a virtually meaningless political election slogan?

  8. Trump is smart. So is obama, Pelosi, Reid etc. Before I retired, I arrested hundreds of smart criminals. But they were still criminals. People search for truth. I learned early that truth is often manipulated by smart criminals to get something from you, that you don’t want to give up. Look for facts. While facts can also be manipulated, it is not as easy, if you simply do the homework and investigate. In this day, called the age of information, facts are much easier to find. Then vote.

  9. While I agree with you for the most part, I DID hear him say at one point (early on) in the campaign how he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall. One of our auto companies and a cookie company had announced they were building new factories in Mexico. Trump said if he were president, he’d put a large tariff on all those goods imported from Mexico. He’s a master at playing on emotions without supporting facts/specific plans.

  10. Right on! Trump is doing well because people are really pissed off. Not just at the government but also at the Republican leadership. We kept electing Republicans to Congress in big numbers and expected them to fight BHO and his socialist polices. But the Rep. leadership cowered and slinked away with their tails between their legs. I also hope Cruz will do well. The Left must be really worried about him as the LA Times (or the Left Coast Times as we call it here) just had a big hit piece on him.

  11. If cutting federal spending is a major significant fact of regaining control of government, what candidate would spell that out to the “takers” who represent a large potential block of voters?

    Recent election history has shown more than one candidate scuttled who identified specific problem areas to be addressed with a plan.

    A fact which should be glaringly obvious but obviously is not, get informed and vote for the person whom you think will best represent your values.

  12. Over the past 7 years Obama has damaged our country far beyond any expectation. The fact is that the President has huge ability to affect outcomes just by his attitude. Trump has the attitude that many, many Americans want in their President. For instance, f he starts making it difficulty for Mexico, as the President surely can, Mexico may well put their own military on the border to stop the illegals. It may not be a wall, but it would be a good start. I want someone with the right attitude

  13. JFK said, “We will put a man on the moon”, Regan said, “Tear down that wall”. Bold statements, no detail, but they made it happen. Trump makes bold statements and just maybe he might come close to achieving the objectives without declaring his plan(s) which could be attacked by the opposition. In private business he must employ smart people, I think he would do the same as President so expect some BIG changes. Declaring realistic intentions doesn’t always win the day, politicians know that.

  14. I believe Trump will fill his cabinet with top flight advisers in every area, military, commerce, foreign relations, etc. Obama filled his cabinet with political and government hacks, liberals with an axe to grind against society and look where that got us. Yeah his wall might not be paid for by Mexico but he will build a wall and also let the border patrol staff do their jobs.
    Iran and ISIS beware if Trump wins!!

  15. I too think the idea of Trump winning it all is exactly what the country needs at this time. Just the thought of him really shaking things up in DC and getting rid of all the Obama appointees is reason enough. He may not be able to do what he says he is going to do but it will be a fun ride and we know he really loves America which is more than the present occupant of the White Hut does….

  16. Can we vote for someone who is on record supporting partial birth abortion, ethanol subsidies, more gun control laws? Who says he will make deals with the establishment? Who never talks about smaller government or the constitution?

  17. I agree completely with you. Trumpistas are the mirror image of the Obama (Hillary) supporters. LIVoters taken up in a personality cult and facts are irrelevant. What’s important is how they feel about an issue or a candidate. Progressives are more interested in feeling good than actually doing good and that is why part of the Trump electorate include democrats. It is also of interest to note that so called conservatives like Ann Coulter have also swallowed Trumps potion.

  18. I get calls from the republican establishment several times a day. Caller ID keeps me from talking to these people accidentally. When I do answer their call, I tell them the republicans will not get a plugged nickel from me ever again. I have supported these people with money and time, and almost without exception, when they get to DC, they support the rinos. All promises go out the window, and we are left with no representation. I support Cruz now, but will support Trump as nominee if needed

  19. My concerns with Trump aren’t what he says, but what he doesn’t say. He never talks about liberty, freedom, and the Constitution. I have really liked watching him on the campaign trail, and he’s taken down Jeb quite successfully. He even was able to shut Hillary up when she came after him. Totally brilliant and fun to watch. But I’m a Cruz supporter because it’s undeniable he’s a Constitution loving conservative. If Trump wins the nomination I’ll be behind him 100%.

  20. Like you, I wonder HOW Trump can do all he promises to do. While I’m wondering about that, I am concerned about his free wheeling deal making personality. While that might work well in a capitalist economy, I’m not sure that’s going to work well when dealing with nations and treaties and international law, etc. Also, his “shoot from the hip” attitude will not be helpful in diplomatic encounters and I’d be concerned about THAT finger being on a “red button.”
    I’m not sure about Rubio or Cruz.

  21. HG, as always, you raise powerful questions. However, I believe Trump and his vast army of supporters believe the trade agreements are being abused through unfair practices, as well as corporate inversion. The companies know they’re unfair to the US workers. I believe in the saying, “We’re all attracted to the strongest magnet”, which drives all of those trade abuses. I HOPE Trump will reverse those abusive loopholes by negotiating fairness and make the US the magnet it once was!

  22. Still would like to see a Trump/Cruz ticket–power-broker & a Constitutional intellect. But doubt Trump’s ego would allow it. Is it possible his ego would prevent him from failing on his promises (deport illegals, build a wall, make military great again)? It would not take more $$ for military to be great again; eliminating gross wastes (esp. civilian contracts) & using ‘recovered’ funds to increase readiness/training & update/upgrade aging resources would work. Oversight, a must on contracts.

  23. A GOOD leader also surrounds himself with EFFICENT & COMPETENT people. Like begets like! Hence, this is WHY Trump has been so successful in HIS endeavors. Where are the FACTS that he WON’T make a good president? All politicians have a slogan. MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is a slogan which indicates what people are hoping for, due to the HOPE & CHANGE that Obama NEVER provided. Our military has to be REORGANIZED, due to Obama’s negligence. LESS money to ILLEGALS=MORE money for our MILITARY! AMEN!

  24. Your sounding more like a Texan all the time, keep it up!!!

  25. It’s probably best that Mr. Trump not disclose his strategies to
    his “enemies”, as Mr. Obama has done from time to time.

  26. If Trump applies principles of good business management to government bureaucracy & eliminates the fraud, waste & abuse (example: Abrams Tank costing billions & so overweight IT CANNOT BE MOVED TO A BATTLEFIELD) that would be a great benefit. Remember the Non-Essential people that when home during the shutdown? Why do they have a job if they are not essential? Fire them. Shutter Education, Energy and EPA. More money saved. Fire the Czars. Just streamlining the government would go a long way.

  27. People ignored researchable facts and truth in the last elections, and now there are even more uninformed potential voters. Simply being the loudest bearing in the wheel does not keep the wheels on the wagon. Like a “B” grade western, for those too busy taking selfies to notice, as a nation, our horses have been abused, they have stampeded, and the stagecoach is heading for the rocks. Loud commands aren’t going to stop the disaster. We’ve had enough BS.

  28. I agree with your observations regarding Donald Trump. When Trump says he will repeal Obamacare and replace it…a big red flag. A true Conservative would just say that they were going to repeal Obamacare and leave it at that. Keep the government out of health care. Perhaps the government could work with the states in quickly devising a way to protect the grid from an E.M.P. event. That would involve protecting our country and the people; something government should do.

    Bill Larson

  29. Howard, It seems to me that all of your concerns about Trump, and I am not a fan, are basically the same concerns we should have had when the gullible elected our current occupant of the People’s House. Hope and change was just a slogan with absolutely no possibility of providing the hope and change the people wanted. His hope and change is now very obvious. Socialism. Make America Great Again probably has a myriad of reasons why that won’t be easy. But, at least, someone is willing to try.

  30. If I would try and answer this question, I would say that he could not do worse or have any less of a plan than the next guy. But he is proposing ideas and plans in the right direction and connecting with the gut feeling of the people. The actual plans and actions would be handled as best they can as they arise, just like everyone else. Its not a concrete layout but his issues are in the right direction.

  31. Howard you are much TOO rational and realistic. I can’t help but agree STRONGLY with not just some but ALL of what you have so clearly, strongly and well articulated. BUT still and all, IF he somehow makes it as the nominee for, WHAT OTHER CHOICE DO WE HAVE. Please give me another of your clear and understandable responses.

    Sincerely and THANK YOU for sticking with it


  32. Our popular culture is becoming a personality cult, “it’s about me” as the prime god. Mr. Trump is very well suited to viscerally exploit that. It’s not just what we need to do but how we intend to do it. Is this more “Hope and Change” rhetoric with an ends-justifies-the-means executive with only lip-service to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution? My fear is not that President Trump can’t “Make America Great Again”, but how and at what price?

  33. I know (have written) Mexico will pay for the wall. He will impose the same duties and tarriffs on Mexico, China and Japan that they impose on us. No change in Trade Agreements, just add the tarriffs. He will build the wall, and bring jobs back with tax breaks and benefits for business. He will clean up the corruption, worthless Civil servants and use the money for a stronger millitary. My brother is retired Civil Service. I know, it takes 4 of them to do one private contractor’s work

  34. Well, I suppose to answer your questions Howard we have to go back to the bebinning. What made this United States of
    America great in the first place? Read the Declaration of Independence — therein is the foundational basics for our greatness. “All men are created equal, they are endowed by their ‘Creator’ with certain unalienabel Rights, … Life, Liberty, and persuit of Happiness.” Read the Scriptures! Accountability for our actions! Others first!

  35. Cannot ans. your ques. in 4 lines impossible. Trump is abusive, a bully, smart, and does he mean what he says, who knows? If he does and don’t pick him we lose, if he doesn’t we can win with Cruz. Cruz is more conservative than Trump, Trump will lean to the middle to cut a deal we all know that. So who to vote for, they both have positives & Negatives, it’s a toss up. If Trump is sincere, he’s my best choice, if not of course Cruz. Will Trump humiliate his family and himself by lying ‘NO”?

  36. Two of our candidates for President are sweet and lovable, but Trump is a Butthead…Still I’ll vote for Trump! And yes, I expect that he will do everything that he claims that he will do.

  37. Trump is the anti-politician politician and has awakened America to the possibility that the U.S. will have a future devoid of the same corrupt swindlers who’ve made life miserable for its citizens. We’re still dealing with the debilitating tenure of an Islamic Fascist in the oval office, breaking laws and alliances no differently than a tin-horn dictatorship. Trump, despite his shortcomings, will continue to grow his poll numbers despite what the talking heads say.

  38. I’m not a Trump supporter. Should he become the GOP candidate – I will vote for him and support him. FYI – Trump does have a website, go there and you can find some of his platforms, that he is interested in. The website isn’t that big, so it won’t take long, to read what he wants to do. I want to see the next GOP debate, hopefully, Trump will not be there. I want to hear what the other candidates have to say and what they are going to do as President.

  39. Spot on as usual, Howard. Can anyone who supports Trump please explain how he is going to do any of the things he suggests when HE HAS TO WORK WITH CONGRESS AND WITHIN THE US CONSTITUTION! Just because Obama is acting like a King does not change the US President into one. Donald Trump, as President, will find he cannot do even 25% of what he is saying he will do. If he can tell me how he will do everything he says, within the US Constitution’s bounds, I’ll support him.

  40. I would like to see an actual PLAN from EACH of the candidates on HOW they will actually accomplish their PROMISES. I want them to be published so that I can actually figure out how these PLANS can be implemented. We know what we have in Congress and HOW the plans can be defeated. There will need to be a lot of conferencing, talking, compromising to get PLANS accomplished. I have to feel comfortable with the ‘accuracy’ of these PLANS. MYPOV

  41. Could not agree more with your assessment of Trump. He is long on rhetoric but short on facts/details. I started out supporting Scott Walker and swiched to Cruz when Walker dropped out. I have always liked Cruz, just thought Walker had “been there, done that” successfully in a Blue state. I have to admit that I enjoy watching Trump attack the MSM & the progressive democrats & not appologize the next day for doing so. I will cautiously support Trump if he is the last Republican candidate standing

  42. I live 20 mi. S. of Tucson and Mexico lives off of the U.S. and their bribery of the “Sanctuary City/County” of Tucson/Pima Co. Mr. Trump can make Mexico pay…with just the dishonesty of the Mexican gov’t. It can be done.

  43. NEVER, and I mean NEVER in my entire business life have I ever received a job offer by saying “trust me,…I’ll get it done.” On the other hand didn’t Ross Perot run to INSURE the NAFTA agreement passed? So perhaps the better questions are “What is the cost, (politically, and numerically, and morally) if we just scrap all this “dated” agreement things, and start again, and even more importantly, unlike the Constitution of the country, …maybe it’s time to change things back in our favor!

  44. To me, those who are all-in on Donald Trump based upon his “make America great” rhetoric resemble a little too closely those who were all-in for Barack Obama based upon all of his “hopey-changey” crap. I miss the days of a once-great America, too. But, we need to base our political opinions on more than showmanship. Ted Cruz has been purely conservative since day 1. And though I know the dems will try and make an issue out of this “natural-born citizen” thing, he will get my vote.

  45. I agree with you on this one!! I am looking forward to the debate BUT I want to know what and HOW they are going to accomplish what they say they are going to do if they become President. Trump can’t do half of what he says he will do. Trump is complaining about Megyn being a Moderator and he might not attend but that is only hype so others will watch it to see him. If he can’t take what others say to him and ask him how is he going to work with other Countries when or if he is President.

  46. Maybe Trump knows things that even you don’t know Howard? Why would he tip his hand and let adversaries know beforehand what he is going to go, like Obama does?
    Best wishes

  47. The only way to get the jobs back is to make it unprofitable for the companies who have the manufacturing plants overseas to use them. Companies like GE who close an American plant and move that operation to China. One way is to tell these companies, any jobs you move out or plants you close, you will cover the costs of worker reeducation, healthcare for 5 years, and unemployment for those who lose their jobs for 5 years. No exceptions!! Make the decision makers liable for the costs.

  48. I’m for Trump because I don’t want the Republican Establishment to pick our candidate, I want the people to get the candidate they want for a change. If Trump cleans up the cesspool in Washington, I’ll be happy! The bureaucrats are having a ball up there, pretty incompetent, and never have to worry about getting fired. (Lois Lerner) I hope he says, “You’re fired” to a bunch of them. He can’t be any worse than what we have now.

  49. Remember “Hope and Change?” What specifics did Obama provide?
    And what happened we all know.
    The same emotions are going on with The Donald-no facts, no plans just hype.
    And the folks who follow Trump will vote for him just like the Dems and others voted for “Hope and Change.”
    Thomas Jefferson was right when he advocated only the literate and knowledgeable should be able to vote.
    But Democracy and our Republic brings with it the great low/no information voter. Sad but true.

  50. With Obama we got hope & change,I hope he goes away,America has been changed to our disgrace.I don’t trust Trump! Re:The low/no information voter,Emotions, Feelings rule.The need for “EVERY” American to be involved is imperative. The teachings of REAL AMERICAN HISTORY needs to be re-instituted through out our schools.As a V/P CEO I shared my vision, ALL my employees took part & aided in making the company grow.Shared vision,work,sacrifice & most of all “TRUST” & ACCOUNTABILITY!I don’t see that.

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