The Die Seems To Be Cast



I have neither changed my mind nor concerns about Trump. I don’t have to prove that he is a runaway NARCISSIST who FEEDS on the ADULATION of others, and believes that he is beyond REPROACH, no matter what he says, because who else would say that he could shoot someone on the streets of New York City, and “THE PEOPLE WOULD STILL VOTE FOR ME”.

If that in itself . . . besides all the questions I raised about Trump’s promises that no one has yet answered, isn’t enough to make you think as hard as possible about supporting Trump, what would be?


Chet Przygoda of Rochester Hills Michigan wrote to me the other day, making a reasonable argument as to why he supports Trump, and it is not for the reasons others have enunciated. And even though I don’t agree with Chet, since I don’t think this attribute he gives to Trump is unique only to Trump, which is certainly a quality in Trump no one can argue against . . . it has merit.


It seems to me . . . at this juncture in the campaign, Trump is virtually unstoppable on his way to becoming the Republican Nominee as America’s Republican POPULIST.

And if that’s really the case . . . my only demand on Trump, is that he goes after his Democrat Challenger, no matter whom he or she is, with the same heartless intensity and braggadocio he is using against his Republican adversaries.

I have not changed any of my ideas about Trump, nor my serious concerns that he will be another Imperial Style President (like Obama), where America will be all about Trump – but regardless of that, and as much as I have real trepidation about Trump, I will support him all the way if he wins the Republican Primary.


This is such a SCREWED-UP election year, that after almost 250-Years of governance, everything America has become comfortable with, in terms of how the American Democratic System Works . . . has gone out the window.

THE PROBLEMS WITH AMERICA TODAY . . . are so great, that maybe America really does need an Imperial Type President, who will grab the Bull by the Horns, in spite of the MAINSTREAM DO NOTHING CONGRESS – & KICK-ASS.

I happen to think that there are other people, who are better suited to get this done, but maybe not. Maybe, because of Trumps extraordinary NARCISSISM and ADDICTED NEED TO WIN AND FEEL ADULATED . . . HE’S THE GUY.

As I’ve written over the past few days . . . There is no way Trump can – or will do the extraordinary things he says he will do with Mexico, China and Japan, without causing a Global Catastrophe, which he actually might. But who knows with him?

BUT WHAT TRUMP CAN DO . . . is wage a FREE-FOR-ALL against the LEFTIST Forces who have been murdering the American Dream for generations. And if Trump wins the Presidency, and if the Republicans maintain the House and the Senate, and Trump decides to go to WAR against the LEFT, with the same enthusiasm as the LEFT has been going after Conservative America since and before FDR . . . REAL CHANGE COULD HAPPEN.

And that is where I have a smidgen of hope for a Trump Presidency. If Trump really cares for America, as he says he does, he could very well be a BLOODLESS version of Thomas Jefferson’s Tree Of Liberty. But, that’s only if Trump brings back the VALUES America was originally built upon.


With every passing day . . . the High Crimes and Misdemeanors of Clinton cannot go unpunished by the Justice Department, if there is to be even one scintilla of faith in the Judicial System, where laws MUST be applied equally to the Rich and Powerful, as much as they are applied to the Poor and Weak, Clinton will have to be indicted.

AND IF NOT . . . especially if FBI Director James Comey decides to have Clinton Indicted, and the Justice Department moves to ignore – she might as well pack-up and concentrate on just enjoying her ill-begotten gains, because her chance of winning anything will be rated from zero to none.

BUT THAT OPENS THE DOOR . . . to other candidates, none of which who have the gravitas to beat Trump, or any other Republican that might get the nod, with the EXCEPTION of Michael Bloomberg.

If Bloomberg runs as an Independent, with Clinton or Sanders still in the race, the Republican Candidate will most likely be guaranteed a victory. But, if Michael Bloomberg runs as the Democrat Nominee . . . this could become a game-changer, especially if Trump is the Republican Nominee.

THEREFORE . . . no matter who wins the Republican Nomination, whether it is Trump, Cruz or someone else, American Conservatives MUST circle the wagons and do whatever has to be done to win in 2016.

Anyone who loves the Freedoms, which were guaranteed by the US Bill of Rights and Constitution, who doesn’t FIGHT with full gusto for any Republican Candidate, regardless of whom . . . will be surrendering the American Dream with nothing more than a whimper.

And that would be an inexcusable shame without compare.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. i was just making the same comment before I read your article that it’s gotten to the point where we can not trust any Moslem living right under our noses. Obama is a terrorist himself releasing more everyday back into the world that our armed services bled and died to put away! They’re already holding open gatherings down in FL and we turn a blind eye. It is only a matter of time before something of this scale happens here. When it does any one who voted for him will have bloody hands.

  2. ALL candidates have some degree of character issues or they wouldn’t be candidates in the first place. TRUMP may be an egotist but he earned it. The others are all closet egoists. Which do you prefer ?

  3. Are you kidding? Hillary indicted, what a joke. I am sure she is threatening to spill the beans on everyone in Washington. She will down alone and the powers that be know it.

  4. A number of years ago..(20?)…I heard a lecture about great ’empires’ collapsing at around 300 years, not from external forces, but from within….we seem to be getting close to that reference point, and there’s a lot of similar sounding influences to perpetuate our demise…..sadly….
    from a real patriot ready to take a stand if need be….(headed to the ammo shop today)

  5. How many Americans know of Clintons misdemeanours, or really care, she has followers. I would not rule out her chances. Look what happened in Canada. Who would have thought a Drama Teacher with no political experience would turn the country upside down and win a Liberal Majority Government. Our new PM is demeaning the respect for Canada around the world, just as OB did for the USA. I believe Trump is a genuine lover of USA and will do his best to make her great again. God bless North America.

  6. The republican party only have themselves to blame for the rise of Trump. As the supposedly conservative party it was the republicans job is to stand up against the democrat/liberal/progressive slide we have experienced, but the republicans have gotten in bed with the democrats. People are angry about this and they want the liberal/progressive BS to stop. This is what drives Trump’s polls.

  7. Howard, do you live inside my head? You always put what I’m thinking into such eloquent words! While the Trump candidacy makes me uncomfortable on some levels, you’re are so right that we must all turn out and vote Republican, no matter who. I view Trump’s popularity as a sign that maybe Americans are starting to wake up to what the Left has been doing to us for decades. It is time for Americans to stand up for our traditional values and not be intimidated by labels… racist, islamophobe, etc.

  8. Clinton will be indicted but Obama will pardon her to keep her quiet. That means she will not be the nominee.

  9. One might think that Chesterton “misspoke”, but considering the state of our “conservative” thinkers today, I would not think so.

    Nearly a hundred years ago, G.K. Chesterton wrote:
    The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of the Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.

  10. There won’t be an indictment……and yes, the Clintons are ready to unload all of the dirty laundry they have collected over the past 25 years. The powers that be in DC aren’t going to let that happen. My biggest frustration in during this run-up to the presidential election is listening to young people who have no idea who the Clintons really are, talk about voting for her as if she is the gateway to the New World they visualize. I can’t help but plant my face in my palm…..

  11. Howard once again you are right on target. You have stated so CLEARLY AND WELL where we are headed with this present administration that the LEFT supports and will continue. THANK YOU!!


  12. Why would Trump run if he didn’t truly love this country and want to make things right. Sure he is rash, brazen at times with guts and gusto. He is also a proven successful international business man. Just what we need. Yes, he will cause havoc and take Mexico, China, Japan, Syria, Iran, etc. to their knees. America will be great again. Thanks Donald!

  13. “[O]nly if Trump brings back the VALUES America was originally built upon.” Otherwise we’ve just changed headings but still in a grave-yard spin. Pray for a Great Awakening.

  14. Howard I haven’t seen or heard from any candidate of either Party. What I would love to concerning character and Virtue. But I have learned to choose the Candidate with the most Ability and expressed desire to best perform. What is necessary to recover our Nation. If all that I do is brow beat the Likely candidate for Nomination. Tell me Howard what weight will My final support be to tip the scale in his favor. Please Howard I regard you as ‘wise’. Think and decide you do possess a powerful Tool

  15. Clinton won’t be indicted because it will cast too large a cloud on O’s legacy. The FBI might recommend it but Lynch will quash it.

  16. I am hoping for a Trump presidency. ALMOST all the others seem to be members of the Weathervane party. (Always check which way the wind is blowing before you open your mouth, principle be damned.) I will, however, support the Republican nominee, even if it means gagging on it.

    Ken Adams, Arizona

  17. Great Article and again I agree with you. The one thing that worries me is that if Trump wins some people may stay home. If they stay home they are voting for the Democrat. It happened last election. I wasn’t that excited about Mitt but another 4 years of Obama has about taken us to our knees. We need to support whoever wins the Nomination. We don’t want 4 years of Hillary or Sanders or whoever.

  18. Trump is definitely a problem solver and in a Trump administration its hard to imagine the following Obama administration fiasco’s i.e. Iran “deal”, Benghazi, race riots, loss of respect for the police, Muslim killings in gun free zones, Obamacare, rise of ISIS. anti-Israel policies, uncontrollable borders, sanctuary cities, huge increases in welfare, trillions increases in debt, just to name a few disasters….

  19. Hi Howard. Wouldn’t it be nice is we didn’t have vote for the lesser of two evil’s? Have a great day and keep doing what your doing.

  20. Great editorial. I agree 100%. I just hope that Trump hasn’t alienated too many good people from the VP and cabinet pool. Don’t count on a Hillary indictment, to much Washington insider crap to count on that. If Hillary makes it to the election, count on voter problems with election fraud from the left. I think I’d rather see Sanders or Bloomberg as an opponent. People know Bloomberg is a lefty loon, but like Trump, he does have a lot of money.

  21. Hillary will be indicted, don’t agree with H, Trump is the guy who will and can bring us back, I like his Narcissism and NEED TO WIN. That’s strength, power, love of country to even take the hardest job in the world, and fund himself. Trump is a Phenomenon, he’s running on ANGER, as we all are, that is what em- powers his strength and stamina. I love what I see in him for the first time a DRIVING FORCE WE HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. I’m on the Trump Train no stopping it!

  22. Howard:The American election “mold” may be broken this time because it needs to be. Trump can not be put into a mold. He is an original. Maybe this is what America needs. It needs to turn over the old stock and replace it with new.This is what we Donald Trump supporters see. Cruz can not remember that he was a Canadian citizen and can remember two million dollar loans from banks. Come on, really? Please trust the judgement of “We the people” for this election. I appreciate your flexibility!

  23. Trump LOVES to WIN! Does anyone believe that if elected, he will not be successful at MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? He is NO Obama where Obama’s past is “FRUITLESS”, and Trump’s past is full of accomplishments! One only has to look at what he’s already accomplished as a candidate. Many thought that he would soon be discarded as a candidate. HOW did he become the most successful candidate? Only HE and his associates KNOW! He represents what many, if not most, of us are feeling and want done. AMEN!

  24. In desperate times, which these are; with most nations of the world teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, deceit and treachery common in both business and government, we need desperate measures. Thus we need Trump and not only for the US but for the world, I truly hope he is real.

  25. The American people are FED UP with the status quo in Washington….THAT IS WHY THEY ARE FOR TRUMP.
    When both houses went to a Republican majority people had expected a change. THEY DID NOT GET IT.
    They are now mad that they believe everything that Trump promises, BECAUSE THAT WAS WHAT THEY WANTED THE LAST TIME WHEN THEY GAVE A MAJORITY.

    Instead the new members got told to get in line and then they kept on rolling over and gave Obama everything that he wanted. The Sleeping giant is now aw

  26. It is interesting that 2016 is the 100 year anniversary of the liberal left coming out of the closet and making it’s step by step move to take over the country. Their mistake was to fall in love with Obama who was / is so far ahead of the liberal agenda. Now the citizens / voters in the USA has seen where the liberal agenda was / is heading.

  27. By his real estate acquisitions,Trump is an established visionary. In other words, he sees others’ blind spots. His love for America is stronger than the joys of his lifestyle. I’m certain he saw so many blind spots (which he cannot reveal or it would compromise his strategies), he felt COMPELLED to sacrifice the next preceious 8 years.

  28. I’m sure you’ve been to Rodeos, just remember 8 seconds on the bull is easy, compared to what will happen to any Democrat, including the Queen, who try’s to ride “King Donald” after the Conventions!
    Never doubted he can make it as the nominee, and after all the “wonk” competitors that don’t realize you NEVER bring a knife to a gunfight,….or you lose.
    The gloves will all come off, after the conventions and it will be a GREAT Rodeo and an American event, for centuries to come!

  29. Hopefully our American friends heed the good advice Howard offers in his two closing lines. In Canada we failed to do so and consequently let a far left, former high school drama teacher with a cute hair do, become our prime minister. We are now preparing for the pending disaster to unfold.

  30. Re Hillary being indicted and pardoned into anononymity…who the hell would have anything to with her and all of her money…or as much as she may get to keep after court costs, returns to donors etc. And even with Bill’s Presidential Secret Service Protection, where will she be welcomed by anyone other than those just like her and Monica. Does the word PARIAH ring a bell… Let’s hear that nitwit laugh then!

  31. Big question in my mind is whether Meghan Kelly will start off the debate Thursday with an attack question like the last debate. She seems to hate Mr. Trump so much after the last debate she constantly makes a fool of herself. Donald J. Trump deserves as much respect as the rest. And, shut off that Kasich, when he butts in. Why is he even in this group??

  32. If Clinton is not indicted then it time for civil uprising. It is time we the people stood up and say “enough is enough”. We have been silent too long. We need to get our government back on track. “Make America great again”.

  33. I am leaning more and more to what you say about Trump. IF he would get Cruz, Carson, and maybe Ron Paul, involved, it would could be a great start to return to the Constitution. I don’t think the Republicans AS A WHOLE are all that much better than the Democrats, but Cruz and Paul have shown they will fight their party if they think it is necessary. I think what will make Trump a winner is basically all Americans are sick of the CORRUPT POLITICIANS, and that fits 98% of them in our minds

  34. The Don did not say ” I can shoot someone and not loose a vote ” he was referring to a reporter who said that. As usual taken out of context by the media.

  35. We circled the wagons in 2008 and 2012. Look what it got us. Two candidates that couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag one inch tall. I will vote for who I think best in the primary and will vote for either Cruz or Trump if they are the nominee. rnc has not got one penny of my money in support and until they get rid of the old guard blue blood rinos they still will not.

  36. The conservative or liberal labels may not apply this time. I agree with Danny Buckles. We need a strong person who may not have the traditional labels. I am conservative, but would rather have some liberal bent with Trump than 100% conservative values with Cruz whom every body in Congress hates and can not work with. Trump is a deal maker. Government is about compromising. Not one congressman has supported Cruz, not one.

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