I Have A Bridge To Sell . . . ‘Cause I Know Someone’s Going To Buy It


There is no greater level of disappointment, than amongst men and women, whose expectations are so high, that when the expectations are not met, the regret becomes a misery.

51-Visitors to Galganov.com wrote comments on the last editorial. And then there were more than 100-others, which were sent to my personal email address.

In all . . . the comments and emails were respectful, however, some were teetering on the edge of being somewhat over-the-top in terms of attacking the messenger, who would be yours truly.


This election is so important to the WORLD-CONDITION . . . that there is no moving on until it’s done.


To a great many people, this election carries so much passion, without judicious thought, that using common sense to rationalize FACT from HYPERBOLE seems to have left the building.


From all the comments and emails I received that disagreed with me . . . NOT ONE OF THEM dealt with the real issues I wrote about in this last editorial.

SO LET’S TRY AGAIN . . . without any reference to any other politicians, and sticking 100% to the FACTS, with zero discussion on the HYPE, since HYPE without FACTS is what brought the USA to political disaster, which was nothing short of an accumulation of generations of BAD POLITICS that preceded the last 7-years, which set the stage for Obama.


1 – Trump says that he is going to build a 2000-Mile Wall between the USA and Mexico, and get Mexico to pay for it. But, every time he’s asked how he’s going to build the Wall and get Mexico to pay for it, his answer is always . . . “TRUST ME, I’ll build the Wall and Mexico will pay for it”.

Then he says that it will be a BEAUTIFUL Wall, because it will probably have his name on it, and it will be called the Trump Wall.

Is this the kind of NON-ANSWER the American people deserve?

2 – Trump says that he will deport 12-MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. It sounds great, but Anne and I are living in Austin Texas, where there’s a substantial Mexican population, many of whom I am certain are not in the USA Legally.

But there is a REALITY opposed to the HYPE.

Wherever you shop, there are signs begging for people to work. And I do mean BEGGING. We were at one restaurant just outside Austin in BEE CAVE, which offered a bonus for someone to apply to work. And whomever they hired, would get the bonus just for making the application.

People do not want to work for the low wages offered. Or perhaps, many think the jobs are beneath them – BUT, THE MEXICANS WORK, and they aren’t too proud or fussy to get their hands dirty, and they seem to work really hard, doing the jobs Americans just aren’t interested in doing.

That’s not to say that criminal elements of ILLEGAL Immigrants shouldn’t be thrown out of the USA, or that there should be a pathway to citizenship for any ILLEGAL Immigrant, but deporting 12-MILLION people is not reasonable or financially feasible, unless that is . . . if the USA isn’t interested in maintaining a viable and necessary workforce. AND TRUMP KNOWS IT.

There are many options available to deal with ILLEGAL Immigration, one being to allow law abiding and contributing ILLEGALS living in the USA to remain, with NO OPTION EVER of becoming US Citizens with the right to vote.

But dealing with what to do with illegals is not answered by Trump:

And kicking them all out of the USA, only to let them get back in through a “beautiful door Trump will make in his wall” is not an answer. It’s a ridiculous campaign talking point.

3 – Trump draws enormous applause every time he says that he’s going to bring back THOUSANDS of jobs to America from China, Japan and Mexico . . . HOW?

Is Trump going to be another Obama, absolutely IGNORING legal trade agreements the way Obama ignores the Constitution, made to these countries by successive American Governments?

Because, unless Trump is willing to UNILATERALLY BREAK Trade Agreements with China, Japan, Mexico and Canada (which is also a signatory to NAFTA), there is nothing he can do about forcing jobs back to the USA, opposed to slashing TAXES and wiping out all useless job-killing REGULATIONS, which I would agree with. But that’s not what he’s saying.

Then there’s another little point, which Obama doesn’t talk about, which concerns the TRILLIONS of dollars America owes to these countries. What will Trump do when they ask for their money back?

But let’s assume Trump is actually willing to give the MIDDLE FINGER to the world in terms of Trade, do you think America is prepared for the consequences of a Global Trade War, that will throw the entire planet into a FULL-BLOWN DEPRESSION?


There are many programs Trump is campaigning on that I support.

Controlling Moslem Immigration is one of them. They are not like us. And their religion has nothing to do with our modern Judeo/Christian Values. And no matter what anyone says, Sharia Law has nothing to do with the American Dream and Judicial System.

Rebuilding America’s Military is another. And fighting Moslem Insurgencies with the full force of the American Military, hopefully with the help of others, is yet another thing I support, whether the rest of the world gets onside or not.

I support any program that reduces Taxes and Regulations. But, I haven’t heard anything from Trump about ENTITLEMENTS . . . why not?


I don’t know any of these Candidates personally – not even one of them. And I bet, with all probability, that virtually no one reading this editorial can say differently.


Every politician will do and say whatever he or she thinks will get him or her elected . . . TRUMP INCLUDED.

So . . . If you’re going to vote for someone based on FACT opposed to HYPE . . . do your homework. Read as much as you can on what the candidate did before he or she decided to run for office, because, what he or she did before, is not that much different from what he or she will probably do afterwards.

Think about what the Candidates supported before they became candidates, because, what they supported before, is more than likely what they‘ll support afterwards.

And demand to know how they intend to do what they claim they are going to do, because TRUST ME is not an answer.


I will continue to write about this election until it’s done. And then I will write about the consequences afterwards . . . regardless of who wins.


Do yourself and your country a favor . . . and ask questions so you can be an informed voter. Don’t believe the HYPE, no matter how good it sounds, and no matter how much you want to believe it. Because . . . if it sounds too good to be true . . . it usually is.

AND FOR ANYONE who thinks my opinion doesn’t count because I’m a Canadian, why then are you bothering to read what I write, let alone respond? I can’t think of a more SPECIOUS argument to my opinions, simply because I’m Canadian, it demeans yourself, it is not worthy of this BLOG, and it will be responded to appropriately.

If you live in the North East or along the Eastern Coast, and you want to know why Anne and I live in South Central Texas in the winter. Look out your window. Stay warm and keep safe.

PS – I read all the comments, and appreciate everyone’s reasoned and respectful point of view, whether I agree or not.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Here is a blog that I can totally agree with, thank you Howard. To everyone that reads HOWARDS blog and will read the replies…..THINK ABOUT WHAT MESSAGE HE IS SENDING….GET INFORMED, RESEARCH YOUR CANDIDATE…..THEN MAKE YOUR DECISION. Right or wrong….at least you were informed and just did not make your mark on the ballot because you liked what you heard….because, that is what gave us Obama.

  2. Howard, thank you for staying on this topic. I’m afraid you’re right – conservatives are so sick and tired of the entrenched politicians and crony capitalists that they are letting emotion get in the way of rational thought. Trump supporters need to address the core issue: Trump’s past actions which speak louder than his current words. His crony capitalist dealings, abuse of eminent domain, huge donations to Rahm Emmanual, both Clintons, DeBlasio, McConnell etc. Lets not get fooled again!

  3. Ok your on point. While I love Trump’s diirespect for the media and his fire the points you brought up are all valid and don’t work. We also need to know who his advisors are and who will be directing him in the future. Sarah Palin?? Hell no we need someone serious and not walking fodder for late night comedy. If his ego could get out of the way long enough to bring in some great people and not politicians as advisors he would stand out as a smart fast learner who could lead.

  4. Howard you are absolutely right–most voters do not research. Believe me I am one that does. Although Trump is great entertainment–Cruz is the way to go.

  5. Howard. I am a 75 year old who has worked in industry always.I judge Trump from my experience. He has a proven track record of working with all kinds of people and making deals. I trust him that he will build “the wall” even if the USA has to pay. I like his stance on keeping Moslems out until and if we know who they are. Every body in Washington hates Cruz. Read the papers and blogs. He is just like Jimmy Carter who was not effective..could not get the prisoners home, but Reagan did.

  6. I’m informed, i am accepting of both Trump&Cruz. If folks aren’t informed yet, forget them, they are not worthy of giving a vote period. I feel the candidates are so different + & – on both. It’s a toss up. Let them fight it out, they don’t need your help to enhance one or the other. I believe in opinions, not thwarting an election 10 before Iowa. We will not KNOW THE RIGHT CHOICE TILL THEY ARE IN OFFICE. CASE CLOSED! Trump never hid anything from us he’s transparent!

  7. EXCELLENT points! Trump is a BUILDER & WILL build that wall. DEPORTATION can be done, although not for 12 million. MANY people in the US REFUSE to work due to multiple, available ENTITLEMENTS–not because they don’t want to get their hands dirty–they are LAZY! Jobs WILL be brought back thru the “art of good deals” for America. Trump will REBUILD our MILITARY and our soldiers will NOT be restricted, as they are now. Our VETS & POLICE OFFICERS will be respected. WHY is TRUMP so successful? AMEN!

  8. I agree; politics is all about the ‘spin’ to make you or your party look good; in Trump’s case, it’s all about him. It hasn’t been about truth & what is best for US citizens for a long time. Cruz stands out because he went to battle w/establishment types for what was best for the US and they’ve made sure his reputation has paid a price by badmouthing & blaming him for the shutdown. But we conservatives took notice in positive ways. I really like him & hope he gets the nomination.

  9. Howard, I did not comment on your last writing but I did agree with what you wrote. And “Yes”, the Hispanic populace is willing to take the “low life” jobs our people will not do to make it in this country. I kind of admire them! Now, they seem to want to “assimulate” into our country for the most part. I do not mind that — but those like the “Moslim” culture coming in does not want to do that nor do they intend to work etc. Seems they just want to make more problems — dont need this!

  10. I am willing to give Trump a chance with my vote in the primary and the general in November. Trump can’t possibly be worse than that America-hating piece of chit commie we have now.

  11. Off the subject, but needs investigation; saw Rand Paul interviewed the other night on the cable and he made the statement that “54 Federal agencies have their own SWAT teams” It sunk in about three sentences later. Why do federal agencies like the EPA, Education, IRS, etc. need SWAT teams? Please pay attention to what these people are saying.

  12. Wonderful article Thank You ,hope it is read far and wide. Had this nagging thought won’t go away .Reminding me of how so many were about OBAMA. Open your eyes and minds folks ,think it through .Remember we do not want a dictator

  13. Either I am missing something or you are missing something about the “Trump” positions. I never met a business person who at the beginning of a project to accomplish resolving any issue laid out, specifically, how they were going to accomplish the task. They did, however, as has Trump, provide a general direction with the details to be agreed upon as the real scope of the issue was analyzed. What is different with what Trump is doing? Has he succeed in the past? What have the others to show?

  14. Trump could be the best President yet or the worst. The best thing he has going for him is that he will try to run America as a business for the people of America. If nothing else I’m voting for him to get even with our Government as it is now. If he don’t win the election it means that we will have 4 more years of Obama type Government with Hillary making the shots. So in the end it will be Trump or Hillary, who would you chose?

  15. Howard, thank you for keeping our excitement from causing us to rushing headlong into supporting ANY one. We all need to remember that in the aftermath of World War 1 some Europeans did exactly that. They were so desperate for change any change became preferable. Didn’t the Democrats do that 7 years ago. Let’s keep our heads on STRAIGHT. The Dems are the emotional ones, we are supposed to protect THEM from themselves.

  16. Trump is the manifestation of the damage that has been done to this country and the rest of the world by the Left as exemplified by Obama and company. The electorate is desperate for leadership and will worship the “golden calf” that Trump represents. Unfortunately as well, the electorate is made up of low information voters ignorant of history and current events that don’t involve the Kardashians. It’s a sorry state of affairs for the entire world.

  17. Great Article. I am so tired of all the candidates telling us who is good and bad. What we need to know is how they are going to accomplish what they say they are going to do. We all know the Trump cannot do what he says he is going to do. It sounds good but not attainable. To say Cruz is hated is true but only by the Establishment. He knows the Constitution and will follow it and right now that is what we need to get our Country back on track. BTW, I also read the Canada Free Press.

  18. HG, a good leader knows who to follow…which is why I follow YOU! Trump is an established master negotiator and has attracted many capable individuals like himself, Carl Icahn, etc. Perhaps he refrains from being specific, because he doesn’t want to reveal his hand to his adversaries (Mexico, China, Korea, Japan, other candidates, etc.) I suggest he’s skillfully hiding his “Trump Cards”. Pun intended.

  19. In your last blog, I also asked “HOW” Trump was going to accomplish some of the things he said he was going to do. And, his statement of “Trust Me” not only scares me, but makes me think of a used car salesman. No thank you, I will trust him when he starts telling us “HOW”!!!!! Having said that, like you I will support him if elected to run over Hillary any day. I really don’t trust her and she hasn’t even asked us to do so.

  20. Good analyses as usual Howard and I hope more people will read your blog. Trump reminds me of Russ Perrot who ran as an independent. Just because he was successful in his business, he thought he can run the country with an iron fist, all by himself. The last 7 years were a disaster for the Americans and they don’t even know it. There has to be a big change before the USA implodes. Steve Acre, Canada

  21. Good article Howard and I only wish that we as Canadians, would have done a lot of research and understood the issues BEFORE our own election and maybe we would not have the Prime Minister we do now!! I am less informed on US politics, but do follow it with interest. I actually would like to see a Trump/Cruz ticket. It seems to me, that this would be a ticket that would be hard to beat. But I am not sure the two would or could actually work together. Colin Victoria BC

  22. You asre so on target. Going back 8 yrs., all of a sudden we have a person appear who prommised to save us and fix all that was broken by that other person named Bush.. No one asked your questions “HOW”. If only someone had asked this person WHY do you want to do this for America? Because he and his wife loved America? Not hardley. We can not believe what the media tells us so we have to look at that persons’ history. Do your homework before stepping into the voting booth.

  23. In theory I agree with you, but there is something more important to consider. The Republicans MUST win this election. We cannot afford another four years of destructive liberal policies. I’m willing to take a chance on Trump simply because he is at the top of the polls. The worst Republican is better than the best Democrat.

  24. I really hate to hear a politician say, “I have a plan to…” or “My plan will…”! As in war, no plan survives contact with the enemy. I want to know a lot about what a politician wants to do, where his/her mindset is. That tells me something about the approach to be taken. As for deporting illegal aliens, it seems that deporting those that are found through regular interactions and holding accountable those that hire illegal aliens would, over time, put a large dent in the population.

  25. Cruz and Rubio are not, according to our Constitution, eligible to run for Pres, VP, or be Speaker of the House. I love it when people post here that they have done their research. The answers are all out there, you just have to be diligent and look.

  26. Thank you Howard. Trump offers no solutions just talk. Cruz would be best but the establishment will never let that happen. Too bad as he is a good man. If Trump is on the ticket we too will vote for him as he would have to be better than what is running on the left. Too bad when we have to choose the least of 2 evils. Just praying that we can turn this country around. God Bless you for all the good you and Anne do and have a wonderful warm and safe winter.
    Thurman & Beverly Kepple, Macomb, IL

  27. Howard, how much do you want?…….for your bridge. You are right and I don’t think Trump, God bless him, will get the nomination. I like just about everything he says, but I think when the also-rans fade into history, the majority will shift to Cruz. Go Ted!

  28. I agree with you totally,…BUT, why are we not allowed to vote for a “team” in the Presidential position? For that is indeed the way we go anyhow. Based on “the team”, primary cabinet members and key structural “administrators and Directors,…..we get what we get, based on whatever the President wants for people! You are judged by the people in your inner circle, as logically they are the best in the world for the position.
    I want to know who they are before I vote for anyone!!!

  29. Howard generally speaking, Americans are often too lazy to research anything other that what an item they want will cost.

    Keep up the good work.

  30. What I like most about you is you make me think. I believe I am like so many who are just so disgusted with politics we want to believe anyone else. Thankfully you are 100% honest and fair in your assessments and it is incredible you will change an opinion if necessary, I respect you so much for that. Like you say any candidate will say anything to get elected. I think the Bible says something about us getting the rulers we deserve maybe that is what is happening.

  31. As a Canadian, I am hoping the Americans do better than we did picking their leader. So sick of seeing Trudeau doing selfies with who ever will get in the picture with him. Rex Murphy had a good take on him the other night on The National. I’m afraid it will be a while before those that voted for mini Obama figure out the mistake they made. By then, our children will be destined to many years of debt.

  32. At almost 81 years I have lived through and voted in many elections, and listened to many promises and speeches. I believe NAFTA was the worst thing that ever happened to industry and commerce of all types, as well as we the consumers. The “quality” went down every year since. We have taken better care of Mexico and areas So., and from what I heard on my local TV (Tucson) it will just get worse as we seem to believe (business people) they should provide more goods. And, educate their peopl

  33. Howard,
    I guess stupidity and ignorance doesn’t end at either side of the border. We elected our 3M (Moslem, Marxist, Moron) president twice; you elected the senior Trudeau, recovered from that mistake, and then elected the junior. It really might be the end of the world as we knew it.
    Best wishes to you and Anne.

  34. I’m another 75 year old retired businessman who see’s another get it done businessman and yes I’m voting for a good (?) CEO for president, not a politician. Hope stays eternal.

  35. Whether it’s Trump or Clinton or illegals or Moslems of fences, until someone is prepared to takle disfunction and corruption it’s going to be same old same old. Treating cancer doesn’t cure it

  36. I can think of a lot of ways to make the countries that signed NAFTA belly up to the bar. I have told many of my friends what can be done. All I get is “wow that will make everything from over seas really expensive”! What they fail to realize is that that fridge you bought from China is the most expensive one you ever bought. (all the welfare it caused) So if Trump says what he is going to do right now, the backlash might be overwelming. I think he might be waiting for the real thing to start.

  37. When we, as engineers, first set out on a new mega project, we know WHAT we have to accomplish, but seldom do we know HOW we will do it until we build a team, investigate the problems, negotiate the solutions and formulate a final plan. Only THEN do we begin implementation. You short-sell Trump by demanding that he tell us HOW when he only knows WHAT must be done; the details are developed later. Trump is the only candidate that really “gets it” and is our only hope to clean up this mess.

  38. Thank you Howard for bringing FACTS to the issue. My main problem with Trump is he never talks about how he will do anything. Or work within the US Constitution, which RESTRICTS what a President can do. Or the fact that he has to work with the Congress. Being President is NOT like being a CEO and Congress is not a Board of Directors. Trump is not a Conservative and not a Constitutionalist. We need someone who understands and will restore our Constitutional Republic.

  39. So, Howard you are saying that when you looked at the great wall of China. You determined that the man who first said let us build this wall. Was just a dreamer unable to accomplish this task. Or when you see all those Mexicans there in Texas feeling those menial tasks. At lower wages than Americans can sustain their families at. All is well for you. Well guess what all is not well. Those shop and restaurant owners need to pay wages that will sustain their American clienteles’ families. Citizens

  40. I can deal with Trump’s lack of specifics because I believe he will do his best to accomplish all the things he says he is going to do as HIS HUGE EGO WILL DEMAND IT! He has a proven success in the Art of the Deal and after 8 years of do nothing RINOs and Obama lets give the Big Dog a chance!

  41. Your article could have appeared in the National Review along with all the other Trump bathers.
    He has vision, and a history of getting things done. All of the things you pundits say he can’t do, he actually can do!
    Trump and/or Cruz, or hopefully both combined is what is needed!
    Go Trump go!

  42. Getting things done! Hitler got things done, so did Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Obama. I keep hearing we need get get things done. What things and how? Lets look before we leap again.

  43. Mr Trump saying trust me I’ll build the Wall and Mexico will pay for it”. etc etc reminds me of the storys about the Old-Time Traveling Medicine Shows with their miracle cure” medications and other products

  44. Thank you Howard! I still haven’t decided who I am voting for, in my Primary which is on March 1st. Yes, I want a Conservative leaning Republican. Cruz is definitely a Conservative, but is he really eligible? The same with Rubio, is he really eligible? I have always liked Huckabee, he was a 3 Term Governor of Arkansas, a very Democratic state. He speaks well, knows how to work with a legislative body and I know, nobody cares. However, he is still my first choice. I don’t want another Obama!

  45. You got it right the Mexicans will work and work hard. The others who qualify this type of work will not because our Govt. pays them to sit home. All the Mexicans have to do is get in line for proper entry into the US

  46. I think Wade Geary is correct: Trump’s massive ego will not accept failing to live up to his promises. A politician I would not trust to live up to such broad, non-specific promises, but given Trump’s record in business, I believe he can and will do what he promises. Given that, I’m still a Cruz supporter, but I would be happy enough with Trump.

  47. Howard as ALWAYS, you are right on point and state it succinctly and accurately. THANK YOU


  48. The Canadian newspapers of the day recorded Margaret Trudeau’s love of street drugs and recorded that she was almost giddy when a member of the public, handed her a bag of magic mushrooms. Pierre searched for her while she spent several days/nights with the visiting Rolling Stones. This behavior of a woman during her child bearing years, leads to children with fetal alcohol/drug syndrome. I am not surprised that Justin doesn’t display deep thought. His handlers have been making the politics

  49. I like Cruz but my problem with him is his tax plan. I have farmed all my life. Most of those years I have not had a 10% profit on my gross income. Cruz says his tax plan is a postcard with only one question. How much money did you take in. You owe the government 10% of it. How will manufactures and suppliers stay in business under this plan when there is no deduction for expense? If we deduct expense we are back to the same old game of filling out tax forms. Meaning there is no change in his pl

  50. Latest from the Jim jones Trump. The man just claimed that it wouldn’t matter if he shot someone in the streets of NYC his supporters would still vote for him. Add that to his veteran ad with a Russian soldier displayed. I just ask WHEN? When does the madness end from the Trump cult zombies wake up. And WHEN do they realize the poison in that Trump KOOK ADE they are drinking will be everyone’s destruction. The trump supporters remind me of “THE GHOSTS OF OBAMA VOTERS PAST”

  51. The President of the United States needs to be president of ALL Americans.We have had 8 years of the President of the Democratic Party. Hilary says her Enemy is the Republican party. Have you EVER heard Obama speak without dissing “Those other people.” Our elected president needs to say, “I am president of the UNITED STATES, including Democrats, Gays, young and old. ALL legal Americans have the same rights as I, and I will do all in my power to better all their lives” I’m afraid It is not Cruz!

  52. Trump, like him or not, whether he’s good or not, intelligent or not, is making remarks which may be fun to hear but are not realistic in fulfilling. And I don’t even think he believes them. His statements are mostly blanket, emotional, knee-jerk statements and have no basis in reality. To me, his prime appeal is shaking up the political foundations and exposing them all as out-of-touch, self-fulfilling, blowhards and frauds.

  53. I lived on the Mexican border 20 yrs. One of the top men in the PAN Partytold me we got the “short end of the stick because we are Wimps”. Trump will start charging custom fees of goods coming into the US we have ignored (to help Mexico). He will build that wall with Mexican money. He ( whoever wins) need to set up a worker’s permit card and every illegal of all nationalities must come in with proof of jobs to get one with their picture and background checkl. All others will be deported.

  54. Those of you who don’t think Donald Trump isn’t the genuine article, needs to watch the video on youtube, “Donald Trump on Oprah Winfrey in 1988”. What were you thinking about 28 years ago? This country needs a “Commander in Chief” and Donald Trump has the strength for it! No one likes when things get “nasty”, but that doesn’t equate to “cut and run”. Ted Cruz is my second choice. He’s doing great. I do not like Rubio, he sounds like a well rehearsed talking puppet. Sorry! TRUMP 2016

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