Before you comment on this editorial with any sort of vitriol, or insults directed at me, understand that this BLOG is about Freedom of Expression, with the caveat that I will not give any platform to the LEFT, nor will I accept any personal insults for what I write.

If you don’t like or agree with what I write . . . make your thoughts known in the Comment Section without making it personal – BUT, if you decide to treat me like Trump treats writers or members of the media, with whom he disagrees, the consequences will be IMMEDIATE, and your email address will be permanently BLOCKED from the Directory & Comment Section.

I WILL WRITE IT AGAIN . . . If Trump wins the nomination, I will support him on this BLOG, but before that happens – I will continue to write in support of CRUZ. And the more I am seeing and hearing from Trump, I am strongly leaning to MARCO RUBIO as my second choice.

And if you want to know how nervous I am about Trump, he’s making Bush look like an option.


Palin had the golden opportunity to get into the REAL FIGHT after McCain lost the last election, by putting her name forward to run for either the Senate of the House, if she TRULY believed in fighting for Truth, Liberty & The American Dream. But she didn’t.

Instead . . . Palin chose to earn a fortune making appearances, becoming a FOX News Contributor, and giving speeches, which I don’t hold against her, since everyone deserves to make as much money as they can. INCLUDING Sara Palin.

Also . . . remember Trump’s Statement as he was being lavished with praise from Palin, that Palin would be welcomed into his cabinet after he becomes President. I guess with Trump, it’s always all about the Art Of The Deal.


Bob Dole is as much YESTERDAY’S MAN, and a PARTY INSIDER as anyone could be. So how is this an endorsement that is worth having? Also . . . I was aghast, when I heard other Major Party Republican Insiders speaking about Cruz, as not being a real Republican, because he always defines himself as being a Conservative.

Isn’t that in itself a great reason to support Cruz?

The reason I believe the Republican Party is now on the brink of giving Trump a full throated endorsement, is because the INSIDERS have come to the conclusion, that the guy who wrote the book . . . THE ART OF THE DEAL, will be there to make plenty of DEALS with the INSIDERS.

And I believe, after looking at Trump’s History, and lack of details for all of his grandiose claims and promises, that Trump will be making deals wherever he can, and not necessarily to the benefit of the American Constitution & Individual Freedoms.

The other reason why I support Cruz, and I am seriously leaning towards Rubio before Trump, is because the United States of America, and the rest of the world CANNOT afford another major disappointment in the White House, and Cruz really understands what America stands for . . . going all the way back to the SIGNING OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

I ALSO KNOW . . . that the American people’s political and social psyche is so fragile, that after all these generations of really bad governments . . . the people will implode if they are once again faced with yet another Presidential Disaster.


I have heard Trump speak about how STUPID all of his political adversaries are. How much they have LOW ENERGY. How Cruz isn’t a REAL American. How HEDONALD J TRUMP will virtually, all by himself, build a Two Thousand Mile Wall between Mexico and the USA . . . and get the Mexicans to pay for it, without saying how. AND SAYING HOW is more important than just somewhat.


The people love to hear how Trump, who will virtually all by himself, bring back jobs from China, Japan and Mexico to the USA . . . just like that – without mentioning international Trade Agreements . . . without saying how.

Is Trump prepared to tear up NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), because that’s what it would take to punish Mexico? Is he prepared to WIPEOUT international Trade Agreements with China and Japan, because that too is what it would take to stick it to Asia?

And if Trump tears up NAFTA . . . Canada gets kicked-out too.

And once Trump starts the biggest TRADE WAR in the History of the Planet, what’s he going to do when the Chinese and Japanese decide to CASH-IN their TRILLIONS of dollars in IOU’S, which America owes to these two countries?

REMEMBER THE LAST TIME A WANNABE WORLD LEADER . . . promised a nation hungering for leadership, who delivered IMPASSIONED speeches low on specifics, to make his country GREAT AGAIN, after years of financial and cultural hardships, who promised to go after certain cultures . . . ?

AT THIS POINT . . . I will support Trump if he wins the nomination. But will do so with great trepidation, only because the USA and the World cannot survive FOUR MORE YEARS of LEFTIST governance in the White House, and then I will worry like hell that we might not be able to survive FOUR YEARS OF TRUMP.

ALSO . . . Don’t believe for a second that ONLY Trump can beat Hillary Clinton as his camp is saying, since any decent Republican could and would beat her. And there’s no guarantee that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat Nominee, since her biggest challenge might be staying out of jail.

And whomever else the Democrats might put in her place, will be no better as an also-ran.

PS – If Cruz does not make it to the White House as the occupant of the Oval Office, Canada is in DIRE NEED of a new and really Conservative Prime Minister.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hi, Howard. Write about the lsraelis appreciating the Moslim terrorists showing the world what they’ll do one country at a time, and what Israel has faced forever. Can you cover that Moslims are attacking Europe one unarmed country at a time and will at some point start these massacres here in the U.S. starting in the most gun law restrictive states. England heightened its border security why? To keep out France’s radicals or to keep in their own?

  2. I have come to agree with you in the last week. Trump is all about deals and business. He is also vicious to those he determines are in his way or attacking him. Those are red flags that a small voice deep in my gut keeps talking to me about. I have decided to listen to that voice and support Cruz too.

  3. Trump is neither Republican nor Democrat, nor conservative, nor liberal. He is an American and I believe he will put America first…he certainly does not need the money…. whereas every politician is after more money. How else do you explain 53% of congress being millionaires vs 1% of the general population, or how do you become a multi-millionaire on a $150,000 per year salary (Harry Reid) Trump could run as a democrat and draw the same crowds. I think many people are fed up with both parties

  4. Howard,

    All of your comments are credible, including placing Rubio, perhaps, before Cruz. I have described Trump as a SORT of John the Baptist. Recall John said he was (paraphrase) unfit to wear the shoes of the One Who will come after him. Trump has done some valuable work in expressing the pent-up anger of Americans. But he’s just done preliminary work. Trump and Obama are both rock stars, and hopefully a good percentage of us know we do not need another rock star.

  5. You are right on in your editorial. I will vote for Trump if he wins because if you don’t vote then you are voting for Hillary or whoever gets the nomination on the Dem side. People stayed home the last election and we got 4 more years of Obama. I like Cruz too. I wish they would start talking about what they plan on doing if they get the nomination. I am so tired of them bashing each other. The one thing that Cruz knows more than the others is what the Constitution says!

  6. I couldn’t agree more. After the first debate, I thought for sure Trump was finished as all he did was talk about making America great again. I kept waiting for him to tell us “HOW”. He was going to build a great wall along the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it and I waited for him to tell us “HOW”. And unfortunately, I/we are still waiting for the “HOW”. All his other grand statements have yet to have the “HOW” explained either. Scary!!

  7. Good stuff Howard. I blame the Republicans for not doing much to put Hillary on the hot coals. Richard Nixon delete some 8 or 10 minutes of a taped conversation and he had to resign as President. Hillary deleted some 30,000 emails and now wants to be the President. Are Americans so Naïve and dumb.
    Steve Acre

  8. Dire need will not alter the Love Affair for Trudeau I predict a bad first term followed by a worse second term .
    So long as he meets the needs of the unthinking majority and the Privileged French-Canadian Class . he’s in for life.
    Who cares what the debt becomes !

  9. Winning a position is, unfortunately, the first step in making changes to any organization, nation, etc. At 70 I have been a practicing (as opposed to lip service) conservative for more years than some of the GOP’s candidates have been alive. I realized in the last 60 voting years that without someone in office baying at the moon from without is just plain stupid. Why not support someone who can win across the board and then work with him/her? Political purity is sometimes over rated.

  10. I used to think it was a toss up between Cruz and Trump for my vote. Then Cruz started to catch Trump and Trump got so seriously nasty and obnoxious. Then I started reading stuff about things Trump has said in the past and who he has associated with in the past and my mind changed about him. I would NOT vote for him. Cruz is my guy all the way. I do not like Rubio because of his efforts on immigration and some other things. There is no one else running that I would vote for besides Cruz.

  11. The American lefties fell for “Hope and Change” before. It’s a shame that the change is not what we hoped for. I like you think that Cruz and Rubio either one would make the better choice than Trump. But Trump is far and away ANY choice the Dems might come up with. I think we all hope that Hillary will face an indictment before November!!!

  12. The “Donald” is the only candidate I will vote for. Would like to see him choose Rubio as his VP. Rubio would be a good candidate for the Republicans in 4-8 years.

  13. Howard, you disappoint. I thought you, of all bloggers I read, would have grasped the reality that is the sense of abandonment and failure currently flowing through America. And now, after the special NR issue garnering the headlines, we have finally outed the real enemy – conservatives who believe more in the purity of their movement, safeguarding their jurisdiction, which has amounted to nothing more than a hill of hot, fearful air. People believe. Trump WILL make America great again.

  14. Actually I don’t trust any of them. But some of them are saying things that need to be said. Like Trump. HOWEVER, what if all of the insiders decide to go around patting Trump on the back so that you will become suspicious, like you have, what then. Could the same thing not happen to Cruze or Rubio later on as things tighten up? I don’t trust Rubio because of his flip flop on amnesty.

  15. The only problem I see with Cruz or Rubio is that they both are politicians from the old boys club,having been in politics for several years now. That in itself makes one wonder if they are as sincere as they claim to be. Trump is new to the game and seems to love america as much as I do,and is determined to get America back on track to being as great as it once was. Cruz and Rubio should have been fighting the present administration with more vigor than they have,if they did so at all.

  16. I will reluctantly vote for Trump if he’s the nominee but I share your concerns Howard. Trump was born into a wealthy family and has become even more wealthy as a “businessman” over the years. But his business history is solidly crony-capitalist all the way. He’s abused eminent domain, hammering little old ladies out of their houses and been in bed with shady politicians and bankers, including the Clintons for a long time. We the People are being scammed once again.

    CRUZ was a Canadian citizen until a few months ago and still no proof that he applied for US Citizenship. RUBIO is an anchor baby and therefore cannot be Pres or VP.
    Read the US Constitution, there is a difference between qualifications and there was a reason. That reason still applies today. Any idea how many women come to the US in time to have their child born here? Guess what countries they a

  18. Wow! Howard I agree with you on everything. I will support Trump, but, with reluctance.

  19. I am with you 100%. Trump at best will be the lesser evil and at worst another flimflam man. Cruz is a constitutional conservative. It is precisely the abandonment of our constitution and with it the rule of law that is destroying America. Hillary will be indicted and pardoned by Obama to keep her mouth shut. The rule of law is the foundation of freedom. A Cruz & Rubio ticket would be ideal. It would give us 16 years if constitutional government.

  20. Howard, you’ve written my sentiments exactly! I, too will vote for Trump if he is the GOP candidate, but I truly believe Ted Cruz will make a better President. Trump exploded on the scene like the great angel, Michael, promising to save our liberty and make America great again, but neglecting to say “how” he would do it. Cruz has intelligence, experience, diplomacy, and will lead without egotism. Respects the three branches of gov/t. and will uphold the Constitution. A true conservative .

  21. The comparison of Trump & Obama re: HOPE & CHANGE is quite unfair, as Obama was HOPING to CHANGE America by DESTROYING it! TRUMP’s hope is to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Both parties, etc… FEAR Trump, especially those who are presently in office. If one listens closely, there are SUBTLE hints in many of TRUMP’s messages. Obama’s PAST [especially the past 7 years] reveals no positive accomplishments, while Trump IS and HAS BEEN quite successful. “The proof is in the pudding.” Go Trump Go! AMEN!

  22. The appeal of Trump is that he doesn’t need the job. I honestly believe that his ego will drive him to be known as the best president that the US has ever had. He certainly has the management skills to be so. He is beholden to no one, so can make appointments based on the best for the position. If stepping on toes is required to get the job done, so be it. How many candidates for the presidency have we had, in whom the job is such a tremendous step down in pay?

  23. Howard, on the money as usual! Trump is another obama and it never fails to astonish me that so many have bought into the hope and change yet again. Rubio is almost a part of the old-guard establishment and not to be trusted. For the most part Cruz has proven himself a trustworthy Conservative time and again. Cruz all the way! I will support whomever is nominated. Not voting is childish petulance and a vote for the Dems.

  24. If Trump wins we are all in trouble. Cruz will never make it. The Dems will go through court and it will be ruled by our leftist courts that he is not eligible. Rubio is steeped in immigration work with the Dems. He is an insider and nothing will change.

    I have the same sinking feeling I had when Obama won. We need a man with morals and that is Cruz.

  25. Sorry but rubio is a lire .Since i am a Floridian and flowed his rise in the state senate to head the gop in Fl.he stole money
    and untruth about his family coming to miami ,rubio was removed from his stand as leader of the house and as head of the gop,We have already had a lire for 7 years in the white house we do not need another one.

  26. If Trump wins, I would really respect him if he chose either Cruz or Rubio as his Vice President. Let’s push that in the e-mails! Lonnie Collett

  27. True he hasn’t stated how he will make Mexico (and central America) pay for the wall but the method is very obvious. Tax every money transfer by illegals to any of those countries at a hefty percentage and the wall is funded.

  28. Don’t agree with you on Palin, what she does is her business, I approve of her as she goes back a long way with a very respectable background and reputation. Don’t agree with your crucifying Trump, I like Deal making, I like toughness, I like a man that speaks TRUTH AND HE DOES JUST THAT. H, I never trash a front runner, never, and I think Rubio is a Estab. guy from way back, forgets to attend imp. votes. Cruz no arguments, if either one wins i’ll be happy!TRUMP/CRUZ!

  29. Sorry to say but some of Americans are buying into a flim-flam man just as the Germans did in the past. I find Trump’s
    Demeanor very disturbing. Would you mind if I say he is full of it. I have heard for the last seven years I’ism. Had enough.
    We The People are not in his lexicon. It’s all about how great and accomplished he has been. Humility also not in his lexicon. You who have ears listen.
    Billie F Luchi

  30. I am hoping for a Trump/Cruz ticket in any order, but I can support either of them. Rubio could not ever get re-elected to the Senate he he currently holds in Florida after the Gang of 8 fiasco and the establishment wanted him when they realized their golden boy Jebbie couldn’t win an election for President of the Student Government at a large college.

  31. Howard I have been a supporter of yours since your days on CIQC and have contributed $$, but as of this editorial I am done with you. Your disdain for Trump and support for Rubio an open border weak kneed sweating professional politician(in the debates under not much pressure) is beyond me. It seems to me you are becoming softer as time goes by for some reason. I believe Mr. Trump will set the USA on the right path and to me and many many others Trump is a breath of fresh air!. Peace.

  32. Howard, I respectfully reserve my right to disagree with you. I still feel Trump in the one. No question that he is probably does not fit all the definitions of true conservative, but I think we need to consider electability as well as ideological,purity.

    If we were to choose a true conservative as the Republican nominee, it should be Rand Paul. But Rand has shot himself in the foot all too many times for me.

    Unless something changes, I still feel The Donald is the one.

  33. I agree with everything you have said, Howard, with the exception of your support for Rubio. Marco Rubio, aka Gang of Ocho, is the one candidate who truly is not eligible to run for the presidency or the vice presidency. He is absolutely not a natural born citizen, and yes, this still matters. His parents were both in the US, and he was born here, but the important point to consider when verifying “natural born” is that neither one of his parents were US citizens at the time of his birth.

  34. Although I prefer Dr. Ben Carson to any of the other “GOP” candidates (he really is an Independent), I will vote for whoever runs against the Liberal Democrat too. I know that another four or eight years with a Liberal government will mean the total and irrevocable death of America.

  35. Trump is a darn good businessman and U.S. doesn’t need to worry, it’s the rest of the world because Trump will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,, we as Canadians may have to do a little a– kissing.

  36. Can’t think of anything more amusing than the Republicans unleashing Trump on Hillary.

  37. Sarah Palin lost me when she abruptly resigned from the post of Alaska governor, for which she had campaigned with the implied assurance that if elected she would serve the Alaskan people for the 4 year standard term. It would have been a different matter had she been elected to even higher office in the midst of her term, but she just opted out altogether.

    Ted Cruz is the true, unshakable Constitutional conservative, but I too will support whomever the GOP voters choose as their nominee.

  38. Rubio sold out on Univision. Speaking in Spanish he said he would not support a wall on the southern borders. He then told an English speaking audience he would. Some expert on national security. He is bush lite. A stinking politician! My list is Cruz, Trump, Carson. All the rest can take a hike. They sold their souls to satan. The reason they (rinos & blu blood old guard rinos) hate Cruz is because he has standards that he will not betray. They betray the trust of the voters every day

  39. Trump brings to mind the Pied Piper and 30 millions people blindly folllowing him into the water. Think people, after years supporting the Dems beliefs and donating to them what prompted this sudden decision to turn Conservative. Given he is extreamly intelligent, he sees the frustration and fears of Americans and targets that to his benefit. He is just as arrogant as Obama. There is a mission here and that is to make sure that a true Constitutional Conservative does not win.

  40. Because I’ve come to believe he can win, effectively govern (he’s no fool, like we have now) and can maybe grow the Republican brand, I’m for Trump…BTW, what if shortly after he’s sworn in, a Supreme Court seat opens up…? Can you say: Justice Cruz? I’d rather have Donald doing the picking than Shrillary. Oh, and Justice Carson? Lifetime appointments?

  41. Howard, I agree with you on trump and Cruz. I find it odd that he [trump] gave the now Chicago mayor 50 grand for his campaign. I also find it odd that 9 months or so ago, trump said he’s a proud democrat. further, he has been able to use emanate domain for HIS purposes.
    when you smell crap in the air, there’s only [1] one reason, your either near a cesspool or its being thrown at you !!! hitler sounded good to the unwashed and the rich.

    keep up the good work Howard.

  42. Howard, with great respect you are “wishy-washy” on your presidential pick. I have liked Trump from day one. He has nothing to hide, you can google anything about him. He loves America and he’s for the people. Sure some of his stances on different issues have changed over time, but everyone has the right to do that. The older I get, the much more conservative I get. I used to be a Democrat, but not for several years now. He will be a strong leader! TRUMP 2016

  43. U do bring up some really good points. 1of a few things abt Rubio: He’s for Patriot Act & Foreign Intelligence Surveillance, Faisal Shahzad, Boston Bombing Garland shooting govt was monitoring them and still violence so why do away with 4th Amendment? Rubio justified Patriot Act “Program found constitutional by at least 15 federal judges serving on FISA court on 35 occasions.” Federal judges, appointed by fed govt whose rules & procedures place national security over Rights of the people.

  44. 40 million CONSERVATIVES WILL REFUSE to vote for another RINO vs. 4 million who opposed Romney the RINO. Donors cannot buy enough votes to overcome the current anti-establishment outcry. Anti-Constitution, Anti American RINOs like Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell & dozens more disgusting self serving dishonest politicians & consultants have DESTROYED this country, so many millions HATE the RNC as much as the similar DNC. Antiques like Bob Dole don’t realize that Republican means CONSERVATIVE.

  45. Heaven help us all if Trump wins the nomination. I don’t understand how anyone who follows him and sees how he likes a person one minute, but will stab them in the back the next if he finds out they don’t back him or as in the case of Cruz, is going up in the polls. The man is narcissistic and unstable at best. Cruz has his head on straight, and knows what it means to be a true conservative. He’s wickedly smart and quick witted. Thanks for speaking up for Cruz.

  46. Wow what a rambling editorial. I, Mr registered Republican voter, prefer Donald Trump to other politicians. Others who think they know more about U.S. Politics than Mr & Mrs American voter,supports Cruz and even Rubio. Trump is mopping the floor with the politicians. Whoop dee doo and la dee dah, I support Trump first and If he is not the nominee ? And Hilary gets indicted then what? Bernie? Biden? Or Obama?..think about it! Who gets Hilary’s delegates?


    I am sick to my stomach; the enemy of my conservatism is not the proportionate left of center progressive. It is my fellow Republicans who are the institutionalized elite, they are so self-centered that they could care less if the President is one of us (Republican) or a progressive Democrat. These mainstream Republicans vote for their continuation at the feeding trough of the special interest and not the public or even the national interest.
    They are temporarily picking Trump

  48. Trump, above all, is a very successful negotiator. A good negotiator asks for more than he wants so he can “back off” into a win-win situation. Example: you want to sell your house for $200k, you list it for $250k then negotiate with a buyer for $225k — everybody wins! Trump will negotiate between Dems and Repubs, work out compromises and end the ridiculous roadblocks in Congress and the Senate. Trump is a breath of fresh air in politics.

  49. Howard I agree with you completely. I am so afraid that people are so fed up they are desperate and the man says what they want to hear and they ignore he never has any answers to HOW. Those are the reasons he turns me off but add to that the fact he has no class!!!

  50. Rubio ‘NO WAY!’ How about Marco Rubio’s gang of eight amnesty bill? People in this country don’t know what going because the news people don’t tell the truth or what going on all together and that the way obama and our government want it. I think Cruz is the best man for the job hands down.

  51. I agree Trump is radical. But one of my main concerns is the US and world economies. Does anyone think it can continue on as it is now? I can find things I do not like about Trump. The thing I do like is his experience in business and his knowledge of economic matters. I sure do not see where Cruz and for sure not Rubio have the economic ability to guide this nation during a down tern. I sure would not want Hillary at the helm then. I think the Republican Party starting to pat Donald on the bac

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