What Difference At This Point Does It Make?



Yesterday afternoon, Anne and I went to see THIRTEEN HOURS, and walked out of the theater with Teary Eyes and Heavy Hearts.

If you see just one movie this year, this is the movie to see.

And if you don’t see 13-HOURS, not only will you be cheating yourself, you will be diminishing the sacrifice and courage of these incredibly Brave Men, who didn’t just save a CIA compound that probably wasn’t worth saving . . . but rather – THE HONOR, HEART AND SOUL OF AMERICA.

If after seeing this movie, you can still vote for a Democrat, especially if her name is Hillary Clinton, or a Socialist like Bernie Sanders . . . you give pause to what it means to be an American.

What happens in Washington, and in my case as well, in Ottawa – is Smoke, Mirrors and Political Lies. But, what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, even if there was some Artistic Embellishment to the movie . . . IT WAS AS REAL AS IT GETS.

And anyone who suggests for a second . . . that this movie is politically motivated to take down the Democrats, specifically Clinton and Obama, has no respect for the TRUTH, or the American People, since there was not one mention, not even by innuendo of either the Democrat Party, Obama, the White House or Hillary Clinton.

And if any Liberals come to the conclusion that this movie is a Propaganda Piece for the RIGHT – it is only because the LEFT knows better.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, thank you for your boldness and not being politically correct. Is there a news media outlet that you recommend that is presenting the news truthfully, besides you. Thank you.

  2. Saw “13” in Fredericksburg , Texas last Saturday night while there for a Lynn Woolley Conservative Political Conference & Broadcast and was reminded that our B-29 Combat tour over North Korea was by comparison, a “walk in the park”! What brave troops we have and HAVE had in so many places over so many years…we owe them cleaning up the mess we have in Washington D.C.! Bud Farrell

  3. Of course ” what difference does it make ” it wasn’t HER son or grandson.

  4. Thank you HG and Bud Farrell. What has been going on in USA brings me to tears if I dwell on it too much. How could such a horrid person like Hillary, make the call to let so many beyond brave men die, and still look at herself in the mirror each morning?

  5. Last Wed night there was a special showing of 13 Hours with a live Q & A with Michael Bay, Erwin Stoff (producer) and the 3 surviving brave soldiers in 100 theaters across the US. Well worth the extra hour. Probably will be included when the video comes out. One patron at the end said, “Doesn’t that just make you want to run right out and vote for Hillary?” His tone definitely sarcastic. I think this movie will be great enlisting tool for our military!! We kicked a__ in spite of Wash. DC.

  6. I live in the UK and have not yet seen this film yet I like others are familiar with the ‘Benghazi incident’- rest assured that many over here in Europe fully support the US Republican Party patriotism and values as we also suffer low life traitorous Leftist Liberals that are destroying our nations in their misguided pursuit of equality through a policy of universal entitlement for all except those that work and pay for it

  7. Could go on for hours concerning hillary…. and not even get to bill. I recall what happened concerning the $100k pay off to hillary back in the 70’s… any of you remember the little account that made $100k trading the “Egg Futures Market”? Boy she was smart! LOL She and her evil husband have been able to pay off (or kill) almost anything that gets in their way. I assume they will this one too. However, the TRUE AMERICAN knows who and what they TRULY are! SEE THE MOVIE!!!!

  8. “I came to testify to the truth,” Jesus said before being sentenced to death by a lie. Truth is the least common denominator of the universe. It all comes down to the truth and the lie. Seek it. Act on it. Thank God for all who do.

  9. Only EXCUSES will/would be given by HILLARIOUS as to why she DIDN’T answer the “3:00 AM call” regarding Benghazi when it came in. It is/was much easier for her and her cohorts to LIE and blame it on a VIDEO! She and her cohorts are responsible for the death of those 4 individuals. Very sadly, there are many individuals who have NO CLUE as to what occurred in Benghazi, but the movie will ‘play a role’ in informing some of these people about this very sad event. Peace be with the families! AMEN!

  10. Howard, I have no reason not to suspect. That there was a far more heinous crime committed, by Hillary and Obama. Concerning that terrible event with the Ambassador Stevens and his Protectors. Having a pre reticent reason prepared. To deliver to the public immediately after the event took place. Brings serious Question to Prior Arrangement of the event. I believe there was, the work of master spiders in that web. My thoughts and concerns for the peoples involved in that Vicious “MURDER”.

  11. “13 Hours”, what a moving movie!! Makes you so incredibly proud of the sacrifices our military make, and equally sick at my stomach that these great Americans, and our Ambassador could not get any help from our government whatsoever! Our Government could not even fly our dead Ambassador, the other dead Americans, and wounded out of that hell hole of a country. Obama and Clinton both are complicit for treason.


  13. From some of my reading, the US was financing weapons to Al Qaeda via Qatar. Causes me to think perhaps Amb. Stevens knew too much and perhaps was expendable. However, this just a hunch.

  14. If America would, get over it and finally eccept the truth it would finally make her free.

  15. Just watched two episodes of the “Sons of Liberty”.NOT ANARCHY!Sons of Liberty is about the formative years leading up to our Revolution,the serious “oppression Britain” heaped upon those who “opposed” the King. Seemed true to the history I was taught in “public schools”in the 1950’s.Thirteen Hours is a definite must see.It depicts the DISGRACED failure of those COUNTED on & TRUSTED & shows the HONOR and COURAGE to those who Rose up with the PATRIOTISM that should be in “ALL AMERICANS”!

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