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I hate starting off an editorial with a DISCLAIMER, but under the circumstances, I feel that I have no other choice . . . SO HERE’S THE DISCLAIMER:

If Trump wins the Republican Nomination, I will support him with this BLOG, with everything I have, because having him in the White House with all of my reservations about him . . . will be infinitely better than ANY DEMOCRAT.

NOW THAT I’VE SAID IT . . . From the history of Donald Trump, and from his book The Art Of The Deal, I think Trump will do and say whatever he believes must be done and said to WIN. He has proven himself to be a vicious competitor.

We’ve seen that Trump is without limits or conscience when it comes to destroying his opponents’ reputations, especially against decent people whom he happens to be competing against.

NOT ONLY THAT . . . Trump will find the most simple weakness, embarrassment or ambiguity, whether true or not, to publicly flog an opponent, and leave his victim’s bared flesh in the Village Square for wild dogs and buzzards to feed off.


The popularity of Trump far exceeds anything normal in North American Politics, including what a responsible government should look like.

In the simplest statement I can come up with . . . The people want Trump, because they want the heads of government – served to them at the end of a spear, raised above the chanting mob.


And that’s a message, which is being lost on the Media and many of the Political Insiders on both sides of the spectrum, to their own peril.

This 2016 election isn’t about changing one Party for another, with Business more or less as usual at the end of the day. This is nothing different than the French Revolution that began in 1789, with the STORMING OF THE BASTILLE, and the introduction of the GUILLOTINE through the French REIGN OF TERROR.

For the POLITICAL and MEDIA Class to ignore this TRUTH of History, is no less than to ignore the Famous Words of Thomas Jefferson, written while he was in Paris France on November 13, 1787 . . . less than two years before the BLOOD LETTING BEGAN in France.

Jefferson wrote . . . The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

In my way of thinking, the French Revolution started over two INCONTROVERTIBLE TRUTHS.

1 – The Gross abuse of power, entitlement and privilege.

2 – And the feeling of economic helplessness as a nation.


1 – Cruz is a Conservative. Trump isn’t.

2 – Cruz is a Constitutionalist. Trump isn’t.

3 – Cruz hasn’t bought and bribed his way into privilege and wealth. Trump has.

4 – Cruz has been in the fight against Big Government his whole life. Trump has not.

5 – Cruz is a Champion of INDIVIDUAL Rights. Trump is a Champion of Trump.

There is no question whatsoever . . . at least not to me, that Cruz could be a 21st Century Thomas Jefferson . . . where Trump might very well be a 21st century version of Robespierre, who led the French Reign of Terror.


The fact that Sara Palin came out yesterday (January 19, 2016), rallying the “troops” for Trump was exciting to watch. But what else was it?

In terms of real Christian Values, which Palin espouses . . . where does Sara Palin or her daughter Bristol come off being holier-than-thou with their lifestyle record?

And other than making a tremendous amount of money from the world of political/entertainment, what has Palin done to really promote Judeo/Christian Constitutional VALUES?


Palin had her day, and is now irrelevant and non-consequential to the future of the USA and the wellbeing of the world. In reality, she is nothing else than more Razzle-Dazzle for the Trump Political Road Show. And how does that help the USA?


I think trump will win the Republican Nomination, since he has tremendous momentum, and a really PISSED-OFF electorate who are passionately looking for him to kick-ass and take no prisoners.

AND FOR THAT – AND PERHAPS NOTHING ELSE . . . I too will support Trump for the Presidency, once the campaign really gets under way against the Democrat Challenger, whomever she or he is, since I too want to see America’s version of Robespierre lay waste to the establishment, while pulling out the American Version of the Guillotine.

I WILL SUPPORT CRUZ RIGHT TO THE END . . . But, if and when Trump wins, that is, if one or the other of these two men actually does become the Republican Nominee, I will support Trump to see him RAVAGE his Democrat opponent, and then pray that he will be as “GREAT” for America and America’s allies as he says he will be.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The mild-mannered, peace loving, hard working Muslims… THEY are the Extremists. Beware the rest.

  2. Actually Clint Eastwood’s empty chair would be better than any Democrat.

  3. Ramble on and hypothesize and speculate all you want Howard, the simple fact is this: They believe Mr. Trump when he says he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. No more. No less. No only that, you’ve totally misread Ms. Palin, a modern Joan of Arc when it comes to fighting in the unseen and unreported trenches of conservative Republicanism. Trump doesn’t need any condescending scribes supporting him. I like Cruz, but Obama has taken America far past the point of his ability to fix it.

  4. I agree with you I also like RandPaul We have got to have one that will defeat the liberals

  5. “Ravage the Democrat opponent” is the operative idea for me right now. I , too, think Cruz is a marvelous representative of the Conservative Right and I believe that he would make a great president. That being said, if for whatever reason Trump is the candidate, I will support him without reservation.

    Maggie E.

  6. Is it possible to rein-in an out-of-control federal government by playing nice? Enough!

  7. I share your sentiments..after eight years of what we have had since when did u s voters really care about governance credentials..the pop culture crowd likes celebrity..trump is such a shock to the system that has basically fallen asleep on the participation it takes to make our republic work..t v and the media basically love trump without saying so.. old fashioned civics is no longer taught in politically correct schools and colleges. the system had to rot,up pops trump the street fighter..

  8. As another Canadian who won’t get the opportunity to actually ‘weigh-in’ on the decision; your assessment mirrors mine and I believe a lot of those who will ‘weigh-in’….I do pray that sufficient numbers of Americans realize that if Hilary, or any other Democrat wins the White House this time, the Supreme Court will be filled with those who will most certainly change America forever…. Pray God that does not happen…..

  9. Interesting comparison Howard. I see your logic. But who will be Trumps J.J. Rousseau?

  10. Being a Canadian like Cruz may influence you, but I agree what you said about Cruz, the truth. so why do I endorse Trump also for the reasons you mentioned. You were correct on that also. A Choice I was torn for months, Seeing everything you see I see TRUMP with his negatives my choice as everything you said abt. him is truth, and i will gamble on his negatives to get rid of the GOP Est. and Horrible Media outlets. I had a choice a tough one, maybe Cruz is V.P pick maybe!

  11. Spot on Howard. I too have some reservations about Trump. I used to be a registered damocrat, changed to repubs back in the 60’S. If I had friend who was a democrat, no matter how honest he is or how much I liked him, I would not vote him because of who the scum in the party. At this point I would like to see a Trump/Cruz ticket.

  12. First, this blog already supports TRUMP big time. There are very few negative comments noted about him. If he ‘runs’ America as he does his campaign, “AMERICA WILL BECOME GREAT AGAIN”! Sarah’s support for Trump hurt Cruz’s efforts in Iowa. She appeared a little too “hyper” for me, however. Now, picture this—TRUMP wins the election in November 2016…goes to Washington to be sworn in as President in January 2017 and tells OBAMA….”YOU’RE FIRED”! Mike Huckabee is still my favorite for VP. AMEN!

  13. You’ve made your point regarding Trump and your support for Cruz. Since you believe Trump will probably win the nomination, it would be great and magnanimous of you to accentuate more of the positives about Trump’s candidacy since we are going to need him to make those hard choices. He will need your help and support to beat the Democrats. As far as Palin is concerned, she still carries some weight among conservatives, so every vote will help, and may actually count this time around.

  14. Hoorah Trump , I wish we had anything remotely close to him in the Frozen North . I think Cruz would make the better Pres as well HG , but Trump has the “attitude” the US is seeking . My only concern is when will he begin the Wall bordering the Northern Exposure to undocumented quasi Canadian immigrants and newly sanctioned dopers . At least the Mexican Threat wants to work , not so much for us Canadians . Besides at a 69 cent dollar headed for 59 cents I doubt we can pay when he bills us !!

  15. Howard. I usually agree with you,but not this time.Mr. Cruz will be beholden to his big money contributors. Mr. Trump’s billions is one thing I like about him.He made it himself and it gives him independence.Sen.Cruz is my second choice followed by Governor Christie.God used Saul,aka Paul,who was a very nasty character before his conversion to spread his Good News and to write much of the NewTest. Donald is going through an epiphany.He will make America great again!Give him a chance for 4 years

  16. I mostly agree with you, but, Trump HAS worked for his privilege and wealth. Trump has not been in politics, so it is an unfair comparison about the lifetime fight against big govt. In this scenario, Trump is for the Constitution therefore making him a champion of INDIVIDUAL Rights.
    Your reasons for Cruz being the best president, I would agree with in ANY OTHER time in history, but with almost total govt corruption, I believe Trump would be stronger with Cruz supporting him all the way

  17. Very good editorial. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!

  18. At the time of the American Revolution the Loyalists, who are now Canadians, did not support George Washington. America needs to take that risk again in 2016.

  19. Rush had a clear take on this today.The American people are totally outraged by the establishment – both parties and the media. This transcends party, conservatism or anything else. They are now concerned only with stopping it and driving them out of power. Trump can do that and I to will vote for him if nominated. If he follows through he could even be a great president. So far he has sold out on ethanol. That kind of thing does not bode well. God help us.

  20. Coming to Jesus late in life doesn’t make one less of a Christian. There are no real differences in Democrat & Republican party, they are all out to screw us over. I believe that Trump LOVES America as we do & had he run as a Democrat saying what he says, I would still vote for him. Name someone not of the professional political class who doesn’t owe lobbyists and their masters. If not Trump, who? If not now, when? America can’t wait, if we don’t get rid of the rat’s nest I believe there will b

  21. I agree with you for the most part, Howard, but I don’t know if Cruz has the chutzpa or the experience to get the job done, whereas I think Trump could pull it off. The US needs a strong outspoken leader after this current administration.

  22. Perhaps it’s my Sicilian ancestry. I’m after revenge. I want the GOP RINOs thrown out or rendered impotent (which they have been for decades) and I want my country governed by a hard-nosed, business oriented, take no prisoners tough guy. Yes, my intellectual favorite has to be Ted Cruz–I’m tea party–but for all his conservatism and brilliance, Ted is a political newcomer, in his first term, and I want an experienced street fighter, perhaps with Netanyahu’s mind and Putin’s fierceness.

  23. Howard, I have for a long time read and for by far appreciated your comments. That was written in concern for American politics and concerns. But in this commentary you disappoint me with the tactics you used to amplify your support of Ted Cruz. They sounded “Exactly” like what you were accusing Donald Trump of. WE do not need your Negative input against the Very likely Candidate. That we will have running against the Liberal Democrats. I sincerely wish we could rely on you as a more positive.

  24. The best statement to date, “Trump has Won, now he only needs the votes. Rounding the far turn and running fast on the outside is a dark horse, Governor Christie, watch him.

  25. A common issue with greatly accomplished men like Mr. Trump is the tendency to depend on their own tremendous ability to get things done while paying lip service to the Almighty who’s really in charge. The core crisis of America is spiritual. American institutions have turned their backs on God – first the law schools, then the courts, then the schools. Now even the church is retreating, reflecting the popular culture instead of truth. Need less “I” and more “Him” from our next president.

  26. I agree with you completely Howard, if Trump wins the nomination, I too, will, once again, hold my nose and vote for him, HOWEVER, I really don’t see Trump “following through” if he’s elected. I, too, feel Ted Cruz would make a FAR better President.

  27. Maybe Trump will just turn out to be a Andrew Jackson. From what I have read they sort of sound alike. After all Jackson was the original smart a……..!

  28. I’m voting for Trump mostly to get even with our worthless Government who has let Obama do as he pleases. I think most other voters are thinking the same. Our Government employees will have to start working if Trump is elected if they don’t want to be known as worthless and be named which Trump will do. I’m also willing to face some tough times ahead if that’s what it takes to make America great again. I’m hoping that Trump will charge Obama as a criminal along with the ones who covered for him.

  29. Trump is the man, but I am waiting for him to tell us how he will cut Govt waste. Cruz says he will eliminate the IRS. I like that. So I am watching this election with much interest, because if someone steps forward and then actually destroys the establishment, and turns the US around, I will move full time to the US to get away from our Socialist almost Communistic Govt here in Canada. We once had a great country, but the so called progressives have taken ove! Sad. Sad! Sad!

  30. I read your thoughts & tend to agree with you. However, I am STILL undecided about who I will vote for on March 1st! This has been the toughest year, for choosing a candidate. I like Trump’s politically incorrect attitude, Cruz’s knowledge on the US Constitution & it’s laws, finally, Rubio for his quick responses about issues & his being telegenic. Why couldn’t there have been one candidate with all those attributes??? There are not that many Conservatives in the GOP. Mods are needed, too.

  31. Howard I would hope that when you look at things in Canada that you try to look at the glass being half full. Most of your comments relating to the provinces are good but don’t forget that there are lots of resources to be utilized. Water will become a very important item and I pray that our politicians don’t “sell the farm” and give it away as has been done with other resources. Also, I would pray that the USA doesn’t do as Albertan’s have done. Cruz would be my choice for quality leadership.

  32. You were too kind to Palin. She came off so shrill and forced I could not stand to watch her after about 30 seconds. I too am a Cruz supporter and will vote for Trump if he is the nominee. If it is anyone other than one of these two I will do a write in vote. I will not hold my nose again and vote for the piece of crap put out by the rnc to lose again.

  33. If it’s to be Trump, I doubt that the progressive congress will allow him to run ruff shod the way they have Obama. What Obama has gotten away with Trump won’t because he will be all alone. It would be interesting to say the least.

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