Sometimes It’s All About Canada – But Not Often


Many of my countrymen are upset with me, because I don’t write that much about Canada, even though a great deal is happening on the North Side of the US/Canada Border.


1 – Canada has literally no world standing. We used to before the Liberals took charge. But that’s just history in the wind.

2 – Canada has not made a significant Global Contribution, since the end of World War Two, with the exception of how much we recently sacrificed in Afghanistan.

3 – Without the USA on our border, Canada would possibly be as noteworthy as Sweden, and everyone knows how important Sweden is to the Global Condition.

4 – AND 87% of the people who read are American.

And with all of that said, with every passing day, more people from Canada are signing-up to the Directory, and helping to support the BLOG.


Canada has very little to sell . . . that the rest of the world needs or cares about. Our biggest and most important export has for years been energy. But, now that the world is flooded with oil and gas – and our governments have made coal burning nearly a crime, we in Canada are energy-screwed.

Because of our short growing season, it seems that the only thing we can grow from late Spring to early Summer, before it becomes too late in the season to plant, besides some Fruit like Apples, Peaches and Cherries . . . is Corn, Rye, Wheat, and Soya Beans. We do grow some Cabbage, Lettuce and Tomatoes, but not enough of any of them to market worldwide as an industry.

Our Pulp and Paper Industry, which used to be a major player is NOT SO MUCH ANYMORE, since newspapers and printing, seem to be going down for the count.


Canada’s Unions, with the help of multiple governments and regulations priced our country out of the competition. Why should the BIG-3 American Auto Makers build in Canada, when they can get the same or better LABOR for substantially less money, with far fewer regulations elsewhere?

And if the Americans don’t think it’s really worth manufacturing cars in Canada, why would the Europeans or Asians think any differently?

When I was a young man growing up in Montreal, Montreal was known as one of the four SCHMATTA CAPITALS (Fabrics and Fashion Production) of the world, competing with Paris, London and New York . . . But not anymore.

So . . . what else can Canada sell to the world, other than our water, which would be our last straw (pardon the pun), since none of our other natural resources are doing much to add to the Value of our Nation.


The world deals in US Currency . . . Therefore, whatever Canada buys, whether from the USA directly or abroad, is traded in US Dollars. So think about this . . .

When we buy a head of Cauliflower from abroad, the cost for every Canadian Dollar to make that purchase, at this moment’s exchange rate is $1.456. And when you factor in the charges for the transaction paid to the banks, the real cost for a Canadian to buy ONE US DOLLAR . . . is just under $1.50 Canadian.

I used a Head of Cauliflower as an example, because one of our friends back home in South Eastern Ontario, just paid $8 for a Head of Cauliflower .

So, to put this into perspective . . . based on Anne and myself. We went out for lunch yesterday, at a really nice and affordable Austin Italian Restaurant. After the main courses, a coffee for Anne, and a soft drink for me, the bill was $22 before the tip.

I left a 20% tip on the total, as I always do for good service, since the servers work plenty hard for a very small salary, depending on decent tips to make a living.

So, in this case, I left a $5 tip, slightly more than 20%, because the young girl serving us was really very pleasant and efficient . . . bringing our total meal cost to $27 US, which after converting our dollars (Canadian to US) brought this simple meal up to $40 Canadian.

Now . . . apply this formula to everything in Canada, which is purchased from the USA or abroad, and you can just imagine how tough things are for your neighbor on your Northern Border – and it’s no laughing matter. Canadians are indeed bleeding.


If it is at all possible, with unrelenting unemployment, under-employment, suffocating energy costs, smothering regulations, a $0.69 Dollar before transaction fees, and negative manufacturing, Canada has elected a DILETTANTE Prime Minister, and LEFTIST Premiers in each Province with the exception of Oil and Fertilizer Rich, Farm Driven Saskatchewan.

So . . . How does our Prime Minster DILETTANTE Justin Trudeau deal with this?

1 – He promises to BURY Canada into DEFICIT and DEBT.

2 – He’s going to make everything better by legalizing Marijuana.

3 – He’s going to flood Canada’s Immigration with Syrian and Arab Immigrants.

4 – He has decided to UNILATERALLY change Canada’s voting system, and the way of running government, to a COCKAMAMIE new way of electing Members of Parliament, in a WHOLLY DIFFERENT WAY than Parliament has ever been elected to do from the very beginning since 1867.

All of this without consulting the people by referendum . . .


The Maritime Provinces . . . ARE DOING WHAT THEY ALWAYS DO, living off the welfare of the rest of Canada in total Maritime obscurity, hoping no one will notice. Although, that said . . . I love PEI (Prince Edward Island), which is a Province that is no bigger than a small city, with a total population of about 146,000 people, making very little to no demands on the rest of Canada.

Quebec . . . IS ABSOLUTELY BANKRUPT, yet, it seems that the most important issue on French Quebec’s agenda, is how to make it even harder for the English language to survive in Quebec, and to spread the forced use of the French Language throughout the country, denying English speaking Canadians equality in the Federal Work Force.

Ontario . . . IS MORE BANKRUPT THAN QUEBEC, with a much higher debt than California, with just one quarter of the population if California, with the distinct claim of having the highest energy costs to its residents, than anywhere else in Canada and the USA.

Manitoba . . . THANK GOD FOR FARMING, since Manitoba is one of the few provinces that actually produces products (Cash Crops) that are marketable throughout Canada and around the world, Manitoba is not a millstone around the neck of Canada.

Saskatchewan . . . THE ONLY CONSERVATIVE LED PROVINCE, blessed with marketable agriculture, beef, potash, oil and gas – sits at the center of Canada, quietly prospering in the background.

Alberta . . . IS HEMORRHAGING JOBS AND MONEY, while the newly elected SOCIALIST government is trying to figure out how to protect their Detestable Public Salaries, Perks and Pensions, while the province, which was Canada’s Banker for years, is on a race to the bottom.

British Columbia . . . CANADA’S LEFT COAST, is rich with Natural Resources, Tourism, Mild Weather when it’s not raining, Mining, Cash Crop Agriculture, Fish Agriculture, and a hugely Multicultural Community – predominantly with Hindus, Sikhs, and Asians.

The problem with British Columbia . . . is that it is absolutely DIVIDED culturally, socially, and physically by the Rocky Mountains from the rest of Canada, and is closer in proximity to Alaska to the North and Washington to the South. But it’s Canadian.

In the long run . . . I’m not thinking that Canada has any real decent short term prospects, because of our DREADFUL POLITICS & EVEN MORE DREADFUL POLITICIANS.

And until America sorts itself out, Canada will be hanging in limbo.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard you are absolutely correct. It is not radical or extremist islam but the entire cult of the moon god worshiping islam. Has any one seen a moon god in person?? I thought not. However they can find the bones of the pedophile man mohammed in a guarded tomb in Mecca.

  2. Difficult to accept, or to reconcile as a proud Canadian although unfortunately, absolutely true…

  3. God please keep our land glorious and free.
    Calvin Bjorgan, Radium Hot Springs, BC

  4. Ontario is largely a loser province, led my mostly stupid and incompetent career politicians. As easy as is it to blame our “leadership”, a sizeable portion of this province voted for non-Conservative MPPs, and therefore share the blame for our economic malaise. Our politicians are only as good and competent as the citizens who elect them.

  5. Sometime write something about your government is supposed to work and how the Provences differ from our States in how they work. Do you have something like our ‘Bill of Rights’ in your Constitution? Just wondering.

  6. Sad to say, Howard, you are correct – Canada is in deep trouble, ruled by a socialist govt. that is only concerned with how to improve the lot of the French-speakers and protect them from being assimilated with ridiculous laws. Qualification for govt. jobs at all levels is based mainly on the ability to function in French – a language heard mostly in Quebec, NB & E. Ontario. As this means mainly mother-tongue French speakers, the majority non-French speakers (80+%) are left out in the cold!

  7. I suspect the basic cause is the same as the USA. We have fallen away from individual responsibility, religion, family values, and unity toward multiculturalism/division, dependence, socialism and somebody else should pay my way. History repeats itself because we fail to learn from it. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. When people have suffered enough they will sober up.

  8. Howard: thank you from the bottom of my heart-this is another one out of the park and covers everything I’ve been trying to tell fellow Canadians for sometime now-especially since the elections-provincially/federally! Very articulate and exactly ‘on point’! Made my day thank you. Please keep up the good work with one eye on the truth as you see it up here. I will forward this information of yours wherever I can. Outstanding grasp of the reality up here and well written. BASE CLEARINHOME RUN

  9. As a proud Canadian it hurts to see what has happened to this once great country. My father was a WWII veteran and my mother a Dutch war bride. I grew up understanding what Canada meant to so many and the role we played on the world stage. Canada was moving ahead, then it embraced Trudeau and it has been a steady slide downhill and LEFT since. With Trudeau lite now in charge I am extremely fearful for the future. We can’t afford his politics. I guess stupid people elect stupid governments!

  10. To answer the question posed by Mr. Dexter yes we do have a Bill of Rights in Canada. It was legislated by a Fed. Conservative government in 1960. Although it has no legal enforcement on its own it is essentially the same as the one in the USA. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, colour, gender or ethnic origin. In 1988 the Multiculturalism Act was enacted by another Conservative gov’t. It was an honest attempt at making the multi-culti world a success. But sadly, a utopian failure

  11. First visited Canada as a boy with my family in the late ’40. Next time to visit my brother in in St. Jerome’s Seminary near Buffalo in Ontario. In the Navy stopped in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in the ’50s. A wedding in Edmonton, a cruse to Alaska with a visit to Victoria, a drive around the Great Lakes on the Canadian side was a delight (and where I found ESSO stations with 92 octane) over to the St. Lawrence Seaway and crossing into NY state. Absolutely a most beautiful country and a good friend.

  12. Some years ago I was discussing world politics at a bar with a Canadian. He described Canada as being like a fly on an elephant’s ass, when the elephant rolls over the fly can’t help but take notice.

  13. My adopted country is in ruins and I weep for her.I cam to Canada in 54 as a boy with my mother and brother.We were sponsored by my relatives as a widow with 2 orphans could not come on their own. I love Canada, joined the RCN as a young man and also be came a PROUD Citizen of this wonderful country.Germans, Italians, Greeks etc all came and assimilated to their adopted country and becam contributors.The last few years, immigrants came and they want to change it. What has happened to my country?

  14. The British Parliament is outrageous. Can’t imagine what they would do if they had an actual Winston Churchill Like this Country, and Canada…we have allowed ourselves to become what we are, and our own self-destruction. Is it too late to get a spine?

    Jane Horton-Leasman
    Green Valley, Az.

  15. Through all it’s foibles, Canada is still a place where people want to store their $$. BMO Low Volatility Canadian ETF:ZLB, And Scotia Income Blended Class A:BNS1356, are going Up! This must say something about how great we still are.

  16. “Democracy: the authority of the crowd” (Plato), destined to descend into
    despotism. Almost half (17 million) of the 35 million Canadians now derive
    a significant part of their income from the public sector. The Canadian despot?
    The unionized “public service”.

  17. The economy , the Politics , The Politically Correct , The Non assimilated immigrants , The Natives , The Elite French-Canadians : what a non functioning society we have become . The only “happy” Canadians I know are all employed by said government , or by municipalities so they are over-paid Police , Fireman , Teachers or EMT’s. Of course all those with their hands out are pleased as well . At this point my only concern is when the Free Dope I was promised by Turdo is going to arrive !!!

  18. I agree with most of the comments made. What we all need to remember is together we stand but divided we fall.

    Brent Castle, Winchester, Ontario

  19. Hi,Howard, My maternal grandfather was 100%french from N.E. Ontario. He and 2 brothers left and never went back, because of the language and religion issues, They never had the entitlement attitude that exists today. Canada and the U. S. are both in deep doo doo, and our left wing polititions will drag us down even further. We need a Trump up here to help right the ship! David Shearer Fawcett. A. B.

  20. USA’s Biggest customer is Canada – no other country buys as much US goods. Canada’s biggest export is petroleum at $130 billion a year followed by automotive at $60 billion. USA buys more from China than any other country. That might change when Canadian wages become $3.00 a day. Thanks unions and other socialists – for nothing

  21. It hurts me to hear your words because they are true, I have lived in Canada for 80 years and never gave up hope until last year, with the election of a socialist in my own province and then The Little Prince in Ottawa what have we to hope for. I have always known that US politics was more important to me than Canadian, so I have understood your moves. I am so depressed by whats happened to my country that I have been saying for some time that the only hope we and the world has is to elect Trump

  22. It is unfortunate for Canada that the Chinese economy has finally, crashed. Canada is loaded with natural resources plus have numerous natural resource based(mining) companies with mines and resources elsewhere in the world. The overall requirement for gold, silver, potash, copper, nickel, etc, have diminished and thus the value of each, including oil, has also. Ottawa has some technology. Cognos was bought by IBM several years ago. I like Corel software. The growth industry is government.

  23. Sadly and disgustingly today, normal Canadians, and our once proud armed forces are feeling the sting of rejection, as our inept Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan’s first priority is to end Canada’s combat role in Iraq and Syria, thereby negating our need to be invited to the upcoming “defeat ISIS” strategy sessions in Paris. We currently still produce and have excellent soldiers, however, this will change quickly as the fantasy world policies our Prime Minister become entrenched.

  24. Official Bilingualism is a devious reversal of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759 when the British under James Wolfe defeated the French led by Louis Montcalm. Accordingly OB is round two of that colonial era battle, in other words, an act of war. and also treason committed by Pierre Trudeau, a Quebec supremacist and possibly a sociopath.

    It should be noted that Trudeau Jr. is another Quebed supremacist.

  25. I am amazed at the comments by the writer and Canadians, have any of you ever traveled to other countries including the US , What makes a Canadian turned American an authority on writing negative material about the best country in the world. to inform you Saskatchewan has one political leader Brad Wall , the rest are all his puppets just like Harper and his defeated government, and by the way Saskatchewan is more broke than any other province under this fake Saskatchewan Party.

  26. If you get into my office, you will forget that Stephen Harper was ignominiously booted out by the mob last October, to be replaced by a dangerous nincompoop: I have cut out a number of photographs of the 2015 Conservative Calendar, and plastered them everywhere on my walls.
    Happy New Year, dear Howard, and thank you for holding high the flag of our lost freedoms.

  27. fantastic intro video and actually it sums the whole thing up in just those few words…. communities and nations were formed from like minded individuals ..but uncontrolled democracy and ever increasing social engineering laws have destroyed the whole concept to the point we need to start again

  28. Yes, Canada does have a Bill of rights, it’s the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The implementation of Mandatory Bilingualism and all it’s insidious consequences has been challenged in the courts and overthrown by Francophone Judges actually ruling against the Plaintiff, and violating certain clauses in the name of protecting the French Language.

  29. Welcome to the OBAMA world! Sometimes, I wonder why LAWS are created, as very few people ABIDE by them. Legislators “talk the talk”, but don’t “walk the walk”! Canada is falling apart just like America is, but we do have hope that TRUMP will be elected and WILL “make America GREAT again”! While Canada and America are being ruled by LIBERALS, there is NO HOPE, thus the reason for electing TRUMP. At this time, he’s America’s only HOPE! Who knows, if elected, it could help Canada? Hope so! AMEN!

  30. Most Americans don’t even know where Canada is. I know Canada fairly well and have known it well most of my life. America’s government and whackos have been following the Canadian lead for years. Americans libs now love foreign cars, socialized medicine, funny looking currency, they rely on government, gun control, large apartments building and look alike housing, drinking sissy wine and weird basement made beer, sandals and socks. Canada is the gateway for the Euro one world train of thought.

  31. I dearly wish I could contest a single point you’ve made, but I can’t But what you didn’t say is that the majority of Canadians actually like our “kind and gentle” approach. 60% are still happy with the dilettante. I think the adjective moronic is used to describe such.

  32. How depressing!! My husband’s parents came from Canada and I have many cousins (by marriage) who still live there.
    I love Canada and think that Canadians are really cool, eh? I also like Canadian beer (Molson). Maybe our two countries,
    U.S.A. and Canada ought to merge together and ask all the dissenters to move back to Europe. LOL. Anyway, hopefully, maybe both of our countries, with the grace of God, will see better days.

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