You Have To Work Hard To Become This Dumb


On the Chris Wallace Sunday Morning Show on FOX News (January 17, 2016) – Paul Ryan was asked by Wallace . . . what he thought about Nikki Haley’s attack on Donald Trump? And had he read her speech before she had delivered it?


Ryan admitted to reading Haley’s speech before she delivered it, and that he didn’t know who she meant when she spoke about NOT LISTENING to angry candidates who make a lot of noise.


1 – Ryan is simply one hell of a DUMB guy not to know who Haley meant.

2 – Ryan was the ONLY person in North America, who heard Haley’s Post Obama rebuttal, who DIDN’T know that Haley was referring to Trump in her awful speech that did more to attack the Republican Front Runner, than it did to attack Obama’s LIES and horrific Record of damage, which he has done to he USA over the past 7-years.

3 – Ryan thinks the Republican Grass Roots are the DUMBEST beasts in the realm, because it certainly can’t be one of the first two options he would have chosen.


And how can you blame them?

ON A REALLY INTERESTING NOTE . . . when confronted Face-To-Face with Trump, live-on-camera at the debate, after Haley and the RNC took a SHELLACKING from the people for her abysmal speech, and attack on Trump, especially after she freely and proudly admitted that it was indeed Trump she was referring to, when she went on morning Talk TV Shows the following day – OPEN PANIC swept through the Republican Party.

At the Debate, Trump singled Haley out and said NICE things about her, when . . . had it been anyone else who said the things she said, Trump would have without mercy . . . skinned that person alive in front of the MILLIONS of viewers watching the debate.

BUT HE DIDN’T . . . Are you at all curious about why Trump didn’t eviscerate her? Remember, this is the same Donald Trump, who still won’t speak to Megyn Kelly of FOX News because she insulted him, and who publicly disparages Charles Krauthammer every chance he gets, who are two people, whom in their own ways are quite popular with a great deal of public credibility.

I CAN THINK WHY . . . Trump had two options as a result of this MASSIVE Republican STUPIDITY:

1 – He could have RIPPED her and the entire RNC into pieces for what they did to him, with 100% justification, literally leaving the Party in a pool of its own stupid blood.

2 – Or . . . he could have done what he’s famous for doing, as he outlined in his Best Selling Book, the Art Of The Deal, and had given them a simple choice:

A – From now on . . . the RNC treats him with utmost respect in public, and behind the scenes.

B – Or . . . Donald H Trump ends the charade here and now, and takes his MILLIONS of supporters who are pissed-off enough to do anything, and would run as an Independent with his BILLIONS of dollars.

If these were the scenarios of choice, which I truly believe they were, especially remembering the sly, almost malevolent smile on Trumps face, when he spoke so nicely about Haley at the debate . . . THE RNC HAD NO CHOICES WHATSOEVER.

If there is an award for STUPID . . . I mean REALLY STUPID, the hands-on-favorite, without even a close second, are the leadership and insiders of the Republican National Committee, starting with Reince Priebus, Chairman of the RNC.

1 – I have no doubt that Trump slapped them around like a Piñata, and there’s not a damn thing they can do or say about it.

2 – This is something that is not really settled, since Trump can and will hold this over their heads until the election is over.

3 – Nikki Haley can kiss her sorry-ass goodbye, if she had any hopes of becoming the Presidential Running Mate.

4 – And to boot . . . I really think that Nikki Haley’s Political Career beyond South Carolina is as done as burnt toast. GOOD ON HER.

When Trump constantly refers to the Political Insiders of the Republican Party as the DUMBEST People around, I guess he’s not just blowing smoke.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Maybe it is too late, but I think we in what is left of the free world, should shut the doors to allowing anyone from an Islamic state to enter our countries!

    Bob Hadlow
    Calgary, Alberta

  2. As a long time conservative GOP supporter I am constantly amazed at exactly how out of touch the leadership of the party has become. While I would prefer this not to happen perhaps the only way to cure the beast of the cancer is to kill it? It sure looks like the beast is not willing to take its medicine so, in reality, what other option is there but to kill the beast before it infects others?

  3. I too, am a long, long time Conservative GOP supporter and voter. I don’t know what has happened to the leadership in the GOP, either! I have known for a long time, that there isn’t much difference between the Dems and GOP political platforms, is that the problem??? I say, the only solution to this issue is Term Limits!!! We do it for the Presidential office, why not the Senate and Representatives???!!! The same goes for the Party Leaders. Term Limits is the answer.

  4. Our remedy is at the ballot box come November 8th. I hope to heaven that Trump is what he says he is because AMERICA desperately NEEDS him to be what he claims. No more campaign conservatives. I liked Cruz better before I started seeing more of the things he has said and done. Trump has my vote in the primary hands down and if Cruz is the nominee, I will vote for him BUT I will stay home rather than vote for Rubio or any of the other GOPe candidates–and I have to vote in deep blue ILLINOIS.

  5. HG, Judge Jenine Pirro echoed your remarks on the FNC site on the right side titled: Judge Jeanine: The Republican Party is in real trouble.

  6. God help us…with people like Ryan, O’Connell, Nikki Haley, and the Runt of the litter Priebus, who needs any of the additional idiots like Kasich, Paul, and Christy, to sink our prospective ship of state. We attended a Lynn Woolley conference in Fredericksburg, Texas over the past weekend and there was more COUNTRY POLITICAL LOGIC in one small coffee room of an Econo Lodge Motel than there could be in the Republican Congress! Bud Farrell

  7. RYAN knew EXACTLY who HALEY’s comment referred to. Trump is a THREAT to the RINOS, thus they DON’T want him as the NOMINEE! He’s already “opened many cans of worms” and there are MANY MORE to open! “It ain’t over yet”! If anything, the more the RINOS lie, the more it encourages people to SUPPORT TRUMP. Also, Trump lets nothing slip by him, so the HALEY episode isn’t done! Watch the next debate, as there may be a great reversal with Megyn! Your best bet, Mr. Trump, is MIKE HUCKABEE for VP! AMEN!

  8. Ryan is a liar like the rest of the Rinos. I am all for term limits but they won’t happen without action in primaries. It has been through primaries that the Tea Party came into existence and can be credited with taking us this far. There are still too many Rinos in office. That has to change to correct the problem. Everyone is looking to November but many primaries for crucial offices will happen before then. I am sick to death of being lied to.

  9. Howard agree, in everything, darn are we in sync, no comments you sized it up perfectly. I heard Trump’s speech today at Liberty University, and I made up my mind 2 weeks before I said I would. No reservations, Trump had an edge all along, now this speech climaxed that ten times over. No describing it, no word in the dictionary, YES TRUMP IS MY GUY, HANDS DOWN AS I FEEL NO ONE CAN COME CLOSE TO HIM. WATCH THE SPEECH IF POSSIBLE!

  10. Under NO circumstances should we stay home and not vote! No mater who the GOP throws at us for president, we MUST VOTE for that person! Otherwise we will become NAZI Germany II. This is how the Dems won 2012, because not enough of us voted against him. Also, the Dems will have an army of idiots casting multiple votes nation-wide, because NO ID is required in many places, along with same-day voter registration.

  11. I’ve been squawking about term limits for our Congress for years to no avail. eight years max is more than enough. Two four year terms. Lonnie Collett Rochester Hills, Michigan

  12. Excellent, Howard, one of your best ever! It seems incredible to me that the Republican establishment can continue to be so stupid! If they went to one of Trump’s rallies and bottled up some of the energy and passion there, they could get every Republican on the 2016 ballot elected, hands down!

  13. To give some latitude to Speaker Ryan, let me say that if you or I took his job seriously, we would be so immersed in reading pending legislation, staff meetings, talking on the phone to a million different lobbyists, politicians state, federal and local, family time, personal time, high power lunches and dinners, and I can go on describing a job which is busy and 2 heartbeats from the presidency. With this consideration, how much attention would you have to consider Mr Trump and his critics?

  14. Great article! I enjoy them all. I like Trump and Cruz both. All I am going to say is if you stay home and not vote then you are voting for Hillary or Bernie. Do you want another 4 years of America being destroyed. I really don’t think Rubio has a chance. It will be either Trump or Cruz as far as I can see.

  15. Remember – if you don’t vote because you are upset with the Republican nominee, you are, by default, voting for Hillary or whomever gets the Democratic nod. Cast your vote! Don’t let the Dems win by staying home.

  16. I have read many posts on these topics, and you are all forgetting fundamental facts of the polities of a plutocracy. Your vote weighs not a mite to dictate the winner. The popular vote means naught to the electoral colleges, and whomever the elite’s are, they assign the presidency. That’s right, boys and girls, presidents are appointed, and dictators obey the appointed. Just sayin… go ahead and exercise your right to vote, just be cognizant of the lack of weight for results.

  17. Arnold Eyre has it bang on. Canadian voters are laughable, some ladies say they voted for Justin because “he is cute” we deserve the worst possible outcome and will surely get it.

  18. I agree with casting your votes.I am so pissed off and disgusted with the direction of my country,it’s nauseating!The fact that an openly proclaimed “SOCIALIST”is gaining momentum is SO UN-AMERICAN! A short 30 years ago I would have said “An Ice cube chance in hell that a SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST would ever stand a chance,WELL, the ice cube is not melting!” It is correct to say that, staying home defaults to Hillary and/or Bernie! So I will VOTE as disgusted as I am. God Forgive America & Help us.

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