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MY CHEESE-HEADS LOST YESTERDAY, in what might have been one of the hardest fought and most exciting football games I have ever seen. But I guess there are worse tragedies than that.


One of the people who has visited along with her husband for a long time, who are from Austin Texas, who have been amongst the most generous supporters of this BLOG, wrote to me yesterday, very concerned with the battle between Trump and Cruz.


It was only a matter of time until these two TITANS were about to go at it. And unlike the other candidates, these two men will ask no quarter and show no mercy. They will do and say whatever needs to be done and said to win, with little to no boundaries. And neither of them will whine that other played too rough or dirty.

Trump, in spite of his great wealth and privileged position in the world, is a TWO FISTED BACK-ALLEY STREET FIGHTER, who during this campaign period, has clearly established that he has NO PARAMETERS whatsoever, especially when it comes to slamming and smearing his opponents . . . whether the SMEARS are true or not.

And thus far . . . Trump has been getting away with it, because he’s been going after people who could not fight back, or who would not fight back, who were already disadvantaged, because they were branded as RINOS, or wouldn’t strike at the Heart of the LEFT with Conservative Values.


Ted Cruz is a very polished and disciplined debater. He is also a REAL CONSERVATIVE with Bona-Fide Conservative credentials, who was an Evangelical long before Trump knew how to spell Evangelical.

And if anyone thinks that Cruz isn’t tough, disciplined, and stubborn, just look at how he stood up against his own Party Multiple Times, while the RINOS were selling-out to the LEFT.

Cruz is also is willing to get into the BACK-ALLEY and duke it out one-on-one with all comers, INCLUDING Trump, who Cruz knows is the man to beat, and like Trump, Cruz will hold nothing back, and will fight like a JUNK-YARD DOG over the last BONE in the Junkyard.

But unlike Trump, Cruz will rely on his extremely well honed debating skills and extraordinary use of the English language.

Between these two men . . . we will be witnessing a WAR between Brute Force and Skilled Finesse. Frankly, I have no idea which of these two will win. And even though my hopes are for Cruz, I will be satisfied with Trump.


Whichever man wins, if one of them indeed wins the Nomination, will not come out wounded and lessened. In fact, the winner will come out BATTLE TESTED & WAR READY. And if I were a Democrat, I would be very worried indeed.


All I will write about Obama’s overall deal with Iran . . . is this. If Obama thinks this is a victory, I would hate to know what he thinks is a failure.


If you want to send a personal message to me, including a change of address, or a personal request for information, please send your information or request to me by PRIVATE EMAIL ([email protected]), and NOT in the Comment Section.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If Kerry and Obama are taking Victory Laps over the Iran “deal”, you be assured it is not in the best interest of America and its Allies.

  2. This is short, i agree with you on the battle for the W.H. I have always been torn between both Trump & Cruz, but thought Trump has the edge. Trump can be a “bull in a China Closet, Cruz is authentic, Trump always had an edge his exp. proves that, but still undecided. I will make my decision the minute I walk into the Booth. Like Howard says, either one will be a huge improvement, and will change the direction of the Country, I’m convinced. Toss a coin!

  3. Perhaps after the ‘junkyard dogs’ stop barking, a Trump-Cruz ticket might indeed be a progressive team for America.

  4. Agreed on those two. The left has finally come to reasons end. As Francis Schaefer used say, any philosophy that is pushed to its logical onclusions will fail (except for Jeudeo-Christianianity). Communism failed, and communism is the logical conclusion of socialism and also showed the logical end of Humanism. No bounds, no right or wrong, except as defined by who has the biggest club.

  5. Well, it will be either TRUMP or CRUZ. Again, my bet is on TRUMP [with Huckabee as VP]. When Trump responds to Cruz, Cruz “wears” this peculiar smile which I’ve yet to determine whether he’s just avoiding Trump’s comments or is being deceitful regarding his true feelings? Also, when Trump responds, he doesn’t hesitate to do so–doesn’t need a lot of VERBIAGE…leaves no doubts regarding his intentions. He “walks the talk”! Let us ALL pray, yes PRAY, that the THE BEST MAN wins in November. AMEN!

  6. For some time now I’ve felt a Trump-Cruz combination or a Carson-Cruz combination would do this country well. Cruz is necessary for either because he already knows the ‘system’ & who in Congress are conservative & who are not. I doubt Trump would accept a VP position, but hope if he gets the GOP nomination for prez, he will choose Cruz for his running mate & Cruz will accept. We shall see & I pray God will step in; but I feel He removed His hand from USA as we pushed Him out starting in the 60s

  7. We need someone tough. Someone who is street smart and has achieved real results in the real world. Someone who has risked and even those times he failed, got up, reset, risked again and succeeded. That’s street tough and that’s what the Mullahs and Wahabbis fear. Not a lawyer who studied diplomacy at Harvard or Berkeley and has never held a real job.

  8. I can live with Trump but my head and heart is with Cruz. In addition to his many extraordinary talents and virtues he can cut deeply into the Hispanic vote. He can bring them past the media with its liberal lies and propaganda. They are mostly a naturally conservative people and once they are in the conservative party and understand what it stands for I believe they will stay. This is a chance to sell them our better way and permanently build a conservative majority.

  9. I have always said a Trump-Cruz ticket would be an ideal ticket because they compliment each other on their strengths & weaknesses. Only time will tell if this comes to pass. I have heard others say we are headed to a brokered convention. Of course the Dems would salivate at the thought because they would like nothing better than to witness a divided opponent.

  10. The “victory lap” will end on January 20,2017 when the ironic Iranians will detonate their first nuclear device. So much for the Obama legacy.

  11. The big question and concern is this: Which man, Trump or Cruz is more likely to beat Hillary? I have no doubt she will be the Democrat nominee for President. (It would be better if Bernie Sanders got the nomination because he would be more
    beatable, hopefully.) I’m hoping Cruz is the GOP nominee and if Trump really wants what’s best for America, he will give Cruz his wholehearted support. Is that too much to ask?

  12. I like Cruz, but, this “birther” issue will not go away. The Dems will attack, attack and attack, until the MSM gets into this, proving that Cruz is a Native Born Citizen, not a Natural Born Citizen. In my readings and understanding of the US Constitution, Cruz honestly does not qualify for the position of US President. This saddens me greatly, since, Obama was given a complete pass on this issue!!! Praying that this issue will be resolved, so that Cruz can run.

  13. I admire and like both Trump and Cruz. Some forget that Trump is a grad of Wharton School of Business (Harvard adv. school). Princeton is more of a polished genteman’s school. Both men are great. Let’s consider the country now. Trump has the international business know-how and the grit to face up to any foreign authority. He will not let us get the short end of the stick. We don’t need a negotiator now, we need a forceful fighter.I would love to see Cruz on the Supreme Court – for life

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