Trump, Cruz & Rubio . . . The Deal Is Almost Done


Trump Sealed The Deal – Rubio Was Excellent, & Cruz Was Outstanding . . . The rest should simply call it a day and watch the balance of the campaign, just like the rest of us.

There’s not much for me to write about this debate, other than that the THREE BIG GUNS have performed exactly the way I imagined they would. And there’s no guarantee that it will be Trump, Rubio or Cruz who will make it to the nomination, but I strongly assume it will be one of them.

He . . . who seems to have a wrap on the nomination as I see it – is Donald H Trump.


There was something that impressed me to no end about Trump . . . when he was asked if he would be willing to place all of his Corporate Affairs into a BLIND TRUST, if he was to win the Presidency – Trump said YES, and explained that if he were to win, he couldn’t care LESS about his businesses, because of his LOVE for America, and his determination to make America Great Again.

And I believe him.

I’m still a TED CRUZ Supporter . . . but, after this debate, I will be more pleased than just somewhat, if the nominee was either – Cruz, Trump or Rubio.


I feel badly every time, during the middle of each month, when I come to you asking for FINANCIAL SUPPORT, to help pay for some of the costs of But, as I always say . . . THIS BLOG IS FREE TO YOU, BUT NOT FREE TO ME.


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Even though the Weekly Newspaper idea didn’t work . . . we keep trying, because with every passing day, more and more people are SIGNING-UP to the Directory, which demands more Server Capacity, which costs money.

And given the growing popularity of this BLOG with Conservatives . . . just imagine how HATED it has become with the other side, which demands continuing Security Upgrades to keep this BLOG safe, which is also not free.


I could make money for the BLOG by opening it up to advertisers like GOOGLE ADS, which would invite all manner of companies to peddle their wares and ideas, which I would not want to be associated with, and in my opinion, would cheapen to the point where I would not have it.

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If you’re a FOX News viewer, you’ve probably seen the commercials BEGGING for money for Israel and Holocaust Survivors, portraying surviving Holocaust Survivors and poor people in Israel as being DESOLATE.

Not only are these ads misrepresentative, they are demeaning and outright dishonest, pulling at our heartstrings to open our wallets. Let me assure you, Israel is a modern Society, no different from the USA and Canada, with the exception that Israel actually tilts more to the LEFT, in terms of Welfare and Social Services than we do in North America. And people in Israel do not beg and fight each other in the streets for food, any more than what happens in North America.

And the images you see on these commercials . . . of elderly Holocaust Survivors dressed as if they were living impoverished in pre WWII Europe, pushing each other for a scrap of food is not just DISHONEST . . . it is outright insulting.

YET . . . these characters, who are shamelessly hyping their audience for money, are doing very well at it. And that bothers me a lot.

THEN THERE’S THE WOUNDED WARRIORS PROGRAM . . . who are everywhere, spending enormous amounts of money on SLICK Commercial Productions, Endorsements, Airtime, Web Placements, ETC . . . but, when it comes to making public their salaries, personal expenses, the actual disposition of the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to the Wounded Warriors they receive annually, their annual report is as clear as mud.


EVERYONE HAS THEIR HAND OUT . . . But I don’t want to be one of these people with my hand out, groveling for your HARD EARNED AFTER TAX DOLLARS; pulling at your Heart-Strings . . . it’s just not me.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I assume you have a CHL? If not, it is perfectly legal to have any a gun in your home OR to carry one in your vehicle without CHL license. We Texans are very much for our second amendment!!! I don’t believe the feds would ever be stupid enough try to remove our guns in Texas. I completely share your views on Islam. We had better wake up in this country. I sincerely believe Islam is the most serious threat of the US, Canada and the free world that any of us face!!

  2. If Trump, Rubio and Cruz are the BEST the GOP can do then we are all in trouble. I’m hoping SOMEONE with integrity will come forward soon as I see no one running who would be a good President. It’s a shame about Wounded Warriors being so “muddy”. We promised these kids they would be looked after ( the VA has different (lower) standards than civillian hospitals and I fear we will be reaping the anger and mistrust of the veterans of the 21st Century Wars for a long time. Have a nice day.

  3. I will NEVER forgive Rubio for jumping on the Gang of a Eight bandwagon. To me, he’s a sell-out. I hope he doesn’t get the nomination because I’ll have to once again hold my nose and vote for him, like I had to do the last two elections with Romney and Mc Cain. What I really want to know us how can any of the Republican candidates really expect to win when the Democrats are going to lie, cheat, and steal and do what they did last time to let Obama win not once, but twice? viter fraud!

  4. I was working and missed the debate so where do I turn for a quick analysis? Your blog of course! Don’t feel bad asking for support Howard, everything takes money and I’d rather support blogs like this than scam artists taking in big salaries claiming to help the wounded warriors or the poor etc.

  5. I was wondering how much an ad to push a book would be.

    Also what would be the cost for a product?

    Thanks you,
    Pat Quinlivan

  6. When I hear Trump speak, I believe him. When he gives a one word answer — NO — to the question of whether he would reconsider on a stand he has taken, I believe him. I like Cruz, but I believe he would waiver from his beliefs if placed under enough pressure. My son saw Trump and he said that what people call arrogance is not, it is just that Trump does not know how to do anything but win. He emanates winning from the minute he walks on stage. I am so excited! I truly believe him!

  7. Although I support your blog although it’s not much, I think soliciting revenue from pro-conservative companies is an excellent way to get additional money!

  8. Cruz is the smartest one of the bunch Rubio is very knowledgeable and fast on his feet, might be too young though. If anyone doesn’t know what a NYer is in a debate I’m shocked. I thought by Cruz just looking at Trump the way he did said a lot. We’re loud, speak our minds and let the chips fall etc. Trump fits the bill but the gruffness and facial expressions don’t help him. I still don’t believe he will make it.

    I really feel Fiorina is a great choice for VP.

  9. Thanks for your opinion on the candidates. I disagree with you on Trump, he is all for himself. I don’t see him as genuine or honest, but an actor and showman who is fooling many. His association with the Clintons should have everyone leery of who he really stands for. I like Cruz, who is articulate and firm on his positions. I think it’s funny that people are debating his nationality, and here I am writing to a Canadian regarding the candidates. I do enjoy your thoughts.

  10. TRUMP was the WINNER last night! His answers were direct and given without hesitation. CRUZ hurt himself with his comments about New York. RUBIO appeared angry and frustrated. The others should “bow out”, except for HUCKABEE, who I believe, would make a great VP for Trump. He always responds to questions with a lot of knowledge and COMMON SENSE. He respects people’s RIGHTS and the CONSTITUTION. He, like Trump, is not afraid to CONFRONT issues and does so very diplomatically…..GREAT TEAM! AMEN!

  11. trump WON, HANDS DOWN, he’s not a political guy he talks from the heart and does it resonate. He talks like me, no big words but gets his point across. He won , Rubio is smart and came in 2nd. No help for Christie to late and we know to much about him. He’s powerful but never to trust. Cruz was caught in instances that have to be fixed, his natural citizenship issue, and he was embarrased and forgot to sign his form for a 1 mill. loan from Goldman Sachs. You don’t forget that!

  12. Cruz did not vote on the bill to audit the Fed. Anyone who would not vote yes to audit the Fed is not on the right side. Why would anyone not want to see how an organization that controls our money is run?

  13. Howard,
    While I am a “local” Florida Management Company in the Destin FL area, I would be interested in advertising on your blog. Please send me a rate card.
    I am starting a new little business as well doing “Infrared inspections” to find leaks etc.
    As always I know my “return” may not be big, but the chance to support, and foster, conservative values is worth it.
    Tom Corcoran

  14. I agree with Pauline Demers. Huckabee would make a great VP. Hopefully Trump wins and picks him.

  15. Trump knows full well that Cruz is an American citizen. He also knows what Cruz said about NY values has nothing to do with 9 11. What we saw in NY on 9 11 are American values – indeed the values of all good people. NYC elected a Communist mayor who did a fund raisers for he Sandinistas in Nicaragua in the 80’s. NYC is also literally hate by the cops for the treatment they receive. He seems willing to say what he knows is not true.

  16. Howard, just a couple of things: First, business is spelled wrong in your ad in the upper right corner. And, second, Paypal has some very interesting restrictions on who can use their service. Might want to check that out. I’m a retired First Sergeant, living on Social Security and a small pension check but I’ll be sending you something in the next week. Keep up the good work.
    Raymond Newman, Modesto, CA

  17. Cruz, Trump or Rubio, in that order is my pick. Still believe Cruz has the best conservative track record. Plus he is a Texan!

  18. Any man willing to put EVERYTHING on the line has my vote. And he accepts NO monies from anyone, nor any of the PACS. There is NOT another CANDIDATE who can say this! Trump would owe NO allegiance to ANY group. AND on his FB account he wrote about 2 to 3 weeks ago, there are business men he wants in his cabinet and some of the agencies who will SERVE at NO PAY. They would be doing this for OUR COUNTRY. PERIOD! This counts for something in MY BOOK!

  19. Check is in the mail, Howard. Keep up the good work. I won’t cry either if any one of these top three winds up being nominated. I don’t particularly care to see those that have already had a shot and lost…as they may have a habit of losing, nor do I like those that try to keep it all in the family either! (As in Clinton or Bush!)

  20. Howard, I too didn’t win powerball so still managing on the meagre CPP and OAS we get here. Nevertheless I’m sending you C$20 and challenge everyone who reads your blog and comments on how informative, truthful, honest and refreshing your editorials are to put a hand in their pocket and send you $20 Cdn or US. Best wishes, Ken.

  21. “If Trump, Cruz and Rubio are the best the GOP can do, we are all in trouble”.

    I hadn’t expected Hillary to follow this column, much less to respond to it via a pseudonym.

  22. Howard,
    I may want to advertise as I know your people are my people. Please take a look at my professional website at and listen to the Founders message. If you think its a fit, then have your people contact me to discuss ad costs, etc. Thanks – Erin Botsford

  23. Howard, you are correct to a point. Rubio is bush lite. The establishment excrement went on Univision and told the Spanish speaking listeners that he would NOT build the wall on our southern borders. He then told the ENGLISH speaking people he would support it. I do not like flip floppers and he is one. It will be either Trump or Cruz. Bush, Christie, Fiorina, and the rest need to call it a day.

  24. Mr. Ellingson, in that case, which candidate(s) would top Trump, Cruz or Rubio? As for their “integrity,” any Republican candidate, regardless of his/her position on the candidate list, has more “integrity” than any of the Democratic candidates could ever have. Judge the candidates by their character and ideology, not by what you read in the biased media and/or by their stage personnae. America thirsts for a President who has the qualities I mentioned. So far, I like Cruz and Trump.

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