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Anne and I did NOT WIN the Power Ball. We tried, but we could only do so much. So I guess it will be life and business as usual. Which after all is said and done, is nothing for us to complain about. More than out of the normal.


When Haley first came onto the Political Scene, at least when she first became apparent to me, I thought she was great. I saw her as an extremely bright, articulate, Conservative and attractive daughter of Immigrant Parents from India, who grasped the American Dream in the Deep South . . . with both arms.


When Nikki Haley buried the Rebel Battle Flag, using the excuse of the vicious attack on the Black Charleston Church . . . as a first generation American living in the South, SHE DIDN’T BURY HER HISTORY and rich culture, because none existed for her in the history of the South, instead – SHE BURIED THE PROUD HISTORY OF OTHERS . . . who so warmly welcomed her immigrant parents, and elected her to hold the highest position in South Carolina.


I know that I am very much marching out of step with the vast majority of American Pundits and Journalists in their fawning approval of Haley’s post Obama State of the Union speech, which in the words of Charles Krauthammer on FOX News, called her rebuttal to Obama’s speech the BEST he had ever heard.

1 – It was NOT the best I had ever heard . . . Far from it.

2 – It was a stilted delivery from a teleprompter . . . Not from her heart.

3 – Instead of slamming and exposing the myriad of Obama Lies, distortions and attacks on the foundation of the US Constitution, Haley compared Conservative Republicans to Obama’s LEFT, so both groups can share the blame for the mess that America is in today.

But she didn’t blame the INSIDER Leadership (RINOS) of the Republican Party, which sold out to Obama, right up to and including Ryan’s recent Budget SURRENDER.

4 – Haley did the bidding of her RINO Masters by slamming Trump, not by name, but because he has CLEARLY enunciated in language everyday people can understand, why America has to close the border and deal with ILLEGAL Immigration, plus VETTING any Immigrants coming from Moslem countries, before allowing them to come to the shores of America.

And then, in the same breath . . . Haley spoke about why it is so important to CONTROL the borders, stop Illegal Immigration, and VET Immigrants before allowing them to enter into the USA, with the ONLY exception being, that she used far more articulate (politically correct) words than did Trump, but she didn’t have the courage to define these Immigrants as Moslem, which Trump did.

PERSONALLY . . . I like the clear speak of Trump . . . over the BS of the insiders:


In the early 1930’s, as Hitler was amassing his power and beginning his WAR AGAINST THE JEWS, as well as against Gypsies, Union Workers, the Affirmed, the Opposition . . . Etc, the OFFICIAL and non official policy of the USA, Canada and England, was not to call them Nazis.

Even Jewish controlled Hollywood purposefully stayed away from calling the Germans Nazis, so as not to offend the German people and exasperate a bad situation. In fact, the ONLY star during that period of time to make a REAL Movie to expose and embarrass the Nazis was CHARLIE CHAPLIN, who was not Jewish, and was forced to self-finance The Great Dictator, and purchase theatre screens across North America, because the big Movie Houses refused to show it.

Anyone with knowledge of Chaplin’s Movie The Great Dictator, knows that it is one of the greatest of the Timeless Classics every produced, and that OUR INSIDERS did all they could to suppress it.


In the 1930’s right through to the end of WWII, according to literally all reports, less than 10% of the 80-Million Germans were Nazis. And at the beginning of the Nazi Reign, less than 5% of the German people were hardcore Nazis, YET . . . WE WENT TO WAR AGAINST GERMANY. Not just the Nazis, since the Nazis could not have done what they did, without the complicit support of the German people.


How arrogant and dismissive to us . . . are our political and social leaders, who refuse to call the Moslem Terrorists who are wreaking HAVOC around the world, what the Moslem Terrorists call themselves?

So here we are in the 21st-Century . . . and the NEW Nazis can’t be called by our leaders for who they are, and what they represent, and what they call themselves . . . Where’s Our Charlie Chaplin?


Because there will be 7-Candidates on stage tonight for the main event, I assume there will be more room for the Front Runners to solidify their lead.

1 – Ben Carson is all but done, no matter how he performs tonight.

2 – Jeb Bush will solidify why he is where he is . . . and belongs to be.

3 – John Kasich shouldn’t even be there. And he’ll show why.

4 – Chris Christie will probably deliver a good debate and go nowhere with it.

5 – Marco Rubio should do very well tonight, in what will be a real dogfight for him.

6 – Ted Cruz can open and harden his lead in Iowa and beyond, depending on how he does tonight. For him, I don’t believe that it is do or die.

7 – But Trump will have one of two ways to go. If he does really well tonight, he should be able to wrap it up and be assured of the Nomination. But, if Trump does not do really well tonight, it could be all over for him if either Cruz and/or Rubio catch fire and develop big momentum.

For a guy like Trump, coming back from behind . . . is not where it’s at.

JUST AN OBSERVATION . . . The more the Republican Insiders and the LEFT attack Trump, the MORE I support him, along with a great many others, who otherwise are not Trump Fans.

YESTERDAY . . . Anne and I purchased tickets to see THIRTEEN HOURS. It’s the PATRIOTIC thing to do.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Mr & Mrs G
    Watch your back is a common phrase now so beware. Most Texans are true blue, Good. Some implants not so good, Bad
    Great courage you have. Wish we had a few like you in the Halls of Congress.
    A little cold in Az. But it beats shoveling snow.
    Billie Luchi Fountain Hills

  2. Howard I interviewed Kris Paronto, one of the team members that fought in Benghazi SEpt 11 2012, he tells like it was, because he was there in 3 firefights. Would like to send you the link to the TV show on you tube where you can watch it

  3. Thank you for telling it like it is. There IS a difference between “muslim” and “moslem”. Thanks for using the correct term for these animals.

  4. You summation of Haley is on point. Her political career outside SC is done! Probably can’t advance without the support of folks who respect the Stars and Bars in SC.

    As a respected Colorado attorney stated at the Western Conservative Summit during that dustup, Yankee by birth, Rebel by choice. He said he had the pin to prove it. Many non-Rebs feel the same.

    Good riddance to Haley. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a gang of 8 moment.

  5. No matter how some try we can not change history. It happened. It is the past no matter how good or bad. It is gone and can’t be revised. The future however can. Change can happen. We need to know the history as it really happened to use as an example for the future and how we can be better. Maybe that is what Nikki Haley was trying to convey. Republican’s serving in the Congress have been acting like RINO’s giving in to the President behind closed doors and never once standing up for the people

  6. I recently read somewhere that Feral Hogs will eat their own young under certain circumstances…presumably somehow assuring THEIR species survival. Tonites Republican debate may be an interesting frenzy with enough there for all on Christy, and then there will be Kasich regaling the crowd that his father was a Mailman…and JEB finally becoming aware that “we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”!!! WHOOPEE!
    Bud Farrell

  7. Because of the way our Democratic Government has been operating for the last 7 years most people will be voting Republican as they have grown to hate Democrats. This will trickle down even to the local elections and some good Democrats will get beat by bad Republicans. I think this is the year of big changes in our Government. I’m thinking can we get Obama out of the White House as he is not through yet of destroying America, I look for him to start something big to really piss Americans off.

  8. If all of conservative media recommends 13 Hours it will outsell the latest star wars. How many tens of millions more will go to the polls? Fox news has been outstanding. So has Hannity. This is the kind of potential power I refer to in the new media. Network, advocate, disseminate and the nation will be saved an prosper. informatioin/knowledge is power. We are getting very close to dominance of media by conservatives. Bent Hollands link below (and yours) to TV show is another example.

  9. Howard took the words right out of my mouth, I’m speechless, I will not change his analysis of Haley and the candidates in tonight”s debate.We are so in sinc no response except Howard Galganov is brilliant and blessed with deep insight that is extraordinary. One comment in the lotto i had 1 #, had planned to spend first on a nice condo, or apt. in Trump Towers. So I can go to Pitkin Ave. every week-end for Pastrami and Knishes!

  10. Nikki Haley killed her conservative support with her speech. KILLED IT DEAD. She’s in the same boat as Marco Rubio whose bad judgment on the Gang of 8 fiasco ensured he had to run for POTUS as he could not have been re-elected to the Senate seat again after screwing over the conservatives on immigration. It was a self-inflicted wound but it told all of us he went RINO and his support went to Cruz. Rubio will not be the nominee. It will be Cruz or Trump. Nikki Haley is dead to me.

  11. I got so angry when I heard the governor of SC trash Trump. The purpose of the rebuttal is to critique the opposite party’s president’s address, not trash fellow republican’s. She is very fortunate to be where she is, the daughter of immigrant parents. She has lived the American dream. She is trash as far as I am concerned. I hope that the messiah (with a small “m”) totally dominates the South Carolina primary. Kraut hammer said it was the finest rebuttal he has ever heard. What a crock of ____.

  12. Her comments were despicable. She is a loser, and will be voted out soon. Almost as dumb sounding as Pelosi, and that’s hard to believe.
    But, she is still many times smarter and articulate than our pretty boy PM, Trudeau! And then there’s “Not”ley!
    We are so screwed in Canada right now. Dollar below .70 US. Dropped 10% since T & N elected.
    Oh, but everything’s fine, not their fault you know! They believe their own lies!

  13. Whenever I need a dose of solid common sense I look up one of your editorials. No matter what the subject is I invariably agree with your point of view. Can you be cloned, I wonder. This world needs many more Howard Galganovs.

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  14. Howard, so enjoy your common sense! How come NO ONE ever brings up Huma Abaden? She is Hillary Chief of Staff and was during those years as Sec Of State. She is the daughter of one male and one female founders of the Muslim Brotherhood. I believe she had access to all classified information from the Department of State. My son and I have written one book and almost completed the sequel based on his experiences in both Gulf Wars. It has been more than eye opening doing the research for me. Thanks

  15. Like you, I thought Haley in SC would be a good young conservative leader. When she took down our flag, not hers, I lost any respect I had for her. She is nothing but another rino crossover, elected by the Tea Party, then turning her back on those who elected her. Her rebuttal was pitiful. I hope that Cruz continues his mastery at debate and gives a solid performance tonight. Rush says that Jeb!and Christie are going to gang up on Rubio. Should be an interesting night.

  16. I, like you, saw and met Nikki Haley at a Governor’s conference in Austin, Tx about seven years ago. I thought she was great!!! She only showed one side of her face at that meeting, or she had not been bought by the Establishment at that time. Whatever, she has joined the crowd that Americans are expressing their anger and frustration toward. She is now a member of the “good old boys club”. Hopefully, she will have no place in the new administration. She sure ripped it with
    Trump and me

  17. Seems to me that Krauthammer has “turned” too. The guy makes no sense anymore. I used to have a great deal of respect for him, but anymore, I take his opinions with a grain of salt. I definitely plan on breaking my oath to ban liberal Hollywood and not go to the show by going to see Thirteen Hours. Because you’re right–it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO!

  18. Bush, Christie, Rubio, and Kasich should not be on the stage. The conservative American does not want a rino as a candidate. Therefore the only ones who should be there are Trump, Cruz, and Carson. The only ones who will not sellout to the rino rnc and the treasonous blue bloods who cannot stand the common hard working American.

    You are absolutely correct!!

  19. Very well said re: Nikki Haley! TRUMP has had the GUTS to speak out regarding very “sensitive” topics which are affecting our Country. Now that these topics have been exposed by TRUMP, many of the other candidates are using them for their own purpose and self-promotion. “The Donald” has made his MARK, however, and the PEOPLE are totally supporting him. He is expressing exactly what people are thinking, feeling and have wanted to openly express. OBAMA is just another HITLER! It’s very sad! AMEN!

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