OBAMA PAINTED A GREAT PICTURE . . . unfortunately for America and the rest of the world, nothing could be further from the truth, echoed by the words that dripped from his lying lips.

Obama . . . courtesy of the DUMBEST people on the planet, who voted for him, not just once, but twice – has so screwed up the USA and the world at large, that his INTENT and INCOMPETENCE are nothing short of CRIMINAL. And I mean that in every sense of the statement.


OUR GOVERNMENTS . . . just about all of them – all the way from Village Councils to the White House and Parliament Hill, are EXECRABLE, so much so, that most of our politicians and bureaucrats should be behind bars for what they’ve done to us, who’ve given them our trust to manage our affairs.

BUT INSTEAD OF MAKING THINGS BETTER . . . these Bastards have taken care of themselves with OUR money, before taking care of us. They have spent us into near OBLIVION, and are still going strong, until there will be nothing left. And even then, they’ll still care for themselves before taking care of us.

I am being very careful in how I am writing the things I really believe . . . in words that are suitable for print, and cannot be actionable against me in a court of law. Does that describe how angry I am?

When I hear Obama, Trudeau, or any of these unmentionables spout their nonsense and lies, it becomes difficult for me to contain myself.


When I write about TAKERS versus MAKERS . . . we all assume that the TAKERS are that part of the population that is on Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing, and other Social Services, which used to be called Welfare . . . BUT THAT ASSUMPTION IS WRONG! They are an extremely small part of the people sucking us dry.

If you really want to know who the TAKERS are . . . look at every person collecting a penny from the government, which are our pennies.

Every Cop, Fireman and Member of Emergency Services is on the TAKE. But at least they provide a Real Service. Bus Drivers, Road Cleaners and Government Maintenance Workers are also on the TAKE. But they too provide a Real Service. But at a price that far exceeds their real value.

The ONLY people who are on the TAKE, who give far more than what they get . . . are our assorted Militaries.


ON A PERSONAL LEVEL . . . either prove to me why I need to pay a Public Sector Worker a salary for something he or she actually does for me . . . or get lost and leech off of someone else. And why should I be paying a Public Sector Worker more than I earn, more than I receive in perks, and more than I can ever hope to receive in a pension?

AND WHILE I’M AT IT . . . If I didn’t elect a Public Sector Worker to tell me how to live my PRIVATE LIFE, how to raise my children, what to eat, how to build my house, ETC – ETC – ETC . . . what gives the Public Sector Worker the right to invade the privacy of my personal world?


WORSE THAN THAT . . . what part of defending our INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & FREEDOMS don’t most people understand? Because, if we had a clue as to the VALUE of our own FREEDOMS, we would never have allowed the politicians and bureaucrats to run roughshod over us for generations, literally stealing our hard earned money with which to lavishly pay themselves.


For Obama and all other politicians and bureaucrats to stand before the people, and tell us what kind of a great job they’ve done and are doing for us, while the VAST MAJORITY of people in both of our countries (Canada and the USA) are living as close to the edge as possible, without falling-off, is an insult beyond description.


IF Bill Clinton wasn’t Bill Clinton, he would have been incarcerated for RAPE multiple times, which seems not to bother too many Liberals, which is an indictment of the LEFT.

The fact that Hillary Clinton has been caught on camera, LYING to the people, abusing her privilege as a representative of the people, and as Secretary of State, she had violated National Security . . . is not yet a real impediment to her run for the Presidency, says all that needs to be said about the absolute IDIOCY of the people.


Why should our lives be usurped, because of STUPID people who are too ignorant to protect their own FREEDOMS and RIGHTS, to such a degree, as to drag us down their Rabbit Hole with them?

Because they’re stupid . . . doesn’t mean that we have to be stupid too.


The people love Trump . . . because at this juncture in space and time, Trump is the closest thing the people have to a Revolution, before the riots, bullets, and bombs.

Every time Obama opens his mouth . . . It only gets worse. So thankfully, this will be his last Insulting Obama State of the Union Address with human props and all.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you so very much Howard for telling it like it truly is. All islam is the same (a cult and NOT A RELIGION…& CERTAINLY NOT OF PEACE!). They are vile, full of hate, demanding, and liars. That is my assessment of them ALL. Thank you all you do to get the Word out there for truth and for summing up what islam truly is. God Bless you and Anne. Be Safe! God Save and Bless America and Canada.

  2. When The People have a Revolution, with the riots, bullets, and bombs, which will likely start in some place like Burns Oregon…it will be started by the state…and isn’t that the plan?

  3. Dear Howard, You have sadly laid it all truthfully out for us to soak up. Now how do we end this insanity??? Who do we turn to??? God Bless and Save OUR COUNTRIES. God Bless You & Your Family for standing up for the TRUTH. I hope all will PRAY for this to all END and SOON.

  4. Short and to the point. We have been had by well trained con artists and criminals. Who runs that worldwide mafia?
    Now about them two US Navy patrol vessels that just happened to break down precisely at the same time and place and that.. ahem… drifted at once into Iran’s coastal waters. Is it not that just peachy? Why is this remind me of that state of the art stealth spy drone being peacefully flown into a nearby Iran’s airfield… and that was that.

  5. I wondered how long it would take you to fire off a nicely written piece.
    I have a question. And that is simply put, what happened. In 1960 the Dems and Republicans were economically aligned essentially. As JFK so eloquently stated “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.
    When America stopped paying attention to those amazingly profound words, she lost herself. Canada now has fallen back into the liberal fascism herself. Jonah Goldberg has described this

  6. Obama was totally disconnected from reality, the hr. SOTU speech was a fairy tale, a complete fallacy from truth. Obama is either mentally ill or Evil to the core, or maybe both. The faces on the Generals and Military showed a tall story I saw agitation and anger and disbelief on their faces. Paul Ryan the same. Everything Obama mentioned was the furthest from the truth on just about everything he spoke of. it was pure TORTURE!

  7. My God, I thought I was imagining things, You sound like me when I am being nice, but as I read further I find you too are withholding all the adjectives I feel necessary to even begin to describe the Obama gang of thieves and liars. Again nice words. Our situation is something you wish you could wake up from and say, man, what a nightmare! 10. 15, or twenty years ago no way could anyone ever come close to convincing me that we would be where we would wind up today. Thanks Howard. YOU SEE!

  8. Your comments are a sad commentary of the Truth! It would be great if we could change things the way they should be changed but what you are saying is what it is! We can run but we cannot hide from what you have said. We must take a stand. My prayer is God be with us! Thank you Howard for what you have printed.

  9. HURRAH! The ACTOR-IN-CHIEF’s last State of the Union Address is DONE! I, too, must watch my words in these comments. It was truly UNBEARABLE to watch Obama speak tonight. The LIES kept coming out left and right. On a positive note, Nikki Haley spoke very well afterwards and gave the Conservatives hope for the future. Yes, TRUMP is our only hope to make America great again! We need a LEADER who’s not afraid to speak out and knows how to obey the CONSTITUTION instead of trying to change it. AMEN!

  10. Great piece, Mr. G! Agree with everything you said except one thing. I don’t think this will be his last State of the Union address. He is so arrogant, he will give another one before he leaves office, next year at this time, and rub our noses into more of his blatant lies on his way out the door. That is, if he really leaves at all.

  11. Obama overstated his achievements and understated terrorist threats. I was hoping for a well deserved conciliatory crumb for Israel, which was conspicuous by its absence. I agree with Shirley Friedman; The somber faces of the Generals delivered more reality than Obama’s complete speech! I hope we’re not past the point of no return…if not, based on our trajectory, we’re getting closer every day!

  12. BHO refuses to call them ISIS, but says ISIL, which is his way of disregarding Israel. If he called them terrorists I did not hear it.

  13. Correct all the way Howard.
    It’s called the “2 tier” society. We and them. Western countries have it in spades. Hell, in England, it’s even formally identified. They are called the “privileged class”!
    If any one of “us” had committed the crimes that hillary alone has committed we would be in the slammer. She hasn’t even been indicted!

  14. KOL HA KAVOD, Howard, You deserve every accolade that there is. You have told it like it is. Well done. You in the USA and Canada are at least in countries with a very large tax-base, and an over-bearing administration. We, here in the “ass-end” of Africa are an inverted triangle, with a very small tax base and an over-bearing majority who are demanding free: education,housing,food, blankets and everything else tax payers have to pay for from after tax earnings.
    John W. Rosen.

  15. As always, love the column Howard! Do you remember the line from the original Star Trek, “A sane man in an insane world appears to be insane.”? Well, that’s the way I feel every time I listen to or read the news, hear politicians, or listen to the “general public”. I cannot comprehend how insane the world has become. Up is down, right is wrong, good is bad, and moral is immoral. I’m so aggravated I could spit, as my dad says!

  16. Bingo! You hit the nail on the head……as always! Another well written piece.

  17. The boats taken by the Iranians should never see the light of day again…the B-52s & B-1s and B-2should be running up on the flight lines of every Original and operational S.A.C. Base and that Island should no longer exist by now…under a Reagan Plan!!
    A disgrace that 5%#@& could not have announced last night that the sailors are safe and the captors island no longer exists…now for Part # 2 of Plan# 1! I am embarrassed for the Military and their sorry assed Commander in Chief!

  18. Well Howard , nothing to add ! It is as described . Why does the VAST majority see it otherwise ? The media is hard at work selling it to the masses is why . I’m at a loss of understanding and long past being polite and politically correct about these ” better than thou” elected officials I still do not think we have seen the last of BHO and the Trudeau era has only begun . AND MOST LOVE IT , SAD.

  19. Howard, as person who does not use the F word I sometimes think it. If I have to get it out I use %*&# It helps a little to relieve the intense pressure one feels to express total disgust when watching O deliver a speech. That feeling also occurs when I hear Queen Wynne back here in Canada, and of course the Trudeau. We are at the mercy of a bunch of liars and crooks.

  20. Howard! if you were a dog you would need the rabies vaccine! Unfortunately I would be in line with you! I can not believe how upside down everything is. if you are from the right you get thrown in jail for “J” walking. if from the left you walk away from a murder scene with the bloody knife in your hand, no charges. And no one makes a fuss about it except the poor fellow in jail and no one to talks with him!
    just remember all the ammo is kept at Homeland Security not the National Guard.

  21. Mr. G. Bravo! It’s insane that so many people are so stupid to think this can continue. O is a master of deceit and most of our government (US & Can) is corrupt in some way. Maybe it’s time to stop paying taxes!

    Terry Shively, Whitehouse, OH. USA

  22. Ask not how your country is screwing you, ask how you can screw your fellow countrymen!

  23. Well, you lost me with the comment on cops, firefighters and EMS. It so upset me I couldn’t read the rest. I am retired and have volunteered as a firefighter/EMT for the past 11 years. Most of our paid guys have to work two jobs to pay their bills. They are paid so they can be full-time firefighters rather than being firefighters so they can get paid. These guys stand ready to save your life no matter what the circumstances. And the pay – about $14 per hour! For EMS, a paramedic gets $12.

  24. I know I am a broken record but the media is the message. Unless and until we can defeat the liberal media most of our people will receive only liberal, progressive, socialist lies. As Hitler said, for the big lie to be believed all that is needed is to keep repeating it. History is repeating itself. This is a communication/media battle even more and before it is political. We are clearly gaining but not yet quite there.

  25. Howard–All true. Pleased you mentioned the military as deserving of retirement pay. In WWII was earning $246 a month. In Vietnam as a Major, pilot on flying status with a combat deduction was earning $14,000 a year. I don’t back up to the pay table to collect my retirement pay. You have to earn it to receive it. We did. Good comments on the puke.

  26. I’ve spent 5 hours this morning trying to find a surgeon on my insurance plan to do necessary life-saving surgery to no avail. To add insult this injury, my insurance has DOUBLED in price, so I’m now paying 1500 a MONTH (which is more than my MORTGAGE PAYMENT) for this crappy insurance that I am required by LAW to purchase–although I already had insurance that used to be EXCELLENT replaced by the garbage I now have–1/2 the coverage for twice the price. Thanks Obama–You lying sack of chit!!

  27. I copied this little ecxerpt from a book I’ve been reading called ‘The Story of Philosophy’ to show that nothing has changed!

    ….The more Plato thinks of it, the more astounded he is at the folly of leaving to mob caprice and gullibility the selection of political officials – not to speak of leaving it to those shady and wealth-serving strategists ……….

    I’d love to quote the whole paragraph but there isn’t enough room.

  28. Why is it that there are many people who think and believe like you and I do? Yet, we are dealt a losing hand in how our country is run. The liberals, PC crowd, the “takers” , and the plain stupid will keep out voting us. Our country is in the worse shape than ever. National debt over $ 19 TRILLION, our health care is a shambles, Congress has made themselves KINGS without the King title($800,000 + retirement) for the speaker-the majority leader- the minority leader and a member of Congress.

  29. I pray that Donald Trump has his own security on top of what the Country provides. There are many that will do anything to make sure he does not get elected. They know what will happen to them. Remember “Chain saw Al” We now should be on our guard as we start towards November. Lots of surprises will face us.

  30. I am against government employee unions in that unlike private sector unions they 1) don’t have an independent management team that is fiscally responsible to go against and 2) at least in the States, Civil Service Commissions were supposed to rule, regulate and set pay. Unlike a public sector employer, a government cannot alter its services or product prices to incorporate any wage hikes. If public employee unions were limited to work rules, safety and other non wage issues, they might be OK.

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