Why do you have to read about this gruesome incident on this BLOG, and not have been made aware of it on all American NATIONAL Media? It was covered on Reuters, it was a main story in England, and on Local NY City News . . . but not with any NATIONAL AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA that I’m aware of. And it’s just not right.


Yesterday (January 10, 2016) . . . I read in the New York Post, how 5-Black men aged between 20 through 30, on Thursday night (January 7, 2015), confronted a man and his 18-year old daughter in a Brooklyn Playground, one of them put a gun to the face of the father, telling him to leave or else, and then they GANG RAPED his 18-year old little girl, when the father ran for help.


By the time the father was able to return with the police, the horror was already done, the daughter had been repeatedly raped, was then brought to the ER, and statements were taken. SO WHAT? . . . THE POOR GIRL WAS STILL RAPED, and for the rest of his life, the father has to live with the memory of him running away, abandoning his daughter to these BASTARDS.

But, under the circumstance, what else could the father have done, other than to run for help, since the bad guys had the gun, and he had BUBKES with which to defend himself and daughter?

As it turns out, there is an excellent video of the RAPISTS, which was taken at a Bodega (Convenience Store) just before the RAPE, meaning there’s a good chance these despicable subhumans will be caught. BUT SO WHAT? . . . SHE WAS STILL GANG RAPED!

And by the time they’re arrested, charged, arraigned, and tried, the water will have been substantially muddied . . . to either get all of them off, some of them off, or slapped on the wrist with insufficient jail-time.

AND THEN THESE FIVE BLACK MEN . . . will become marketing statistics for RACE BAITERS like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, walking in lock-step with WHITE Limousine Liberals, DECRYING the disparity between Black Men and White Men who are incarcerated. Showing the BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS how unfair the system is to the American Black Community at large.


I don’t know the Skin Color of the 18-Year Old Victim, and I won’t guess, because I don’t care, because whatever color she is, would be as equally wrong and barbaric.

BUT . . . THAT SAID – I can literally GUARANTEE, that had the RAPISTS been White Men, holding a gun on a Black Father, so they could GANG RAPE his Black 18-year old little girl . . . IT WOULD BE WALL TO WALL COVERAGE.

And there would have been Obama, shedding a TEAR for the poor girl and her father, perhaps even standing with them on the lawn of the White House, making for a great photo-op, making it a compelling issue for MORE ANTI GUN LAWS.

But – it was 5-Black Men in New York City, where CRAP like this . . . coupled to gang wars, beatings, and murders happen everyday somewhere in Black American Communities, makes it NO BIG DEAL, as if it is life as normal on the Black Streets of America.

SO . . . For Obama and the rest of America’s Leftists, it’s an awful lot easier to LIVE THE LIE, than it s to OWN-UP TO THE TRUTH.

Perhaps . . . had the father been armed, his daughter would not have been raped, and one or more of these savages would be SIX FEET UNDER.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Four in custody so far… One to go. Solid police work. But will the courts follow through?

  2. Because we have been called “racists and bigots” so much for so long, we have cowered under. They have gotten the upper hand to the Liberals delight. They can do what they want, kill a cop, rape a white girl, rob a store, and protest march while looting and burning. That’s alright. Where are the marches and protesters for this girl? where were the protestors for the cop who was killed (failed assination) by a black man? It will cause a revolution, you wil see.

  3. You are so correct. The entire disparity is hideous.
    I am so very sorry for both Dad and daughter.
    Their lives are forever changed. Sounds to me like
    The Muslim “MO” for gang rape. Disgusting.

  4. Since New York Mayor De Blasio has reversed the successful “stop and frisk” police policy, the gangs are emboldened to “pack” with impunity. Of course law abiding citizens cannot. Yes, Mayor De Blasio, we do need common sense policies and laws. This is not those.

  5. The female victim was probably white and we all know that only #blacklivesmatter to the leftist press. You can bet she wouldn’t get a visit from the Attorney General like Michael Brown, who easily could have fit in with the gang of garbage who raped the girl got. This ia another anecdote feeding the ANGER of the majority of decent Americans. Only one candidate for President has the cojones to tackle this head on, and that is Donald J. Trump. We MUST make America great again.

  6. I hope these sub humans will be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law. I am so very heartbroken for the girl and her father that went through this horrendous ordeal.

  7. What is that saying about “better to be carried by six than…”? Bud Farrell

  8. You, my friend, have hit the nail right on the head. The reason this was not covered is that it provides evidence contrary to the liberal lie. This story only supports my belief that I need to be armed every time I leave my house because often even “disenfranchised” individuals (i.e. blacks, Moslems, fill in the blank…) commit horrible acts of evil against mankind. What else can we do to protect ourselves?

  9. I would very much like to say: Unbelievable….although unfortunately, this kind of thing has become entirely believable….and yet, the elite, who are themselves protected, refuse to allow their subjects, (Yes, the word was used purposefully…) to defend themselves….

    The personal grief you highlight, of the young lady and her Father, is the horror and is on the liberals who refuse to allow law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves…in this case again….the bad guys had the g

  10. This just shows the absurdity of gun control. He could have saved his daughter if he was carrying.

  11. I must agree with your point of view. I hope and pray for justice to execute a proper punishment for all of these scumbags, regardless of the color of their skin.

  12. As I understand it is one 14 yer old, to 15 year old and a 17 year old and still looking for the fifth suspect.

  13. If it were Obama and his daughter was gang banged (RAPED) it would have been different. Oh wait, Obama has body guards with “PLENTY OF FIRE POWER (GUNS!) As a father of two young women, I can’t imagine the horrific horror of that father, his daughter & family! NYC SOME OF THE TOUGHEST GUN LAWS AROUND! Nauseated and Sickened! Only cops and bad guys can carry guns there.NOT the law abiding good guys!!! Hey Mayor De Blasio, haven’t heard anything from you! I’d better stop there.

  14. Obvious case of black youth “wilding.” Another consequence of white privilege and our community organizer in chiefs’ racist leadership.

  15. Thanks to Obama and his do nothing Republican enablers who have fully funded his potential Muslim terrorist immigration the U.S. is better armed than any time in its history. It makes me sick to read about the dad and his molested daughter and I fantasize that I wish I had been there to protect them. My wife, granddaughter and I are going to the range this week to hone our pistol skills.

  16. Howard–Investigate murders per 100,000 population in this country and all others. The US is way down the list, over 100th down. Very significant. A three war veteran.

  17. I am sickened by this incident. So sorry for the Dad and Daughter.

  18. It’s not in the news because black on white crime doesn’t count.
    Arm yourselves. Learn to use your weapons. Don’t let this happen to you.
    (Doesn’t have to be a gun.)

  19. Who knows for sure what you would have done given the same situation. But I believe I would have died before I left my daughter to those animals. There would have been gun shots, and hopefully somebody would have heard them.

  20. Whites gang raping a black would be news, because it is a man bites dog story — it seldom if ever happens. But you are correct, the mainstream media does what it can to hide the criminal tendencies of blacks. If New York were all white, crime would drop more than 90 percent. (Not allowed to post a link to prove it.) I guess the 64 dollar question is, how much longer are we going to tolerate it? If blacks can behave peacefully and honestly they can live among us, if not, they must go.

  21. I go nowhere unarmed. I don’t give a fat rat’s patootie where it is–as long as they aren’t walking me through a magnetometer no one will know I have a gun unless I have to use it to defend my life or the lives of others. I’ll take my chances with a jury on an unlawful weapons charge. I think it would be extremely difficult to convict someone who saves a bunch of people’s lives–and I’d be a first offender. I might lose my CCF card when it all shakes out but I’ll still be ALIVE.

  22. ALL LIVES MATTER! The DIVISIVENESS & BITTERNESS which exist in AMERICA today were CAUSED by BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA [AKA Barry] & his LIBERAL followers! Had these racist manifestations been rampant prior to his election, he NEVER WOULD have become president! Obama is full of HATRED and all his ACTIONS are REFLECTED as such! His CROCODILE TEARS have no impact on Conservatives. This NARCISSIST has NO LOVE for anyone [Black or White] but HIMSELF. New HOPE and CHANGE are on the way. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  23. Howard….your perspective is right on as usual. If I can ‘imagine’ myself as the Judge at the perps’ trial, I would be pleased to sentence them to a punishment fitting their crime; ‘to be raped each day for the next year’ by a machine of choice and then ‘out to the yard’ to face a firing squad! Of course, ‘NEW RULES’ (Not by Maher either) have to be established and posted so everyone knows what they are and the consequences that result from such behavior! I’m Not a wrist wringing Canuck I guess

  24. As a left coast resident (CA), this article tells me not to ever live in NYC. Residents there are not allowed to defend themselves and victims are considered the perps. DiBlasio is no more a leader than apologist Obama, and his “warm and fuzzy” policies prove it. According to the leftist NY politicians, the girl and her father had no business being on the playground, and as such, it was their own fault for what happened. I predict probation for these little vermin perps.

  25. Except that the father would be in jail for having and discharged a gun in the city of New York.

  26. Where is the rest of the new media on this? They could give it national coverage and gain audience in the process. The country is desperate for the truth. We need more coordination. The Liberal media has controlled the country too long. It is the truth that sets us free, and only the truth.

  27. The double standard in our legal system has become so blatant it is possible even some liberals might see it! I won’t hold my breath!

  28. Utterly despicable This father is a piece of shit Could not find a knife , a rock , a stick ? What is he doing without protection in an area like this ? idiot ! This is what’s wrong with civilized society as we know it . People run for “help” rather than standing their ground . Poor girl surrounded by BLACK assholes and a dickless parent . I am sure he feels sorry for the offenders and the situation society has put them in !!!!!

  29. There’s good reason why gun sales are soaring daily & it isn’t just our sourly failing & Marxist Whitehouse occupant. We as a people now realize that the unlawful ‘Wild West’ is now is now everywhere USA! God help us, & also let us hope that the dolts that twice voted for Obummer the divider, finally realize what they have done to us!!!

  30. It is time, long overdue, to phase out welfare for no more reason than making a baby without a father in the house. If such welfare were reduced 5% a year over 20 years, the Black situation necessarily would be much less despicable as former welfare takers of all races would have to work and not mindlessly breed, or starve. Either outcome is acceptable to me. I am sick of being extorted by having to pay welfare to indolent idiots. Birth control is readily available.

  31. Forget gun control. Start by banning all guns on TV and Hollywood movies. Today’s kids are hardened
    by seeing people being killed every day on TV and some think nothing of shooting almost anyone..

  32. I know it has already happened with the whole PC whitewashing of Murica and Cana-duh, but when exactly did “FACTS” become racist remarks and not facts? Don’t dare state any facts about black crime, muslim terrorism/rapes or any other racial profiles or you shall anger the gods (UN, CNN, Lib-tards, Race Baiters, Human Right Commissions & 99% of the print/e media). I hope these 5 perps enjoy being raped in prison daily as much as they did to this poor girl -or am I being racist here? So confusing.

  33. I have had a CCW for over 40 years and carry everywhere it is legal. I have been comforted to know I had it on two occasions and have had my had on it on one occasion. None of those times did anyone know I was armed. I have had fire insurance on my home for 45 years and never have need it. In both examples, I would never forgive myself if I needed either and did not have it.

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