Obama Has His Sights Set On A REALLY Big Prize



Over the last number of years, how many times have you heard or read how Obama was going to stage some kind of National CRISIS, which would enable him to declare Martial Law, and negate the November 2016 Election?


We have enough REAL crap to deal with, without contriving non-existing issues, such as Obama usurping the American Constitution to permanently install himself as the titular leader of the United States of America . . . FOR LIFE, as if American Patriots would just stand-by and allow that to happen.

And to give teeth to this Conspiracy, there’s always someone who has inside information, who quotes obscure parts of the Constitution that supposedly spells-out where Obama would have the authority to seize power . . . and to add “legitimacy” to the conspiracy, is how many rounds of ammunition this federal, or that federal agency bought, as if the bullets were bought for a nefarious reason.


I have imagined for more than just quite a while, that once Obama’s term is done, and he can no longer screw with America from within, he will make a run for the Leadership of the United Nations, which, from what I can garner, he’s already quietly campaigning for.

THINK ABOUT IT . . . From the moment Obama became President, his greatest global initiative was to diminish the USA, traveling worldwide, apologizing for American EXCEPTIONALISM, while LEADING FROM BEHIND on key global issues.


Why do you think Obama did this? And still does, if not to position himself as a SELF-HATING American, to be loved and accepted by an American-Hating LEFTIST World?

AND WHY WOULD I BELIEVE this is a real possibility, and not just another cockamamie Internet Conspiracy?


From what I’ve read from reliable sources, including Arab publications written in English or translated into English, and in some Israeli publications, Israel’s Prime Minister has become fully engaged in a campaign to keep Obama out of the UN, by petitioning moderate Arab States, and not so moderate Arab States like Saudi Arabia, to block Obama from winning this position.

ISRAEL . . . Especially from Netanyahu’s perspective, is not going to quietly walk away from Obama’s Presidency, after what Obama did to Israel over the past seven-year period, specifically culminating with Obama’s excremental Iranian Agreement.

And neither will Egypt, Jordan, the Gulf Arab States and much of Eastern Europe, which Obama either threw to the Moslem Brotherhood or Russian Wolves, depending on one’s perspective.

But all of that said; there are plenty of KISS-ASS European Western States, plus Scandinavian Countries, and plenty of African Countries and Moslem States, and Canada (under this current Prime Minister), which hate Israel and Conservative USA, knowing that Obama will continue along the same Socialist Path the LOSER COUNTRIES love, if he becomes the Secretary General of the UN.

And how can Iran ever sufficiently pay Obama back, for what Obama has done for them?

THE CONSERVATIVE FREE, and not so free world has plenty to fear from an Obama Leadership at the United Nations, where there would be no one other than a Conservative American government to stop him from becoming a self-appointed Global Emperor, RULING by FIAT.

AND ONE OF THE BIGGEST LOSERS to an Obama UN Leadership, without question, would be Israel, who Obama has insulted and bullied, literally from the day he became President of the United States, by making unfathomable demands on the Jewish State, while totally ignoring the egregiously uncivilized and murderous behavior of the so-called Palestinians.

So, just imagine how the World would treat Israel if Obama headed the UN . . . Israel is not about to sit idly by waiting to find out.

NOW IMAGINE IF CLINTON should win the White House, and Obama should win the Untied Nations, we better all hunker down, ‘cause it will become substantially worse than just unpleasant.


If a Conservative Republican should win the White House this November, closing the FINANCIAL TAP to the United Nations would be one of the best things a Conservative President could and should do.


IMAGINE THIS GREAT IRONY . . . Obama becomes the Secretary General of the United Nations, only to have it defunded by Conservative Americans, led alongside a Conservative Israeli Prime Minister.

Some things are just too sweet to imagine.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am really CONFUSED! Are you saying that everybody who follows the Islamic faith is an extremist and a terrorist? Are all muslim men, women and children, without exception, all extremists who, in the final analysis, want to wage war against everyone else who is a non-muslim? Is there an agreed upon universal plot accepted by all Muslims to take over the world and eradicate the rest of us? Do all Muslims in the world celebrate when a non-muslim is killed? Howard Galganov, kindly reply publicly?

  2. Yep Howard I think you’re spot on. Obama, in his own mind, has outgrown the office. He won’t attempt to stay president when he can do more international damage (transformation) at the UN.

  3. Just as so many signs I saw in Oklahoma and far West Texas said when I got transferred from Pa. to Texas in 1969, “GET THE US OUT OF THE U.N!” NOWS THE TIME…better late than NEVER! Bud Farrell, Texas

  4. To borrow something from the blond haired MSNBC shill for Obama, “this would give me a tingling feeling down my leg.”

    On the other hand big boys don’t get tingling feelings down their legs so maybe I should just say it would make me beyond happy if the UN was cut off from American funds and Obama was made the head whatever they call them at this waste of time organization.

  5. I received this from 2 FB friends and didn’t post as I didn’t trust it’s potential, thought it was rumor with no meaning. Now that I hear it from the MASTER i am “highly concerned”. His hatred for America is evident, and will stop at nothing to take us down. this is “EVIL IN IT’S PUREST FORM”. AND WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES. We need TRUMP AND CRUZ two of our strongest to take Obama on even when he’s out of office!

  6. I have been saying this for over a year, because? if he were to resign as President before his trum is up and have that fool VP place in line for the UN I believe this could happen. what do you think? thanks for you in put

  7. Remember all of the money in the Clinton Foundation. Are they going to help starving people, or starve people with that?

  8. Right on as usual Howard! I doubt that Obama ever had an original thought, but he will surely do whatever George Soros and his fellow socialists tell him to do! We definitely need to clean house in Washington DC!

  9. Obama has been going after the UN job for years, it’s no secret he wants to be UN Secretary General after he leaves the White House. Pray to GOD it never happens.

  10. If Trump wins and the US were to stop its major funding of the UN—perhaps they would go broke and or kick us out—at which point we could take over the building and make it into something useful and money making—like a Trump Hotel. The UN could then move to the South Pole and listen to re-runs of Al and Obama global warming speeches—as they collectively froze to death. Don Lott, Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

  11. One wonders if the US Presidency was for Obama, just a stepping stone to the UN?

  12. At what point did we all decide that because someone was “elected ” he gets to do other than what he was voted in to do ?
    Something amiss here . Demi-gods of all stripe seem to be running the world . As opposed to serving the people , managing the economy , keeping taxpayers safe : they all go about trying to redesign , change , alter , manipulate through the media the system and electorate that supposedly gave them the job. Time for some new Job Descriptions and Imposed Exit Strategies.

  13. Regularly, I write my senators and congressman, requesting that they sponsor bills which would defund the UN and remove the US from said organization. I suggest that all of your US readers to do same. I see nothing but negative value of the UN to the US. I see little value received by Canada. That is the business of Canada and my far left Ottawa area FB friends who seem to have the attitude that if it is good for the US, it must be bad for Canada.

  14. OMG, Howard you are right!!! I really thought, there would be martial law in the USA, but, being Secretary General of the UN has global implications! Is the USA the main financial supporter of the UN? Hey, I have been wanting the USA to pull all financial support for decades. But, doesn’t the EU give financial support? Could the USA convince other countries to stop giving financial support? I think, all of these are fair questions.

  15. This is a goal of his and his master. He is a narcissist. What better way to destroy the US as he would have knowledge of all our secrets and Secret service protection? And to attempt to destroy Israel with the power of the united nuts. We should not only defund UN but give it 72 hours to clear out all offices before destruction.

  16. After yet again reading a direct and pointed Blog, reading the other comments, I don’t have a thing to add. I say without a doubt “I AGREE” I did have to look up the word “Nefarious” Gonna add that to my vocabulary.This country stands at one of the most important crossroads it was once at since Our Revolutionary War! If all is unheeded, the United States of America will cease to exist as it once was! Obama personifies, “Power Corrupts Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”! Thanks Howard.

  17. I have always felt that the USA contribution to run the bed sheet crowd in NYC should be reduced by 1/2. I really feel it would be great to see Obama as head of that bunch. With his ability to destroy, the UN would be out of business in six months.

  18. Hi, As far as I am concerned, he will be a good preacher with Farrakhan.
    Unfortunately the Conservatives have done nothing to stop him until now.
    Steve Acre

  19. To quote “The Great One” Mark Levin, “you wouldn’t hear about this story from the lying, dishonest, and openly biased Praetorian Guard mainstream media”. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight, Howard. I would love for you to do a full commentary on the upcoming January 14th GOP debate, which will undoubtedly be the best one yet. Has modern history ever seen such great competition between conservative thinkers and leaders?

  20. Barry’s declaring Martial Law is not so far-fetched because he and his “buddy, Rahm” THRIVE on CRISES! On a positive note, however Tuesday, 1/12/16, is the beginning of the END for Barry because one year from now, he’ll no longer “RULE” our Country. The PEOPLE will truly have TEARS OF JOY when he is out of office, and HIS tears will be REAL this time, due his loss of POWER. Meanwhile, he still has some time left to do more damage, so Congress must be alert to his DECEITFUL TACTICS. AMEN

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