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I strongly believe in gun safety . . . to the point of making it mandatory to pass a basic safety Test to own guns. BUT, THAT SAID – Given a choice between mandatory Gun Safety, OR the RIGHT to own and carry a gun, which is GUARANTEED by the US 2nd Amendment . . .


Anne is incredibly well versed in Gun Safety, and is a very good shot under a myriad of circumstances. But, yesterday, after her 2-Hour 65th Birthday Present, which was a Session with a Texas-PRO-Shooting Instructor, she was scoring repeated Bull’s-Eyes at two different distances and multiple heights. It was very impressive.

She shot so well . . . that not to be outdone by Anne on the range, I’ve decided to treat myself to a 2-Hour Session with the same great Instructor, because, no matter how good we think we are, we are never so good, that there’s no room for improvement.


The fact that the vast majority of the MEDIA are giving a PASS to Clinton’s LIES and BALONEY, says all that needs to be said about the Media. And no matter how often I write about the dishonesty of the Media, it can’t be written about too much.

I won’t go through the litany of Hillary Clinton’s known lies, from the time she first came onto the scene – such as: deceits, unanswered questions about things like Whitewater, her humongous trade deal that turned a $1,000 investment into a $100,000 profit on a cattle future, while Bill was the Governor of Arkansas.

I won’t delve into Hilary Clinton’s failed term as Secretary Of State, and the mess we’ve come to know as Benghazi, where there are more questions than there are answers. And I won’t write about the BIG LIE about the infamous video, because everyone with a brain knows the stories.

And I won’t write about the MEGA-MEGA-MILLION-DOLLAR Clinton Foundation tied to a plethora of REAL BAD POLITICAL & CORPORATE BAD ACTORS.


But, what I will write about . . . is the MEDIA, who are in my opinion – best described as enablers to the despicable political and entitled class – rich and poor alike, who’ve crossed the line generations ago, by becoming cheerleaders and liars for the LEFTIST and SELL-OUT ruling class.

THEN AGAIN . . . who’s the Media? Are they not part of the TOO BIG TO FAIL crowd? So big and wealthy, that they’re also the Tail Wagging The Dog?


The more I speak to people on the street about issues ranging from Obamacare, Gun Rights and Welfare, which is no longer called welfare for fear of offending someone living off my dime, and Freedom of Expression . . . the more astounded I am by the depths of ignorance of the population, and how easy it is for soft uninformed minds to be coopted by the Media, by what sounds like reasonable accommodations, but in all reality, is nothing more than YELLOW JOURNALISM.

IN RESPONSE TO OBAMA’S WAR AGAINST THE SECOND AMENDMENT . . . we should all refer to Benjamin Franklin’s Quote:

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety . . .

. . . which are words that fall on deaf ears, amongst people who are ignorant of the real world, because they’ve been indoctrinated for generations to live in a pretend world created by political powerbrokers . . . with the unabated aid of the Media.


We have witnessed, how RINOS running for the Nomination of the Republican Party, and amongst their supporters and Republican Party Insiders have repeatedly CLAIMED that neither Trump nor Cruz could beat Clinton . . . WHY?

IN FACT . . . I believe – without a shadow of a doubt, that either Trump or Cruz will EVISCERATE Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, because thus far, it seems that neither of these two men can be bought or controlled by the Media.

Actually, what makes them so dangerous to the Media and the Insiders . . . is how much both of these men have utter public disdain for the Media and the Insiders.

WHEN I SEE AND HEAR MEN LIKE CARL ROVE AND JOHN SUNUNU, both of whom were, and still are amongst the epitome of Republican Insiders, rail against Trump, pronouncing the worst they can about him and his chances to win, all I see and hear is desperation about the real possibility that if Trump wins, they will lose their incredible privileges, which regular people like you and I can never dream of having.


So here’s what we hear on the media . . . The attacker was a RADICALIZED Moslem.

Oh yeah? . . . How about that he was just a Moslem, and let the Moslem community explain the reasons for his motivation. Why are our Leaders and Media always apologizing for, and explaining away murders, rapes and mayhem carried out by Moslems in the name of Islam, Mohamed and Allah?


The IDIOT Mayor of Philadelphia did more to defend the Moslem Community at the first press conference dealing with this attack, than he showed outrage about the Officer who was targeted for execution at the hands of a MOSLEM.


It takes courage to stand-up, speak-up, and stand-out . . . And that’s why Trump and Cruz are doing as well as they are. And that’s why Conservative Talk Radio is doing as well as it does. And even though FOX News, which is not the same FOX News that came on-air a decade ago, is also doing well nonetheless.

And that’s why BLOGS like GALGANOV.COM are doing well too.


We’re On The Offense . . . so let’s not stop fighting. And lets turn up the heat and bring all of their feet to the fire. It’s them or us. It’s now or never. And believe it or not, if we all do what we can to SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT, no matter how insignificant you might think you are . . . YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank You for all you do for WE the People. We have to get this Country back and on the right track this time.

  2. Thank you Howard for all you do. The Truth WILL PREVAIL & you have aided in this happening. God Bless You, Anne, & April the cat.. Your family. God Bless America, Canada, & Israel.

  3. I understand that the Muslim POS fired 11 9mm rounds into the police officer at close range. The cop was hit with few rounds (I believe 3) and he will be ok. The Muslim should face a firing squad and I nominate Annie Oakley Galganov to the center position.
    Trust me… if I had that terrorist at the same close range, I would be much more effective with less ammo spent. Stay sharp and keep your powder dry. The war is on. We didn’t start it but we must end it – with victory, unlike the Pretendent

  4. From CBS Philly: Mayor Kenney said, “In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen. It is terrible and it does not represent the religion in any way, shape or form or any of its teachings. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”
    Sounds like he was more afraid of offending Moslems than he was concerned about this young cop nearly being assassinated in cold blood

  5. You are correct Howard. Let’s also not forget Vince Foster and all the funerals that have not been tracked to the Clintons. Yet.

  6. Sir, you speak of, “THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN”, “THESE ISSUES ARE JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG”, “PEOPLE WANT THE TRUTH . . . AND ARE TURNING AWAY FROM THE LIES”. I’d like to hear what you have to say about what’s going on with those patriots in Burns, Oregon, with the Bundy’s and the Hammonds. It seems to me this is one of the most important and central issues to the Constitutional Republic of America, and Canada today – because of what it implies…and where this can go! Agenda 21…

  7. The media certainly has its own agenda: Washington Post asks Trump about Cruze being eligible to be Pres. Trump passes on the question. CNN’s Blitzer asks the same, and Trump suggests Cruze gets a court judgement to avoid controversy. Next thing you hear is CNN pronouncing that Trump “brought up the question of whether Cruse was a natural born American”. The deck is stacked against anyone but Hillary or Sanders. Disgusting.

  8. Our PM, Justin Trudeau gave an interview and stated that no matter if ISIS bombed us we would not retaliate by bombing them. That our best defence is a multicultural and integrated secular society is our best defence against them. I have paraphrased this but that’s it in a nutshell. I hope Canadians take the shooting of this police officer as a warning to us to be vigilant; and just what kind of PM they voted in, one like Obama who cannot see the problem that is before them. God Bless Us All.

  9. While I have been very intent on following politics in my own (USA) country, I must admit that I have been ignorant for many years about our neighbors to the North. Howard, a definite blessing (of many) from reading your articles is that I have gained a very negative opinion of the present Canadian political “leaders” but that has been balanced by reading with such enthusiasm the patriotic, level-headed comments of your Canadian readers. Well done, neighbors!


  10. lThank you for writing what needs to be said. If every American would read the Constitution they would find that Congress has been passing laws not the way that is stated. Congress is 435 Representatives and 100 Senators. If I read the document correctly no law can be passed unless 100% of the members vote yes!!! The same with Supreme Court s it is 9 Justices all of which have to vote as one. Nothing in our Constitution say anything about majority rule. “We the people” is 100% nothing less.

  11. “Radicalization”, the new “key” word (talking point) right out of the White House! Obama would have you believe that a “Muslem” is peaceful, that only a “radicalized” Muslem would kill you…..BS!!! Islam IS NOT a peaceful religion, it’s not even a “religion” at all!

  12. Thank you Howard for your insight and discernment! To add anything that I would have, would be redundant. Congratulations to Anne. How’d you do on the course? 🙂 I will say this, one of our Presidents Thomas Jefferson had to deal with Muslim issues back in the late 1700’s & if I’m not mistaken early 1800’s. Dealt with it he indeed did, along with the rest of the then Americans.

  13. Do the words IMPEACHMENT, TREASON, CONVICTIONS, sound more familiar and appropriate now than they did during the – HOPEFULLY – LAST Clinton Presidency…perhaps a “TRIFECTA” coming! NOW Trump & Cruz have something to fight and PRESIDE over! Bud Farrell, Georgetown, Texas

  14. People are ALREADY on the OFFENSIVE, as proven by the massive TRUMP support. Those who fear him the most are ALL ESTABLISHED Washington politicians [Republicans & Democrats] because they know that WHEN HE IS ELECTED, he will perform a BIG CLEANUP, which is DESPERATELY NEEDED! The DEMOCRAT debates are a BIG JOKE. HILLARIOUS will be VERBALLY destroyed by TRUMP, as she will have met her match! KUDOS to the Philadelphia Cop! MOSLEM is the key word vs. MUSLIM—check their DEFINITIONS everyone! AMEN!

  15. Spot on, Howard! I am going way back to the 1950’s – My mom & her boyfriend went to a Skeet Turkey Shoot, bottom line, she got 25/25 & he got 23/25. She was also, blind in her right eye, so shot left handed, even though she was right handed. GO ANNE!!! Mom loved her double barrel shotgun, especially, for bird shooting. For larger game, she used a 30-30 which had a left handed bolt. No, I don’t shot or hunt, but, I do understand the importance of being a gun owner.

  16. New media-Rush, Levine, Bloggers, etc need to coordinate more. They can make conservative books, web sites, etc available to millions more. We need to win the media war.

  17. Howard – You nailed it. You described the elephant in the big room…I’m referring to your paragraph with the heading, “Radicalized my Ass”. Excellent! The balance of your comments were also on the money.

  18. Howard, congratulations to Anne on her shooting score, I hope you did as well? I am 72 years old and grew up with a 22 rifle in the house and my father taught me how to shoot and as we lived in a rural area it was quite safe. My brother and I thought nothing of it and in high school we had a shooting club which nobody thought anything about either. When did it all go bad and when did the laws go against our rights as citizens? I envy Americans for their 2 amendment, I wish we had the same.

  19. All I can add to your editorial Howard is , “ditto” and hope the naivety of a large part of American people start to see through these Parasites. ( As here in Canada too)

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