He’s Full Of Bull – Crocodile Tears And All


Believe it or not, being a Canadian and having a different perspective on GUN OWNERSHP, I don’t really have a problem with some of what Obama wants in terms of Gun Laws, with several very significant exceptions.

What bothers me with Obama’s FIATS, is how he believes that he is an Imperial President, above and beyond the RIGHTS of the American People through Congress.

And I also know, beyond doubt, that Obama will use every benign trick up his LEFTIST sleeve, to push open the door just a crack, in order to get fully inside, and then do his damage.


1 – In Canada, getting the RIGHT to own a gun, especially a RESTRICTED Weapon, which includes all Hand Guns as long as the barrel is longer than 4”, and just about any kind of rifle that even resembles what is considered to be an Assault Rifle, requires a special 5-Year automatically renewable permit, called an RPAL (Restricted Purchase & Acquisition License).

Without an RPAL, no Canadian, including police officers, can purchase, or even handle a Firearm outside of a certified range, under the close supervision of the holder of an RPAL.

Here’s an example of how controlled our gun rights are . . . or lack thereof. If a cop and I were to go to a gun and ammunition counter at a retail store, with my RPAL, I can handle every gun and round of ammunition behind the counter. But, without an RPAL, the cop cannot touch any of it, even if he or she is in uniform. And more than that, he or she cannot buy ammunition.

2 – To get an RPAL, you have to take an extensive GUN OWNERSHIP COURSE, from a Federally Certified Instructor, which covers an awful lot of ground, from handling, loading, ammunition types, and HANDS-ON knowledge of Shot Guns, Semi Automatic, Bolt Action, Pump Action, Lever Action, Break Action, Pistols and Revolvers.

You also need to know how to identify different calibers of bullets, different types of loads, different jackets, and match the bullets to the guns. And you’re expected to know how to handle all of the bullets and guns safely.

We have to train how to clear jams, deal with Stove Pipes, and recognize a Squib, which is a semi fired round that is still in the chamber.

3 – You also have to physically PROVE how to transport a gun under/over fences, down ditches, on a walk through the forest, and how to hand-off a gun to a friend.

4 – And we are pounded from the first sentence in the lengthy course, to each paragraph of the course, and at every juncture, how to PROVE a gun is Unloaded and Safe, which encompasses how to hand a gun to someone, and how to take a gun from someone, with each person proving the gun is SAFE.

5 – Then there are two written exams to get the RPAL, of 50 questions each, where a pass is 80% PLUS in each.

BUT TO CAP IT ALL OFF . . . before you get your RPAL, the person you live with, or are separated from, has to sign off to the RCMP (Royal Canadians Mounted Police), that he or she is aware of the fact that you are applying for an RPAL, and he or she has no objections.

Then you have to provide the names of three Canadian Citizens, over the age of 18, who have known you for a minimum of 2 years, who are willing to attest on your behalf, of your character and mental stability.

AND FINALLY . . . there’s the Telephone Interview with representatives of the RCMP . . . but only after everything has passed muster . . . AND THEN, once you receive your RPAL in the mail, you have the right to purchase, own, and fire a RESTRICTED weapon, and from there, that’s where the Canadian system GOES DOWNHILL.

I like the acquisition part of our Canadian system, because it makes for much more knowledgeable and safer gun owners . . . BUT THAT’S IT – Because, there are so many restrictions on how we store our guns, transport our guns, and where we can use them, that outside of a certified shooting range, owning a restricted gun in Canada is absolutely useless.

And even for hunting . . . In Canada, it’s against the law to hunt with a handgun.


If a RAPIST MURDERER, was to break into our house, and Anne used a restricted weapon to shoot the perpetrator to save her life, she would be arrested for discharging her weapon in self-defense, because her gun has to be unloaded at all times, with a trigger lock, stored in a locked room, or in a locked gun cabinet. HOW’S THAT FOR NUTS?

AND AS FAR AS ANY KIND OF CARRY IN CANADA . . . It’s against the law for us to carry as much as an unloaded BB Gun.


To import our guns, with up to 10,000 rounds of ammunition, all we needed to do was to apply to the ATF for the RIGHT to transport our guns into the USA. We had to fill out forms which included non-intrusive personal information, the make, model, and serial numbers of the guns, and the make model, place of origin of the ammunition.

Anne and I cannot carry, because we are not US Citizens, and are not in the US on protracted Visas, but we do have every other right, which is available to American Citizens, who are not unfortunate enough to be living in GUN RESTRICTED States like New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, California amongst others, to enjoy and use our guns.

When crossing the Border from Canada into the USA, as always, we declared our guns and ammunition to the border guard, and as always, we were pulled-over for an inspection, which meant looking at the ATF forms, perhaps checking one or more of the guns to match serial numbers, and a chat about our differences in gun RIGHTS.

Inevitably, it comes down to friendly discussions on gun preferences, and each time, a friendly warning from the Homeland Border Security Guards, about the worries associated with transporting our guns through the State of New York, where we cross, which is amongst the least Gun Friendly States in the Union.

This time when we crossed, two of the Border Guards made it very clear to Anne and myself, that the moment we crossed into America, we were fully protected by the US Constitution, giving us amongst all the Amendments . . . 2nd Amendment, the 4th Amendment, and 5th Amendment RIGHTS . . . and the Federal RIGHT to transport our guns across the USA. So don’t be bullied.

But once we got into Pennsylvania . . . it’s Second Amendment all the way.


And for Anne’s 65th Birthday, I bought her two hours with one of Texas’ number one shooting instructors, which she will thoroughly enjoy this coming Thursday.

BECAUSE WE SHOOT IN BOTH COUNTRIES . . . Anne and I see a very pronounced difference between knowledge and discipline. In Canada, literally everyone who shoots understands range safety, which isn’t necessarily as evident in the USA. But we never feel threatened.

I don’t know what kind of background checks are carried out in the USA for new gun owners, but in Canada, it’s national, and the RCMP try to be as thorough as possible. And to the very best of my knowledge, NO ONE IS DENIED the RIGHT to purchase, own and shoot a gun, who has passed all the requirements.

AND ONCE WE RECEIVE OUR RPAL . . . we can buy as many guns as we wish, with as much ammunition we can store.


In Texas . . . Anne and I are members of the Eagle Peak Shooting Range in Leander, in the Hill Country near Austin, where we shoot quite a bit amongst friends. One of the things at Eagle Peak, and at other really good shooting ranges in the USA where we shoot, is the number of women, young and older, many of which are novices, and many like Anne, who have honed their skills.


There are days when Anne and I show up at the range, when almost, as many shooters are women, as there are men, and they are not yahoos. Most of them are well turned-out, some are very attractive, and are obviously serious about what they’re doing. And many of them are either by themselves, or with other women.


I like the Canadian system for its professional requirements of competence. I also like the Canadian system because of its in-depth background checks . . . and that’s it.

BUT IN SPITE OF THOSE DIFFERENCES . . . I love the American system, because it doesn’t assume people wanting to own guns need to have BIG BROTHER looking over their shoulder, and in MOST States, all people can carry their guns, mostly wherever they go.

I LIKE THE IDEA . . . that in most of the USA, wanting to own and carry a gun doesn’t make you a mental deviant, to be feared in the eye of the government, as it does in Canada, where gun owners are far too often too intimidated to speak about owning guns.

SO, FOR ALL THE GOOD . . . Canada’s system provides in terms of getting the RPAL, it doesn’t hold a candle to America’s SECOND AMENDMENT.


MOSTLY . . . it was a Press conference about nothing. Obama didn’t say anything new, nor did he set in motion anything that was really objectionable that the States won’t ignore anyway . . . and the new Republican President after November 2016 won’t dismiss.

What it was . . . was nothing short of another Obama opportunity to once again perform on stage in front of the cameras.


To me, the most obscene part of his press conference was his CROCODILE TEARS . . . and for theatrical effect, the staged pause in his speech, with his head slanted down to show his contrived grief.

SO WE HAVE TO ASK . . . Where were, and are Obama’s tears, every time a BLACK child is murdered in Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson, Baltimore, Washington DC, Los Angeles and other Black communities, where Blacks are wiping out Blacks, and are sending the American Murder Rate through the roof?

MAYBE . . . Obama should pass an Executive Order BANNING Black Americans from owning guns, and then, like magic, the American Gun Murder Rate would fall like a rock, since every statistic says that the ENORMOUS Majority of Gun Violence is in the above mentioned Black Communities.

I would like to see a combination of Gun Rules in Canada and the USA, but since that will never be, Anne and I are thrilled to be here in America, enjoying the Freedom of the Second Amendment, which gives even to us . . . Canadians, who could otherwise never hope for this type of FREEDOM on our side of the 49th Parallel, with our Canadian registered guns.

God Bless America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with your reference to the “black” death issue. However in the PC BS world that the states have become making such statements, true statements, could potentially get you into a lot of trouble with those who simply cannot or will not accept facts and statistics. Planning to purchase a Glock 43. Been many years since I have handled a weapon so I elected to be “retrained” before the purchase. Guess I am one of those crazy gun nuts. Enjoy your visit to Texas.

  2. What part of the second ammendment do you not understand. Whether you think it is reasonable or not is immaterial. It is either Constitutional or Un-constitutional. Sort of like what part of illegal aliens do we not understand. Now as an alien, you have no rights in the U.S. except those granted to you in each State by law or in the U. S. by treaty. I bet you did not know that.

  3. Tears of SELF sympathy or CONSCIENCE…regarding how he has virtually screwed up everything GOOD about this country and where the hell is he going to go in Exile in January 2017 to protect HIS family from the damage he will have done? More than likely regrets REGARDING what the HELL WILL HE Have left UNDONE, allowing us to eventually make our country recoverable!! Bud Farrell

  4. Then you have to provide the names of three Canadian Citizens, over the age of 18, who have known you for a minimum of 2 years, who are willing to attest on your behalf, of your character and mental stability.
    This is the way it use to be in America. When my brother-in-law wanted to become a US Citizen many acquaintances we interviewed, including my hubby and me. My hubby and I were his SPONSORS. We would have been held accountable for his actions.
    This is how it should be again. MYPOV

  5. No one ever speaks of the 2nd largest terrorist attack in North America when obama and eric holder
    ran 2500 guns to Mexico resulting in the deaths of over 400 people. None of their mothers
    are ever up on stage with obama. That’s one gun loop hole congress should pass and let
    obama sign it into law. Maybe even retroactively like they do on our tax laws. Sterling Heights, Michigan

  6. I go nowhere unarmed. I’ve held a CFF permit for nearly 20 years and have been armed the entire time. My husband will NOT come home early as a surprise because he knows that would turn me into a rich widow. The only place I do not go with a gun is a courthouse and the STERILE area of an airport. I got lots of TSA attention for filling out the form “Declaration of Firearm In Checked Baggage” and I don’t fly anymore because I got tired of their BS. I travel via Town Car with gun close at hand.

  7. Several media commentators picked up on Obama putting his hand to his nose and eyes minutes before the tears. All agree he had chopped onions in that hand. He has never shed a tear. Comments at Reagan’s funeral was that he was gracious and courteous, but very cold. He is a liar in Chief. Anyone buying a gun from the internet knows that it is shipped to a legal gun dealer, you go pick it up and have a background check before you get it. He appeals to the uninformed and “don’t cares”

  8. One would wonder why this is on the top of BHO2’s priority list together with Climate Control. What is he up too? I know the reason for the first but what is the Climate distraction. I am sure he will ramp up on HIS POLICIES in 2016. None will be in the interest of the United States and its people.

  9. I watched the Phoney-in Chief and did not buy the tears for one minute. The most disingenuous “leader” ever and I honestly would not dismiss the onion thing. Thanks for having the courage to put in print what many of us thought.

    Probably wants an Oscar to go with his Nobel Prize. At least the Oscar would be deserved.

    As a Canadian it is irrational to detest him as I do, but I do.

    Robert Turnbull,
    Richmond BC

  10. HG you understanding of Ca. Gun Laws is accurate They have not always existed: Pre 1968 there was ONE :Handguns
    were supposed to be registered , but generally were not , unless purchased from a gunshop. Anyone could own one , no sanctioned training, no checks . You could carry a pistol while hunting with a long gun . There were NO “gun problems” pre 68. So all the Bull getting a PAL/RPAL is just that AND monitoring by Elitists , who all have armed protection by the way vs the RPAL unwashed !

  11. Your description of the interchange with the two border people and their assurance to you of your rights under the Constitution made me feel proud. I had begun to wonder if anyone associated with our federal government is not the enemy. It seems that every Canadian friend bought into Obama’s pontification/performance.. I know/believed that they are not stupid but they never check facts. Every one thinks that the US should be an image of far left Canada. The overall good. The new world order..

  12. Shedding tears on demand is not a problem for me. I just think of who Americans elected to lead our once-great country for 8 painful years. The tears flow…

  13. Howard,
    You are somewhat naive. Look up the gun regulation of the “Third Reich”. Canada isn’t much different from Australia with the required registration and restrictions. At any time the government can pull the plug and require gun confiscation and they have no problem because, through registration, they know where the guns are. My advice to you is to leave some firearms in the US with a trusted source. “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”.

  14. Barry’s tears were definitely CROCODILE ones. I too, wondered what kind of SUBSTANCE he had on his fingers that would have CAUSED his tears??? He is the ACTOR-IN-CHIEF and belongs in HOLLYWOOD. It would be a great place for him to move to in JANUARY 2017! Peggy/San Antonio–I specifically replayed that portion of his speech to observe his hand-finger movements prior to his TEARING. How anyone could claim that his tears were REAL and meaningful is beyond me, especially since he lies so much! AMEN

  15. You are absolutely correct Howard. Have a great time at the range.

  16. Every new gun law should be fought vigorously. It is nothing more complicated than the story about the frog in the boiling water. The argument that the new law is just a small, reasonable, restriction no longer flies. Nothing suggested would have prevent any of the shootings Obama cried about. We now have over 300,000,000 guns in private, law abiding, hands and crime is lower than ever. More guns, less crime. It is a fact everywhere it is tried. Don’t believe the liberal lies.

  17. In Canada, non-gun owners, who share the same opinion of gon owners [should] often speak about owning guns with having less intimidated to do so. And I do agree that there should be more education, “ONLY”, on knowing and handling guns, here in the USA, given at shooting range, organizations, (being well known, respected and trusted), to teach, the people, not relying on and giving another gov’t crack to get-in, subtly and break-our-rights.

  18. Not to mention Bill from Alabama that if I am not correct please let me know Howard, you had stated in an earlier article that you and Anne hold Dual Citizenship. But that being said you guys are far from being an illegal alien for goodness sake. Lol

  19. “The camel’s nose is in the tent…” This was the first step towards more stringent steps towards the ultimate goal, confiscation.

  20. I’ll be happy to sponsor you and Anne. Just let me know what I need to do.

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