LIKE A VENEREAL DISEASE . . . Obama’s Arab Spring Keeps On Giving


The Clinton/Obama Arab Spring is like a Witch’s Brew bubbling in a cauldron, as it’s about to explode, bringing chaos to our world, which is already on the brink of perdition.

Obama/Clinton threw Israel under the bus. They bushwhacked Egypt’s Mubarak, catapulting the Moslem Brotherhood from the Sinai Desert to the Front Door of Obama’s White House, right into the Oval Office.

Obama/Clinton gave rise to anarchy in Libya, and handed Iraq over to Iran, discarding the Blood, Sacrifice, Treasure and Soul of American Soldiers, their Families and Loved Ones . . . all for the equivalence of empty promises.

The Syrians crossed Obama’s RED LINE . . . and are still crossing it, especially now that Russia has stepped in at Obama’s Personal Beach, to kick sand in the face of America’s Feckless 98-Pound Weakling President.


Obama and Clinton can say whatever they want . . . BUT IT IS – WHAT IT IS. And what it is . . . is nothing short of an international catastrophic disaster for America and the FREE world, of this duos own making.

It represents nothing less than the absolute abandonment of American EXCEPTIONALISM . . . and the squandering of American, Canadian, British and Australian lives; brave men and women all – who fought, suffered, bled and died for Afghanis to be FREE, just so Obama and Clinton could give it all away.


MONTY PYTHON’S FLYING CIRCUS . . . couldn’t have created a more BIZARRE situation, than what we are witnessing before us, where Saudi Arabia’s best shot of surviving, seems to be with the Saudi’s most publicly hated FOE . . . ISRAEL.

TALK ABOUT TURNAROUND . . . Because of Obama, East has become West, North has become South, Up has become Down, Down has become Up, and RIGHT HAS BECOME WRONG, where Prior to Obama, in a thousand years, no one would have ever imagined that Saudi Arabia’s best, and perhaps ONLY chance of surviving a war against its enemies, would be ISRAEL’S CAVALRY, riding in . . . one way or another to their rescue.

THE WAY I SEE IT . . . Obama has so screwed everything-up, in such a multitude of unfathomable ways, that he has no clue who America will or should support, as the ISLAMIC FORCES OF EVIL CONVERGE.

Perhaps the PROPHECY is true . . . and maybe it can’t happen without Obama, who seems to be destined to be the catalyst, to bring the world to its knees before EVIL IS VANQUISHED on a Biblical Scale at the Battle of Armageddon.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Charlie Hebdo’s main cartoonist said:” I would rather die standing up than on my knees”. That phrase best describes Howard Galganov. Thank you for coming to our manifestation last summer to help fight with us. It’s a wonder you are still alive. Wish you were still in Quebec, we need rights leadership…de Courcy, the ex PQ Minister who wanted to pass another law (Bill 14) restricting English for business, is now wanting to impose “French only” rules in school’s corridors and school yards.

  2. Perhaps the prophecy is true? Read Revelation the countries in scripture are lining up Howard. God bless you.

  3. Yes and the folly will only intensify in the next 11 months …On his latest gun control initiative : there is no way to make the transfer of firearms “controllable” other than having all potential buyers “licensed” of course there will be testing , vetting , opinions, and governmental agencies to “issue” ” monitor” and “control” Next will come good guns vs bad guns . As A Canadian with long standing Gun Interests : this IS THE BEGINNING of THE END for The RIGHTS you now have. BEWARE

  4. Obama, Clinton and KERRY, (who also served in Vietnam). With duplicity like this, who needs Armageddon? We are already living in Sodom.

    John Ross
    Vero Beach

  5. Our incumbent president is out: Out of control; out of touch with reality; out of ideas; out of patriotism; out of everything except horribly misguided ideas (evidently imparted to him because he is nothing if not an Anti-American sleeper cell). GOD BLESS AMERICA !

  6. “Perhaps the prophecy is true”, and yes it couldn’t have happened without Obama. No truer words have been spoken. It is happening exactly as the bible spells it out, it has to be this way Howard. The prophecies re end times thru out the Bible are all true. All nations will turn against Israel…Ezekiel 38-39. As Bruce said you are getting closer and closer with each editorial. May God bless you and your family.

  7. The next 12 months and 15 days will be the most dangerous period for our Republic and thus for the world. Pray. Learn. Act.

  8. Funny how all the politicians, media types, pundits, experts and so on can never see the obvious truths and can never figure out the outcomes of their own moves and stands, when regular, uneducated, working class shmoes like myself can predict and see these things coming miles away. There is no surprise on my end, I assure you, for how the Arab Spring or any other Arab movement or lie turns out.

  9. This sick Congress refuse to kick Obama out They need to go to some Bible study Several really. We need to be sure we are ready to meet our Lord Jesus

  10. Howard, you should be an advisor to the Republican candidates so they will have more ammunition when they debate Hillary in the Summer.
    Steve Acre, Montreal

  11. Something really bothers me: it seems that a real (although slim) majority of Americans are aware that the Obamas/Clintons are leading America into the abyss. Why then are they not in the streets BY MILLIONS to denounce the daily slaughtering of what made America the most powerful and MORAL country ever created? Beats me…
    Happy New Year to you and Anne, dear Howard.

  12. This year, the entire House of Representatives is up for re-election. vote them ALL out. no more lifetime jobs for them. let them find honest work.

  13. And now Canada has its own version of Obama …. only one who doesn’t have the smarts of Obama …. I’ve heard it termed similar to “dumber than a stick …”. A rich kid who has never had a real job! Aren’t we fortunate!!??!!

  14. I understand the sentiment behind the chorus of “Throw the bums out”, with regard to congress, but I believe there are some in congress who truly are faithful to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and who should be supported and retained.
    Consider that were this “throw them all out” logic to be applied broadly to the Senate, a patriot like Ted Cruz would be ousted. Selective judgement is appropriate. Throw out the worst of the bunch, starting with Paul Ryan.


  15. Sorry But what the hell is going on ???? Is there know one that can take over before it is to late. I am getting VERY nervous now.

  16. Battle of Armageddon………………..This man, single handed has brought America to its knees. He has alienated those who COULD have and once were our allies. MYPOV

  17. I will withhold comment on the religious prophesy possibilities although, on the balance, you couldn’t be more accurate….

    Hopefully, Americans in quantity have woken-up to the reality of their mistake seven years ago and then again three years ago….and hopefully, for the entire world, their mistakes are not repeated, for regardless prophesy it is clear the world., as we have known it, will not survive another Democrat President.

  18. Howard, the Battle will indeed occur.To their knees they will go.(Every knee will bow, every tongue confess) One can sing gume by ya, pray for world peace.Until the Prince of Peace comes they’ll be no peace.For those who have a Bible please read Paul’s 2nd letter to Timothy chapter 3:1-17, it foretells (or Prophesies) all that is occurring today re:Man.The Apostle Paul, a Jew of Jew’s was shown much by Jesus. You just can’t side step it. Scary to watch it happen & the catalyst’s being used!

  19. Howard, your exceptionalism is shining on the world, you are taking the politically ignorant folks and teaching them what they could never learn otherwise. Your insight and brilliance is so well presented, even a laymen can understand. You are what the people need, you belong in Trumps cabinet!

  20. So true, and one of your best. BHO will destroy us before he leaves office. The thought of Hillary Clinton being the next POTUS makes me shudder, and thankful I am old. God Bless you for your insightful writings.

  21. They have thrown media barbs at Trump for saying he would deal with Putin. Now we have Saudi Arabia dealing with Israel. When you are fighting for your life and country, you deal with whoever will avail you to win. USA and Putin may be the logical answer to getting rid of Isis and Isil. Whatever it takes, we have got to fight the mess Obama and his muslim administration have gotten us into.

  22. It’s not surprising that so many people are favoring TRUMP after seeing how Barry & Hillary have turned our Country into a Sodom & Gomorrah society–and we know what happened to them, don’t we? While Rome burns, Nero fiddles! BUT, as Hillarious would say–‘at this point, what difference does it make’? The WAR between TRUMP & Hillarious has just begun! The type of EVIL which exists in America right now will not disappear until EL DIABLO-IN-CHIEF is out of office which can’t come soon enough! AMEN

  23. Interesting. He said up front, unusual for a Washingtonite to speak the truth, this is what he said, to fundamentally change (destroy) the USA, he is almost there. The fact that in his own stupidity he has started the ball rolling to destroy the whole Middleast. One would think he is an idiot, but for some reason he seems to know what he is doing to the determent of anyone he has been in contact with.

  24. Obama & Bergdahl…both should be tried for abandoning their posts in the face of the enemy! At least IMPEACHMENT… THEN TREASON! Obama couldn’t wait to get his hands on Bergdahl’s mother and by comparison to the father, the mother must have thought Obama was a man! HA! And Wallace above, “Obama out of PATRIOTISM”…you can’t lose what you never HAD! B-29 Gunner

  25. Saudi Arabia vs. Iran. My dear Galganovian friends, it’s like a wet dream. Imagine the two of them going to war with each other; millions of Sunnis killing millions of Shi’a and vice versa. The Pretendent Obama and his do-nothing Executive ACTION (not order) adds up to basically nothing, and nothing that really isn’t already done during the real-life purchase legal of firearms. It’s just Barry being Barry, needing to have a spotlight shining on him as he reaffirms his absolute irrelevance.

  26. We can only hope Obama is out before he is able completely eliminate our ability to defend ourselves from his incompetent and socialist actions. Let’s hope Hillary doesn’t replace him, but I’m beginning to think any change has to be an improvement!

  27. Saudi Arabia -the birthplace and funding mechanism of much terrorists and terrorism… I hope Israel doesn’t get sucked into this “losers proposition” but Israel will no doubt defend her enemies from there enemies (save all the wounded with world class healthcare) and still be despised, abused and targeted by the rescues (and all Arabs). Amazing country and peoples given its size, location and handicaps. Am Yisrael Chai!

  28. Yahweh Elohim is not mocked. We live in modern day Babylon and it is a matter of time! Wake up people!

  29. In Canada, we have just elected 2 radical leftists. How people can be so stupid I will never understand. We need a Trump or Cruz to arise in Canada, and start working towards the next election.
    Carbon tax, more taxes, huge deficits – these 2 are as they say, dumb and dumber.
    May God lead us out of this mess before our country is completely ruined!

  30. Study history from the year 700AD, and it is clearly being repeated under the guidance of Obama. I believe he knows what he is doing and you can figure the rest for yourself. Lord help America, and Canada too. In the hands of an inept P.M.
    Canada is heading downhill for the next four years aided by an outrageous Premier of Ontario. See Don Bos above.

  31. Howard: I just had to comment once again……you’ve ‘hit another one out of the park’!!!!! Very eloquently articulated. Very stimulating in promoting awareness and discussion out here in the ditches. Look at the great feedback comments you’ve stimulated above. Well done, one of your best yet! Your ‘nickname’ should be ‘Ted’ as in …..Ted Williams!!!!! I wonder when the ‘good aliens’ will ‘step in’ and ‘straighten we stupid, violent, greedy, thoughtless, resource abusing humans out? OMG

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