Don’t Listen To The Spin Doctors . . . They’re Full Of Bull


I have reason to thank many people, who in one way or another help this BLOG. But there’s one person in Toronto, in particular, who has taken it upon himself several years ago, to become my unofficial editor.

So . . . if you’re somewhat impressed with how few spelling and grammatical errors there are in my editorials, we can all thank him. His name is Steve, and he certainly deserves our gratitude . . . certainly mine for letting me know when I’ve missed the mark.


IT DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING . . . yet, it changes everything, that TINY Israel – America’s staunchest Ally in the Middle East, and perhaps throughout the entire world, would chose Vladimir Putin as the Strongest Leader in the world for 2015, over Barack “Hussein” Obama?


What it also says . . . is that on average, the Israeli Population has so little regard for Obama, that they’ve chosen a man heading a government over the USA, that doesn’t hold a candle to what the United States used to be like pre-Obama.


It tells me that Obama has come close to succeeding in his quest to make America ORDINARY, on a par with the European Union, stripping the USA from its mantle of global EXCEPTIONALISM . . . But close only counts in horseshoes.

I WROTE CLOSE . . . because – even at the level of the extraordinary ego of the Narcissist-In-Chief, who said in 2008, that he could make the Rise Of The Ocean’s Slow & The Planet Heal . . . that even he could not bring America to her knees in more than 7-relentless years of trying.

IT ALSO SAYS . . . that not only will Obama’s “accomplishments” not stand the Test Of Time, but rather, will blow away and dissolve like Sand Castles in the breeze on a distant beach – remembered for the REAL Pain . . . forgotten for the PHONY Glory.


This coming week will welcome more Obama Gun Control . . . so what? What can Obama do today, that the New Republican President cannot, and will not reverse in just 12-Months? And who says the States will pay attention, and give a damn what this IMPERIAL PRESIDENT proclaims from on high, knowing that his day is done?


Obama knows better than anything and anyone . . . that if he is to have any lasting legacy, beyond being famous just for being the first Black President . . . and the first FAILED Black President, he will need a LEFTIST Democrat like Clinton to win the coming election.


Everything Obama has done . . . and what he has touched, will be reversed with the fewest of exceptions, AND I DO MEAN EVERYTHING.

IMAGINE – AFTER 8-YEARS . . . of empty promises, lies, deceit, higher taxes, the utterly failed and unaffordable Healthcare Law, the percentage of people out of work, massive expansion of people on food stamps, stifling regulations, growth and cost of government, Black Lives Matter, divide between the races, lack of growth of the GDP, swamped by illegal immigrants, Justice Department gun running, government (NSA) spying on its own people, IRS contempt for the political process, resurgence of Russia, the failed Arab Spring, the loss of Iraq, the loss of Egypt, the loss of Libya, Benghazi, and the massive VICTORY for Iran – and on, and on, and on, and on.

And even though the preceding list is long, it ONLY serves to scratch the surface of Obama’s massive failures.

And unless a Democrat is elected in November 2016, the ONLY LEGACY Obama will have, will be remembered as the man with the greatest support, goodwill amongst the people, extraordinary expectations, and hope . . . who blew-it-all in the most spectacular and saddest way imaginable.


I contend that any of the Top Tier Republican Candidates will beat Hillary Clinton Hands Down in the General Election, however, that said – I think Donald Trump would do the best of them all in taking her and her husband apart . . . showing both of them no Mercy, while asking no Quarter.

And if it isn’t Trump, I think Cruz and Rubio could take her down quite thoroughly as well. But, if you want to see a rout . . . TRUMP’S THE GUY. He will be merciless.


Whoever becomes the 45th President of the USA . . . his or her first job must be to read and UNDERSTAND the Constitution.

And to make certain that all Public Schools, which want to continue receiving, even just one penny of public money, that each classroom should be compelled to have all students rise at the beginning of each morning to deliver the  Pledge of Allegiance. And be compelled to study the things that really made America Great.

I KNOW . . . It’s kind of HOKEY, but that’s the kind of HOKEY the greatest nation in the world was built upon.


Either you’re an English Speaking, Mom’s Apple Pie, Tailgating, Baseball Hot Dog Eating, Fourth of July Celebrating, Macy’s Parade American, who gives thanks on Thanksgiving, who says Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah, who cheers when America wins anything at home or abroad . . . or you belong somewhere else.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, my brother and wife moved from Montreal to Plano, TX, over 40 years ago. They are now proud US Citizens with 5 grandchildren. If Obama is not a Nazi sympathizer by proxy as a former Moslem, he certainly is one after listening to the anti-American/Semitic sermons by Jeremiah Wright for 2 long decades, without objecting. Plus by his indifference towards Israel while in office. An old saying, “Silence gives consent”.

  2. Way to go, Steve — Excellent work!!! Howard, another excellent blog. I only hope, that 2016 does go the way, you have laid out. It would save me a lot more gray hair, my nerves and my perpetual anger against the Democrats!!! Well, my anger at the Dems will never be over, I have a lot of decades built up, with that socialistic party. It started with Pres. Johnson and his Great Society. I said, the Pledge of Allegiance every school day, from Kindergarten to High School, for me that was normal.

  3. I almost always am in total accord with your writings but I must take exception to the following:”And even though the preceding list is long, it ONLY serves to scratch the surface of Obama’s massive failures.” In view of his mission to destroy our beloved USA & Israel, this list is really a list of his accomplishments. Sadly, a great deal of energy is going to be required to reverse his treachery–which even adds to that said treachery.I still love repeating the PLEDGE and singing patriotic song

  4. The multi-culti crowd will be displeased however all it has served to do is to ghettoize and stigmatize!
    We Canadians will now watch a role reversal of what I hope your correct a Republican led nation in the USA can do. Trudeau and his throng of dingbats will now systematically destroy what took 10 years of solid Conservative governance to create.
    Needless to say, I believe we are in for tremendous suffering under more nonsensical Keynsian Utopianism.

  5. I too have some who help me in my writings too, my wife Regina and close friend Cheryl.My concern is what’s going to be left of America when the waves wash back? Having our Pledge recited, having our History learned and studied is far from “HOKEY” It’s Patriotic, should be mandated, required and indeed what helped make America UNITED! To Hell with with multi-culturalism. Theodore Roosevelt said it best “Anyone who says he is an American, but something else also, IS NOT AN AMERICAN”! Sempe-Fi

  6. His one accomplishment is that he and spouse have sent and wasted more money on themselves, trips, vacations, weekly blow outs at the WH, then any other President in History. He has taken more vacations, time off and been absent from his sworn duty then all the past Presidents combined. We should save some money because his “Library” will be the size of a Masted Bed closet and contain only a set of golf clubs.

  7. His last year is going to be spent obsessed with his legacy and trying to accomplish more through executive action. You’re correct, the next president can erase that with the flick of a pen… IF that person is a conservative. If not, in my opinion you can write the final chapter on the United States of America. By the way, thanks for your blog!

  8. I’m tongue tied, you left nothing out, a summation of perfection. There is only one Howard Galganov out there and no one can come close as he is exceptional in every way, his insight into life is a “GIFT THAT VERY FEW POSSESS!

  9. “…who has taken it upon himself several years ago…” Steve missed this one. It should read “who TOOK it upon himself several years ago…”

    There are several more but who’s counting?

  10. I have a picture on my refrigerator that says it all. It shows Obama, Bill Richardson, and Hillary on stage at a 2008 campaign event during the playing of the national anthem. Richardson and Hillary have their right hands over their heart and Obama has his hands down around his crotch. I have only one question:why does Obama hate America?

  11. I appreciate what you have said Howard but we are not dealing with one who has the best interest of our country at hand. Obama could declare as I have said in earlier comments, “Martial Law”. No it would not get all the guns in control because you can not legislate “good moral character” and the bad guys would still come up with them. Just the good guys would be penalized. Thanks Steve. Thanks Howard. We are at “HIS MERCY!

  12. As a dual citizen of both countries I agree that in the US we have to go back to the ‘HOKINESS’. It took a number of years living in the US but I now have a strong appreciation of the vital role it plays in making this country unified and strong. Never would I have thought that I would become a true American, but like many outsiders I don’t take the pride or pledge for granted. The Despot in Chief has done his best to destroy it. We must resurrect it.

  13. BARRY will MAINLY be remembered for his ATTEMPTS to DESTROY America, its Constitution, and his MULTI-TRILLION-DOLLAR INCREASES in the Federal Budget. He has spent more money than all other presidents combined, but he was ALLOWED to do so by the Democrats. Surprisingly, he’s very successful at OVERCOMING his BAD DEEDS and at CREATING other DESTRUCTIVE SCHEMES. Well, whatever ‘deal’ he’s made with the devil, PAYBACK TIME is coming SOON [Jan.2017]! This NARCISSIST is in for a RUDE awakening. AMEN!

  14. I have heard several people say that there is a need to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school. I take exception to this as I volunteer at one of our local schools. Each morning the principle enters a different class and the class leads the Pledge over the intercom for the rest of the school. I see the teachers interact with the students and what they are taught about the good old USA. I hope and pray that your prediction is correct.

  15. Trump needs to hammer more on Hillary getting a Pedophile, who raped a 10 yr old girl, off scott free as his lawyer and then laughing and bragging about it. “WAR ON WOMEN?” She’s it. She outsourced her primary job as wife to lots of other women who were abused because of her. She is after Trump because of stopping Muslims from coming to the USA. She forgot to say, he said until our security was very secure. She’s fanning the flame.

  16. I only wish that “Barry” Trudeau would read this. For hw wants to take Canada down the same failed road.

  17. All I can say is “God Bless us all!”, from Dicken’s Christmas Carol. It is well worth our time to re-read it and determine for ourselves that “TRUE” change can occur, if we simply love and understand our country, it’s founding documents and the perversion of those values over the past 50 years +,
    We are the “knight in shining armor” for the free world, we are the “Goliath” to the concepts of truth and morals, yet we are amongst the “humble” when it comes to valuing right and wrong!

  18. The one thing Barack the Taqiyyan never took into account is that the United States is still, at its core, a freedom-loving nation that thrives on its individualism. Its heroes are people, not causes. Its icons are men and women, not concepts or ideologies. Obama, Sharpton, Holder, and others have torn at the fabric of the nation where Peanut Jimmy, Benghazi Hilary and Randy Bill cut the seams. But, like the old saying goe, you just can’t keep a good man down.

  19. Close counts in horse shoes and hand grenades , Atomic bombs are final. Way to go Howard, Spot on.

  20. How to stop gun crime – if they really wan to. It really is not that complicated. No parole for violent criminals. Longer prison terms for any illegal guns. Violent crimes involving guns get at least 20 years, no parole. Enforce the tens of thousands of gun laws already on the books.

  21. Howard Thank you for your support. And I hope you will continue to press forward to get the Republican Party behind Donald Trump. This year our Opponent isn’t the Democrat candidate. Our greatest enemies is the Rhino’s in the Republican party. They fear Donald Trump upsetting their Gig. Worse that losing to the Democrats. They still keep status quote. Donald Trump 2016. God Bless America and Israel as well.

  22. Thought I would like to get your comments on this. Especially the last paragraph.
    Click here: Cruz agrees with Trump: It’s becoming a 2-man race – Trump Stump 2016
    Trump and those he puts in place will serve FREE of any PAY. And they are ALL Business men.
    I hope you are able to (retrieve) this e-mail.
    Thank You. God Bless.

  23. Radicalization Defined

    In the best of times life may be like a play and we are but actors stumbling over our lines. But those times are when oceans are long and high, and seas separate us from reality. In normal times life is more like a contest that brings out the best and the worst in the human spirit. Contests make us better and stronger then the frail actor who is our fantasy self. In war the ultimate contest, there is no room for fantasy unless your doped up to lose.
    Dope takes many for

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